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  1. Rumour is Hasegawa will box a Norwegian hunchback with said fairing depicted on box art or box photo, but without said fairing in the box to make a quick buck... Jokes aside would not be too hard to scratch build said fairing... Some cracking images of Norwegian hunchbacks in Iceland recently also spiked my interest - I wonder if the Israelis will eventually also adopt the hunchback look on their F-35I, they certainly adopted drag chutes on most of their jets in the past...
  2. Even if they did cease production, someone will buy their moulds and toolings and repop them in time...and so forth et al
  3. Partially off topic - could German Airforce Tornado's carry 8 x Mk 83 1,000lb bombs (the American variety) on belly? Or was their maximum load configuration on belly 5 x Mk 83 or 6 x Mk83?
  4. Brilliant - many thanks for that chaps, it immediately struck me as it was first image I have seen of GAF Alfa with conventional bombs as opposed to rocket pods or BL755 Clusters. If I recall correctly the ancient Revell Mirage bombs did not have the fuses at the front and were markedly rounder (more blunt at the front) and did not have the retarded chute protrusion at rear. The PJ versions look the business but unfortunately various sources suggest they are the thinner 125kg version - also on PJ bombs the fuses appear much shorter than on said image of jet - maybe th
  5. Can anyone please identify the type of bombs this GAF Alfalfa Jet is humping (designation and weight if known) are they French made ordnance or someone else's? And does anyone make them in 1/72 scale? Much appreciated. Image from Aicraftslides.com
  6. Thank you for your replies, that pdf link was most interesting reading. Thank you also for the photo links to go navy.jp that is a wealth of reference material !
  7. What is bulge on the fuselage along the bottom between the first and second round window from the front? Fuel tank, baggage compartment / pod, float bag?????????????? Have seen many images of CH-46 helicopters some with and some without typically they have them on both sides of fuselage when fitted.
  8. Somehow I doubt they will include a cookie unless it is in a dedicated seperate boxing of the Mossie as they like for us to spend our money on extra boxings, a variant of the HC 4,000lb cookie though one can obtain from their bomber resupply set assuming the cookie variants carried by Mossies are exactly the same in appearance (I am no expert), whether attachment modifications are required I do not know either?
  9. I take it the black paint seen under the radome is anti glare for the IRST device in the under nose fairing?
  10. From the ICM 48th scale thread in britmodeller Rui Silva posted the below answer And again from same thread exdraken posted below image Iraqi interceptor with drop tank (reportedly PDS but according to above should be PD)?
  11. On the ICM web site you can download the instruction booklet for the new 1/72 MIG-25PD kit (pdf format) shows sprue items, order of assembly and marking options 2 x USSR, 1 Iraqi, 1 Lybian these marking options are the exact ones given in their 1/48 kit... you can also see all the sprue photos on their site Instructions link https://icm.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/72177_manual_web.pdf Unlike their 1/48 kit there are no R-60s unfortunately. The IRST fairing is on the radome sprue see below image No flare dispensers are provided
  12. Oh Blimey this Jerry bandit is faster than a mossie !
  13. Should be a lovely kit, though most of us are probably bankrupt by now having bought all the new tool recon variants + trainer from ICM...at least the box art makes it somewhat unappealing - about as exciting as looking at dried vomit, at least that will be my excuse not to buy more than 3 ... if I can get another mortgage of course!
  14. Blame those ruddy Heinkels and Junkers bombing the Beaufort production line
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