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  1. my apartment has a view of the harbor. I watch aircraft carrier and other navy ships come and go
  2. the sea blur effect is from coastal kits. The clear riser is from a set called wings of the great war, you get a stand and 3 risers, 3 in, 5in and 7 in. the wood is from a local shop that I stained and glued the blurr effect on top. thanks mate!
  3. yours look amazing so far. As far as scale I was refering to 1/48! I haven't seen one molded execpt for Has/Revell. I own the fujimi and airfix in 1/72 haha. I am hoping Tamiya will come out with a version of the fgr.2 or FG.1. or someone will make aftermarket resin for conversion.
  4. The Phantom is a Revell Rebox of the old hasegawa kit. The mold, I think 30 plus years old. there are a few fit issues, when you merge the two halves together and have to sand down the center line to get the seams out. fitting the pilots can also be a challenge, i've had to cut off some legs to get them to fit right. the nose can also be tricky but with some sanding its ok. the biggest fit issue is the intake covers, this is where I've done the most sanding and filling. I tape off the pannel lines apply tamiya white putty, let it dry hen sand down to where there are no more seam lines the best I can. I don't think there is another molded Brit Phantom in production other than the Revell/Hasegawa kits but I love building them. I've built 3.
  5. Thanks! I am torn between the two. I have a few of each in the stash and can't decide on what markings haha.
  6. Thanks Mike! I've only completed 2 this year, but during lockdowns I completed about 15!
  7. thank you! it would have been awesome to see a real picture of this
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