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  1. I didn't get a notification for this post. Really appreciate your help, thank you! That's very interesting, thank you!
  2. Mine are fairly normal but they are ones I end of buying. Spitfire. They're just so beautiful, iconic, and have a lot of different varients to consider. Bf109. The Spitfires nemesis and an iconic fighter of WW2 and battle of Britain which took place right over where I live. Particular bonus is the mass of different 109 paint schemes which means many different kits can be built which are different. My small stash consists of: 4 x Spitfire 2 x 109 1 x JU88 1 x F15 1 x Phantom 1 x HMS Warspite 1 x Zero 1 x Cromwell tank
  3. That's cool. I've never had enough money to go on it either! Seen them a few times and they still look amazing in my opinion. That and the SR71 look space age - one or two others too.
  4. Yeah I was lucky to see a Harrier AV-8 of the Spanish Navy on the weekend. I'd love to see an F-14 perform but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon. Did the Concorde do an aerial display?
  5. Excellent work! Supposed to be the best Hurricane on the market as far as I'm told.
  6. Was lucky enough to see an F-18 do an air display on the weekend (RIAT) and it is an impressive bit of kit. Seemed huge as well!
  7. Very nicely done. Always felt the F18 isn't up to the usual US standards of good looking fighter planes. F-14, F-15 and F-16 much nicer to look at imo.
  8. Hi Jonathan, Really interesting post, thank you. Revell getting things wrong with this kit is not a great surprise to me! I'm undecided what to do with the yellow - as I type I'm actually experimenting. I'm having a go with Tamiya flat yellow on a 1/72 Spit I use as a template. If it looks good I may transfer to the full kit. Might it be that MK528 had yellow for a period and they painted over depending on theatre? RIAT tomorrow for me. See how I feel after!
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