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  1. Mate that is absolute top drawer! Great work.
  2. Nice work! I have the Revell 1/48 in my stash. Need to actually complete the several kits I have running first though!
  3. Fark me that's good! Professional.
  4. Very nicely done. Not many people know of the Italian involvement in the Battle of Britain. P.S nice to see a woman do a bit of modelling. Don't think I've ever spoken to a woman about the hobby!
  5. Nice. Colours have come through nicely. Been meaning to do a FW190. Got a relative who flew one and want to find out his markings before I do.
  6. Thank you. I've been doing an early 90s Tamiya F15 which is a surprisingly poor fit and has required immense sanding. I've actually got to painting stage and parked the kit as it's annoyed me! Seems like this had similar but more manageable problems. I think I'll leave it in the stash for a bit longer. I always get distracted and end up building a 109 anyway
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