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  1. I 'think' it was Jadlam I go mine from last year, but there were a few sellers knocking them out around the same price for a while. They've gone up since, but still seem consistently cheaper than Airfix, Cheers, Bill.
  2. I bought the Airfix MR2 shortly after it came out. Some of the reported accuracy issues with the Revell kit put me off buying it when it was released, but I did eventually buy one online when those were being dumped at £15 each last year. I've seen no evidence of the Airfix kit being dropped anywhere near that price in the UK. Cheers, Bill.
  3. I'd always thought the Trimaster/Dragon 262 was decent enough until I put it alongside the Hobbyboss kit after the latter was released. The Hobbyboss is a much easier build, and there are notable differences between the two in respect of the engine vent details. Comparison with photos showed the Hobbyboss is much closer to the real thing, Cheers, Bill.
  4. Off the top of my head, the Blenheim, Shackleton and Whitley at least have been available in relatively recent times under a variety of brands. Cheers, Bill.
  5. Heraldcoupe

    Airfix JU88

    What about Zvezda's Ju-88A-5? It's essentially the same as the A-1 in most respects, cutting down the wing would be pretty straightforward. Cheers, Bill.
  6. Heraldcoupe

    Airfix JU88

    The A-5 has the same long span wing as the A-4, the A-1 has the short span wings. Airfix has the long span wings.
  7. I don't see any shortage of nazi decals in the marketplace...
  8. I can't help you with anything positive, but the Tamiya kit is VERY poor in terms of accuracy. I'm sure that there are better modern alternatives if accuracy concerns you, Cheers, Bill.
  9. Early stages on a Seafire MkIII kitbash in 1/32. Data I've read for both aircraft show a 10'9" Rotol propeller specified. To my eye they both look the same in photographs, but am I missing anything? Cheers, Bill.
  10. That's my approach to buying Airfix now. I used to buy a lot at shows and through mail order, but I've moved to buying Airfix only from retailers I can go back to easily. Cheers, Bill.
  11. Just a month? After 6 months of waiting, they eventually told me they couldn't supply a replacement canopy for my Sea Fury and to take it back to the dealer I bought it from. It previously took over a year to get clear parts for the 1/72 Blenheim IV. Cheers, Bill.
  12. I just checked my account and my order (placed 01/12/2018) is still showing "in progress". Is this timescale typical? Cheers, Bill.
  13. How did you get your tracking number? I've not received one... Cheers, Bill.
  14. The Hurricane mailing list is a seperate subscription, the direct link was sent out in an email I received on Friday. Somewhere on BM I'm sure Wotjek posted about the Hurricane subscription, but I can't find the link... Cheers, Bill.
  15. Put stuff in your basket and state your country, it will give you the postal rate before you have to commit to putting in your details, Cheers, Bill.
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