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  1. Sorry all. Going to have to pull out of the group build as I got told today I am deploying to Cyprus for 4 months in three weeks time. Sorry all
  2. Greta kit and paint job looks really good. I have this one to do as well. If anywhere near as good as yours I will be happy
  3. Thanks for the kind words and yes fully brush painted
  4. Thanks been trying to sort out how to post pics again as not working from my phone
  5. So my 1 and only lockdown build. Being a key worker I am either at work or at home looking after my daughter. Here is the Tamiya Tiger 1, and Brush painted. First time I have done track links and have to say what a pain. Over all a fun build and enjoyed the painting. Regards daron
  6. Very nice. As a RAF armourer at RAF Coningsby i have had the privilege of working on the BoB Typhoon. We always made sure not to damage the paintwork and look after her
  7. Love the attention to detail. I work on UK typhoon and what you have done looks ace. Will follow with interest
  8. Fantastic. I am currently building a very basic 1/72 one
  9. As a current serving member of gods chosen few ( armourer) in the RAF working on Typhoon i can honestly say that you are correct..We can be a bit strange........ gorgeous model and as said a great reminder of those "few"
  10. looking good. i get to work on the Typhoon everyday so always good to see a model one and plent of detail
  11. count me in i have a panther sat in the garage. a while off but i have other kits to build
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