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  1. Good evening fellow modellers, January is a good month to start by cleaning up shelf of doom This time, I've decided to build a Revell offering to test some of new techniques (and some patience). Despite the age, kit can be assembled with relative ease and leaves a lot of room for scratchbuilding. Both halves come together quite nicely, with very little sanding: Using excellent WNW reference, I've decided to build Rudolph Berthold's aircraft, though kits representation is not early type Rudolph reportedly flew. I've decided not to modify it, since I'd lose canvas representation on both sides of fuselage. As per reference, blue color was applied with slight opacity: Decaling phase, decals are actually quite nice and react well to solvents: Upper wing was then fitted and fixed in place: And a view from side, showing working area in all of its messy glory: That's all for now, enjoy
  2. Dear fellow modelers, Being serial starter, I could not refrain myself from starting new build, this time an excellent Eduard's offering in 1:144 scale. Since I'm a clumsy sod, I've managed to break its left wing, so additional sanding was required. Otherwise fit was good and only minor gaps on vertical stabilizer needed filler: Painted in primer, together with rest of the gang: Base green paint was applied: Then dark green paint was applied (treatment with blue tac): Some minor touches were needed before proceeding: Brown paint was quite challenging to paint, since a lot of masking was required: So, here we are, little Mig is proudly standing on its feet, some touches of paint still needed before drowning it in Future: And that's all for now
  3. Good evening fellow modellers. Recently, I bought this rather old kit, offered by Revell for a bargaining price, so naturally I could not resist it Naturally, some serious sanding was needed (especially pin marks, they're everywhere!): I've supplemented the cockpit with rib structure, seat and basic instrument panel: Painted wings and fuselage: Then decided that this kit deserves better than Spandau machine guns provided and bought Eduard's offering: Decals were quite a pain to apply, they were thick and did not respond to any decal softener at all: All in all, fitting between bottom and top wing is not ideal but with some elbow grease and a lot of patience, hey presto: There are still some things that need to be made: additional wiring, replacing wire that spans from cowling to wing with a thinner one, finish undercarriage, add pipes between engine and cooler in the wing, seatbelts, weathering, etc... Stay tuned Regards, TonkaGR.1
  4. Good evening, Some progress to share. Red color was applied: Some minor touch ups needed: And then blue was sprayed: A lot of work will be needed to deal with minor paint spills (and yes, these horizontal white lines are too thick, I'm working on that :)): Besides, blue seems too dark even after fully cured .
  5. Hi guys! Thanks for your comments, much appreciated It's been a busy month, hence very little progress has been made on MiG. Wings were cut off the fuselage in order to extend them accordingly: Each wing was then extended, all panels will have to be re-scribed: Vertical stabilizers were extended as well: Intakes need some reshaping: Main undercarriage tires are of correct size, but too thin: Therefore, some tires from old Airbus A340 kit will be used instead (of course shaped to correct dimensions ;)) That's all for now Oh, BTW: in case you haven't seen footage of low level flying with MiG-25:
  6. Small update, nose section was cut in 3 pieces: Mid section was then expanded and sanded off: Whereas radome will have to be rounded: Basic shape of elevators is now done, whole surface will have to be sanded off and engraved from scratch: Additionally, fan blades will be (hopefully) created from scratch: That's all for now
  7. Some progress made. Removed details of bleed air doors - on aircraft they were inset: As the fuselage is about 3 mm too short, I've added plastic blocks at the end: And sanded them to rough shape: Vertical stabilizers are too small so that needs fixing: Ailerons are of completely wrong shape: Wings seem to short - and they're positioned too aft: And nose radar will have to be reshaped as well: That's all for now
  8. When you have multiple projects in finalization phase, it is best to start a new one This kit is pretty basic (and based on what I gather, shape wise not entirely accurate), so there will be plenty of opportunities for improvement and scratch building. Starting with air intakes which were sanded down a bit: Cockpit will be scratch built, starting with this opening Nose gear bay will be rebuilt: As well as main gear bays: Biggest disappointment were decals, at least with my sample they're full of tiny gaps and will not be used. BTW are there any sets for 1/144 Foxbats?
  9. It's a scaled down 1/72 version of the kit with almost all details preserved Really a nice kit, almost no putty was needed during build. I've used Revell enamels and had to mix paints in accordance with Revell recommendations. I've used them since they're available to me in nearly all toy shops. Metalizers are Model Master's. Regards, T
  10. Dear all, Since this little gem from Revell ended up on shelf of doom (still have to add fuel tanks and some minor touch ups are needed including weathering), it is technically still work in progress HUD and ejector seat belts were scratchbuilt. Apart from that, everything else is OOB Up front, it is a mean machine Underneath the wings, fuel tanks are still missing. Best Regards, T
  11. I love 1/144 too, they don't take much space, which is big advantage I've heard about that option. I didn't try it yet, since I'm not sure how would painted decal fare with decal softener solutions. In this case, Revell provided white decals for wings and horizontal stabilizers. Haven't tried them, so I can't comment whether they're up to the task of hiding colors underneath. Regards, T
  12. Dear fellow modellers, I've started new "mini challenge", a Revell 1/144 Alpha Jet. Kit itself has a slight issues with correct shape (especially tail is "banana" shaped) and canopy is too thick - to be replaced with vacuform part. I won't deal much with inaccuracies, rather it will serve as a practice for glossy finish Let's start with wings: Clearly, some touch ups are needed on left wing. And still not sure if mixed blue color isn't too dark (on photos definitely, otherwise it's not that dark). Next, horizontal stabilizers: I've also glued fuselage together and applied putty. Waiting to fully cure before proceeding. Will keep you updated Best Regards, T
  13. You're welcome ReccePhreak. Currently, Dornier is on shelf of doom. I had to take a break from all engraving & detailing, but will resume work in following weeks. Make sure you post yours in WIP section of forum
  14. I'm stil stuck at detailing cockpit. Added control columns to flight deck: Improved instrument panel a bit: Assembled & painted rudder pedals: And completed both propellers:
  15. Thanks to all of you for words of encouragement Yes, kit is quite basic, yet it offers a lot of room for scratchbuilding & improvement. In the meantime I've started work on control columns: After I complete cockpit interior, I'll focus on both engines (It'll require some putty, sanding and engraving, also exhaust and air intake on top will have to be scratch built): Stay tuned
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