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  1. Hi guys. Have any of you had much experience airbrushing Hobby Color Aqueous gloss (H30YL) and flat (H20) clear coats? I used them with the thinner (110) at 50/50 and even after like two weeks the gloss coat is still a little sticky and it attracts every grain of dust and hair within a 12 mile radius. Am I doing something wrong? Also will this water based coat go over Tamiya acrylics? I'm reluctant to finish coat my whole model until I've resolved this so any help would be greatly appreciated please.
  2. May I ask what colour you used for the heat shield areas around the exhausts please?
  3. Excellent work! I'm building Tamiya's F15C and I'll be very happy if it turns out half like this. Not enjoying the kit too much to be honest. I'm also doing an unusual camo scheme - Ferris scheme.
  4. Looks great. Love the Romanian markings!
  5. Very nicely done although it's a pity not having the swastika on the tail.
  6. Thank you. Do you not use an airbrush with these products then?
  7. Hi folks, I have just started airbrushing Tamiya acrylics which I find are really nice - especially for a beginner. However, I've found my normal Humbrol matt and clear coat rattle cans do not go with Tamiya acrylics - I'm guessing because Tamiya is not a true water based acrylic like Humbrol or Vallejo. I end up with a dull and messy finish. I've tried researching into Tamiya's clear and matt coat and people have been telling me conflicting messages such as what they offer is an admixture for paint and not a true clear or matt coat. Can somebody please tell me what matt and clear coat will work on Tamiya acrylics please and whether they need thinning for example to use with an airbrush? I'm getting rather desperate!
  8. That is a really nice kit and very nicely executed. Good job!
  9. 1/48 is all I build. Still seem to be a few coming out - Airfix and Eduard for example. It does frustrate me when they bring out special kits or 'one off livery's' and they're nearly always in 1/72. Not picked up any of the Chinese stuff!
  10. Very nice mate! Don't see too many Yaks built. In fact the only Yaks I ever see for sale are from Zvezda or Eduard.
  11. Nice work. Paints are nice and vivid. Your exhaust smoke work is good too. I struggled with that with my Spit.
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