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  1. Better a bottle of good bourbon or Scotch, I think.
  2. The history of bourbon is somewhat murky, much like British beer. Per Wikipedia: "Distilling was most likely brought to present-day Kentucky in the late 18th century by Scots, Scots-Irish, and other settlers (including English, Irish, Welsh, German, and French) who began to farm the area in earnest. The origin of bourbon as a distinct form of whiskey is not well documented. There are many conflicting legends and claims, some more credible than others. "For example, the invention of bourbon is often attributed to Elijah Craig, a Baptist minister and distiller credited wi
  3. I've contacted C1 Models with an inquiry about the GT but so far no response.
  4. All my sources indicate it is 36300 (flat); possibly 26300 (semi-gloss) or even 16300 (gloss).
  5. I have the Helwan HA-300 and the EWR Süd VJ 101 C-X2. Both beautiful kits in their respective boxes, but I haven't started them yet. Airfix Model World had an article on the HA-300 which you might look up. I don't recall the exact issue offhand, but I do seem to recall that there were no major issues with building.
  6. The entire Corps of Space Rangers is glad to hear this news and wishes The Tentacled One a speedy recovery. Our patrols have been rather boring what with his being out of action lately. We miss the excitement!
  7. According to Boeing's "747-400 Airplane Characteristics for Airport Planning," dated December 2002, the vertical clearance from ground to the tops of the winglets, based on loading, can range from 22 ft 0 in to 24 ft 0 in. In 1/144 scale this would be a range of 1.833 in to 2.000 in. Clearance from ground to bottom of wingtip can range from 16 ft 9 in to 18 ft 9 in, or 1.395 in to 1.5625 in. Vertical clearance at the tip of the tailplanes can range from 27 ft 6 in to 29 ft 9 in, or 2.292 in to 2.479 in in 1/144 scale. Note: You can download copies of these airport plann
  8. Beautiful models, both. Can this kit be built as a left-hand-drive version? I owned a '68 MGB and have always wanted to built a model of it. I've always regretted letting the car go, but that;s a different story.
  9. This is why the F-35 could not be cancelled:
  10. Well, Larry was a Native Texan, after all (born in Fort Worth*), and a noted speaker of what we Texans call "the Kang's Anglish." *Fort Worth, 30 miles west of Dallas, has as its motto the slogan "Where the West begins," leading some wits to propose that Dallas's motto should be "Where the East peters out."
  11. Test pilot's last words: "When they said 'test to destruction' I didn't think they meant with me in it!"
  12. That would be a great name for a band: "Ladies and gents, let's hear it for Moa and The Fabulous Moths!" (crowd roars).
  13. If I am ever crazy enough to start a magazine devoted to scale modeling it will be called "FineScaleSeams and Boo-Boos." You'll be Contributing Editor.
  14. Never had a car stolen, but had two mistakenly repossessed due to errors at the banks where they were financed, both years apart, and in different states! Convincing the lenders that they were in error and that my payments were on time were more trouble and effort than if they had been stolen! My wife and I have two cars: a 1998 Toyota Avalon that belonged to my late mother-in-law, and a 2018 Subaru Outback purchased in October 2017. The outback has fewer than 10,000 miles on the odometer; I call it our $37,000 grocery-getter, because that's about all it's used for. Both cars are s
  15. Dibbles was a great shop back then. I never worked there, but was a regular customer when I lived in Austin and attended classes at the University of Texas. There was another Mike who worked there, a fellow by the name of Mike Salyers.
  16. I see at US modeling contests (or saw, before the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down) too many models with a uniformly dead flat finish. Nothing looks more unrealistic, in my opinion. As pointed out, real aircraft display a mix of reflective finishes.
  17. Teeth from plastic combs make good substitutes for fragile kit radio masts (don't ask me how I know this). Combs are cheap and come in a variety of sizes, and the teeth can easily be re-shaped if necessary.
  18. Re: Mistakes. Did they not teach you at the monastery that modeling mistakes are but a test of patience to ensure we are worthy of eventually reaching the Big Hobby Shop in the Sky? Or as my wise maternal grandfather, who made picture frames as a hobby, put it: "Measure twice, cut once."
  19. I'll continue to sort through the rubble to locate my kit, and when I find it, I will snap some pix with my iPhone for posting here.
  20. Not to mention aboard the Orbit Jet!! The words "Tennessee" and "bourbon" should never be used in combination!
  21. My apologies for not posting the photos as promised, but I've not been able to locate my copy of the kit due to some ongoing home renovations. The photos on the aim72 website, as mentioned by Bughunter, do give a good indication of the kit's quality. I don't think you'll be disappointed were you to order one.
  22. As an American taxpayer, I find the whole F-35 saga appalling. I’m all for giving the troops the equipment necessary for them to not only survive but also prevail in combat, but the F-35 program reminds me of the adage that “the best is the enemy of good enough.” Plus, it should never have received the “F-35” designation!
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