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  1. Fatcawthorne

    Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

    Am waiting for my second neck vertebrae fusing op, on top of investigations into fusing lower back bits too (you’d never guess who did 10 years in Machine Guns Platoon would you!), so literally feel all your pain! Still playing over 35’s footy at 51 so it could be worse! A day before my holiday last year (at the end of a 72 hour shift- the joys of being a one man band eh) I hallucinated someone walked into the room with me at about 0300 (I had to drop the job I was doing off at 3 Paras guard room at 0400 before being at Stanstead for 0530) and spun round and put my sacroiliac joint out, and that meant for the first 10 days of my fortnight’s holiday I couldn’t get off my bed unaided! Thank god for family beer waiters! I hate backs!! Chris, it will get better, the girls will learn how to drive on ice, boyfriends will get their licenses and you will get your life and your back back! Then we can see Hurricanes!
  2. Tonight as a Valentines treat we put another thin coat of RAF Dark Green and some post-shaded lightened greens on the old girl and then a very very thin coat of unadulturated Dark Green to bring it back together again. That gave us this. Once this was all dry (doncha just love acrylics!) we whipped off the coverings and ..............................................................................voila! As far as I can see, remedial touch ups are needed but are tiny, so all in all the job's a good 'un. I'll sort out these little corrections and then I can start Futuring in prep for some stickers! Hope your Valentines evenings are as romantic as they can be in your man-caves BMers, so until the Future is with us (see what I did there!), all the best. Chris
  3. OK with it being a bit of a mammoth footy night in FC World, playing 6-a-side followed by a rush home to see the Mighty Tottenham Hotspur defeat the team that are top of the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund 3-0 at Wembley (wahoo!!!!), I wasn't expecting any bench time tonight. However I hadn't factored in that I'd be a complete, well let's call it the stand behind the goal at Man City's ground that the Man U fans tried to name after Colin Bell in the public stand-naming vote, and I had left my clothes at 6-a-side so had to go back at 2200 to pick them up. After driving back from the Col U stadium I didn't feel tired anymore and the man-cave was on hand to accommodate my temporary insomnia. Therefore it was wiggly worms time. Blu-tac worms are my second favourite type of worms after these (and there is an all night M&S opposite the Col U ground so happy days!): However they do leave a much stickier mess on your paintwork than blu-tac does (don't ask). So the correct worms and Tamiya tape later and we have: and then a first coat of Tamiya's RAF green and tadah......... ............. and now the insomnia has worn off and it's time to climb the carpet hill to Bedfordshire. Sleep tight all, make sure the bugs don't bite, 'til next time, Chris
  4. Fatcawthorne

    RAF Camo Jag

    Loved the Drury, my Saturday footy team used that pub as our base after home games at Shrub End. Can't believe it's a Sainsburys Local now; what a waste. Have to go to the Huntsman/Berechurch Arms now. I loved the fact that at Layer Road, Marie Partner was the only Football League Chairman that had to use an outside loo! Moved up to Colly 17 years ago when son #1 was born and we couldn't afford the jump to a big house in London. Seen some good games at Layer Rd in that period, West Brom in the cup was a particular favourite, but it's been dire on all fronts at the new ground. OK the Robbie Cowling era has made all aspects of the club more professional but there is none of that family club (not about kids, but how everyone from the Chairman down was part of the family) atmosphere anymore, it's just about the money!
  5. Fatcawthorne

    RAF Camo Jag

    Well those 4 look pretty good to me and are in a far more advanced state of build than the only one of mine that I've started, then left on the SoD for 5 years, then Mr Muscled losing loads of teeny tiny bits down the sink when rinsing the residue off. It's sitting in primer at the moment and I've emailed Revell to see if they can help replace all the missing bits from the years of neglect. Loved the Bar Side, and miss Layer Road as the Community Stadium is like a morgue. I used to supply Col U until they turned me over for a fair sum (just one person covering their back after making a mistake but I abhor liars!), so used to go a lot and took boxes, hospitality and pitch hire quite frequently - their loss. Hope they do get promoted through the play-offs as a local derby with the Tractor Boys will be in the offing next season if so! You moved away from Colly now? Chris
  6. Fatcawthorne

    Have Haynes Manuals gone too far?

    For a second I thought you meant this edition. The pages are all blank, nobody knows how those things work!
  7. Fatcawthorne

    RAF Camo Jag

    Lovely Jag in a cracking scheme. Got overflown by a few whilst on STAB exercises on STANTA. You don't hear them until it's far too late to have done something about them. Have 4 (yes count them, 4 - doh!) FGR2s in the stash, plus the odd FG1 and F-4J to be done as a (UK), so will watch your next build with interest and if I can get out of work more often, as I've done tonight ,try to join in! Saying that there's 3 or 4 Airfix Jags under them in the pile so my 80's RAF modelling days need to get ramped up some I think. From your Moniker, you're a Col U fan I assume?
  8. Thank you Bob and sorry to hear it wasn't just me. I will be having another go with the brand, however I will use their own thinners next time. Will do a WIP for the Camoutint Spit, just don't know quite when. Thank you for your compliments Richard, Steve & Miguel. Glad you all liked it. Going through a fascination with PRU Spits at the moment myself. If the Hataka would behave itself then I'd recommend it highly Jason as I think it's a convincing shade (if you can be convinced by verbal descriptions of a colour rather than by a physical specimen), however it's a 3 Stars out of 5 for me at this point. Roll on the Camoutint and see if we can push that score up. Looking forward to seeing your variation upon the theme. Dirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty Boy, in your box!!!! Thank you Dennis Thanks too Steve, perhaps the placement is to confuse the eye as a potential attacker may see the roundels and lose the correct sense of the range its target is at as they're not seeing what they expect to see? Thanks also for those who took the time to "Like" my work, it is appreciated. Chris
  9. Thank you @Spit Fan and @dogsbody, you've both added to my knowledge bank and hopefully to that of the BM Hive Mind. Really enjoyed the shots on that link Chris, if only a bit more would be visible it'd be a great area to go to detailing-town on. Love the drawer!!! At £75 on Amazon it's a bit steep for my pay grade, however we only need one of us to have a copy!! Beefed up the Dark Earth quote yesterday and then added some post shading to modulate the colour, mixing in steadily increasing amounts of Tamiya Sky Grey and X-20A thinner. Lastly a very very thin coat of the unadulterated Flat Earth hopefully bought it together. We're not aiming for a patchwork, however we're looking to give the effect that light (and therfore the colour) will be reflected/scattered in different directions by the variations in the panels. Next is to break out the blu-tac, make loads of wiggly worms, wear every third one as a Goucho, (or Fu Man Chu if I can roll one long enough) moustache, to make the camo masks and go through the same process with the Tamiya RAF Dark Green. Be good out ther BMers, Until we have some Dark Green in our lives, Chris
  10. Thank you Walter, It's always good to have someone who knows their onions chipping in. Can't say that I'd really have been too happy with those seating arrangements, perhaps the RAF offered a contortionist course as part of the conversion to type! Well we survived football, still a one-handed, broken-necked, far too old goalkeeping performance in that Marks Tey Vets lost 8-0 to FC Clacton, but I reckon I kept out about double the chances that actually went in, and my team was as weak as it's been all year but they showed proper heart in keeping the score down to that! We won our first game in 6 years 2 weeks back, so the bubble has been well and truly burst!! Despite the dodgy tendon in my left forearm I did get a tiny bit of bench time in today and masked the turret (a nice sharp new Swann Morton 10a blade was the order of the day here) and gave it a coat of future to help keep the edges sharp. I also put the first coat of Dark Earth (Tamiya's Flat Earth) over my pre-shading. OK the future hadn't dried on the turret at that point so that'll have to get its first going over next time - schoolboy error. OK not a huge amount but progress nonetheless. Hope Monday is good for you all out there, until the next one. Chris
  11. With a title like this I'll be so disappointed if I don't get a @CedB visit in my near future!! R7059 - built as Mk 1 - first flew Eastleigh 1st Feb '41. Delivered 6 MU 7th Feb. 14th March '41 to Heston Aircraft limited for conversion to PR Mk 1G. 1st May '41 delivered to 1 PRU and based at RAF St Eval for 'dicing' missions watching German battle Cruisers in Brest harbour. (Description stolen from one of @Iain (32SIG)'s post on LSP, thank you Iain.) Well this is what we are aiming for, pictures were found on a cursory Google search for Spitfire PR MkIG R7059 and are posted as fair use and for comparison and cricism with my build. From these photos I can see no evidence of patches over the Browning muzzles so I have left these in PRU Pink, and I can see no evidence of stencilling or walkway lines so didn't do any of that either! The kit was the old Tamiya MkI with a MKV Oil Cooler and windscreen and a Pavla PRU canopy. The PRU Pink was Hataka's take on this contentious colour and is light enough for my eyes when compared to the B&W images above. The panel lines do seem quite pronounced against a light background colour so I have applied a grey Flory wash to enhance them on my effort. Let's show the dog the rabbit: I found the Hataka paint difficult to work with as it dried on the tip of my H&S Ultra far too often. I tried W&N Flow Enhancer that just made it spider all over the place (as did Tamiya X-20A) so as I fancy doing another PR Spit but in Camoutint (also in the Hataka PRU Range) I have got some Hataka thinner in to see how that goes. The serial and tail flash decals came from the Pavla conversion set with the the Squadron codes from an old Almark PRU set (strange they weren't included in the Pavla set as I couldn't find any references of R7059 without the LY). The roundels were from a generic Xtradecal sheet. The seat was from Ultracast and Eduard MK.I P/E was used to enhance the cockpit. Unfortunately the foam I used to mask the cockpit reacted with something and stuck to all the cockpit surfaces and in future loo roll will be used for this. It also reacted with the canopy so it's not quite as crisp and clear as I'd like but I just want this one to be done!!! The furry cockpit was indeed a sight to behold!!! The final matt coat came from W&N. Also with this being such a light colour I kept leaving fingerprints all over the place which I had to constantly rub off with cotton buds. All gentleish C&C welcome, thanks for looking in. Chris
  12. Thanks John, have to say that's pretty much my wishlist too. A little bit more progress to report. Gave the white another three very thin coats and am now happy with how the starboard wing looks. Have masked off the underside now and have put a coat of the colour underneath on the masking tape edge to stave off any bleeding under the tape. Well it's time to start putting on some of the topside camouflage and breaking out the wiggly worms - the best bit. It's not going to happen tonight though as I'm chin-strapped and tomorrow is work then footy (and win or lose we'll be on the booze - should translate that into Latin and add it to my club's badge!) so can't see much happening until Sunday. Have a great weekend all, until next time. Chris
  13. Hello BMers all round the world. I have broken the second example of my favourite favourite scriber. I have a concrete floor in the man-cave and these do not bounce well as the groove tip is amazingly brittle. I have just bought the last remaining one at Hannants as I type but the last one lasted 2 weeks!!!! Do any of you know how to get in touch with DreamModel directly or know of any store that sells just the tips as the whole set is £30ish so if I could source a few spare tips rather than a whole pack then I'd be well chuffed. The DreamModel website www.dreammodel.com.cn has been out of action for some time and I can't trace them using more Google Search parameters than you can shke a stick at. They must have a home somewhere as they make loads of etch and turned pitot type products which are available around the net. Heeeeeelllllpppp!!!! TIA Chris
  14. Fatcawthorne

    Tornado warning

    Me me me me me me me me me me - please!
  15. There's been a few added to my eBay watchlist in the last couple of days, just need an eBay 15% off day to come around again and they'll make the jump into my basket. These should be on prescription at your doctors, this kit is doing a far better job than the happy pills I'm taking!! I think once the engines and props are on nobody will care or notice that it will just fly around in circles if left to its own devices. Those thoughts have crossed my mind too but I'd wager Airfix will have a Mk,IV ace up their sleeve that they're giving us full poker face about at the moment. Perhaps if I forget to take my meds for a couple of days I'll be grafting the Contrail vac Mk.IV nose from the depths of the stash on. Note to self :- keep taking the tablets! I've cracked on with painting the underside since the last update. I know pre-shading isn't always the flavour of the month however I find it helps me start the colour modulation that I want to achieve but have failed in with other techniques. I have to say I do as much post shading as I do pre and sometimes it can even be noticed. Now I say that because the underside (less the wing/tailplane that will be white) got a base of Rubber Black, had the panel lines and small panels highlighted with flat black and then the inner parts of the panels misted with Nato Black and German Grey (all Tamiya acrylics). To finish it off/draw it all together a very thin coat of Rubber Black went on over the top. Not sure much colour modulation is visible but I'd give myself 9 out of 10 for effort! Cue the visit of the masking fairies which allowed me to put the first coat of Flat White on the conventionally pre-shaded starboard wing and tailplane. The white although thinned to milk-like consistency still covers reasonably well so a few more coats down the line we should be getting to the effect I'm after. I realise that I haven't show and telled the decals yet. I'm using the Eagle Strike set pictured. The same markings I'm using are also on the more recent Xtradecal release (which I also have) but as the Eagle Strike ones have been in the decal dungeon for a while they are getting to see the light of day this time around. Now what's that peeking out from under the decals I can hear you all shout? Why it's the latest couple of reference books acquired that don't have a single pre-war 601 Sqn photo in them; good job we will be building more! I now have 4 out of the 5 references mentioned on the decal sheet but still no piccys of YN-B. Gotta love Sod's Law don't ya! Well that's it for assembling stuff this evening. I've had by head turned by the NATO v WP 50's GB going on (plus I have had the new Tamiya Spit turn up) so I'm off across the Draw-bridge, through the portcullis and down the slippery stone steps to the Decal Dungeon to look for some RAF Sabre stickers for 6-3 winged examples and to see if I have any Phoney War Spitfire Transfers lying around. Mind trams. Chris