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  1. I use Vallejo and Mig and not had this problem. I use Humbrol rattle can as a primer. Clear coat which I know that some have problems with is Humbrol rattle can. I don't get chip problems. It's rock solid.
  2. No I haven't. How would that work with a cheap regular printer?
  3. Hi gents. Currently working on Cyber Models (Dragon) 1/35 IS2 kit (9151) and I've lost the decals. I don't suppose anybody from the UK has any spare or wouldn't mind selling please? I'd particularly like the bear over the red star if possible as depicted on the kit box (9151). I'd like to paint the white stripes too. They're really tough to get hold of. Tried to buy from a Russian vender - no answer! Only other I've found is £18 quid from America! Alternatively if anybody knows a vendor who sells them please let me know - not havin
  4. Weird looking thing. Nicely done though!
  5. Mate that is absolute top drawer! Great work.
  6. Nice work! I have the Revell 1/48 in my stash. Need to actually complete the several kits I have running first though!
  7. Fark me that's good! Professional.
  8. Very nicely done. Not many people know of the Italian involvement in the Battle of Britain. P.S nice to see a woman do a bit of modelling. Don't think I've ever spoken to a woman about the hobby!
  9. Nice. Colours have come through nicely. Been meaning to do a FW190. Got a relative who flew one and want to find out his markings before I do.
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