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  1. Agreed. I'm rectifying/convering/detailing a Revell Mk.IV as a B.IX, so we should be due a new one as soon as I'm finished...
  2. If this is true, it would be the first time HK have tackled a subject in 1/48 without making one first in 1/32...
  3. Hopefully these will be good enough once printed. screenshot by William Davies screenshot 2 by William Davies
  4. Excellent, thank you very much.
  5. Heraldcoupe

    Best Lanc?

    Revell builds quite nicely, but has a few issues if accuracy concerns you. Off the top of my head, dihedral is excessive and aileron hinge line is in the wrong place, as is one of the upper fuselage hatches. Wheels are awful, but those are easy enough to swap out. But it's cheap and lloks good if you're not too obsessive. Hasegawa is nice, but that too has one or two issues which I find more offensive because of the high price. Canopy is very wrong for starters. The new Airfix kits are the winners on detail. I have several, but haven't got as far as building one - I understand the fit can be a bit tight. Downside to many modellers is the panel detail which is a bit heavier than that of the other options. Cheers Bill.
  6. I'm working on the interior of a Mosquito B.IX. I've produced a model of the GEE receiver and indicator in CAD which I intend to print. What I'm struggling with is the frame in which the indicator unit is mounted at an angle. Tamiya's 1/32 kit provides a plausible looking set of shapes, but it's all a bit soft, and I can't find any meaningful photographs showing the frame. Being tucked between the pilot's seat and wing spar, it doesn't feature incidentally in photographs. Has anyone seen anything that might help? An even longer shot, does anyone have images ahowing OBOE? Probably not such a big issue as it sits inside the painted-over nose glazing, but it would be nice to know, Cheers Bill.
  7. Airfix are certainly keeping their options open with the parts breakdown and sprue layout.
  8. Equally the way the wing and forward fuselage designs are executed and grouped on sprues will give a hint to (potential) variations.
  9. https://uk.airfix.com/products/supermarine-spitfire-mkixc-a17001?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=New+Super+Kit&utm_campaign=Airfix-+New+Kit+-+week+41+21%2F22
  10. With Airfix holding an all-day event at Duxford celebrating the Spitfire, on the day before their 2022 range is officially announced, a new 1/24th Spitfire seems quite likely. To me the question is which variant? We've all known the Mk1 tooling has been past it's best for some time, but might they do a MkIX instead of a direct replacement?
  11. I 'think' it was Jadlam I go mine from last year, but there were a few sellers knocking them out around the same price for a while. They've gone up since, but still seem consistently cheaper than Airfix, Cheers, Bill.
  12. I bought the Airfix MR2 shortly after it came out. Some of the reported accuracy issues with the Revell kit put me off buying it when it was released, but I did eventually buy one online when those were being dumped at £15 each last year. I've seen no evidence of the Airfix kit being dropped anywhere near that price in the UK. Cheers, Bill.
  13. I'd always thought the Trimaster/Dragon 262 was decent enough until I put it alongside the Hobbyboss kit after the latter was released. The Hobbyboss is a much easier build, and there are notable differences between the two in respect of the engine vent details. Comparison with photos showed the Hobbyboss is much closer to the real thing, Cheers, Bill.
  14. Off the top of my head, the Blenheim, Shackleton and Whitley at least have been available in relatively recent times under a variety of brands. Cheers, Bill.
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