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  1. Mate very jealous that you got to play the game let alone at a very high standard. For a 6 foot bloke I inherited my Dad's side of the family's short legs (my inside leg is 28" and his is 26!!), so whist I have legs like proverbial tree trunks (great for my style of football tackles) they don't cover much ground in a stride so whilst I'm sure I had talents I could never back them up with sufficient speed!!! Perhaps as @Tim Moff has noticed my RGJ associations that this was a Godsend when marching at 140 beats to the minute rather than the rest of the army's tick-tock pace!!!
  2. In the early 80's the UK got a new telly channel to take us up to a whopping great total of 4, and in the super imaginative British way it was named Channel 4! Now Channel 4 loved all things Aussie, so we got the Paul Hogan Show and we got Aussie Rules and I loved it. Having the surname of Cawthorne I had to support Hawthorne didn't I? Being a rugby lad at the time (pre-broken neck days you see!) I loved the extra level of brutality that Aussie Rules bought to the table. Must start watching it again now we have a gazillion channels, one must show it!!! Thanks for the kind words
  3. Thanks Stew and Peter. Firstly the footy. Well my team lost its first game of the season 15-0, the next week it was 16-0 so we were onto game week 3 of Division 3 of the Colchester Sunday Football League and after a Saturday where it had rained non-stop, one of the highlights (if not the only!) was the chance to wear full studs for the first time this season - real football!! That's how few highlights there are to playing on an exposed windswept Clacton playing field in the pouring rain, early doors on a Sunday morning when the sane ones out there are snaffling their fry-ups or r
  4. Well, again a bit of glacial-speed progress but it sees the start of the fuselage buttoning up process. Plenty of big red clamp action saw us get to here with the front end secure............... As you can see the wing upper skins for the wheelwells were pre-shaded, given some Tamiya Sky and Flat Aluminium, Future washed for shadows and depth and then a brush coat of Galleria Matt Varnish finished them off. Again, ignoring the destructions like an Old Salt, I've added the wing tips at this stage to ensure a seamless joint on the most visable top surface.
  5. Well, slowly slowly catchee monkey or so they say (they also say "Can you get a bleeding move on!!!"), is my excuse for having done very little since the last update. What exactly have we done I hear you ask................................. (it's the voices I tell you!!!)........... Well we gave everything a good Future wash (a few drops of black acrylic in some Johnsons Klear a la Roy Sutherland) to give the innards some depth and shadows and hopefully to neaten any edges. Obviously this leaves stuff shiny (well you'd want your money back if it didn't I suppose), so
  6. Peter, I think I am going to add serials, I'm looking at 15th September and a trawl of other photos from around this dates show serials on the Spits from other Squadrons, and they are under the codes. I do like the idea of the tiny tiny serial on the tail, but as I'm going to use Xtradecal individual letters and numbers I think doing 2" serials is beyond my ken! I can find no photos of this airframe so let's just call it artistic licence. Life's been getting in the way the last couple of weeks, with only a few tiny bits of progress. However as Mrs FC is away at the M I Laws for
  7. Peter/Steve, welcome to the madhouse. Glad to have you along for the ride. Steve, I did link a OTS build of this airframe by @Phil Lewisinto my original WWII Section question but I'll repeat it for those who've not seen it. Kes, thank you for this, the SAM issue has arrived and although I can find no direct mention of R6692 yet, it does give the styles of underwing markings applied by each of the MU's Spits passed through before reaching the Squadrons. Tim, going from this photo of another 609 machine I'm going with PR o T on the starboard for mi
  8. Dornier Do-17Z 8./KG76 (F1+FS) Heitsch crew made a forced landing near Castle Farm, Shoreham, England Battle of Britain 15th September 1940 after a low level chase by two Spitfires from No.609 Squadron, Flight Lieutenant Dundas and Pilot Officer Tobin. The tremendous air battle fought between Fighter Command and the Luftwaffe on 15th September 1940 represented the climax of the Battle of Britain, and it has been celebrated as Battle of Britain Day ever since. The 8/KG 76 Dornier 17Z piloted by Feldwebel Heitsch was part of a force of about 100 German bombers which approached London
  9. Nick, thank you so so much for such a comprehensive, well researched response. Also @Kes has been an absolute gentleman and has posted me the Nov 82 SAM so I'll be cooking with gas when it arrives. What a great place this truly is! I paused the YouTube versions of the IWM films so many times to read the serial number on the fin but still got it wrong!!!! If I had a brain I'd be dangerous! Now I've got no excuses for starting that GB thread. Normal service will therefore resume over on the other channel!
  10. Thank you for your input R-R, found a link to the sample pages for this publication: https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/5a3134b40672a700015a5d31/5ea6cf979a5ca9e4fe65a619_Spitfire Bookbrochure.pdf There's some great refernce shots there and once the world (and my business' cashflow) is restored to normal I think I will be investing in the real thing! The comparison shows IFF cheesecutters but dates them as a late-September 1940 mod, so I think that as the action I wish to model was on 15 Sep then I can safely leave them off R6922. One tick off the list!!! I've just fou
  11. I am planning to build this Spitfire (and then hopefully the Do17 F1+FS that it had a hand in downing) as part of the 80th Anniversary BoB GB. Now I've done a good 5 or 6 hours at least of Google searching for any photos of this machine (and it's doing Mrs FC's nut in as I've been like a dog with a bone over it!), but I can find nothing of absolute help. I have found websites that state the code letters of R6922 to be PR-T, but can find nothing to concretely back that up. Where do you much more learn'd folk go looking for such facts? Does anyone know of any photos of
  12. Well as a mojo-sapping trial this kit was scoring very high on the whydon'tIjustchuckyouinthebinO'Meter, I had originally planned it as a nice shiny NMF Tengah example. Unfortunately my lack of experience and ham-fistedness with Vallejo and AK metallics caused such a mess that I needed a complete re-strip. Unfortunately the paint-stripper as well as removing the errant paintwork also ate the home-brewed resin cockpit, wheel wells and most of the nose cone in the process. The paint-stripper also made the plastic very brittle, and left a few breaks and cracks on the wings and forwa
  13. Well if I don't get a like from @Procopius for this one then I'm giving up and going home!!! I had a custard yellow one of these as a temporary vehicle after my normal car got stolen some 30 odd years ago but my love for that was far less than for my work next-door neighbour's son's Ford Fiesta. Can you guess why PC might like it?
  14. Thanks Matt, Go on, go on, go on you know you want a nice grey/green Spit!!!!! Thanks Charlie and thanks too @Troy Smith @malpaso & @Graham Boak for your inputs as well. I was aware of the Airfix shape flaws and that they were worse than the SH ones, but didn't have the patience or spare time to really do it justice this time around (as in my thread intro I'd just copied JKT's Trumpy Vampire mods in my last build and just wanted a lovely relaxing Sunday afternoon pootle around Airfixshire). I don't consider my thread hi-jacked at all, feel free to fill your boo
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