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  1. Thanks Col, how's the F.2T going? Is there a thread for that or was it so long ago it's on floppy disks or punch cards somewhere?? Anyways I saw my friend Ken off in as good a style as lockdown would allow earlier in the week. Ken was on his third marriage (one of his daughters from the second marriage works for me so I was mainly supporting her and her twin sister on the day as they had very few other relatives there that they knew), so there were a few power-plays in evidence at the funeral. Despite being part of 2 Para during the Falklands campaign the eulogy only mentioned h
  2. Thanks Col, Having had a few more hours in the man-cave this weekend we've made a couple more baby-steps towards this project. All the wings got another (and hopefully final!!) coat of Mr Hobby Aqueous LAG, together with the Revell and Airfix tailplane undersides (the Italeri ones are MSG). Now the best topside photo of I could find of one of my intended victims, ZE791 (which will be resplendant in her final retirement scheme with a big 25 and roundal on the fin), is copyrighted, but can be viewed on this link here. Now my Mk1 eyeball see
  3. Thanks for following along fellas and for the encouragement and support. Times are still not quite rosy yet, so the solace of the man-cave is a great support and comfort. Anyways, still trying to advance steadily on all three fronts, with the Revell version getting the next attention. Unlike Nathan's video build I was unable to leave the inside of the intake trunks unpainted and un-filled so they were given a PPPing and a Light Gull Grey coat. The homebrewed resin wheel wells necessitated a bit of surgery to the fuselage bottom and the intake
  4. Thanks Colin, got to love a clamp! Reminds me of that time down in the cellar of my old property with a bunch of nuns, the Colchester Garrison Regimental Goat and ................ (the rest of this story has been removed on legal advice - Ed!). Cheers Col. Well I've been away from the keyboard for a couple of weeks or so, as life's unpleasantness really got in the way again. Mrs FC is still up in Sheffield looking after her Mum, but sadly since the last update I've lost a couple of friends to the virus. Although they weren't "closest circle" friends it has still
  5. Thanks again Col and not wrong. Managed to get back on the road by MOTing son #1's passion wagon that he's lost interest in since stopping his driving lessons. Here's hoping that the Italeri effort may be a bit easier on the modelling mojo!!! The blind alliegance to Airfix borne out of being brought up on them since "I were knee high t'grasshopper", has a lot to answer for!! I have 4 other Airfix Tornados in the stash, so the madness may well continue!!! I'm kicking myself I didn't get in in time too, Colin. I had it on my radar but other builds overrun due to life just plai
  6. I've spent far too long looking for them that it stopped me building, the depravity of it, and I can't find what version the consoles were based on for the life of me. It's up there with Nessie and Bigfoot for mysteries as far as I'm concerned! Anyways with Mrs FC away and as it's my birthday I spent almost all day in the man cave. OK some of it was spent prepping my work van for its MOT tomorrow, and a bit spent removing and cleaning the intercooler on my everyday Transit bus (had a runaway diesel engine as the turbo failed and the engine went out of control consuming the oil co
  7. Thanks, but you deserve a medal for doing all 3; my excuse for attempting them is that at least I know I'm mad!!!! Funnilly enough the GR Tonkas might just be getting an outing then, assuming I ever finish these and the Lightning (and the two stalled Phantoms) on the S.O.D.!!! Thanks Col, (and thanks for the welcome earlier which I ignorantly ignored last time!), I sometimes think we should be more careful of what we wish for! To that extent "The Judges results are in!!" Here's the first pressings....................... White res
  8. Having stuffed myself with leftovers including leftover stuffing, ("Bits and Chips" is our family Boxing Day tradition), I am going to use the last of my energy for a tiny tiny update on what we've done over the Festive holiiday. It's not a lot TBH and we're still a way from the promissed pre-build sprue shots to get your excitement levels bubbling!!! Here's what Santa left under the tree..................... Now Mrs FC is up in Sheffield looking after Mrs C-in-Law, as Nora had come out of Hospital the day before Christmas Eve, so it had
  9. Reminds me of a blonde, dyslexic Essex Girl girlfriend I once had who came home distraught from the doctors one day. She was upset and crying as she told me that the doctor had said he thought she had tiny tits; took a while to explain, it’s tinnitus love, tinnitus!!!!
  10. Best cracker joke yet!!! If life is throwing Melons at you, then there’s a good chance you have dyslexia!! Your go.........
  11. OK, it doesn't matter how much I try I can't make the title say F33; hopefully this doesn't set the tone for this thread from the get go!!!! Anyways my Lightning T4 build in this GB has stalled, due to the simple reason that the CMK resin cockpit that I was using in conjunction with the Aeroclub IM Fuselage conversion bears absolutely no relation to any picture of a 2 seat Lightning that I can find, and I found loads believe me! Reminded me of Blackadder's attempts to draw the German defences in the WW1 trenches of Blackadder Goes Fourth. Go off and draw me an image of a Lightn
  12. Well having had a 'mare in the BoB GB by trying to rush to beat the deadline clock, I'm hoping to have more luck with a future succesor to that build's Spitfire in the RAF Interceptor role, the English Electric Lightning. The plan is to utilise the Aeroclub conversion set to make the Airfix 1/48 F.1 boxing into it's uglier twin (for those that disagree, Harry Hill has the only answer "there's only one way to find out......."), the two seat trainer version, the T.4. Now I also have an incomplete CMK conversion set for the same T-Bird marks which I am going to use for t
  13. Here's a late finisher from the BoB GB. Unfortunately not my best build, but by rushing on the last day to meet the deadline I only pushed completion further and further back. At the time I was taking some meds for a chest infection that gave me shakes like I've never had before, so we were painting some cracking camouflage patterns - only I was trying to paint straight lines!!! Here she is, she didn't get the final weathering I'd planned, I may pick her up again in the coming months and give her some belly oil stains etc but it's not a job for today!
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