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  1. Still have not been able to find any link to the decal options in the new RB boxing - anyone have the kit and able to post a scan of the decals or marking options please or know of link with the decals????
  2. I have at least 25 Fujimi (various variants / boxings)! Will have to get me one of the new Airfix 2019 boxing just for the Tonkin Yacht club boxing...
  3. Well Airfix is slowly releasing the Ark Royal air wing, we have Seaking (albeit no Navy boxing), Phantom and now Buc! So Wessex multiple variants, Gannet AEW/Cod and a cross deck Wasp to go...
  4. Hold the phone for a minute - how many in the stash to be King of Fujimi Skyhawks?
  5. Uncle Dick

    Navy A-7 Corsair with unusual load !

    Well I had to check my eyesight, but the caption confirmed it as well, a SLUFF carrying a spare tyre, first time I have seen this...A7E 159645-NG301 VA146... this type of thing probably happened more often than we think... Images from http://www.aircraftslides.com
  6. Their French Jaguar release was a similar porridge - no air brakes open option which ruled out a realistic depiction of the Jag on the ground!!! Shame about their Scooter depiction missing slats (and I don't see air brakes open either though not as critical for the Scooter on the ground) not to mention wing spoilers and flaps would have been an outstanding addition. But lets wait and see what they actually release in the kit as opposed to judging them on 3D renders - we can always live in hope they make changes! Fujimi would make a small fortune if they re- released their Scooters, I even sent them an email (albeit in English) one or 2 years ago, never received a reply! Perhaps an Airfix Scooter wing graft on the Hobby boss model might work - but I do not know if A-4B and A4E wings were the same??? The Fujimi Scooters go for a small fortune on Evilbay...
  7. Uncle Dick

    Tornado luftwaffe early service weapons

    For my money the most impressive load out would be 8 x 1,000Lb Mk83 on the fuselage stations - I have seen RAF Tornados with 8 x British 1,000lb bombs but I have not seen a Luft Tonka with 8 x Mk83
  8. Uncle Dick

    Recce (vinten) pod in 1/72 for BAC Jaguar

    Revell did the Recce pod in their 1/72 kit lots of other interesting add on bits in the kit too - added bonus of a jaguar aircraft kit and decals as well!
  9. Uncle Dick

    F/A-18A with SEA MINE

    Nice image of operational Hornets with Mk56??? Type air dropped sea mine (Practise ordnance denoted by white and red for easy recovery on the sea floor) image from www.aircraftslides.com
  10. Which kit is the most accurate for shape overall in 1/72 (If you do not want to wait for Airfix, Kitthawk, Orange Hobby and who ever else might make one in the future) - I realise Hasegawa has no open option for the weapons bay but does have lift fan exhaust doors open option etc compared to Fujimi...
  11. Uncle Dick

    F-100 Stores/Armament Identification

    Thanks for the identification - apparently according to another forum they were only in use from 1968 to 1970? Did a quick search on google - unfortunately looks like no one makes them in 1/72 or 1/48
  12. Uncle Dick

    F-100 Stores/Armament Identification

    Came across this interesting image of "LETHIFEROUS LOLA" (BTW LETHIFEROUS MEANS EITHER OBSOLETE/ARCHAIC OR LETHAL/DEADLY - a new word for my vocabulary!) Need some help in identifying the store on the inner port pylon (with the yellow stripe - which usually means its "live" ordnance) you can also see the same store on the far left on another Hun image from www.aircraftslides.com
  13. Uncle Dick

    Italeri Top Gun F-14 and A-4

    I still have my finished Italeri Tomcat built over 30 years ago - a lot simpler to build than the Hasegawa / Fine Molds/ Fujimi newer tools but then a lot simpler detail. I also like the box art on this new release - might pick one up for sentimental reasons...
  14. Well Chaps and Ladies, I can definitively say interest in Airfix products is waning - since this thread was started by "Robert The First" in early October of this year we have had less than a thousand posts to date! I know quantity is not a measure of quality but as Joseph Stalin famously said "quantity has a quality all of its own". So there you have it
  15. Uncle Dick

    Unusual Danish Navy MH-60R Stores Question

    Thanks Jens, never would have realised the Danish Romeo's were not equipped for sub hunting and no external armament unless pointed out to me, come to think of it I have not seen a single image of a Danish Lynx helicopter with any external armament either (Torpedo / depth charge / Sea skua missile)? Anyway, good to see Denmark operate the Romeo with some unique features as (aside from the US Navy 290+) the international operators of the Romeo are a fairly small club at the moment: Australia 24, Denmark 12, Saudi 10 (The Germans are looking at Romeo as their replacement but we shall see what happens). We are fairly fortunate here in Australia as our government acquired the full set of armament for our Romeos although we could not shake off the boring haze grey camouflage everyone seems to have adopted including the Danish and Saudis, I much prefer your previous Lynx blue hi viz colours with full size national roundels, but such is life! Hopefully some kit manufacturer will come out with an MH-60R with all the options Cheers