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  1. I have one of these kits would be willing to sell decals
  2. Thank you to everyone who has commented on this build it is nice to have feedback from you all dont know much about Russian armour just pick bits up from the people that know about it very interesting about the early engine and gearbox been strapped to the tank got me thinking now cheers phil
  3. thank you for your reply look forward to seeing your work
  4. here are some pictures of work done so far please feel free to comment good or bad thanks for looking
  5. unfortunately the brake bands have been glued down with extra thin cement and superglue removing them might be tricky thanks for the advise will bear this in mind when i build the second kit cheers Phil
  6. phil1000


    Hi Dennis thank you for introducing yourself your words are very true this hobby can be frustrating at times
  7. really great build fantastic challenger btw the figures are awesome phil
  8. Cheers Darryl for the reply i have tried a hair dryer on some old sprue didn't get hot enough i don't have a hot air gun but have plenty of hot air will ask about for a hot air gun
  9. Thin plastic sheet thank you for the kind comment cheers Darryl
  10. Hello fellow modellers i would like some advise on the building of the trumpeter T34/85 1/16 kit the problem i am having is the brake bands which have to be bent around the drums I have assembled the brakes and the band that is bent has snapped i have glued the band in position but looks bad don't know how to up load photos at the moment been a newbie The brake bands were placed in boiling hot water to soften but this has not helped If anybody knows how to install these parts with out snapping please get in touch have another kit the same as this Cheers Ph
  11. phil1000


    Thank you for the warm welcome
  12. phil1000


    Hello from Ne England i have recently got back into model making from an absence of 3 years My modelling skills are very basic and would like help with them Seen a lot of very good quality kits been built to a very high standard hope i can hone my skills I am just starting with a 1/16 t34/85 trumpeter kit big hands big fingers no eyes same old problem any how all the best and hope to speak soon Phil
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