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  1. Searching for something different to build whilst recuperating after a nasty dose of pneumonia I came across Brengun’s 1/72 ‘Messerspit’ which immediately piqued my interest. The real aircraft was an amalgamation of a captured Mk. V Spitfire and the front end of a Messerschmitt 109 (G?) complete with Daimler Benz engine and in-line canon. The kit itself is not particularly accurate, especially in the canopy area, and the fit of parts leaves a lot to be desired, but then sometimes half the fun is beating a kit into submission. Having said that the decals supplied were really excellent being well printed, very thin and easy to apply. Anyway, it’s built out of the box with only the addition of some photo etch seat belts to enhance the cockpit. All paints are Tamiya acrylics sealed with Humbrol gloss and Matt lacquers. The yellow (XF-3) was toned down slightly with a drop of light grey and weathering kept low key as I don’t think the real aircraft saw too much action. Then again I may well be wrong.
  2. A refreshing change form the usual camouflage schemes. Nicely done!
  3. Having visited my local Hobbycraft recently I found they’d stocked up with a bunch of Starwars kits so for a measly £6 I thought I’d dip my feet into the world of SciFi. This kit is the Level 3 version of the Snowspeeder, not the click together series 1. It went together really easily and was a fun build. The colours aren’t probably 100% accurate, but who cares, it’s just a bit of fun! Ah, spot the deliberate mistake...I forgot to remove the masking tape off the rear window!
  4. You’ve really made a silk purse from a sow’s ear with this build. Very well done on beating this old classic kit into submission.
  5. It’s nice to see something a bit different. Nicely executed!
  6. One other thing Phil, Meng kindly made the Camo pattern in the instruction manual to the correct scale so it can be traced or cut out if required.
  7. Hi Phil, I used XF-83 Medium sea grey for the underside, XF-67 NATO Green and XF-53 Neutral grey for the upper surfaces, oh and XF-85 Rubber black for the anti glare panel. I used X-6 Orange dulled with a drop of rubber black for the bands on the fuel tanks. I doubt these colours are very authentic, but they looked very close the internet pictures of the real aircraft.
  8. Having a soft spot for jets of the Cold War I decided to build a (slightly) more modern fighter to accompany my recently built Hawker Sea Hawk. This particular Fiat G-91 is manufactured by Meng to 1/72 scale and whilst it isn’t the worlds best quality kit, it nevertheless builds into a fair representation of the Luftwaffe’s version of this ground attack jet and is nicely decorated with Cartograph decals.The only additions to the basic kit are a resin ejector seat, pilot and a photo etch access ladder. All paints are Tamiya acrylics and the lacquers are Humbol gloss and Humbrol Satin. Shoddy phots by ancient smart(?) phone. Comments, harsh, Micky taking or otherwise well received.
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