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  1. Yes nose proportions in images do not look right - either distortion from camera lens (fisheye like effect/or image stretch in photo edit) or worse case nose really is Pinocchio!
  2. Anyone know where to buy the models of the Bayraktar TB2 and Akinci seen in these video clips from the Teknofest Aviation event held recently in Turkey, the TB2 looks to be 1/48 scale (give or take) which works out to a wingspan of 25cm, the Akiinci looks to be 1/72 scale (give or take) which works out to be 27.8cm ? https://twitter.com/Baykar_Savunma/status/1440712300386684933 https://twitter.com/Baykar_Savunma/status/1441084241715027968
  3. Makes for an interesting oddity - unfortunately could not find an image of whole aircraft. Post your links or images of similar Double Stars & Bars to see the variety of aircraft this type of quirk appeared on! Below image from http://www.aircraftslides.com/Auction/AuctionDetail.aspx?ID=2067954
  4. I saw the below cockpit image recently on a prowler model which indicates the rear seats were offset on the Prowler as well? Now to ask the obvious questions - why was the seating offset in the Intruder? For better pilot visibility? or because the bombardier navigator had instrument panel set deeper? ejection seat firing clearances or sequences? or some other reasons altogether? F-111 for example from memory had no offset seats (granted looks to be a much roomier space in the F-111 also served as escape pod, no ejection seats). And why would they carry over the offset seats in the rear seats of the Prowler?
  5. Selwyn I find your comments hilarious also, you just demonstrated that you were knit picking! And for what purpose do most people like you knit pick? Well of course, here we have it - to boast of course: I would still venture you could not differentiate a Hasegawa 1/72 Sea Eagle under the wing of a Buc from a 1/72 Martel without looking closely (I take it you did know that the air intake on the Hasegawa Sea Eagle model is a separate part and can easily not be attached to the model - of course you did) because wait for it: Carry on...
  6. Bettymoo don't be dissuaded by the knit pickers, I intended to stir them up with some humour and true to form they took the bait ... (there are in fact a lot more differences than mentioned above, so that is a Fail Grade to the knit pickers on the differences) nothing wrong with lugging Martels on your Bucc in fact it is a very impressive load out, even the Hasegawa Sea Eagles from the Sea Harrier kit can be modified to look like Martels and I bet you even the knit pickers will find it nigh impossible to tell the difference without resort to their Mr Bean Micron Tape Measure or any side by side reference on hand - as if you listen to the knit pickers every model kit has inaccuracies and you might as well give up on modelling altogether! I say put the Sea Eagles on your Bucc if you want to! It would be one impressive looking model
  7. Don't despair you can mount Martels instead! Barely notice the difference Martel is slightly smaller compare the pair!
  8. From memory neither my Hasegawa nor my Fujimi 1/72 intruder kits had offset seats! Be interesting to do a survey to see whether any kits in 1/72 and 1/48 of the Intruder & Prowler have the correct seating and which ones don't !
  9. No ramp open option or interior cargo area just like the SH Casa 212 and the Hasegawa V-22 ... Otherwise very nice
  10. Thank you Patrik - that is an outstanding camo and extremely appealing! Most impressed with the Czech kit - dobře česky I would like to see Dream Model include an Intrepid Tiger pod / fit out as an option in the kit - as it looks very menacing almost like a ruddy exocet missile... Also noticed the Dream Model Artist for the Box Art has "borrowed" the use of the following image - for lack of a better word the "inspiration" for the box art - or is this just a flyer promo for their facebook page as they typically like to give a side profile depiction on their box art...? This would make a cracking "spot the difference" quiz! What do think chaps is this a perfect match or what? Mind you I am not complaining... Spot the difference - there are some differences if you look closely !
  11. Very Tasty Treat That - will have to appropriate funds from the budget, am still running behind with acquisition of the Zulu model, only wish some more operators had the type with some exotic schemes as the USMC greys are not that appealing, wot will the Czech jobbies look like?
  12. It cannot be accurate as it does not contain a "Gary Powers" pilot figure
  13. Blimey - and here I was thinking they will surprise us with a 1/72 Bayraktar TB2 drone, can't be right... when it will likely be another WWII era job!
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