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  1. Hi folks. I started this beautiful kit from Bandai, snap type, no glue is required. I only modified the figures, one, slightly the arms to make the position seem more natural by gripping levers, the other I modified the legs so that it appears peeking through the upper hatch. I also added arms copied in epoxy resin from a Hasegawa F-16 pilot. In one of the hands I invented a kind of binocular. I added seatbelts in one seat. The rest of the kit was assembled according to instructions. I painted it with a mix of
  2. Hi to all. I just finished this beautiful kit, it is a snap kit, no glue si required. I painted with Tamiya acrylics, XF-2 and XF-53 in a 3:1 ratio with a drops of blue. I wanted to leave the upper hatch opened with a crew member looking out, so I modified a figure to change the posture from sitting to standing. This are the pictures, I hope you like it. Regards, Pablo
  3. Thank you very much floks, I am glad you like it. Regards, Pablo
  4. Hi! Only Eduard PE prepainted seat belts, no 49004 (for IJA aircrafts), wich has got a few for Kawasaki planes. Regards, Pablo
  5. Hi folks, I show this beautiful kit I finisehd a few minutes ago. I hope you like it. Regards, Pablo
  6. Hi folks. I´ve working on this beatiful kit. First, I masked and painted the markings with Vallejo acrylics, they seemed to me a bit bright, specially the red, somewhat fluo red. Later I spayed freehand the camouflage spots with Tamiya's IJA green acrylic. I hope you like it. Soon I will post pictures of the finished model in the ready for inspection section. Regards, Pablo
  7. Awesome work!!!! I congratulate you Mike. He has a very great teacher. I hope he follows your path. An incredible potential is there. Regards, Pablo
  8. Hi there, I start to build this beautiful kit of this beatiful plane. I only added some details on the cockpit sidewalls and rudder belts. The only aftermarket addition is the prepainted PE seat belts from Eduard. I only used tinny amount of putty por covering ejectors pins in the wheel doors and behind the seat (was an assemby error). I added some handles in the windshield made form stretched sprue. I made rivet marks with an old wach gear and started
  9. PaulN

    Best RLM 02?

    This an example of the Revell 45 for the RLM 02 in a 1/48th Hs 239: Regards, Pablo
  10. PaulN

    Best RLM 02?

    I prefer the RLM 02 from Revell, the 45 in enamel or acrylic and those from Gunze Mr. Color and the one from K4 (Chile), more than those from Ammo Mig, Vallejo, Tamiya, etc. I'm talking about the ones I've tried. Regards, Pablo
  11. Hi to all. I started this kit since three years. I started as the instructuctions says, by the engine and air duct / wheels weels, painted with Alclad aluminnum. I added some PE form Eduard set. I primed the bathtube with black form one shot and applied the notorious interior green with the ammo acrylic I hope you like. Regards, Pablo
  12. Hi to all. I finished this simple kit. The only modifications were the pilot's helmet and the addition of the box and hoses. It was painted with Testors acrylics. I hope you like it. Regards, Pablo.
  13. Hi to all. I finished this easy kit, easy to assemble. I only added some guitar strings for the corrugated tubes. I painted with Testors eggshell acrylic. I hope you like. Regards, Pablo
  14. Hi to all. This is my recent finish, an old MPC kit. Is quite spartan, positive panels but easy to asemble, is a snap kit. I only added some detalis for the pilot. I tried extensive use of pre shading effect. I finished with Testors and Tamiya paints. I hope you like it. Regards, Pablo
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