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  1. I welcome the re-issue of the B-25H (which goes for near extortion rates on evil bay when one can find it)
  2. With a UH-1Y Venom to follow (same scale) please - Happy New Year!
  3. Next instalment due for release January 2020 images from ICM page http://www.icm.com.ua/news/643-mig-25-bm-soviet-strike-aircraft.html
  4. Just like Hasegawa's F-35A/B in 1/72 - no weapons bays "open" options, but unlike Hasegawa's F-35A/B with the SU-57 there is no publicly reliable data (to my knowledge at least) on the internals of the weapons bays so cannot blame them for not having this feature...(yet)
  5. Came across the following photo and need help identifying the small white pod that appears at centre bottom of photo? Looks a little like an LAU-59/68 (7 shot) 2.75 Inch rocket pod with front and rear cones but never seen an intruder with it... http://www.aircraftslides.com/Auction/AuctionDetail.aspx?ID=1764706
  6. I am not so sure this is good news as after all the real things are only prototypes at the moment, god knows how many changes will be made for the production variants by the time they get around to it and if Zvezda will update their kit? Look at what happened with Zvezdas release of the Ka 50/52 attack helicopter all we have to date are prototype models they have not released the production variant ...
  7. Exactly why Airunfixed have skipped on a full ordnance load - so that one can show off the bomb bay roof in all its Lego glory!
  8. Blimey how many Airfix suggestion topics do we continue to have! I think we should have the Mods open a permanent Airfix Suggestions Thread and notify AIRFIX at the same time 1/72 Westland Wasp is my number 1 choice
  9. Not sure which box art ICM will release for the RBF release, there is the above box art and the below box art from their site?
  10. I like the FOD cover for the Mig-21 - but, they do not show whether the cone is hollow to fit over the nose intake cone or whether you have to omit the nose cone intake when building the kit itself to fit the FOD? As it is resin I somehow doubt it will be hollow to slip over the kit nose intake cone itself, but I hope I am wrong...
  11. The kit has now been released, I would advise ordering direct from CLEARPROP at 10.50 EUR each + shipping + 5% paypal fee, I think it will still work out cheaper than anywhere else! Hobby Link Japan for example has it listed at 22.32 EUR for June release Hannants does not have it listed yet
  12. I have made only 2 requests over the years to Airfix by email to make the following kist in 1/72 Westland Commando HC.4 and; Westland Wasp they made the Commando at least - that is a 50% rating!
  13. There's just no pleasing Uncle Dick when it comes to ordnance loads in new tool Airfix kits - (except the WWII RAF Bomber re-supply set which Uncle Dick rates a 7 out of 10) If the sprues are correct - looks like not even a half bottom attempt on the armament; only 2 x 1,000lb bombs and 2 rocket pods - that is pathetic! This image from the RAFG BUC topic shows what could have been done - with the new tool Airfix Buc you cannot fill the bomb bay, even their old tool Buc had 3 separate sprues of ordnance! OLD TOOL ORDNANCE SPRUES BELOW
  14. The translation of the Hasegawa description (Japanese to English) regarding the F-35B with gun pod and underwing hard points from https://www.1999.co.jp - July release
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