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  1. Uncle Dick

    Hesegawa 1/72 F/A-18E & F/A-18F Boxings

    Right thanks, have ordered a few of each shall report back in a month or two after kits arrive!
  2. Uncle Dick

    Hesegawa 1/72 F/A-18E & F/A-18F Boxings

    Has Hasegawa updated the heat exchangers on their catalogue 1/72 F/A-18E & F/A-18F Boxings (that is to say specifically in the box 00549 & 00549 (they had the recessed rectangular exchange exhausts on both when initially released) I have noticed they have the newer exchangers (with the strakes) in all their other recent limited edition boxings - just wondering if they appear in the catalogue boxes below now or are they still the old mould? I have lots of aftermarket decals and so am not worried about the using the box decals just want to build kits with the upgraded exchangers and if one wants to buy a limited edition from Hasegawa they are roughly twice the price of the catalogue standard release boxings...
  3. So some news on the missing parts from Hobby Link Japan - they have started shipping these out to the unlucky sods like me that received the dud kits, lets hope they are the correct sprues and that they do not arrive smashed to pieces ... Imagine quite a few unlucky people will not know about the issue and these dud kits will continue to cause headaches for modellers in years to come for those that are sold on evil bay and second hand many years down track...which is a pity as they are not cheap kits by any means
  4. Received following response from HLJ this morning: Thanks for your message - we are currently reaching out to the manufacturer to see if we can get these parts. It should be no problem because this is a known issue with this product. Thanks for your patience, I will get back to you soon!
  5. Same here, just received mine and same problem - was going to post a warning here but you beat me to it Ah what the hell will post a warning anyway! I have written to HLJ for the missing trees - poor quality control from Fine Molds! Chaps if you have ordered this kit - check it on receipt; 2 bags of duplicate Trees D, F and G in box; hence the box is missing Trees A, E, L, M and it is impossible to build the kit...
  6. Uncle Dick

    Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    Looks like an outstanding model by Airfix - the box art reminds of the classic Matchbox box art which is still the best in my opinion!
  7. Must say for anyone dilly dallying as to whether to buy this F-1EQ boxing just received mine and it is absolutely exquisite - I quickly ordered a second! Outstanding work Special Hobby
  8. 1. Westland Scout 2. Sepcat Jaguar 3. Blackburn Buccaneer 4. DH Beaver 5. British WWII Commandos (soldiers) 6. Centurion Tank 7. HS Seahawk 8. French Foreign Legion (soldiers) 9. WWII DUKW (amphibious vehicle) 10. SA-2 Guideline SAM + Zil transport and trailer 11. Bristol Bloodhound SAM + Landrover and trailer 12. Mirage III 13. Sikorsky SH-3 Seaking 14. All the battlefront sets Guadalcanal, El alamein, Stalingrad etc... 15. Douglas Skyraider 16. BE Canberra bomber 17. Martin B-26 Marauder 18. Westland Lynx (Army and Navy version) 19. Lysander 20.WWII Westland Whirlwind MkI Not necessarily in that order
  9. VMA-214 Have not as yet transitioned to F-35B - last time I looked they were scheduled to transition sometime this year
  10. Would hope that seeing this will be a standard hasegawa cat-a-log item they will give you at least another squadron option for the decals... But I am sure the aftermarket decal people will provide choices in the not too distant future... if they have not already
  11. Uncle Dick

    Airfix 2019

    Well sadly the 1/72 Westland Wasp release by Airfix has been put back to 28th October 2062 Alas I do not think I will be around by that date... Yes moderators you can smack and caution me for bringing this up in the 2019 thread - perhaps we should start a Airfix 2062 thread then ?
  12. I still have not seen a corrected box top (actual kit box) for real !!!!!!
  13. We really needed another 1/72 F-14A new tool like a hole in our head
  14. Resolution not quite there but lets play Spot the difference ?
  15. The hi light release has to be the 1/72 "Hot Shots" decal re-popped Gnat but will they provide the blanking off of the rear seat ? Vignator has already beaten them to it ... though am not sure what scale vignator model is in Now a series 2 kit and probably not because they have included a Garfield to stick on the canopy as Vignator did but because of the choice of decals - ouch !!!