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  1. Not my cup of tee but some members may like the following club kit for 2020 https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/airfix-club-2020-exclusive
  2. Fairly rudimentary but YES and YES See: https://www.super-hobby.com/zdjecia/9/4/3/1673_2_afx04027_4.jpg and https://www.super-hobby.com/zdjecia/8/4/3/1673_2_afx04027_5.jpg
  3. Just received reply from Hornby to my email enquiring about pedigree (tooling) of the said subject and they confirm it will be based on an existing Airfix A-4 mould (most likely as most of you have guessed already the A-4B) see reply below [and thanks to Airfix (Hornby) for replying}:
  4. Thanks for that info - (I do hope scalemates are mistaken on this occasion) at a guess the old tool Airfix Scooter would have less than 30 parts (their new tool A-4B by comparison has 75 parts)! Unfortunately most likely NOT a Fujimi repop as their A-4E/F is about 98 parts total. Hobby Boss A-4E and F are stated to be over 160+ parts (perhaps if they cut out the A-7 weapons sprues?) it will approach 116 parts? or maybe the Airfix part count of 116 parts is completely wrong? So Intriguing...I just sent Airfix an email asking which kit it will based on/ or whether it will be a new tool, they will probably tell me to SOD off and wait for the release but I had nothing to lose... EDIT - Just did a parts count on the Hobby Boss A-4E kit, it has 164 parts (The 2 A-7 Corsair weapons sprues are 45 parts each = 90 parts) while the aircraft sprues are 74 parts only. So i doubt it will be Hobbyboss, so the intrigue continues...!!!
  5. Just curious as to which tooling Airfix will be using for this Skyhawk - says it will be 116 parts, so which manufacturer has issued an A-4 (presume it will be an A-4E/F?) with 116 parts in 1/72 scale???
  6. Very useful load out diagrams in that, though I wish they had some photos to go with the stores particularly the baggage pods, interesting to note that the Airforce F4 baggage pods are not listed (as far as I can see anyway) so I have to now ask did Navy Phantoms use Airforce versions of the baggage pod at all?
  7. While we await Hobby2000 to repop more Fujimi Skyhawk versions, Brengun will release an A-4C conversion for the 1/72 Airfix A-4B as well as RATO rockets for the A-4B/Q
  8. Thanks for that - much larger capacity by the looks of it than the usual variety, wonder if it was mass produced or a squadron hack conversion...
  9. If anyone can identify the short stubbed pod (with the VF-21 marking on it) closest to camera would be appreciated By the zaps/markings on it am guessing most likely a baggage pod? I doubt it is a fuel tank as have never seen an F4 with any fuel tank on that station normally reserved for bombs, rocket pods, baggage pods etc... Caption of photo says: "F4J PHANTOM 158370-NE211 VF21 1972" http://www.aircraftslides.com/Auction/AuctionDetail.aspx?ID=1894024
  10. While I will buy a few of these - from the images available the decals - squadron insignia and national markings are way too white in colour to be useable unless you happen to wear very dark sunglasses!!!!!!
  11. Was just going to say no surviving examples - but you beat me to it! So it can only be based on plans, photos and some parts if they can be found... I am always an optimist though so lets see what AZ does!
  12. In my best Jeremy Clarkson impression: "Some say the Americans unleashed it on China and Iran as a biological weapon, others say it was accidentally unleashed by a Chinese research lab, yet still others say it was transferred to humans by batman..." whomever you prefer to believe Airfix might want to come out with a 1,000,000,000 to 1 scale model of the below virus representation which looks like a WWII Naval mine as it changes our world...
  13. New Tool - Yes Please, many exotic operators and camo schemes... and please, please, special please Special Hobby lots of ordnance especially for Uncle Dick!
  14. Just a heads up for anyone who has bought this kit and not opened it to check the contents, mine had 2 identical trailer sprue and was missing the additional rapier and mounts sprue... So make sure you check contents carefully!
  15. Sweet - I can see a gun pod on the sprue, if the shape and panel engraving isn't overcooked it should be superior to Hastygawa as the kit comes with practically everything...
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