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  1. Airfix 1/72 Jet Provost T4 - Whif US Navy trainer Time spent building - 8 hours Time spent eating food 1.5 hours Time spent waiting for paint to dry - 15 hours Time spent waiting for rain to stop, so that I could spray outside - 4 hours Cups of tea - 8 Cups of coffee - 6 Pints of beer - 0 Bottles of rum - 1/4 Number of oh-#$%$#@ moments - 3 upload a picture I really enjoyed this blitz-build, best fun I've had in ages, off to peruse my stash for more potential dayglo subjects
  2. I'm calling this one complete! free picture hosting I really enjoyed this build, although it does have its errors; seams needed filler and sanding, decals are a little over-sized and out of register, masks around the cockpit pulled up the pva glue holding down the glass, black ant-glare on nose needs tidying, airframe might have been better in white rather than silver... On the plus-side its got a dayglo paint job which is matt Humbrol Orange Fluorescent (205) from a spray tin. I can see more what-if dayglo trainers in my future
  3. Apologies, cooked breakfast for the family, then had to go for a walk. The big reveal. The next post will be fully complete and decalled up
  4. All masked up. The first time I've used cling film, and probably the last, I'm not confident that I've covered everything, and it stuck to me rather than the model... All sprayed, leave this for 30 minutes to dry a little then off it comes!
  5. I managed to get the silver coat on last night, which by my reckoning, took less than 5 minutes by rattle can including shaking Time for a quick shower (for me), mask for the dayglo and spray away.... then a wander down to the local Aldi for breakfast goodies
  6. All built and masked ready for first coat of paint! Just waiting for the rain to stop now! I make that 4 1/2 hours of build time...
  7. Starting to look like a JP now. Its gone together really easily but could do with a little filler on the seams. I need to add the intakes, the antennas and fit the canopy, then its time to start masking! Hopefully get that done during the grand prix. I'll be using rattle spray cans, which I normally spray outside, but the weather may put a stop to that!
  8. Progress on the interior, almost ready for buttoning up. Rudimentory painting of the pilots, but should be good enough... Slower progress than expected, I'm getting distracted by old episodes of UFO on youtube
  9. A quick visit to my stash highlighted the volume of jet provosts I bought in the last Aldi sale, and seeing that I have built this kit fast and OOB before I thought it would make a good candidate for a decals only whif. A quick perusal of my decals stash offered up Argentinian, Spanish, French and Irish options, but the US navy option stood out from the crowd. So, onto the alternative history... In the early sixties, the US Navy were shopping around for a land based trainer for their pilot training programme. The success of the Jet Provost in the UK triggered them to trial 3 aircraft which they liked due to its parallel seating and cost, but unfortunately the Aircraft was not taken up due to lobbying from the US aircraft industry. This aircraft is the first trial aircraft based in Southern California in its distinctive silver and dayglo colour scheme. Model is Airfix Provost T4, decals are badly printed Airfix F4 phantom....
  10. I think that is covered under - 2. Supply chain. Airfix turned up late to the restaurant... Edited to add - very positive words, makes me hopeful for the future...
  11. I have a couple more references for captured d.viis which may be of interest : 4043/17 - jasta 40, with roundels on upper wing and star on the fuselage. 5301/18 - jasta 1, with roundels on fuselage side. I have the pictures in a cross and cockade periodical, but dont own the copyright so cant post here
  12. I've lost my modelling mojo, yet the stash is still growing! I came to the conclusion that I had better start building, so needed a quick and dirty build to get me going again. The solution? One of the £5 gift sets I got from Aldi at Christmas. I decided to go entirely old school, and opted to use only the paint (*1), brush and glue that came with the set. I also decided to use minimal tools, i.e. a sharp knife and sanding sticks. Started the build at 14:00 Saturday. The kit is really nice, adequately fine panel lines and good plastic. ...although the pilot moulding is below par. By 15:30 I had a painted cockpit and 2 fuselage halves ready for buttoning up! And by 17:30, I had an airframe ready to fly around the house! Let the painting begin! The first coat of red is very poor, leaving brush marks and an uneven finish. Another cost was added, then I stopped for the evening at 19:00. It took 5 coats of poorly applied paint to get OK coverage. The provided paint is shockingly bad. It seems to harden to a rubbery finish which obliterates detail and leaves nasty brush marks. The supplied brush is also a little to hard and tends to scratch the paint around... Eventually by Sunday 12:30, I was ready to apply decals! They seemed to unaturally stick to the paint, and refused to move around without some brute force. This made getting them in the right place was hard work. Thankfully this is the starter set, so devoid of all the stencils! Finally completed by Sunday 14:00, including a sleep and yesterday evening off! Not a great finished model, the painting really let this one down. Fortunately I have another 2 in the stash The good : Its a £5 kit! The plastic is good, and could be made into a fine model The bad : The supplied paint and brush are rubbish. (*1) and a little bit of flesh acrylic paint for their faces, I couldnt leave them grey! Edited to add build description and thoughts...
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