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  1. Well at least the Italeri design team and factory (provided their factory is in Italy) will not be stopping work to watch the AZZURRI play at the World Cup in November! So thats one less excuse out of the way...
  2. Cannot see a bomb bay - looks like we will have to wait for aftermarket, otherwise look forward to it! Underwing stores is a bonus
  3. Their original facebook announcement from 2017 said kit "will be injection moulded with resin details....produced in cooperation with another model company"
  4. Like it a lot, well done - only wish the images were larger as for some reason they are tiny and do not enlarge on my desk top.
  5. Now that brings back memories! Cracking work on one of the most memorable incidents with the SHAR and a happy ending at that for the Alreigo Kid and the FAA - imagine an F-35B doing that party trick now, the van might be a toasted Marshmallow! The SHAR coud practically land anywhere - Frigates, LPDs and container ships. Would like to see some F-35Bs training to land on destroyers and frigates now days for emergency diversion purposes, alass the woke society would not approve and boat helidecks might require some heat absorbing coating that will cost more than the F-35B... I wonder if some cheeky boffin has created a simulator sortie for an F-35B diverting to a frigate helideck or container ship as part of the Sim training program at Marham HMS Albion & Bulwark and Bay class would be a good stand in...
  6. Sure does, be interesting to compare it to the Merit 1/72 rendition included in the Osa and the Trumpi Tu-16, I only wish A-Model would give you 2 complete missiles in each kit... Nevertheless looks like a nice kit and will be on my shopping list, I have some cracking photos somewhere of RAN Clearance Divers dissarming some Chinese Silkworms durng the first Gulf War which might be an interesting topic of discussion - what if any are the differences between the Chinese copy "Silkworm" and the Soviet "Styx", the Iranians also made their own copy of the Chinese copy the Ra'ad...
  7. Thanks for that Gents, most informative unfortunately could not find more photos of A-4E WL-00 151105 "Supercat"... (so that colour photo appears to be a rare image of her) joe baugher has the following serial history for 151105: 151105 (MSN 13275) 1964: VA-23. 1965: VA-56. 1965: VMA-311. 1965-66: VMA-224. 1966: VMA-331. 1966: H&MS-37. 1966-67: VA-93 as NF-313. 1967: VMA-121. 1967: VMA-211. 1968: VMA-311 as WL-20 (VMA-121) shot down by ground fire near Ba Long/Quang Tri, South Vietnam May 5, 1968. Pilot ejected and was rescued by Marine helicopter Another image of said Mk 79 Naplam from Chu Lai via facebook
  8. Not that I know of (I would also be interested if they were available in 1/72), however I always wanted to see what the inside of this pod looks like and your post intrigued me enough to find these images, 36 rocket capacity! Thats double the capacity of a normal SNEB pod.
  9. So many questions with this photo (via evilbay) where do we even start? 1. What is the reason for painting bombs red (looks to be faded to a pink)- or is the red bomb actually something else like a fuel tank or converted cargo pod? 2. If it is a bomb it looks like a Mk84 2,000 pounder? 3. Assuming it is a bomb where is the fuse located? or this a dummy bomb - I ask as the nose is conical and does not have a typical stick and pin fuse protruding from nose, nor is it painted in typical live ordannce colors olive drab with yellow stripe around nose fuse area. Note it also appears to have same type of ordance on port side of wing. 4. Any details on where photo was taken and date - Chu Lai Vietnam perhaps? 5. Anyone have any photos of port side of the aircraft? 6. Nose art " Supercat" would that also be on port side of nose? 7. Squadron crest on intake looks atypical not the usual Tomcatters crest. 5. Any decals of this particular Scooter in 1/72? It would make a cracking subject!
  10. What is the box or prism like structure under the fuselage center (seen above the car in the photo)?
  11. Why not - reminds me of the Stealth type models that came out prior to the F-117 public debut (at least at this point in time with the B-21 we have some publicly released information such as designation and official released artist rendering), as long as you assume the kit model has a fair dose of speculation, just enjoy it for what it is or don't buy it. Just imagine if the USAF and or manufacturer have released some misleading renderings or designation to confuse the copy cats / competitors / adversaries...wouldn't that be entertaining (I recently read some speculation that the Chinese version H-20 was about to fly or debut) Noting domicile of kit manufacturer presume they have not approached Northrop Grumman for licensing purposes / trade marks either, perhaps no permissions required? Remember building this thing and all the hysteria surrounding stealth?
  12. Well at least the CMV-22B will be of interest ! 1/72 RAAF Hornet and A-10 decals are welcome but am not a fan of Hasegawa decals as the white goes yellow after a while... Translation of Japanese language description (as performed by google) of the CMV-22B kit: The kit adds resin & etching parts, Reproduce the features of this unit. Resin parts Fuselage left and right sponson extension bulge Etched parts Towel bar type antenna Decal (marking) 50th Fleet Support Multitasking Squadron Affiliated Aircraft "9447" (2022) 30th Fleet Support Multitasking Squadron Affiliated Aircraft "9441"
  13. Good to see they provide the "Ghost of Kyiv" nose art and aerial victory markings in the decals even if its not on the box art. Cannot confirm its Bort 19 in photo though... Image via https://twitter.com/StefanKnippsch3/status/1514678374194688000
  14. Awesome - forgot Clearprop also make the Tupolev 141 drone which is also in Ukraine service - below image is of scratch built model TB.2 in 1/72 but love the idea to display side by side, maybe the smaller support of the stand is for the Tupolev drone or some armament...
  15. Interesting image of what appears to be a Ukraine Air Force Mig-29, with 3 kill markings, the kill markings curiously though are in the form of the Ukraine national marking presumably depicting 3 Russian aircraft shot down, if you look at the drawing/art work being held up next to the jet the artwork depicts Ukraine AF Mig-29 Bort 45 shooting down a Russian Su 27/30/35 series jet. Obvious reference to the mythical or real "Ghost of Kyiv" with the Ghost artwork on the nose of the jet in the photo - let's hope more information is released in future! Above image via https://twitter.com/StefanKnippsch3/status/1514678374194688000 Mister Craft version depicting Bort 57 which was released recently ... no ghost or kill marking decals in this kit though
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