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  1. Hi mate, looks great so far. Is that a canopy decal with pilots helmet above ?? Never seen anything like this before. Not sure I'm a big fan as you would certainly get more detail out of doing the cockpit yourself, especially where you're heading with the added detail. Maybe its something that would be used for a more "low detail" desktop display ? Look forward to following the build. Cheers JJ
  2. Mate, hands down, best Starfighter I've seen, nice work !! Cheers JJ
  3. Cheers mate, my main lesson was not to drink wine and apply the nozzles as I had the the wrong way around and very nearly wedged them in place too. Turns out there is a front and a rear... so ended up having a little paint rework/hangover the contend with !!
  4. Thanks mate, you've hit the nail on the head with the weathering.. This is one my my development areas as I'm either too much covering over the pre-shading, or too little. In this case, it was too little but its certainly one of the fun bits for me as the variations have endless possibility ! Cheers JJ
  5. Mate, that is a great space. When my wife and I brought our house 15 years ago, I managed to snaffle the best room - the theatre room, which became my music room. Only problem is that its so crammed with music gear and memorabilia that I can't squeeze anything else in. I do my modelling pretty much centrally in the house at the dining table with a pretty much mobile set up where everything is stored in a tool chest on casters. I guess the upside for me is that I get to be amongst the family although the constant discharge of the air brush compressor causes them including the cats much grief !!
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