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  1. What a great collection! Thanks for sharing...
  2. Plenty of up close and personal with a few Bertie but only of the civilian variety! Someone pointed out on another site that I'd actually fitted the u/c incorrectly.......and I had!!! (all corrected now though) I just attribute the oversight to spending too much time on the micro painting of the thing!! Cheers, Kev
  3. Well spotted Bertie!! Thanks for your kind comments...Kev
  4. Thanks speedy! that's where I found this one..the extras cost more than the kit (as usual!) Many thanks noelh much appreciated! Wow Farmerboy that's a very generous comment thank you!! Many thanks Alan P! Thanks very much fox1_BE much appreciated! Much appreciated Deano353 thank you! Thanks Steve...I have mixed feelings for the coloured/self adhesive pe but it proved useful on this build! Many thanks Fred piket! The scenery in my garden certainly helps when it comes to photographing my kits.. The decals came with the kit Francis and was one of two options Thanks very much Winded Penguin much appreciated!
  5. My first venture into the rotary model world and one that I enjoyed despite being out of my comfort zone! I used the BigEd pe set (33104) and the scalewarship rotor fold set along with a lot of scratch building. I painted it using Tamiya XF's and pastels.
  6. This was produced by using a metal base coat followed by several numerous coats of bronze, gold and silver (with touch of rust)
  7. Here is my 1/32 Trumpeter F2a Lightning (much modified!!) alongside a kids toy Land Rover that I painted up. I do know that this type of Land Rover wasn't in production as the same time as the Lightning but it does add scale?
  8. Many thanks billyharry2000.....grew up just down the road from you in Cleethorpes!
  9. Many thanks, much appreciated! The prices do seem to be on the rise Dave, I have a couple in the stash which I'll get around to eventually? pretty much like the Trumpeter 1/32 Lightning (as bad as it is!) with regards to rocketing prices. No doubt Airfx will re-release the Lightning but with a big price hike (probably) Can't beat a Lightning in natural metal finish!
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