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  1. stix. many thanks for the kind words. comimg from you means a lot. was a long project however the way it turned out has encourged me to start another. regards daron
  2. Hi guys and girls. Here is my finished Panzer 4, the first tank i have built. I used it as a test bed for techniques and a bit of a practice. This is not part of the group build as the model was way to far built to enter. Model is fully brush painted. Please excuese the picture, as always taken with my phone and not much in way of lighting. Thanks all for looking. 20190305_111541 by daron trevascus, on Flickr 20190305_111655 by daron trevascus, on Flickr 20190305_111708 by daron trevascus, on Flickr 20190305_111716 by daron trevascus, on Flickr 20190305_111734 by daron trevascus, on Flickr 20190305_111759 by daron trevascus, on Flickr Regards Daron
  3. Guys. Thanks for the kind comments..She is coming along nicely, a little rough but good..Havent done any last couple of days however will hopefully get back on it soon. regards daron
  4. Evening all.First day back at school for the little one, so i actually managed to get some work done. I started on the turret, Did a little wash, wasnt best pleased with it as it didnt come out the way i wanted. I then did some dry brushing to highlight the edges and add a bit of depth. TBH i think it has come out alright. 20190107_144911 by daron trevascus, on Flickr Post turret work, i then started to work on the hull, first up was dry brushing again and a little wash. Added the turret stencils and a little light weathering. 20190107_215114 by daron trevascus, on Flickr Also added some of the tools. 20190107_215005 by daron trevascus, on Flickr 20190107_215034 by daron trevascus, on Flickr So next up will be some more tools, stencils and then a little bit of weathering and tidying up. Regards
  5. thanks hamden, i havent done any outside research, more of a build and see . thanks, have used a number of different makers however decided to go down humbrol route for now hey buddy, your builds have got me motivated again, and thanks for the kind words. Not going to do too much weathering as i beleive most tanks were destroyed before they had chance to rust.....the nature of war lol Hover i am trying to get more depth into the paintwork.
  6. granted there are plenty of wheels i have to thank PlaStix for tips on painting tracks., thanks steve
  7. Hello All. I have been visiting the forum for a number of months now however i have yet to post any WIPs. The vast majority of my models are normally 1/72 scale aircraft and normally painted when i have been deployed for something to do to pass the time. I kinda fell out of love with modelling as i never managed to achieve good results, also having a baby kinda threw a spanner in the works with free time, however after seeing the work done by PlaStix, who i owe a huge thank you too i dug out an old Panzer i had semi started and have been trying lots of new techniques and just experimenting really. So this is where i am so far, OOB, however i have been experimenting with the painting and using it as a test bed for future tanks. 20190103_150143 by daron trevascus, on Flickr This is where it was when i got her out of the garage, put together with a basic paint job 20190102_185246 by daron trevascus, on Flickr Since then i have been working on the wheels and treads 20190102_185024 by daron trevascus, on Flickr This is where she sits now. need to do some more weathering at a later date. 20190105_172032 by daron trevascus, on Flickr Again big thanks to PlaStix, for his help and support and will continue to update when i can. Regards Daron
  8. amazing detail and painting. having worked on tornados even the scuff marks from staging and boots is spot on
  9. thanks to everyone who left comments. Means alot all the kind words and also the constructive comments. All the models have been brush painted using Tamyia paints. The models are a mixture of builds from various companys, but mostly airfix. The typhoon was built whilst i was in op shader based on my own typhoon sqn i was on at the time, the mighty 6 Sqn. fun fact, the me262 is very tail heavy, i made it in afghan when i was in kabul, didnt have any weights available so the nose is full of afghan sand and stones wrapped in cling flim Again thanks to all regards daron
  10. thanks for your kind words and comments alex
  11. Mike thanks for the reply. A mixture of a number of kits tbh. Haha, felt like some of my deployments lasted for 5 years......But i manage around 1 model per deployment so these have been on my shelf for a while now.
  12. Hi all. I thought i would post a few pics of my completed models. 90%of theses models have been built whilst i have been deployed on various operations around the world, so only had the basic paints, brushes kits etc. I am no where near the level of the vast majority of you all on here, so please be gentle. Slowly getting back into building models now i have more time at home and slowly building up my experience levels, trying out new techniques such as weathering. Pictures have been taken with my camera phone so please excuse the quality of the images. Thoughts and comments always welcome. regards Daron
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