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  1. 72nd scale? [shudders] Never touch it, sorry!
  2. Elger pretty much has it. Wood parts were grey/green and metal parts could have been either grey/green or silver/aluminum. The metal parts in the areas mentioned are the nacelles, firewalls, undercarriage doors, and bulkhead at back of wheel well. Everything else was wood, including the bomb bay doors. This site has some good walkaround pics, albeit on a restored bird: https://warbirdswalkaround.wixsite.com/warbirds/tv959 BTW, if you are going for high accuracy Tamiya's wheel well details are handed whereas on the real aircraft, they are not. Here's what I ended up with on my Tamiy
  3. Pretty much, yes. Just the typical junction boxes and cables and a controller for the A.R.I. 5010 IFF tucked in on the starboard side fuselage wall about half way along the wing deck. I have a very grainy cutaway but don't have a photo hosting service so if you would like a scan of the area, PM me with your email address.
  4. I happen to have a copy of AP2019C Volume I covering the T.III. According to this descriptive manual, radio equipment consisted solely of a T.R. 1133E or G, with blind approach and an R.3078 (IFF), operated in conjunction with an intercom unit. The transmitter/receiver and power units were both mounted in the fuselage interior aft of the wing and so were not visible in the cockpit. A push button controller for the T/R was mounted under the throttle. The beam approach aerial and amplifier were also in the rear fuselage. Sorry but no pics.
  5. Period pictures of ANY cockpit radio installations are hard to find, let alone for T.IIIs
  6. Looks good! I made my fin stripe orange just to be different. Massimo's site says that it was a possibility.
  7. My impression based on what I see on my screen is that it's not necessarily too light but maybe too much on the grey side.
  8. And it would not mean that they repainted 02 cockpits with 66 in the field.
  9. For one thing, I don't think that the hinged canopy is the correct one. I heard it said that it's taken from a 109G. The E's would have not had the vertical center frame. From what I can see of the cockpit, it looks like a decent 02 but I don't know if it's original.
  10. I would suggest that the map tray would not be out in a ready for takeoff situation. It probably would have been in the way for the pilot to get in and he would have no need for it at take-off, having already been briefed and being situated miles from land or in the middle of the ocean. The rear-facing gun on the Dauntless was stowed facing to the rear under a folding hatch on the spine of the aircarft.
  11. I'm afraid that the only 1/72 scale spare decal sheet I have with unit crests on it does not have this particular one. Hope you can find one.
  12. That would be TERRY Higgins, not Tony.
  13. You can see the open filler caps in this view: I believe that the O2 fill is the one behind the cockpit. The one at the 8 oclock position on the cross is for compressed air for the weapons and would also have a stencil saying "Pre├čluft f. MG" with the pressure on the bottom
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