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  1. That’s a very nice rendition of a deceptively simple camouflage. I really must give white wash a go some time. Also, if you don’t mind me saying so, the left hand (port side) track appears to be on upside down.
  2. Bill.B

    Tamiya Porsche 956 Rothmans

    Lovely build, and it’s nice to see the door mirror glass correctly recessed
  3. Bill.B

    Polish F-104 1/32

    Very nicely made and I especially like the cockpit area.
  4. Very crisp and neat. Nice job!
  5. Very nicely done, and I like the pilot figure included.
  6. Bill.B

    Sea Vixen FAW.2 - Airfix 1/48

    Simply gorgeous!
  7. Bill.B

    1/32 Airfix - Triumph TR4A

    Considering how relatively crude and fiddly the 1/32 Airfix cars are you’ve done very well to turn out such a neat job.
  8. Thanks, but I think it’s more of a duffel bag than silk purse, the basic kit ain’t that good to be able to spin silk out of it.
  9. Having watched every episode of the Dukes of Hazard many, many moons ago, I always fancied building the General Lee so recently I bought MPCs version of the famous Dodge Charger in 1/25 scale. Now I’m guessing that the mouldings are very old (possibly late 60’s?) so the fit and finish of parts leaves heck of a lot to be desired, but I guess in the day they were pretty much par for course. Anyway, I’ve wrestled and sweated with this kit for the last two months, but have eventually beaten it into submission.....sort of. The surface finish of the rock hard plastic is horrible, and the parts only fit where they accidentally touch, it really is that bad, so lots of filler, sanding and swearing is required to rectify the built in errors. I’ve scratch built the interior rear view mirror, CB aerial and door mirror as none were supplied in the kit, and I’ve cut and repositioned the front axels as the wheels are designed to be fixed ahead which looks a bit of a stiff pose to my mind. Also, I’ve drilled the bodywork to recess the filler cap, added lead wire HT leads to the engine, a radiator top hose and I had to scratch built the bull bars on the front of the car as the kit version was completely inaccurate. The steering wheel spokes and exhaust pipes have been drilled and slotted, and I added a more accurate roll over hoop inside the car. Other than that the car is built straight OOTB! The paint is Zero Paints ‘General Lee’ Hemi Orange, and most of the chrome is a combination of a Molotow chrome pen and Bare Metal Foil. The base is simply made from balsa wood scraps, and the dirt road is simulated with PVA glue and table salt. The whole base is airbrushed with various Tamiya acrylics and then detailed with artists oils and some Humbrol washes. It’s not a build I’m particularly proud of, but I am pleased I found the will to persevere and that I didn’t give up. So, without further ado here is the General for your critique....... The basic (grotesque) kit of parts. The radiator fan blades aren’t even moulded 90° apart and the decals are thick, very thick! Pre-weathered state. Post weathering with Revell powders.
  10. Bill.B

    Moebius Bat Pod.

    It’s nice to see something different from the norm. Nicely done Pat.
  11. That’s a little cracker, nicely done!
  12. Bill.B

    British Airways Tristar

    It did, and R-R Hucknall had a slave ‘S’ duct manufactured for cross wind testing. The standard development (and production) testing was done at Derby, and the altitude testing done at Pyestock NGTE, adjacent to RAE Farnborough. P.S. For those thar aren’t aware, the Tristar only had one engine choice, the R-R RB211-22b.
  13. That’s turned out really nicely, especially given that this Airfix kit isn’t exactly one of their finest efforts. Well done!