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  1. Fatcawthorne

    Spitfire Mk.VB BL676 (Seafire IB MB328)

    Mike/Bob, thanks for your input. I hadn't thought primer, now that's out of the box thinking!
  2. Fatcawthorne

    Spitfire Mk.VB BL676 (Seafire IB MB328)

    Of the four 1/48 Spits that I have on the bench at the moment, I would like to ask our favourite hive mind for some advice/confirmation on the colour scheme/equipment fit for Spitfire Mk.VB BL676 which was to become the first hooked Spitfire used for Carrier Landing trials before being converted to full Seafire specifications. I will be using the Dutch Decals Presentation Spitfires stickers and the On Target Model Alliance Seafires profile book for guidance. The On Target profile seems to be reasonably accurate as far as camouflage demarcations are concerned compared to the numerous photos of the airframe available from Google searching the serial number. I don't want to link copywrited photos here (and don't want a slapped wrist if I infringe other photographers' property) so have just included links to a number of easily found photos. If I can link them and I'm being too cautious can someone tell me what I should be doing/what info to include so as to keep in Mike's good books! Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6 Photo 7 Now a noticible difference that jumps out at me from the photos over the decal instructions/profiles is that both the windscreen and canopy framing appear to be in the complimentary camouflage colour rather than just the windscreen (very conspicuous in Photo 3). I'm assuming that the actual colours called out in the On Target profile, Mixed or Ocean Grey and Dark Green are correct as all photos I have seen (especially the earlier ones) have a high contrast between the two colours. Does the hive agree that the windshield/canopy framing should both be grey rather than the surrounding green? I am happy that the profile has correctly depicted the fuselage ID band (photo 7 shows it the clearest), as it has been overpainted in MSG on the underside (the decal instructions show it all round the fuselage). I am builing with a hook rather than the dummy one so have already overpainted the underside. The photos appear to show an aerial between between the antenna and the rudder post and I think I can make out IFF "cheesecutters" (is that the right term?) from the stabilator tips to the centre of the fuselage roundel. Also on photos 5, 6 and 7 there is clearly a FAA syle IFF aerial under the starboard outer wing. Photos 5 & 6 appear to be earlier photos as the hook has not yet been fitted (unless it could be easily be whipped off if not needed but I can't see that as credible). Would the IFF cheesecutters and FAA aerial be fitted at the same time? Lastly there are 4 patches on the airframe, an oval one on each side of the firewall and rectangular ones behind the cockpit but in front of the roundel. My best guess is that these are hoist points? In photos they appear quite light in colour. I can't see natural metal being left uncovered especially for a naval aircraft so what's the best guess for the colouring (and real purpose if they're not for hoisting) of these plates/patches. Thank you for your help and wisdom (which my time here shows me that the contributors to this site have in spade-loads). I promise an RFI as a thank you for all your anticipated input and can only apologise for the lack of WIP's of late as life outside the mancave has that annoying habit of getting right in the way. If I'm miles off the mark with any of my assumptions please let me know so I can take my beatings like a man now rather than in the RFI sections!!!
  3. Fatcawthorne


    I changed from single vision to varifocals last year and although like a couple of others I model in the "eye nude" when doing fine details I have got on brilliant with them. Until I played my first game of cricket in them that is. Fielding at a deepish mid-on (for non-cricketers this is about 40 yards from the batsman at about 11 O'Clock from his viewpoint), the batsman cracks a lofted drive straight down my throat. Now off the bat and in the air the ball was perfectly clear so I've adopted the classic fingers-up over my left shoulder stance to pouch the ball (such a dolly that I would say it was a hundred times out of a hundred chance) and take my plaudits from the team. Now all was well until the ball was about 5-10 yards from me when it suddenly became two very blurry and quite far-apart balls. My hands automatically widened to allow for a bit of error and the ball sailed between my thumbs to crack me straight on the jaw! To add insult to injury the batsman repeated this shot 3 balls later with an almost identical result (missed my head by an inch this time). You've got to love the male banter that followed those horlicks of efforts and it was a safe bet to say I bought some single vision ones to the next game!
  4. Fatcawthorne

    Trainers GB (finally legal!)

    Can I play, can I play, can I play???? Off the top of my head (and all in 1/48) the choice from the stash is: Lightning T4/5s Harrier T.10s Typhoon 2 Seaters Jet Provosts SA Bulldog Gnats Hawks Jaguar 2 Seaters Magister Battle Trainer Anson Meteor T7 Now in my mind the biggest ommision is the T7 Hunter, note to self - must do better! Now to spend the next 20 months or so working out which of these will be chosen to spectacularly fail to get finished within the deadline!!! You can count on my vote!
  5. Fatcawthorne

    Lysander - Eduard 1/48

    So it’s not dinner like a porker then? Perhaps that’s where I’ve been going wrong all this time!!! As yet another with a soft spot for the Lizzy (from early Airfix 1/72 memories I guess) I’m going to tag along in the nice new extension with a games room that you’ve been good enough to knock up for us latecomers if that’s all right with you. Anyone for bar billiards?
  6. Fatcawthorne

    It's a Ten from Len

    You must have the magic touch as your tag sent me a notification, I still must be doing something not quite 100% correct. With the etch I use McDonalds ketchup pots and pour in some cheap thin poundland/budget superglue and this then gets transferred to the part using the tip of a cocktail stick. I've heard that there are tools specific for this but never having seen one (and thus committing myself to buying one!), I'm still happy in my cocktail-stick ignorant bliss. I also use the thinnest needle tweezers to give the smallest surface area when things do get stuck together. There are sets of cheap Chinese ones for a couple of pounds on EBay, but as my wife's a beauty therapist I either pinch hers or accompany her trips to the local beauty wholesalers to also pick up supplies of nail boards and buffers which are a fraction of the price of modelling-targeted products. I never quite got the correlation between accompanying and paying the bill though, so perhaps any savings made are completely phyrric. I use the tweezers with a peg as a clamp, and the nuclear option when things don't stick as planned is to use a spray kicker. The only downfall to kicker I find is that any stray blobs of CA become solid stray blobs instead of spreading themselves as a thin, and to me unnoticeable, layer if left to set naturally. Lastly the only part of the etch I'm not 100% happy with is the back of the instrument panel, as once closed up and the canopy attached a gap is quite visible. I'm hoping once I've masked and painted the windows that it will be less noticeable. Not sure that my camera lens can focus down to this level but will try to get a picture to demonstrate next time I get some bench time.
  7. Fatcawthorne

    It's a Ten from Len

    Now of course it didn't Chris. I filled the blanked off windows with Vallejo Putty in the end as it's tiny nozzle won the day (now where I heard that before?). The putty was cleaned up with buffers and Krystal Klear was blobbed into the remaining windows using a cocktail stick. It was a case of let it dry and repeat until the windows were flush with the fuselage sides. Everything got a coat of Future at this point to seal everything in. The cleaning up of the Vallejo Putty has lead to all that lovely paintwork coming off, but I think it will end up well in the end. One thing I have now noticed is that the kit supplies masks for the unblanked windows that will be used instead of the micro-mask and hence the coat of future. The front end has also had a bit of attention. I used gloop around the canopy glass which will then sanded back to fair it in. Happilly there are quite pronounced raised details for the cockpit framing (or the windows are recessed might be more accurate), so the polishing should leave the actual windscreen clear of scratches. I'll break out the manicure buffers once this is all dry and let's see if we can get some progress towards getting the airframe together. Until the next one... Chris
  8. Fatcawthorne

    Putting the Fop in Foppolo

    Back again with some progress to report. The belly part that covers the undercarriage bay was fitted and fettled in, do like the see-through effect this gives in the flesh (and now that I've mentioned it I'd better take some photos to show it later eh)! Right, we have also glued some sticky-out bits on; Wings and tailplane fitted without any major dramas, although a layer of gloop helped hide any gaps caused by my over enthusiastic sanding earlier on. The thrust reverser housings were added to the jetpipes and copious more sanding to the main airframe parts too and I think we're ready for some priming action. My plan was to use Halfords white primer on the upper fuselage, mask that under the cheatline and apply Halfords grey to the rest of the airframe. This would then get buffed and micro-meshed smooth for the top coats. The only 100% surety is the top of the fuselage will be Halfords Appliance White, the rest, any ideas peeps? I tend to use Tamiya, Gunze or Vallejo acrylics. Do you good folk know of any good matches for Boeing Grey and Corroguard? I also have quite a few Alclad NMFs that I've not tried before, so plan to spray Tamiya Gloss Black and then pick an appropriate shade. Am I walking into a minefield? Any advice well and truly appreciated. 'Til next time....... Chris
  9. Fatcawthorne

    Better Late than Never.....

    Thanks Clive, thank you for looking and praising. Chris
  10. Fatcawthorne

    1/48 QinetiQ Alpha Jet

    I don't Leigh as I plan to build it in the older green & green QinetiQ scheme. Sorry, got sidetracked, a cracking build Mick, I know the effort and talent you must've put into that finish. Is it a viceless build or are there any obvious pitfalls for the kit-manglers like me out there? Chris (with 3 gloss black Hawks on the Shelf of Doom)
  11. Fatcawthorne

    It's a Ten from Len

    No mistake made at all Chris as that was plan A, and Plan A would have suited any civil or the C.1 transport versions, however during the conversion from their civil or transport roles to the tanker role, some Johnny decided that the tanks of Jet Fuel in the fuselage didn't need a nice window-seat view for the flight (I think he went on to implement Ryanair's free seating allocation procedures) and therefore almost every other window was blanked off as per the picture below that I've nicked from Wiki as a reusable image (it is attributed to Andrew Thomas from Shrewsbury, UK BTW). Now someone who wasn't a part-time gravel-bellied infantryman but knows the real reason for blanking these windows will be along soon to enlighten us!! Anyways what I was trying to do was add the PVA to make the blanked off windows flush (as I didn't want to leave the impression of the glazing which would be there if I didn't fill them with something) and then paint over them, leaving the un-blanked windows perfectly framed. Now that was Plan B, and Plan B sucked too! The PVA that I used was Deluxe Materials R/C Modellers Craft Glue and although when I leave a blob of it on my cutting mat for instance it dries to the specific hardness of the Kohinoor diamond, then the second I try to attach a canopy or indeed fill in some blanked out windows with it I get the consistency of watered-down latex! Now we're into Plan C, and Plan C has involved using various dental implements and my biggest stippling brush to get off the aforementioned PVA, (damaging the lovely framed finish on one side of the fuselage but not the other - strange!), and then I will be filling the blanked off windows with Perfect Plastic Putty or maybe Vallejo Acrylic as it has a more controllable application nozzle. This will get a spit and cotton-bud wash to make it flush (aren't you glad your mum and Gran didn't know about that technique!), a bit of Krystal Kleer dropped into the glazed windows to make them flusher and clearer and when that's dry (and it will dry I command you!) they will get a blob of Maskol to allow the paint damage to be repaired. Do we have a sweep-stake starting up among the betting folk on here as to what plan letter we will end up at - a fiver on Plan K for me please! Until later good folks.
  12. Fatcawthorne

    Putting the Fop in Foppolo

    Thanks Dave, now I’ve got to deliver! Totally agree, far prettier than the earlier Britannia scheme included on the kit decals. Mate not sure how good the tips are, might end up as the “how not to” guide! Kiwi liveries tend to be quite colourful too so will look out for this when it gets to the top of your pile Steve.
  13. Fatcawthorne

    It's a Ten from Len

    Thanks Zebra, first 1/144 for many years and enjoying it. Trouble is now I will be adding this scale to my ridiculously expanding stash now as well as the far more than I build 1/48 ones. Chris, yes a new kit with 60s style Airfix windows surprised me. Thankfully due to BM we know how to deal with these things far better than way back when. I have now added PVA to the blanked off windows and it just needed a very swift swipe with a nail buffer when set hard and will definitely look better now when the blanks are painted over. Will do the other side later and paint them both together and then show and tell in front of the class! Thanks LC, now to try out the Roly mating call then. @Roland Pulfrew Cacaw, Cacaw........... Well it looks good and is like what I’ve seen you clever folk do. Did it work? I love a school day!!! Thanks all, and I hope the next update won’t be too far off.
  14. Fatcawthorne

    It's a Ten from Len

    Well, despite not posting anywhere near as often as I'd have hoped to, some progress has been made. I forgot to take photos (or maybe took them on my phone, must have a look later) of putting strips of tape either side of the window line and then priming, pre-shading and adding some final colour to allow the windows to be added and not individually masked during the main painting. The cockpit P/E went together much easier than I expected using thin CA superglue and an old, but a bit too cumbersome, Mission Models PE Bending Tool. I have seen some pretty neat little bending tools (RP Tools?) in other WIPs lately and my wish list has been appropriately expanded to include one. This later got primed and very roughly painted, I'm just hoping for an impression of a cockpit through the tiny windows rather than a superdetailed work of art that only I know is there. Having seen http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/profile/98-roland-pulfrew/ push his widows in from outside whilst decalling his East African Ten, I used plenty of white PVA to hold mine in place which will hopefully survive whatever ham-fistedness I intend to throw at it later! Does anyone know why when I put in the URL for a member's profile like above for Roland, it doesn't become a tag and then notify that member that they've been mentioned in a post? Then the fuselage halves were joined together, not forgetting the addition of 15+ grams of self-adhesive tyre-balancing weights stuck to the underside of the cockpit floor. Now for some sanding and I also think I might just drop some PVA into the windows that are blanked off in order to get them a touch more flush. The next installment will see if that works!
  15. Fatcawthorne

    Putting the Fop in Foppolo

    Back in 1980, FatCawthone was an ExtremelySkinnyCawthorne and having just entered his teenage years was heading away for a school skiing trip to Foppolo in Northern Italy. Ah the panache of speeding across the slopes, the apres ski (or going on the piste as even then was how I'd prefer to see the piste!) and obviously being 13 and all that goes with it, copping off with as many 13 year old lasses as possible, taking advantage of the romance of the foreign field!!! But first was the flight. Master ESC had one flight under his belt at this time, a trip to Malta and back on a Boeing 720B, but this flight was special; there were no parents! A shortish coach trip from Chingford in East London to Luton Airport (cue the many many attempts to reproduce that classic Campari advert featuring the delectable Lorraine Chase - "Did you truly waft here from paradise?" - "Nah, Luton Airport!"), where having been checked in we were led off to a Britannia Airways Boeing 737-200 that would fly us to Milan from where we would be coached up into the Dolomite mountains. Now using my Kodak 110 camera I would have used up my entire film for the week's trip on a Walkaround Shoot before I even knew what one of those was (and didn't they know how to charge for stuff in skiing villages when I wanted to buy a new film!), but like all grown up men all their photos are in their Mum's loft. I might see her over this Easter break so I might see if she could dig them out so I can 100% model the actual plane I flew on. Now having picked up the Airfix rendition (I think rendition in this case probably refers to the Guantanamo definition of the word as this kit is soooooooooo old and poorly detailed that it must be up there with waterboarding on the list of top torture methods!) during one of their Last Chance to Black Friday sales for a fiver or something, a small germ of an idea to build one of these had formed. I later saw that 26 Decals did a Screen Printed sheet for Britannia schemes of this era so added that to the stash. As I'd heard from here that the engine pylons represented an even earlier version of 737 I also added the Braz engines to the cocktail. I did also purchase the Bren Gun wheels for the -300 but may save them for a second build in this GB if I get that far. Then along came this GB and a chance to push myself gently out of my comfort zone (1/48 RAF WW2 to date) was presented and duly grasped with both mitts (but not with skiing gloves on - though what the excuse for some of my work is I'll never know!). This is what we started with: Now being used to having "construction began with the cockpit" as a stock opening line, not having a cockpit was a bit of a culture shock. Construction began by filling the over square open windows so kindly provided by Airfix (along with a tool to push through any cheat line decals to give a professional finish) as the 26 decals have a far more realistic representation compared to the kit offerings. The cargo and cabin doors were also added and as they fit like a glove (an oven glove that is) plenty of filler went on those too. This was done with my homemade sprue and cement gloop concoction. As you can see the sanding, filling, sanding, filling, repeat repeat repeat had already started and will be going on for quite a bit longer too! Next up the fuselage and the wings were cemented together. Once at this stage I decided that I couldn't live with the lack of wheelwells, despite originally planning this as a very quick build to see if my sausage-like fingers could indeed cope with this scale. I therefore created rough representations of the wheelwells from evergreen sheet and then spent a few hours researching what would actually be seen in those wells. Now there is no way on god's earth that I could miniaturise what actually lives there and stay sane so I took a pragmatic view to create something that looks busy enough but realistic without testing my sanity. Yes I know everything is fictional and overscale but it's my model so ner ner ne ner ner (yes I have regressed to the spotty ESC for the duration of this build). These were cleaned up and after priming were given a coat of very very light grey mixed from Tamiya white and Sky Grey. Next the engines were cleaned up from their casting blocks and Araldited to the wings. Now having just removed only the scrap resin from the engine I could not get the engines to fit the wings unless they pointed outwards at 20 degrees or so, which if it was the prototype might have perturbed the passengers in the rear rows! I worked out the datum for the centreline of the engines and pencilled a line across the top wing to help line things up. Then I chipped, scalpelled and sanded away at the top of the engines to try and get a better and straighter fit. Now the port wing engine might have received a bit too much of this, so needed a bit of filler once attached, however am happy with how the starboard one finshed up. The last things that I've done are the rescribing of the tailplanes (the top surface of the wing and the fin had already been rescribed), and a good sanding and polishing of all the fuselage's filler, ready for a priming once the wings and tailplanes are on. Anyways that's where we are, am pleased I've finally got a chance to upload some pictures and get something written down as it seems to be my habit of getting quite a way into a build before starting my WIPs. The intentions are good but the application rarely matches them! Until next time, thanks for tuning in.