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  1. Here they are a bit larger than life!!
  2. Thanks again Dennis @sloegin57, as it's a lovely slow afternoon in the shop I've had a chance to have a little play with Dennis' photos and CorelDraw with a view to making some homebrew decals for these zaps. Hopefully we've cracked it now, short of firming up on the colours, unless anyone knows of any extra Zaps I don't know about!! Hopefully the pictures will enlarge OK on the screen.
  3. As Iain (@iainpeden) says, what a spoilsport and what am I going to do with that USAF 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron patch I've bought now Dennis? - OK, well I could start a USAF stash to match my RAF one, only I'd need a new wife, new bigger house and to live to 972 years old to finish them all in that case!! Dennis, didn't realise you were even responsible for these shots (well I hadn't tied you to being sloegin57 to be more accurate). I had spent a few hours earlier this week trying to find you on Google as a longshot to ask if you had any higher resolution versions of the
  4. I'm just amazed she didn't attempt to "High Six" you!!!
  5. Thank you for your input fellas, a google search for "RAF aircrew red diamond patch" led me to this eBay item which was soon snaffled into the basket!!! Do you think this is it? Pretty long shot if it isn't I'd say! Now what's the story behind a USAF 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (based in Iceland) Zap on a 92 Sqn airframe at the Silver Jubilee review? Right I'm off to bury myself even further down that rabbit hole!! Thanks again, and if any of you know anymore for anymore please keep chipping in! Stay well all, Chris
  6. Hello all, just want to tap into the BM Hive-mind to shed some light on some of those tiny tiny details that delight modellers everywhere. Now I have rescued one of the longest-serving members of my ever-expanding Shelf of Doom Club, a Revell re-pop of the Hasegawa 1/48 Phantom FGR.2. Now this kit went to the SOD at least 15 years ago dressed in my then stock finish of Humbrol Enamels, in the later Air Superiority grey finish. It wasn't a bad build for my skills of the time, but I had knocked off and lost one of the flaperons and thus she never got finished. Roll away those year
  7. I got this unsolicitated email earlier; they were trying to tell me that they could teach me to read maps backwards. Now that's probably Spam I thought!
  8. Thanks fellas. Ran the gamut of another stack of emotions since the last update, however whilst the Camera still managed to click away like a good one as I buried my head and hid from the world in my modelling man-cave, my time (and more truthfully my inclination!) at the keyboard was quite limited by all that Real LifeTM stuff going on. I'm afraid today's update is going to be a very brief glitch in the Matrix, as I'm going to show where we've got up to in the last 3 weeks or so and then later in the week I will update the steps taken to get here (and then most probabl
  9. Phew, thank you Enzo for the extension. Even then I couldn't quite get to 100% done (Nose Gear doors and seats still need to go on but hey, we're all friends round here! The canopy will be posed open once the seats are in) So as Meatloaf's first draft of his hit song that didn't quite have the right ring to it, "One Out of Three Ain't Bad", I present for your delectation and general merriment, the Red Zebra made from the 1/48 Airfix Tornado F3 box of Tornadoey looking plastic bits. It's not my best work by far; in the WIP I had two other Tornados on the go from Italeri and Revell
  10. 'Bout the same as me then (and how long it seems to have taken to do the Ipswich Rd roundabout roadworks too for other locals!) Having been a long-term STAB I never got to serve up here though as was based in East London. You still in or an escapee? There's a few BM'ers in the Colly area though. Looking forward to seeing some of your builds soon.
  11. Well I'm an escaped Cockney, married to a Tykess living in Colly too. There's a lot of it about!!! Welcome to BM Andy.
  12. Thanks Col, how's the F.2T going? Is there a thread for that or was it so long ago it's on floppy disks or punch cards somewhere?? Anyways I saw my friend Ken off in as good a style as lockdown would allow earlier in the week. Ken was on his third marriage (one of his daughters from the second marriage works for me so I was mainly supporting her and her twin sister on the day as they had very few other relatives there that they knew), so there were a few power-plays in evidence at the funeral. Despite being part of 2 Para during the Falklands campaign the eulogy only mentioned h
  13. Thanks Col, Having had a few more hours in the man-cave this weekend we've made a couple more baby-steps towards this project. All the wings got another (and hopefully final!!) coat of Mr Hobby Aqueous LAG, together with the Revell and Airfix tailplane undersides (the Italeri ones are MSG). Now the best topside photo of I could find of one of my intended victims, ZE791 (which will be resplendant in her final retirement scheme with a big 25 and roundal on the fin), is copyrighted, but can be viewed on this link here. Now my Mk1 eyeball see
  14. Thanks for following along fellas and for the encouragement and support. Times are still not quite rosy yet, so the solace of the man-cave is a great support and comfort. Anyways, still trying to advance steadily on all three fronts, with the Revell version getting the next attention. Unlike Nathan's video build I was unable to leave the inside of the intake trunks unpainted and un-filled so they were given a PPPing and a Light Gull Grey coat. The homebrewed resin wheel wells necessitated a bit of surgery to the fuselage bottom and the intake
  15. Thanks Colin, got to love a clamp! Reminds me of that time down in the cellar of my old property with a bunch of nuns, the Colchester Garrison Regimental Goat and ................ (the rest of this story has been removed on legal advice - Ed!). Cheers Col. Well I've been away from the keyboard for a couple of weeks or so, as life's unpleasantness really got in the way again. Mrs FC is still up in Sheffield looking after her Mum, but sadly since the last update I've lost a couple of friends to the virus. Although they weren't "closest circle" friends it has still
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