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  1. In The Bell Helicopter Story by Petite and Evans, there is an official Bell dimensioned 3-view drawing showing the width of the cabin bubble of the TH-13T as 64.5 inches. However, a chart lists it as 63 inches. This compares to 55 inches for the OH-13.
  2. They share the same basic model number (PA-23) and the same Type Certificate, so I think we can safely say that the Aztec is an evolved Apache.
  3. Has anyone heard whether Whirlybirds found a buyer of their product lines?
  4. That’s certainly different! Another for the ”Wings of the Weird” collection.
  5. Very clever! I have a couple of Hasegawa P-3s partly converted to Electras that could benefit from the same treatment.
  6. VERY nice! i hope mine looks half as good.
  7. "Quashed"???? Nobody quashes the Space Rangers!
  8. Posted today on HyperScale: “For limited sales 1/48 Martin B-10” ”Available via the Lone Star Models Facebook page. New decal sheet with multiple US squadrons and Dutch markings. Resin, metal and vacuformed clear parts. New wings in resin.”
  9. I’ve long maintained that it takes brass nuts to use any kind of acrylic paint.
  10. See here for details on correcting the major flaw in this kit:
  11. There was talk of a reverse-engineered Aurora Sealab kit several years back, but it never was realized. It will be interesting to see if this one is.
  12. That shipment was seized as contraband by Space Rangers, as providing terrestrial alcoholic beverages of any kind to resident extraterrestrials is explicitly forbidden by interplanetary treaties due to the inability of said extraterrestrials to metabolize it in such a way as to not cause mayhem. Martians are particularly susceptible.
  13. Never mind. Must have been a temporary glitch in the Matrix.
  14. The PM function is simply not working. I cannot enter text in the reply box. No cursor, no keyboard.
  15. The first reaction of many a new member of Britmodeller to some of the posts and their authors!
  16. I have the Finish Specifications from the B-17G Erection and Maintenance Manual in PDF format. Send me a PM with your email address if interested.
  17. Posted on Facebook today, 19 May 2022: “For the time being, going forward, the Lone Star Models website will remain closed. The B-10,O-47 and others will be posted here for sale and here only. “I will make a post with kit pics and this will include price, taxes, shipping, and any other needed information. I will make a small number of these kits before I post them for sale. This will lessen my workload by giving me more control over what comes in. Once each sells out I will post that they are out of stock and not take in any!!! new orders till I replenish my stock of that kit (whatever it is).” Line Star Models’ Facebook’s page is: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057032036635
  18. I am really looking forward to this new DC-8 kit. As for a name, I suggest “UModel” with a logo in blue and gold. Best wishes for your success.
  19. I drill holes for rigging before doing any assembly at all.
  20. Welcome! I once lived in Cincinnati, and across the river in Florence, KY!
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