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  1. Thanks for the kind words Charlie. I wrestled a couple of semi-distant relative Seafire XV's from SH in a two pin-falls or a submission contest a while back, and I just about stayed in the ring to the final bell. Yes they needed modelling skill and had some shape flaws but overall I enjoyed them, so I hope you're getting the same from your XII! I will drop in and take a gander at your handiwork at some point. "Squadrons!"? Well I think t'internet will supply all (and more) of its aircraft photos on a very basic "Spitfire Mk XII" Google Image search, and the print quality isn't that high, so scores low for me there, but the info contained is very comprehensive (e.g. the register of all 100 airframes gives the serials and Code letters), and more than pushes this into a good 4 stars out of five rating for me. Drop me a PM with your email address and I'll take my copy to work tomorrow and will try very hard not to drop it into my .pdf making scanner!
  2. Thanks Bill, despite the lockdown I've perversely found myself with less time for modelling and even less for updating, however I'm only a knicky-whisker away from finishing after many short stints so I thought I'd better not indulge in some jolly bad form and actually update before I RFI. So it'll be another big one as the actress said to the bishop! Yes I'm pleased I re-worked this one, I would have always been looking at this in a soft-focus squint if I hadn't, less it wound me up! And yes it does look fast doesn't it, in that brutish sort of way that early Spits were far too elegant and graceful for. I've got a good few hours in my log book from the pre self-employed days when I could afford the lessons, and every time I went up you know what I was dreaming I was flying don't you!! Thanks Dennis and your entries in this GB haven't been half bad either so I'll take that as a great compliment. It is pretty, very very pretty. I think normal wingtips would just make it unobtainium pretty in the way 12 pints of beer worked on the 2am Princesses from my pre-marriage clubbing days! Anyways let's get this show on the road. I sorted out the ID band and the LE stripes which also were bugging me. And now pretty much the same set of images with some shiny shiny added as we got ready for some stickers. The shiny shiny was the latest incarnation of Klear, Pledge Floor Care, which in my opinion is a shoe-in replacement for the old stuff. Woo, just jumped up from the sofa to see an RAF Chinook trolling along at treetop height just behind Castle FC on the outskirts of Colly, unfortunately it disappeared behind the treeline just as the camera's autofocus decided it wanted to earn it's corn so no piccys - soz! The windscreen was attached using Araldite Crystal Clear, and we then decamped from the Man-Cave to the kitchen, the only place to be seen at my decalling parties. So the first few stickers went on OK, the kit decals were used for the generic markings and the serials were from the 8" Xtradecal RAF Serials sheet. The B for me seems too wide for the M (or is it the M's too narrow) but the kits serials and the Xtradecal version were noticeably different in size so mixing and matching wasn't an option.. As you may notice Son #2 had dropped his protein shake bottle on my Spit whilst I'd left it on the kitchen side, breaking off the aerial and rearview mirror. We'll have to go back and repair them before the end of this build, and unfortunately the carpet monster didn't relinquish these from its vice-like grip. We do have a comprehensive spares box fortunately. The kit decals went on well with Microsol and Set solutions. The Squadron codes came from the kit's decal sheet and the H (fuselage and under the nose) was made from cutting up the kits B and from the other kit's second option letters. Well the rear canopy and some "legs" were added and a further coat of Pledge slathered on to seal in the stickers. This was allowed to properly dry to avoid the "Fledge" tradegy that befell my Blenheim a while back (Flory and not quite dry Pledge really messes up your good work!). Then it was back to the Man-Cave for some Flory Grime. I hate this stage as I always think it's never going to look pristine ever again!!! Aerial and Mirror have had a visit to the bodyshop! Before the Flory I'd also added some smoke and oil streaks plus some exhaust stains. What was I worrying about, a good rub down with some damp kitchen roll later (some of it on the model too!) and here we are. Since then I have added the main wheels and have just shot a first coat of W&N Matt Acrylic Varnish, which I'll grab some photos of in a bit. As I said earlier the finish line is in touching distance and I look forward to getting this safely ensconced in the Gallery before the end of the week. Stay well out there, I'm sorry to hear of the extra lockdowns on the opposite sides of our ever-shrinking world; I hope you can all use the time positively and constructively by making more Spitfires!!! Until Gallery time, bon chance mes braves............. Chris
  3. It’s still really clear in Colly Trevor, so not sure there. Not like in Manchester for the footy at the moment! The closure is just north of the airport so probably not linked. https://www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk/news/hertfordshire-news/m11-shut-police-incident-4237644 Do you still work at Stanstead @Alpha Delta 210?
  4. They’re pretty much the options that went through my head too Dennis, so great minds think alike!! I just wondered if anyone was in the know out there in BM world to confirm our suspicions. My son has now pointed out that the Motorway (M11) next to Stanstead Airport was closed due to a police incident. I also am wondering if that is related. It was good to see some heavy metal over Colly at 10,000 odd feet though.
  5. Had a FedEx MD-11 fly lowish over Colchester in a far from usual flight path, an hour or so ago. I looked it up on Flightradar24 and it was making a spiders web all over Essex. Typically our Virgin Broadband went down for 40 minutes as I started typing this (par for the course!). Anyone got any ideas what could be behind this in an otherwise near empty sky (the plane near Kelvedon was an RAF Voyager BTW)? it appeared to land safely after this.
  6. I've used this conversion and can give it a big fat +1.
  7. Thanks Bill and I'm glad you endorse the stripback!! It does look every inch a racing snake doesn't it?!! Sorry for the radio silence, life really has an annoying habit of just getting in the way. Anyways we got another couple of coats of Ocean Grey (Tamiya again) and some lightened OG back on the airframe, so Take 2 ......... Much much much happier this time around. Some wiggly worms made out of blutac and plenty of Tamiya tape (and its cheapo substitute I got from the Bay) later and we get to this....... Then a first coat of Tamiya RAF Dark Green........ The cockpit glass got some Dark Green too........ Then it was another coat of Dark Green then some modulation splodges using the DG lightened with a few drops of MSG........... Then we whipped her drawers off to get the full naked beauty of the paintjob....... Again a few flaws to fix, the yellow LE stripes need a bit of tidying as does the sky band as it looks a bit anorexic on one side compared to the other. Although I've measured and measured and measured it at 9mm, it looks a touch skinny (even on its fat side) to the Mk1 eyeball. Have I got my sums wrong with a 9mm band in 1/48??? In my never-ending quest to knock off every breakable bit from any kit I ever build, I knocked off the underwing pitots and IFF aerial. Perhaps I should look at things glass half-full as so far I've not knocked off the radio mast!!! The blutac has left a bit of oily residue having been left on a bit too long, but I've given it all a sponge bath with some washing -up liquid and got rid of a fair bit, but after it's dried I think I'll give it another going over to see if I can shift the last of it. Well that's all for tonight, hope you all enjoyed queuing at Primark today and that you all look extremely smart in your new skiddies!!! Stay safe still. Chris
  8. Who doesn't love a Maiden Spitfire!!!!!!! Great build. And just to upset you..........................
  9. Well I haven't done much updating as there hasn't been that much benchtime this week. Whoever knew you could do so much during lockdown, I must be the Airfix sponsored Dominic Cummings of this parish!!! The shop refurb is coming on well. In normal times getting the best part of 3 months off with no customers would be an impossibility, and having lost my best buddy of 30+ years to this swine of a disease I'm not being trite about folk's and their businesses suffering, but for me I'm working longer hours than if I was up to my eyeballs in work and building a far more organised business for the years to come. Now, with seams seemingly dealt with a coat of Halfords grey primer was in order. Well, not having looked at these photos zoomed in (a lesson for us all perhaps) I hadn't noticed some far from perfect seams that my middle-aged, reading-glasses needing, eyesight passed off with a big QA tick, which will come back to haunt us later!! Anyways that led to the dreaded pre-shade using Tamiya Rubber Black. Some Flat Yellow leading edge ID stripes............... ... ooh and a Sky tail band (also Tamiya acrylic). Mask off the LE and band (after a further coat of Yellow and Sky respectively to seal the masking to help get some dead straight lines and no bleed, hopefully!) and the first painting by numbers session can begin. Luckily all the underneath sections were Tamiya XF-83 MSG so that got a first coat. ...............and a second coat and some panel lightening with Flat White added to the MSG..... ..... and then we can mask her bottom, flip her up the right way round and start the XF-82 Ocean Grey coats..... Now this is where I started picking up tiny little flaws that I wasn't happy with. I'm not the world's best modeller so most things I can let go, but some I can't. After the second coat of OG, I could see (and unfortunately not unsee) a seam on the spine, one on the engine nacelle (and I wasn't happy with how the fuel tank filler was represented by Airfix), plus lots of slips and nicks in the wingroots etc where I had tried to reinstate panel lines after an enthusiastic sanding session or two. Also the OG had dried with a bit of a texture, a change of pressures and thinning ratios to be considered methinks! I had to go back to square one with the topside else I would always be unhappy with this build. I rubbed the finish smoothish, squeezed out some blobs of PPP and using my dental tools proceeded to fill all the shadowed panel lines and nicks and scratches that I could find. When happy (after about the fifth attempt) a new squirting of Halfords grey primer was in order, followed by another pre-shading. Hopefully now those remedial works will pass a proper QA inspection! Much better!! Mrs FC is volunteering at our local Food Bank tomorrow which is 3 doors down from my shop, so I feel another re-furb day coming on for the Bank Holiday rather than a restful Spitfire day! So in the immortal works of Porky Pig, "Th-th-th-that's all folks!" Stay safe out there and remember to stay within 260 miles of your house please! Chris
  10. Mark, as a long term anxiety and depression sufferer I sympathise hugely. I didn’t see your first post before the edit but I don’t think I need to. My own psychiatric treatment over the years has taught me to set realistic goals and to judge myself by/against my own now reduced abilities and not anyone else’s (nor against what I could do pre-breakdown). I have the first models I made sitting on the shelves together with my current output (that encompass 20 years or so of learning and mistakes). I can put my kits in order of completion just by looking at their comparative quality. Now that is a realistic goal, to get a small percentage better each time you open a new box. You don’t go from zero to hero overnight. By the inch it’s a cinch, by the yard it’s hard! And don’t worry if every so often you take a step backwards, we all do. Some days we crack on when we don’t feel 100% and make a pigs ear of it, and we do that because we’re human. I have stood up for people I thought were being trolled before on here (usually quite innocently but trolled all the same) and will always do again but I honestly don’t feel anyone is laughing at you or your builds. We all have to start somewhere on the spectrum in this game and for some progress comes more easily than for others. What is important is that we enjoy our hobby, and if we enjoy it and then get better at it then all the more power to your elbow! Some members’ critique can be blunt but I tend to put that down to non-modelling factors affecting their lives, or for some just English being their second language and/or having a different culture. They don’t know you so there can be nothing personal insinuated I promise. Life does get better after (or ‘with’ as you control it rather than get rid of it) depression and anxiety but it does take a bit of work to learn how to beat it. Have a look online for some simple Cognitive Behaviour life hacks, yes at first they are hard but when they’re second nature then you’ll be hot to trot again. Take care of yourself Mark, 99+% of the folk I’ve come across on here are good people who will go out of their way to help. The real world is difficult at the moment, but like in the Willkommen song from the opening scenes of the film Cabernet: Leave your troubles outside, So- life is disappointing? Forget it! We have no troubles here! Here life is beautiful... The girls are beautiful... Even the orchestra, is beautiful. Take care and stay safe. Chris
  11. Unc, I don’t think I have had a dose of Covid at all, (though as an aside in the last year I had a dose of Shingles, many more cold sores than usual, colds and flus like never before and loads of boils and pimples, but that was put down to a vitamin deficiency caused by overwork! Ironically I’ve been on horse tablets for 6 months and as the world is getting sicker I finally am feeling 95% which is a huge improvement!). The lady who I spoke to had just chaired a meeting of the local emergency services, council chiefs, port officials and health service heads when I saw her. Just checked my diary and the meeting was on Sunday 15 March, which is about the date the first official cases In Essex were being reported. I have to reinforce that (Paraphrasing her wording) she said that the meeting had mentioned that there had been cases of a similar Coronavirus (and tests were ongoing at that time to see if similar was in fact identical) in the November and December of 2019 near the port which pre-dated the official Chinese outbreak. Sorry to go on, not trying to troll anyone or be difficult. @noelh has your wife heard anything of these early clusters? Chris
  12. You’re welcome John. I personally don’t usually give much (or even any) credence to the rumour mill, but for this I was the first person the other person had told about what they had heard just a few minutes earlier. Their demeanour matched the statement (in the shaking of the head, I can’t believe what I’ve heard fashion) and I know the person well so I personally can regard it credibly, although @Graham Boak I appreciate that it would be classed as hearsay in any legal capacity and is probably/definitely rumourmongering, (which is something I would usually detest in others - Sorry!) and as such will not be offended at all if not believed. In fact I wouldn’t unless I was as there. Stay safe out there, Chris.
  13. John, Had a meeting with one of my trophy shop customers straight after she'd chaired the local COBRA dissemination meeting literally just before lockdown. The COBRA meeting overran so she was a bit flustered, and probably told me somehing she shouldn't have, but she said that it was mentioned in the meeting that there had been a number of cases of "a Coronavius" in the area in November and December and it wan't confirmed that it was COVID-19 at the time but tests were retrospectively linking to it. I'd love to know the full truth, and I'm 100% positive I didn't mis-hear. Chris
  14. Well what's not to like about a well-presented pink one then eh!? Great effort Dennis. Did you say you used Hataka Lacquer paint? I used their acrylic on my PR1G (I think, I can't remember my own name sometimes) that I did a year or so ago and that came out much less pink (and also dried on the AB tip like a cow too!). Is the lacquer marked up as for later PRU Pink or did you strike lucky with a different colour formulation as it looks pretty good to me? Stay safe Bob, Jon, Fred Chris
  15. Thanks Matt, and have had a peek at the ongoing Seafire and it's looking pretty neat. Yes the garden has done it's absolute to keep me occupied, together with refurbishing my shop whilst it's closed, so updates have been at a premium this week. Plenty has been going on behind the scenes though. We got the fuselage buttoned up (obviously ensuring the big fan thing at the front can spin round all proper!), Plenty of clamp action too going on as I went a bit mad on eBay a few weeks back and spent the best part of a bullseye, possibly more, on some decent ones (thankfully Mrs FC won't be reading this drivel so I might just have got away with that one!). Some more work on the canopy so that the Aluminium will show on the rear cockpit sides and the interior green where that should be. Set about tidying up the fuselage seams and then using my preferred method of avoiding a step at a Spitfire's wing root added the top half of the wings to the fuselage. This way you can manipulate what I think is the most visible joint on any Spit kit from both sides whilst the TET is curing. You can possibly just see that although the wings were caressed into the least noticeable join on top, the leading edge of the wing sits perhaps half a mil forward of the fuselage fillet. The lower half of the wing was then attached and again a "clamp-porn" fest was had by all! With the wings sitting that fraction forward a plasticard shim was used to make good the gap in the rear wing to fuselage join. The cannon barrels were drilled and brass tube added to simulate the muzzle openings before those and the stubs being fitted............ .................................together with the chin fairing, aerial post, tail feathers and carb intake. The radiator and oil cooler housings were next in line for treatment and the Rebecca aerial got cut off and replaced by a bit of thin-gauge guitar string. For me tinkering with seams is an ongoing issue and rarely do I ever get to being 100% satisfied, but being pretty close this time (with a few swabs of PPP in strategic places for good measure) it was time to add the last breakable bit, the pitot, and mask up and prepare for a coat of primer. Well Squadrons! No.5 arrived this morning and I think I have firmed up on choosing my victim of this build, 41 Sqn's MB794, EB-H, which in the photo has the fixed tailwheel and I'm going to have to take a punt it had 5 spoke mainwheel hubs. The only real difference from my build that I can see is that this airframe has the round rearview mirror in the photo, so the square one got removed and replaced by the round kit part. Well, I've put the first pass of primer on the upper wings and top of the nose and will report back when the whole frame is primered and probably a fair bit further along. Stay safe all you out there and speak soon. Chris
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