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  1. Thanks Greg Definitely for the "driver", I added belts to the turret for my Blenheim build but they didn't look convincing to me.
  2. Thanks again Greg, might have to break out the DVD's to get my Pub Landlord fix. Only a teeny-tiny update as today's been a right royal pig of a day at the shop. I drilled out the exhausts and filled with dark iron. I glued the cockpit floor/firewall assembly to the starboard fuselage with TET. And last but not least the tiniest blob of Revell Contacta affixed the guns to the turret mechanism. Only little baby steps, but it cheered me up, and I'm so pleased with how this goes together so sweetly. Have a great weekend out there in BM World and will catch up soon. Chris
  3. Thanks and drool no more Greg, take the plunge (esp as I see my Karaoke standard's lyrics in your signature so know that you're a man of taste). The Printscale decals arrived today, no photos as I left them on my desk, but there's a sharkmouth option so another one will get broken out of the stash soon; perfect for the GB on the other channel! Well whilst waiting for my heart rhythm to re-establish itself after the Mighty Spurs progressed through to the Champions League Final with virtually the last kick of the match I thought I'd update you on what has gone on in the past couple of days. Considering my usual glacier-like pace this one is racing along! Well the cockpit is coming together. IG was sprayed on in a couple of coats, the details picked out in a mixture of Nato and Semi-Gloss Black, a few dry brushings with various greys and gunmetal and then a Future Wash to add depth. Happy with how that's looking considering this is a mojo-restorer. Then the turret that had been painted Rubber Black lost its one-dimensional feel as it had details picked out in Semi-Gloss, the seats painted Humbrol Matt Leather and then drybrushed with greys and gunmetal too and then a Future Wash. Whilst in the dry-brushing/Future-Washing mood I gave the exhausts a going over with a home-made mix of copper and gunmetal, gunmetal on its tod, Hull Red and then Dark Iron before a black Future Wash. I also had the Quickboost resin exhausts arrive with the Decals mentioned earlier but now plan to save them and the PE for the Sharkmouth NF version. The guns got a base coat of Semi-Gloss black, and dry-brushing with greys and Gunmetal to give a used Parkerised (or its WW2 equivalent) look to the barrels. Some reviews have had these as the weak point of the kit but I'm happy with them as they stand. The undercarriage legs had some Semi-Gloss Black added and a Future wash to pop the hub details. Lastly a Future Wash on the wheel wells adds some depth to things. Not far off of buttoning her up now. One area I missed is that the inside edge of the top wings are visible in the cockpit, so will need some IG before putting them all together. Well with Spurs beating Ajax tonight my mood couldn't be brighter which is a real contrast to how the evening started. I had 4 tickets for Al Murray The Pub Landlord's performance in Chelmsford tonight but having chased deadlines all day, had got home later than planned and as we were quite near the front none of my family wanted to turn up late and face the inevitable roasting. Thinking Spurs were down and out I've had a face like a slapped backside until that last kick of the game turned my frown well and truly upside down!!!!!!!!! Liverpool in Madrid next - wahoo! Come on you Spurs! Anyways am now drained so will sign off. Until next time - adios amigos. Chris
  4. Thanks and welcome to the madhouse fellas! Anyways some gratuitous guitar porn before we start..... She's a 2002 Korean beauty with a throaty roar. It's a good job son #1 can get a tune out of her as it's painful when I try! Why have my dogs left home???? Ian, I'm no expert and have done no more than have a shuftie at the NF.1's destructions on Scalemates but the parts count appears to be the same. Also in my boxing there are these parts left over that are not used in the NF.1 which hints at a forthcoming radar equipped version. Anyways where was I, oh yeah slathering all and sundry with Halfords Grey Primer..... Went off and did a late-morning/afternoon shift at the shop (love Bank Holidays as no customers come in and I can actually get something done!) and then got back and sprayed some Tamiya Rubber Black on some of the black bits and some Tamiya Flat Aluminium on the Silvery bits. (yes I know I got my 33's and 56's mixed up on the u/c retraction arms but will go for a semi-gloss black on those together with the upper parts of the main legs). .... as well as some Rubber Black on areas I'm trying to put a bit of shading/colour variation into......... We will be having a little tinker with the interior green next and when the Alu is dry will be adding some black to the u/c legs and the props (I did put yellow tips on the props but forgot the piccys - sorry all). Anyways have been side-tracked by a hunt for a particular book that I've had for about 45 years that Mrs FC flatly denies having disposed of!! Time to rip the spare room and attic to shreds looking for it!!!! See you all in a bit. Chris
  5. I have been fascinated by the Boulton Paul Defiant from an early age. In the 70's I built many painted and unpainted examples of Airfix's first generation 1/72 kit, always managing to snap off the turret guns and even more always, flying them around my bedroom with yellow-nose Bf109Es falling prey to it's guns after bouncing what they thought were an easy-prey Hurricane! Dagga-dagga-dagga-dagga. Having just finished my RAF Sabre F.4 build over at the NATO/Warsaw Pact GB I was looking for another victim for my ham-fistedness. Although my garage stash contains nigh-on 400 kits, as my work/personal life was having a bit of a stress-blip I really just couldn't make up my mind what to build next. I recently built the Airfix quarter-scale Blenheim, a build I enjoyed immensely even with my self-inflicted Fledge injuries to dent my pride. One of the reference books that I obtained during this build was the Osprey Defiant, Blenhiem and Havoc Aces volume. Now as I had built up 3 or 4 Airfix Defiants in the stash (together with a number of Classic Airframes examples that will probably now stay burried in it!) this could be the anxiety busting almost OOB build that I could do with at present. I worked at the UEA vs Essex University Sports Derby Day last Wednesday up in Norwich, engraving the medals as they were won by the students. In a quiet moment I got chatting with one of UEA's IT gurus who had been drawn like a moth to a flame to my late 1980's vintage monochrome-screened engraving machines. Now I do have quite a few up to date machines back at the shop but like all modern kit seems to do these days the second you take it out the shop it breaks down, but these dinosaur machines can be lumped in and out of my van (possibly dropped from great heights too but I've never tried it!) and still work perfectly so these go on my travels with me. We got talking about mental health issues and how I had given up a city regulatory career after an injury-related breakdown, and he talked of his own issues and about a charity he used in Norwich called Men's Shed where folk affected by such issues can go and build stuff. Explaining that was something I'd love to do but wasn't local, I then started explaing that I got similar comfort from my issues from making model aircraft. Now this is the connection - he started telling me about how locals were being encouraged to build local manufacturer Boulton Paul's kits for a display and I was so happy to tell him that I had just started cutting plastic on my Defiant. At that point I knew I'd made the right choice. If any of you know more about this initiative then I'd love to know more too! Now my favourite scheme for an RAF craft to wear is DFS. The box contains decals for DFS examples but having seen the Printscale 48-096 set featuring L7009 Cock o' the North, I fancied building that. Some blurb stolen from the Corgi website describing their diecast model of this airframe. No. 141 Sqn was originally formed on 1st January 1918 but was disbanded on 1st February 1920. The squadron reformed on 4th October 1939 at RAF Turnhouse and was first equipped with Gloster Gladiators then Bristol Blenheims. These were replaced with Boulton Paul Defiants in April 1940. The first operational patrol was flown on 29th June before moving to RAF West Malling in July. Its first and last daylight encounter with the enemy followed a few days later when 6 out of 9 aircraft were lost over the English Channel. The squadron changed from a day- to night-fighter role, which was far better suited to the Defiant. L7009 (TW-H) was flown by Flt. Lt. D. G. Donald with gunner Plt. Off. A.C. Hamilton. This aircraft was shot down by a Bf 109E of JG51 near Dover on 19th July 1940 and both crew members were killed. It featured a rare (for the RAF) but attractive nose art depicting a rooster with the name ‘Cock o’ the North’. Unfortunately this tale did not have the happy ending associated with my bedrom dogfights but I hope it can be a fitting tribute to those two brave airman. OK, OK enough waffling already, I can hear you moaning at the back about a lack of pictures to keep you interested!!! Here are the customary sprue and box shots..... As I couldn't wait to start the fettling I built up as mant subassemblies as I could in order to primer them all in one hit. Now this has all had a thorough daubing in Halfords rattle-can grey primer (photos to follow). Since the sprue shots were taken I have to say that I've been so impressed by the detail in the cockpit and turret areas straight out of the box that I'm going to save the Eduard etch for another build. Well as you may pick up from my previous builds I tend to get distracted by shiny-shiny electric guitars, and this one will be no different as I'm just off to Basildon to pick up an Epiphone Les Paul that I bought on eBay earlier today. Right, that's enough for one go, until we meet again............... Chris
  6. I think this is my first GB that I have made it to the Gallery within the right timescales - wahoo!! Thanks to all who followed me through the build thread on my 93 Sqn RAF sabre F.4. Really enjoyed it and so I'm pleased to present for you delectation..........
  7. Thanks and me too. That car does mean a lot sentimentally. Glad to be of service John. Well, I'd put my mortgage money on it catching out better and cleverer folk than me too. Glad to have spotted it just in time. Anyways this is how the legs looked once fixed...... and some more progress........... So we now have a biplane!!!!!! Oh it's lovely and clean, what it needs is some muck! Flory Grime on................. Flory Grime off.................. Then add the nose light lenses, the canopy, I assume it's a fuel dump near the rear jet pipe, the tanks and sway braces and the other bits and it's as good as done. Yes I know the pitot and the tiny lenses above the tailpipe are missing but what's that between friends eh???? I'm ready to move on now, in fact I've started cutting plastic on Airfix's 1/48 Defiant. There's a little bit of AM for it winging it's way to me as we speak so will start writing up a WIP shortly, (hopefully before I finish it too!). Anyways to be continued in the gallery...........
  8. You had to go and say it Col, you just had to go and say it!!!! Just when you think you're there, the flick up fairies descend on you like a ton of feathers!!!! @Biggles87 John, did your wings set come with any instructions as mine didn't? If not it's time to break out the brown crayons and we'll write our own instruction sheet. As we saw before, the undercarriage legs got added, we did a bit of stickering and all good so far. We even had the temerity to attach the wheels to the undercarriage legs. We didn't have a tail-sitter so we're winning at life - or so I thought! The next part of my build involved adding the undercarriage doors. Now the kit main doors are a smidge too wide for the Red Roo hole, so they both got a tiny tiny trim to make them fit. No alarm bells ringing yet, this is proper modelling eh?! Turned the Sabre right ways up and we've got a tail-sitter. Now two tiny doors on the same plane as the MLG legs can't turn this into a tail sitter can it; cue much head-scratching. I get my nose down and dirty onto the workbench and I see the Sabre isn't resting on 3 wheels but on the nose wheel and the points of the doors. Like Mr Morcombe's erstwile sidekick, our legs are too short (don't know about hairy though)! Now with hindsight it should have been pretty obvious that the Red Roo wheel wells were deeper at the MLG attachment points than the kit parts but spotting that the first time round was way above my pay-grade. Here's the kit parts: and here's the Red Roo well............. My measuring stick told me that the kit attachment sat .75mm below the level of the wing and that the same point on the Red Roo one was at the heady depths of 3.5mm down. Therefore I deduce that the MLG legs need to be lengthened by 2.75mm. I have used Albion Alloys concentric tubes and rods for these. Not sure of the sizes but the outer looks right and the inner tube and the cental rod all fight tightly together. I removed the attachment from the top of the MLG leg with my trusy razor saw, then drilled through it to take the rod. I then drilled out the main leg and stuck a length of rod in it with CA. The 2.75mm plug of the two outer tubes were cut by rolling them with a Stanley knife on the cutting mat and they were then CA'd to the rod. The attachment lug was also re-attached and the rod trimmed up nicely. So we went from the one on the left (yes I deliberately snapped the wheel off that one rather than gently prising it off like the other one as I love more brass rod reinforcing work, grrrrrrrrrr!!!!).... to the one on the right.......... Have done both now, plus added a brass axle for the weel on the second leg. Ok will re-paint these later and see how things stand when they're re-attached. Blimey O'Reilly what a palava! Gotta love aftermarket with no instructions! All the best and catch up soon. Chris
  9. Like that Duncan and will shamelessly use it in future as if it was my own!!! Cheers fellas. John, I've gone natural metal for the self-same reasoning as I've only seen close ups on NMF Sabres too. Roll on the Sharkmouth GB. I may have to find the male version of this (coveniently in Rifles green too!) to wear for the duration of that one. https://www.artistshot.com/bape-shark-mouth-only-ladies-fitted-t-shirt-p-7537129 Unfotunately still in the land of the jellyfish as far as the eye is concerned. It doesn't hurt so much now, more like a dull ache so must be on the mend! Wel,l as I said in my previous post I was off to Sheffield for the weekend via a detour to Leicester to look at my stolen Scimitar that was up for sale on eBay. It was in a beautiful condition. On Saturday I posed as an interested eBay buyer but found that the present owner was totally innocent (and a really nice bloke too), having bought the car at a classic car auction in January and then got ill and as he had a stable of Alfas and Maseratis his SWMBO had decreed one must go, and my Scimmy was the bottom of the pile. Having viewed and copied all the seller's paperwork and reported back to the police on what I'd seen, I went back the next day to tell him who I really was (it had been strange talking about myself in the third-party first time as the seller had told me about the previous owner who had owned it for 27 years - it was difficult not to just shout "I know, it was me!!!!!") and to get him on side to help nail the real culprit. He had mentioned that he'd paid the indemnity premium as well as the auction commission at our first meeting, so I knew he'd be able to reclaim his monies too. The long and the short of it is that it looks very likely I'm getting my car back and in good nick too. Am already planning the driving holiday in Northern Spain but I do know I shouldn't really be counting my chickens yet! Anyways got back from the outlaws at tea time, having bought back my school-age son but leaving the eldest and my SWMBO up there for a few days more R&R. That gave me a free evening and after having caught up on the weekend's Britains Got More Talent, (I cannot abide Britains Got Talent but in the follow up show on ITV2 Steven Mulhern remorselessly rips shreds into the auditioning public and he's so funny with it!), I got a couple of hours man-time at the bench. So thankfully the not too many stencils on the underside, national markings and underwing serials got applied, left to dry a bit then Microsolled. Before putting the Microsol on I attached the wheels. Happy with that so far. I also attached the windscreen (Kristal Klear) and gunsight (Revel Contacta) and attached the canopy to the electronics tray that forms it's base (CA). ... and last but not least, here's the canopy resting on the fuselage. Will attach it properly in the next installment. Well I hope you all had an Eggcellent Easter, I know mine was full of Eggcitement. So until next time, make sure those bedbugs don't bite, Chris.
  10. Thanks exdraken, who wouldn't love a nice blue bottom, unless you're an eskimo I guess! Planning and doing are two totally different things Col. I wish I could model 24 hours a day but life throws spanners in all the works; there's work, families, football, mortgages, did I say work..... It's been a funny old couple of weeks since my last update. Firstly I have realised that the old saving the football with your eyeball rather than your hands trick has some consequences. My right eye is still having none of that seeing properly stuff. The hoppy passed me fit with no serious damage, just a vitreous detachment which gets in the way of my sightline making the world look like one of those IMAX 3D promo films under the sea where you're surrounded by jellyfish! They said it should settle down within 6 months - grrrrreat! Also I had an early 70's sports car that I was long-term restoring stolen a couple of years back. It has suddenly appeared for sale, restored, on eBay. I will be paying the seller a visit tomorrow to assess the situation, however if the Police can get their act together in time I might be able to recover it. Well the Sabre did get a little bit of attention in the meanwhile. The colour shots in the Milberry book show the RAF Sabres as having a Tanny/brown radome on the end of its schnoz. I copied the appropriate decal from the Revell sheet and used that to make a mask and painted it in. Well that's good enough for me, a Flory wash later should sharpen those edges up. Now back in the beginning Wez made a point that I have to say I dismissed at the time: Now I know that, what had Wez mis-seen? As if I'd put the wrong ones on.......... Shut the front door, I had only gone and stuck the wrong fins on hadn't I, what a dim-dum!! Sorry Wez for doubting you for a second! Therefore the trusty Swann Morton scalpel and the razor saw were used to remove those fins, breaking my razor saw blade in the process - grrrrrrrrrrrr! Then the correct fins were inserted, yes inserted is the right word just that they weren't inserted where I really felt like inserting them! Much better. These then got filled, rubbed back and re-primed ready to go again in the near future. The main airframe got a few coats of Pledge to prepare us for some stickering: The first evening got us the starboard side done. Tea-time to just now saw us add the majority of the port side.... I know I have a similar and probably even more long-winded task ahead of me with the refurbished Phantom but boy don't Sabres have a lot of stencils!!!! I'll let those dry a bit and I will attack them with some MicroSol and that'll be me for the night I think, I'm bushed! Until next time modelerinos, be good. Chris
  11. Did you hear about the old-fashioned mathematician who had constipation? He could work it out with a pencil!
  12. Well it's time to strip her down to her shreddies. Wiggly worms off and all's well. The slats were the first to get their bottoms molested......... But hang on, The Hataka has lifted. Now it's squeaky bum time, now just what will stay put and what will come off (to the tune of the Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go" in my head!)?? Dum dum dum.... Other suspense-inducing noises are available! What's life without a little jeopardy then eh; as it happens the modelling Gods smiled down and apart from a tiny thumbnail malfunction near one of the wingtips, all the masking came off nicely. Tadah!!!!! There's definitely going to be more RAF Sabres in my future as these arrived today...... ...to go with these being used in this build.... As I said earlier in the thread there's plenty more Sabres in the stash, so I think when I need a nice comfort build (probably after all those Phantoms!), the Italeri 6-3 versions can get an outing, but we'll save the Revell/Hasegawa FOD guards to hide the intake shortcomings in those kits. Job's a good 'un! One quick question to the BM Massive before I sign off; the slat tracks - what colour? I've trawled the internet and the few Sabre books I have and none show the underneath of the slats or the inner-gubbins. Would natural metal/alu be a good guess or would they have been primered? Right, time to trek up that carpet hill to Bedfordshire as tomorrow's a late one as I'm off to see 2 Rifles box 13 AASR RLC in the Army Major Units semi-final tomorrow night. Now despite being a Rifleman for a dozen or more part-time years I'm a guest of 16 Air Assault Brigade, so it's the Loggies I'll be cheering on tomorrow! Hoping for a 13 AASR/3 PARA final. Thanks for tuning in folks... Chris
  13. Thanks, am hoping it'll be a good unwrapping too. Yes there is a Crab 'Toom taking up a fair bit of deskspace at the moment. She is a renovated bird, having originally been 3/4's+ built and then re-homed to the SoD over 10 years ago when my skills were far more limited than they are now. Originally she was finished in the 56 Sqn low vis scheme with the red tail (didn't know about aftermarket decals then you see), using Humbrol enamels (no pre or post shading, just solid colours). She got Mr Muscled a few weeks back when I received my 2 pre-ordered Revell re-releases (to keep company with one other first issue and a couple of Hasegawa kits in the stash), and I thought why not use her as a trial run for the Phestival of British Phantoms (including the F-4J (UK) using Showtime 100 plus the Xtradecal Tiger Sqn sheets) that is in my near future. As I was using Dark Green and Dark Sea Grey for the Sabre I thought running this rebuild alongside would cut a few corners too. Unfortunately I have lost a number of key parts, but have put a request into Revell's spares department to replace them (fuel tanks and flaps being the main parts I can't find) and I had bought the sprue with undercarriage legs etc from an eBay seller as the originals had been decimated over the years. The Tooms in the stash will get AlleyCat seamless intakes, but again as I didn't know better this one was built straight from the box, so I have bought some Mastercaster FOD guards to hide that multitude of sins. To that extent and I know there are still plenty of little fixes needed, and I'm not looking forward to repainting the offices in-situ, here she is: I've literally just unmasked her a couple of minutes ago. The build quality isn't cutting edge, I was only using Squadron Green filler and wet & dry back then, not having discovered all the lovely manicure buffers and sanding sticks & PPP etc etc that are my current go to's. As I said it is what it is; it was too good a kit to get rid of and we're trying to make a silk purse out of the proverbial sow's ear.
  14. Hey that sort of wethering seems to come naturally and I'm good at it, perhaps need to change my styles! Thanks Steve, welcome to the frey. This week's update is now in colour... Well my undersides are now bluer than a Smurf's backside... First coat of Hataka PRU Blue, thinned this time with its own brand thinner, and I think a slight improvement over the finish on my PRU Blue Spits built last year is evident...... Let it dry and then do it all over again...... One more coat (sorry I got all excited and didn'ttake any pictures of that - sorry folks!), then mask up the undersides to start the top coats.... A couple of coats of Mr Hobby Aqueous RAF Green (semigloss), and some LAG on the fin radome........ ....... out with the wiggly worms and the Tamiya Tape............. ...... a first thin coat of Mr Hobby Aqueous Dark Sea Grey..... .... erm let it dry and do it all again, again............ Despite being thinned to within an inch of its life the Dark Sea Grey looks far to monotone for my liking so some post-shading to get some modulation going is foreseeable in my future. Well this build is really 'whizzing like a Sabre Jet' as Chuck Berry sang in Run Run Rudolf, so until the next thrilling installment, stay safe out there. Chris
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