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  1. Will do. I thought that might be a close match, might lighten it up a bit though.
  2. Thank you all for the input. Tracking down Light Admiralty Grey has yielded a Humbrol match of HU122, for those of you who might be interested. Have to hunt some down, Canadian supplies are shrinking fast! cheers, TW
  3. Hello all, I’m planning a build of a Buccaneer S.1 in the early scheme, and can’t find a clear photo of the open airbrakes. Would these have been white on the inside, or some other light colour? Airfix recommends dark gull grey, but I think that might apply to the S.2 only. Any thoughts from the Buccaneer experts? TW
  4. Hello filler, I am building one as we speak, and I can say that the register of the kit decals is spotty at best. I’m using a Berna decal sheet for the early aircraft. There seems to be another on Hannants site, but I know very little about that sheet. I have not found a photo of a camouflaged Mirage IV with the red upper surface air brakes as per my kit. It’s good to see Heller has given a decal for the Antilope radar. The kit panel lines in this area are ludicrous, IMHO. I’m engraving all major panel lines, as I’m building a NMF model. That’s good for a month of work at my
  5. Hello All, Spitfire 22 PK350 was produced by Supermarine in 1945. Sold to Rhodesia on March 25th, 1951, re-numbered SR64. Struck off charge ca. 1956, became gate guardian at New Sarum AFB outside Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) Bought by Jack Mallock, a South African-born Rhodesian bush pilot,WW2 Spitfire pilot, gun-runner and sanctions-buster who flew in World War II and in various legal and illegal roles around Africa and the Middle East, SR64 was restored to flight on March 29th,1980. Lost March 26th, 1982, when Mallock and SR64 flew into a thunderstorm. This model is b
  6. Very nice, Bill! I have to agree with your comments on the canopy. TW
  7. Hello All, I’m working on (and off!) a Revell 1/72 A-400M , and I’ve noticed that not all the Atlases on the web have the wingtip ecm. Those in the “teen” serials don’t have them. Anyone hazard a guess as to why this is? Secondly, there’s an engine vent on the starboard side of the kit, that’s a different shape than the similar vent in photos. Is this a prototype vs. production modification? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TW
  8. @BS_w Thanks, very much! Thats the one! I’ve just finished the build today, so your timing is perfect! I can’t quite read the centre line to Roundel centre dimension on the 1949 drawing. Would you be so kind as to let me know what that is? thanks, and regards, TW
  9. Hello All, Is there a Spitfire 22 camouflage and markings diagram available anywhere? It seems to me that the roundel size for the low back Griffon Mk. 18 and Mk. 22 Spitfires are different from the wartime sizes. There’s a photo of TP235 in the Aircam book that leads me to think that 30” D type roundels were applied. Also some evidence of the smaller roundel in the photo of 2 squadron at Wahn in the same book. regards, TW
  10. Thanks Troy, Jure, and Blimpyboy! This is just what I needed. The photos also disclose the presence of rocket launcher stubs, which I didn’t know were installed. I’m building in 1/48 scale. Was thinking of 1/32, but that’s a “bridge too far” cheers, TW
  11. Hello All , I’m wondering about the Royal Egyptian Air Force marking applied to Spitfire Mk.22 in the 1950‘s. The only photo I can find is one in the Aircam series, which shows a white outlined roundel with crescent and stars. The available decal sheets vary widely. Some wartime markings have the crescent and stars on the fuselage only. The Matchbox kit had white outlines, but no crescent and stars. The only currently available decals for the Mk 22 look too small in diameter. I’d like to get this right. Anyone have information they could share? Perhaps an official marking dia
  12. Thanks to all of you for the answers, I’ll go looking for one or both kits! Cheers, TW
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