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  1. Thank you very much for that info Jabba, that links great, has all of the ones I'm looking for.
  2. Nice one tweeky, would you happen to know if it's on all gr1s (desert pink) or not?
  3. Cheers Julien, I've also seen that one, doesn't seem to have it at all. I'm thinking I might just leave that bit desert pink. Thanks anyway.
  4. Thanks for the reply Stu
  5. Evening all, I'm building the Revell 1/72 gr1 in Op Granby colours and am hoping one of you guru's out the could help a fellow modeller out. Im nearing the painting stage and cant seem to find any decent pictures of the wings, what I need to know is, where the wings dissapear into the body there is a grey patch that seems to be either painted or maybe an oil stain,(looks like an R). Is that on all raf op granby Tonkas or not. If so any ideas on what colour in acrylic. Also the intakes, what colour would those be? Thanks in advance Dave
  6. Hi all, Last one of the year for me as the other half has evicted me for the space for prezzies and other Christmas stuff, so had to be a fairly quick build. Fit wasn't great and paint job could have been better so I thought I'd try putting it on a little base to see if that would help. Painted all in tamiya and no added extras, apart from the base.
  7. Morning neil, the flaps come as an option to either have them up or down. Thanks for the comments chaps
  8. Nice one Matt, and yes I totally agree with you on the other bits you noted.
  9. Cheers Booty, I got roughly 5 seconds of her precious time. From what I got from that was that she wasn't that impressed. Lol maybe if i build a horse she might like it..
  10. Yes mate, all came with the kit, it also came with a couple of aim 9's but I'm still in 2 minds whether to put them on or not. Thanks for looking.
  11. Evening all, Here is my Airfix GR9a starter kit that my daughter got me for fathers day. Its a starter kit and I still managed to get something wrong. Seems like I've got the vent pieces for the intake area the wrong way round but didn't click until it was too late. Also a few other things that aren't right but had to get it done to show the little boss. I also got the CMK resin cockpit set but only ended up using the tub,seat and main panel, didnt want to start cutting pieces off the model for the other bits and the stick wasnt as good as the one that came with the kit. Well anyway here it is and lets hope it dont offend your eyes too much lol.
  12. Hi, I've just made a start on the Airfix Harrier GR9A kit and purchased the CMK resin cockpit set as I will have it displayed with the cockpit open. Most of the CMK parts are looking pretty detailed but I'm not quite sure the control stick is right. The Airfix one seems to me to be alot better, let me know what you think. Airfix is left CMK right
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