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  1. Tony Whittingham

    Starfighter RWR - calling all Canadian Starfighter techs

    Thanks, gents! now I understand why I’m seeing the variability in the RWR! TW
  2. Hello All, I’m curious about the RWR installation on Canadian, and ex Canadian Starfighters. I had thought that both the forward and after RWR were installed at the same time, but I’ve turned up a few Starfighters that have only the after ones around the tailpipe installed. Does anyone who worked on Starfighters in Europe know when the RWR was installed, and why some don’t have the forward one? Was there an availability issue on the forward installation, or was it an optional fit? TW
  3. Tony Whittingham

    C-54G to Canadair Four - is it possible?

    Thanks gents! You’ve saved me from a fate worse than death! regards, TW
  4. Tony Whittingham

    C-54G to Canadair Four - is it possible?

    Hi all, I’m looking at the feasibility of converting the Revell DC-4 to a North Star, using modified Revell Shackleton engines. My understanding is there’s a 4” taper on the Merlin power eggs so they match up with the 60” dia. DC-4 firewalls. What I don’t know is how long the Merlin nacelles were from spinner backplate to firewall. It looks to me that I would be able to get to a DC-4M1 easily :), a pressurized M2 is a different matter. TW
  5. Tony Whittingham

    Looking for decals for KC-135F - any suggestions?

    Thanks Orion and Andy! I’ll follow up on the leads. TW
  6. Hello All, I have a partially built AMT Stratotanker, of the J-57 variety, that I want to finish as a AdA KC-135F. I’m having trouble finding decals, anyone have any suggestions. I tried Berna Decals but no joy there. TW
  7. Tony Whittingham

    Another Boston question

    Thanks to All for your help, the photos are just the thing, magpie22! I wouldn’t want to have been the ventral gunner. Worst seat in the house! regards, TW
  8. Tony Whittingham

    Another Boston question

    Hi all, I’m trying to figure out where the ventral gunner sits in a Boston IV, and how he boards the aircraft. It seems to me the Martin turret blocks the entry. Anyone have any ideas or info? regards, TW
  9. Tony Whittingham

    Question about RAF Bostons - 3 crew or 4?

    Thanks to you all, for your kind responses! cheers, TW
  10. Tony Whittingham

    Question about RAF Bostons - 3 crew or 4?

    Hello all, Most of the available references state that Bostons are 3 place aircraft. But the RAF Bostons in Europe seem to have 4 man crews. Is this correct? regards, TW
  11. Tony Whittingham

    FB.11 SeaFury, RCAF TG117, Airfix 1/48,

    Lovely! I’d like Airfix to scale this kit up to 1/24!
  12. Tony Whittingham

    188 Squadron What-if Vampire

    Very nice build. I’ve always liked the DH twin boom fighters, right up to the Sea Vixen. TW
  13. Tony Whittingham

    F-104 cockpit question - CF-104 vs F-104

    Hi all, Does anyone have any pictures of this area of the F-104? Is it any different from the Canadian built aircraft? TW
  14. Tony Whittingham

    Aircraft modeller looking for vehicles to put in A-400M

    Thanks, Hans! I’ll go looking for these. TW
  15. Hi all, I’m looking for a couple of modern AFV to put in a Revell 1/72 A-400M. Would like relatively inexpensive ones. Not much will be seen of them, so detail is not critical. Any suggestions? TW