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  1. Somehow I doubt they will include a cookie unless it is in a dedicated seperate boxing of the Mossie as they like for us to spend our money on extra boxings, a variant of the HC 4,000lb cookie though one can obtain from their bomber resupply set assuming the cookie variants carried by Mossies are exactly the same in appearance (I am no expert), whether attachment modifications are required I do not know either?
  2. I take it the black paint seen under the radome is anti glare for the IRST device in the under nose fairing?
  3. From the ICM 48th scale thread in britmodeller Rui Silva posted the below answer And again from same thread exdraken posted below image Iraqi interceptor with drop tank (reportedly PDS but according to above should be PD)?
  4. On the ICM web site you can download the instruction booklet for the new 1/72 MIG-25PD kit (pdf format) shows sprue items, order of assembly and marking options 2 x USSR, 1 Iraqi, 1 Lybian these marking options are the exact ones given in their 1/48 kit... you can also see all the sprue photos on their site Instructions link https://icm.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/72177_manual_web.pdf Unlike their 1/48 kit there are no R-60s unfortunately. The IRST fairing is on the radome sprue see below image No flare dispensers are provided
  5. Oh Blimey this Jerry bandit is faster than a mossie !
  6. Should be a lovely kit, though most of us are probably bankrupt by now having bought all the new tool recon variants + trainer from ICM...at least the box art makes it somewhat unappealing - about as exciting as looking at dried vomit, at least that will be my excuse not to buy more than 3 ... if I can get another mortgage of course!
  7. Your hopes have come true! see below, image. Based on HOBBY 2000 form with the A/AO-4M, A-4B, A-4C; the other variants A-4E, A-4F etc... should follow! Homebee - also some other future releases by Hobby 2000 (repos) showing on Hannants you might want to post...
  8. Cracking "Low Fly Zone" art work perspective on that AMW cover - well done, hope it it makes it to to box top!
  9. Crikey! Who would have thought you can build a new tool 1/72 diorama of the Vulcan bomber and Bell from the movie Thunderball in 2020 (ok may be not exact same variants and may be 2021 for Airfix Vulcan ?) 1/72 scale sharks, Bond, Largo and other favourite characters bonus box treat figures anyone?
  10. Would say about 2 - 4 weeks away as box art has broken cover - the box art reminds me of the Kitty strafing/bombing Tom Cruise in the film "Valkyrie"
  11. Sexiest release of the year by a mile...this with the Airfix Beaufort and RAF twin engine fans will be in ecstasy!
  12. The box artist certainly has an unhealthy fixation for depicting the aircraft from the underwing aspect - all six releases in fact, the clean configurations suggest no ordinance on the exotics, SH should at least correct the unimaginative box art, lets hope for some extra sprue for ordnance and mounts when SH come to play with it ....
  13. Tamiya is the best box art of this variant in 1/72 thus far, regarding the Italeri kit itself - would only buy it for the bomb cart and perhaps the decals...as I consider the Academy offering as the most accurate thus far...a real pity Tamiya did not release their own tooling though. Regarding Tamiya rebox - if Tamiya do a nice pilot figure - I might just be tempted to fork out as I do like the box art as well! Tamiya has an indicated price of $55 USD for this kit, hopefully the price comes down when the re-sellers receive them, UnLucky Model recently had the Italeri ki
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