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  1. Thanks @Andy Evans. The stand is from https://www.bulldogmodels.co.uk/, if you use micro set/sol then they also have a stand for those which is great as I've pretty much emptied a bottle by knocking it over countless times before purchasing one. Dave.
  2. Yes, there does seem to be an error on that, so I just did what I thought looked ok.
  3. Well that was a stroke of luck then. Thanks guys for the comments, my missus and daughter are still not interested in my finished kits so have to force them on you lot! Haha.
  4. Happy new year to you all! Here is my finished tomahawk. Oob build, only added the decals on the props and made the seat straps from tape. Painted the underside with Mr hobby azure blue and the top side in Xtracrylic dark earth and vallejo mid stone, all the rest in tamiya. I wasn't going for accuracy on this one hence the red nose. Fun build no problems, its a good little starter kit. Thanks for looking. Dave.
  5. Cheers Bangor, The canopies are not a great fit, the front one needs some filling on the rear portion and the rear canopy is just way too thick and will need quite a bit scraped off. Have a look @Deanflyer's wip on the same aircraft(link a few posts up), that has some usefull information there. Good luck on your build.
  6. Evening all, First of all I must thank @Deanflyer for all of his help on this build as without him I would not have been able to reproduce this aircraft. I present to you today the AZ models 1/72 spitfire Tr.9 dressed up in the colours of NH341 Elizabeth. The model is built as a gift for my brother who was lucky enough to have a fly in and fly, for a bit this plane for his 50th birthday. I was originally going to build the brigade conversion but @Deanflyer was happy to let one of his spare AZ ones go to a new home and he also let me have the template fo
  7. Thanks for all the feedback and tips guys. I also thought this. I used Winsor & Newtons Galeria satin varnish, although its not as glossy as their gloss varnish its still seems to have too much of a shine to it. I gave it 3 coats but still too much shine. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a decent acrylic satin varnish? @alt-92 thanks bud, I will give those tips a try on the next build, the spitfire Tr.9. @Work In Progress dont do what I did and just cut a hole in the bottom where I thought the stand would look good lol. It needed to go b
  8. Good evening, Here this time with a duo. Built out of the box with the addition of aerials from mig rigging and decals from xtradecals. Painted with xtracrylics dark earth and the rest in Tamiya. I also added some wing tip lights to the Hurricane with a bit of clear sprue. The stands are from some diecast planes my dad picked up for me some years ago and thought I'd put something a bit fresh on them. I would like to hear if anyone has any ideas on how to eliminate the sandpaper look where the wing roots are as I seem to get this all the time I spray. Her
  9. Might be a bit late to the party but I use these, https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/lightcraft-led-headband-magnifier-kit/643082-1000?_br_psugg_q=magnifying+headband I wear glasses and these are great, you can also double up on the lenses for more magnification.
  10. Looks like this is the way to go after having a look around to see if there is any AZ for sale. Having never done any SB before I should probably can the whole idea for now until I've had at least a bit of practice.
  11. Cheers guys. I think I'll put that old kit away, bury it in the back of the stash and get the AZ models version, thanks for all the input. Dave.
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