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  1. My Airfix Sabre in all its glory : The good : The kit went together very well. It looks like a Sabre. Deciding a simple one colour scheme was sensible. One more kit built from the stash! Wheels up option saved time, but oddly for Airfix the nose wheel cover was the wrong size and shape, but the main wheel covers were perfect! Great fun! The bad : Spilt glue. Split putty tube covering me in filler (for the nose wheel cover). The decals are hit and miss, some are conforming well, others are already lifting (shhh! Don't tell anyone!)
  2. I've just finished off a very tasty roast dinner, made a few detail changes to the Sabre, and finished off the bad job that the kids made of doing the washing up... I'm calling the Sabre done for this blitzbuild, It's as good as I'm going to get it, without spending more a lot more time on it. bank of america around here suntrust atm Edited to add : Completed at about 19:45.
  3. Finally got a decent coat of silver on the airframe and now onto decalling! As expected, the large yellow fuselage bands are a pain, and the vertical red stripe (now in the bin) seems made for a different kit. I've perservered on, and the kit is fully decalled (I've left off many of the smaller stencils to save my sanity). Once the decals have settled a little, I've got a few details to paint then I'm almost there! post image online host image
  4. The starting point for the next 12 hours... I ran out of spray silver halfway through spraying and the result is blotchy.... luckily I have a fresh can ready to go!
  5. Aaaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh! part 2. I have now managed to squeeze half a tube of filler onto my jumper. whilst squeezing, the bottom end of the tube split and shot it's contents all over my chest... 17:50 and it's all ready for a rattle can spray of silver!
  6. Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!! Knocked over my bottle of plastic weld all over my work area! No damage to the model, but the gloss yellow didn't fare so well... I've now vacated the room for 30 minutes to let the fumes ventilate. Grrrrrrr!
  7. Break for lunch, with the fuselage built, the wings prepared and even the drop tanks ready... Lunch consists of a cheese and ham toasty with mustard and salad cream on the side
  8. And, we're off!! A 09:56 start... Managed to paint a chunk of the interior (enamels), and just waiting for that to dry a little before continuing. In the meantime, I can prep the fuselage and wings
  9. Are those smoke stacks? Is this steam powered? Regardless, I approve!
  10. Compare the US ones to the Russian ones for the Mig
  11. It's a blitzbuild, therefore no large kits, no complex camouflage, and no biplane rigging. out goes the 1/24 GR3, the Viggen and the tiger moths I've been eying for the last 2 years.... I've got a whole bunch of cheap Lidl kits that I could make (109, 190, spit, hurricane, provost, gnat), but find myself pulling this out of the stash : image hosting upload I remember enjoying the Mig-15 build, and hope this will be as much fun. I'm a brush painter, but just happen to have some rattle can silver - jobs a good un! This was an Airfix club kit back in 2012 and came with membership and a badge... The only thing slowing down this build is likely to be the thousands of stencils...
  12. image hosting upload The trick is to totally ignore the big button which says insert image....oh dear.
  13. Nonsense. I doubt anybody is getting a talking to, or that Airfix f**ked up. This has been an unexpected success! Previous Airfix tie-ins have generally sold badly, see Wallace & Gromit / Doctor Who sets stacked high and selling for peanuts post Christmas. This was Airfix trying something slightly different, testing the waters and finding that there was unexpected demand. Yes, they could have made more money, but if they'd made 10,000 kits they could easily have been left with crates full of unsold plastic. Expect more low volume tie-ins in the future...
  14. In that case, my predictions are (based on normal Airfix releases of a left field choice, a trainer, a cold war, and a replacement for an existing tool) : KI 43 "Oscar" - left field choice Harvard - trainer cold war - Tornado replacement tool - Washington / b29 A bonus guess / prediction - RN cold war "Ark Royal" deck crew. You'll thank me when the sheets are lifted off the perspex boxes in Telford ;)
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