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  1. A Japanese firm known as Epic Hobby sells 5 meter lengths of “ultra flex metal wire” in diameters ranging from 0.028mm (0.001 in) to 0.15mm (0.006 in), the equivalents in 1/72 scale of 0.072 in to 0.432 in. They appear to be sold primarily by retailers specializing in ship models. Prices range from $19 to $22 (U.S.) per package of one length. I’ve not had a chance to try them so cannot report on ease of use. And I just noticed that SBS has released a photoetch set of generic flat wires in various lengths. These should be useful as well. Another inexpensive source of flat wire is that used for repair of “vaping” devices. (I have no experience with the latter either and do not intend to start!)
  2. Is there a 1/72 plastic kit of this beast?
  3. Is there a 1/72 plastic kit of this beast?
  4. The Bloch M.B. 150 (and subsequent variants) had an angled engine/cowling to counter P factor and engine torque. And several aircraft had an offset vertical fin and rudder for the same reason.
  5. My wife insists that any unmade kit(s) constitute a stash.
  6. The floor was wood with a black non-skid material applied. The non-skid material gradually wore away in places, leaving the wood exposed.
  7. One technique is to mix parts from existing kits to create a completely different subject. Find a plan of your proposed subject (or create one) and print it to scale. Then find kit parts that match the desired shapes and sizes of your subject (or come close) and modify them as necessary and assemble. This is a common technique used by many modelers, and examples can be found in many popular modeling magazines.
  8. I don’t have the definitive answer either, but see here:
  9. Story here: https://finescale.com/online-extras/2024/05/finescale-modeler-magazine-sold-to-firecrown-media
  10. I have to endorse the comments of others who have received their Wessex parts. Mine arrived today. They are beautifully printed and securely packed and should make any Wessex model truly a standout. Thanks, Alan.
  11. Not even a Sabre-Dog (F-86D)?
  12. Perhaps it was the previous owner’s idea of a Victor fire-fighter with a huge borate or water tank?
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