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  1. Hi Mate, I have some experience with their varnish now and am becoming more competent with it. I have found if you paint multiple layers of paint without letting it cure then the Humbrol gloss varnish will create a weird sort of icicle look. I've only had this once and I made it work and its not noticeable/ if you do see it it looks like its got icicles on it. Look alright! Also found if you don't put a consistent spray across the model it can be blotchy with what looks like drip marks - that's just me technique though. I'm quite content with it now though and think I know how to get the best out of it - the actual finish is really nice. I tentatively recommend it. I've sprayed in the winter in only a few degrees on my door step and its been fine.
  2. Thanks mate. Yeah I'm on to my second! A Spitfire Mk. IXc by Revell which is a bit of a pig in terms of fitting but I'm getting there. How about you?
  3. That is absolutely brilliant! Amongst the best I've seen on this site.
  4. Yeah I'll upload a WIP when I get a mo. The kit is good fun for a notice like me but a bit of a pain in the sense nothing bloody fits properly!
  5. Very nice mate. I completed the Eduard G-6 not long ago, am building a Spitfire, but already have Airfix's 109-E ready to go! Slightly different boxing to yours but same run and tooling. Looks great!
  6. Cheers. I'm enjoying the kit but pretty much every single fit is off and requires work!
  7. Its turned out really nice though mate. I'm building the 1/48 Revell Spitfire MK IXc and although enjoyable is becoming tedious with the constant fitting issues. I think its about 80% putty now! Plus I've sanded off about 30% of the kit
  8. Thanks gents. When I'm back from work I'll have a good nose through post your suggestions.
  9. Hi gents, I'm just building the Revell 1/48 Spitfire mk. IX C and have a painting query: On the metal cover that shields the landing gear and makes the wing flush when the gear is up - is this aluminium finish/ made out of aluminium? The kit states it is ali but some photos I've seen have it the same colour as the underside of the wing or even RAF cockpit green. The kit also has the wheel bay as aluminium which makes sense but also the back of the landing gear cover which it definitely is not (underside wing colour to match the wing). Anyone know please?
  10. Nice! Do people come across many kits at car boots? Might have to go to a few!
  11. Nice! Something about Russian planes. They are interesting. Exhaust stack is unusual.
  12. Thanks mate, yeah I'm pleased with mottling too. It honestly does look better in reality than in the photos! I would recommend the kit. A little tricky for a beginner like me but would be great for more experienced. Some of the decals are slightly bigger than they should be but you can make them work. I've bought a Revell Spitfire Mk IX (choice for XVI as well) in 1/48. I've actually started it whilst making the 109 as a bit of relief. Bought a cheap Airfix Spitfire 1/72 to practice the RAF camo which is a little tricky with the brush - so using it as a template. The Airfix kit is actually really nice.
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