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  1. I purchased the set of six metallic as featured in Airfix Model World which said they can be used via airbrush or hairy stick. I stirred them very well but the carrier liquid is very gloopy and when brush painted it disbursements have much pigment. As I invested nearly 30 quid on Lifecolor paints, thinners and cleaner I don't just want to leave it a cupboard. Any hints of tips please? Thanks, David
  2. Great start. I would love to see this over in Kampfgruppe 144. David
  3. It worries me seeing you hold your model out over such a large drop. Some good modelling there. David
  4. BigReg

    1/144 Jaguar

    Retrokit do aftermarket bits such as the laser nose, cockpit and exhaust nozzles. Well worth picking up. David
  5. pm me, I have spares. Regards David
  6. Nicely done and a real change to see soviet markings. Its light years better than the ancient Revell effort. Thanks for showing us. Regards David
  7. Superb Windsor. I too had the Anigrand Halifax but binned it the shape of the nose is truly awful. I still have the Airspede Halifax from 30 years ago, a much better representation. Regards David
  8. Great work. You are right about the white wing decals, they are too thin. Retrokits do a correction kit for the tail and a drop in replacement cockpit set. Looking forward to see more progress. I love this scale too. Over 100 in the stash and as many built. David
  9. Sorry, I didn't recognise you from your picture. I too have a soft spot for the Hurricane. David
  10. Hi Rio, nice little Hurricanes. Do I spy some Sweet ones? Did you know there is a model club in Weston. Great bunch of modellers. Regards David
  11. Well real life has got in the way a bit, I laid 20 square metres of engineered oak last weekend and had to repair some play equipment in the village. Anyway 'My Whirlwind has no nose, How does it smell? Terrible!' This is going to be the HAR 10, the nose will be sculpted in Milliput and the tail boom drooped by 3 degrees. The Sycamore has had the side door and lower windows cast in clear resin. And another session of rhinoplasty, I have made a template for the HAR 10 and have drooped the tail. The filler does look very thick in these macro shots. Lastly for today I fitted the side windows into the Wessex - an hour of fettling and fiddling and it still looks like its done by an apprentice double glazing fitter. I must get some fresh milliput and super glue for tomorrow night at the North Devon Modellers meeting. Cheers David
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