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  1. Hello All, I’m collecting info on BWIA Vikings, with a Valom kit in hand. Photos of these aircraft show registration in the VP-TA range, with BWIA Aqua cheat lines. I also noticed they don’t have spinners on the propellers.Anyone have information on the model of Viking operated by this airline? Any info would be gratefully appreciated. TW
  2. Hello Sean, With regards to your pylon question, I have found that most of the GA.11’s illustrated have 4 pylons, mainly because these weren’t equipped to carry the 230 gallon tanks. The ones I have seen that do not were from the Rough Diamonds aerobatic team. The early 4 pylon equipped ones don’t seem to have pylon guns, but there is evidence of these on the later FRADU Hunters in overall dark sea grey finish. There is a clear overhead shot of 861/VL post overhaul in Warpaint no. 8. In the same reference there is another clear photo of 868/VL (WT744) with 4 pylons, no pylon guns, and swashplates, in EDSG/white finish, date unknown. On a different subject, I have just built the Airfix 1/48 as a GA.11, and I note that Airfix has a part not seen before on any Hunter kit, which is the ejection seat cross brace just behind the pilot. Hope this helps, TW
  3. Hi BS_w, I’m working on a PR. Mark IV, with the cheese cutter aerials between the stabilizers and fuselage. I suspect these sets are immediately behind the pilot, forward of the radio hatch. TW
  4. Hello All Spitfire experts, I am fitting out a 1/24 Spitfire radio bay, and there doesn’t seem to be any information on the location of the power unit (USAAF called it the PE-94 Dynamotor) which is attached to the transmitter. My other question relates to the location of the IFF set. Can anyone throw light on these installations? TW
  5. Hi Graham, I have around a dozen and a half Spitfire references, including the one you recommended. Unfortunately none of them tell me the details of the radio installation clearly enough for me to be sure what’s going on. I’m hoping someone has a copy of AP1565M that would clarify the details. I’m especially interested in the ARI5000 IFF location and mount, and the power unit associated with the Radio. TW
  6. Hello Graham, I’m putting together a Spitfire Pr.IV, using the 1/24 Airfix Spitfire I/V as a base. I have opened the radio hatch, so that the cameras can be seen, and also need details of the radio tray and sets, as my subject has the radio mast. Hope this helps. TW
  7. Hello All Spitfire gurus, I’m fitting out the radio bay on a large scale Spitfire, and cannot find much detail on the radio fit. I’m assuming a TR1134 with power unit, but I don’t know for sure what the mounting tray looks like. I’m also looking for details of the IFF installation. Anyone know where it is located in the Spitfire? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. TW
  8. Welcome, spooky spoon, Nice job on the Condorcet, will observe with interest! TW
  9. Welcome ErikT, I am a fan of Commonwealth air forces, and tend towards large scale subjects. I have a soft spot for Spitfires, F-5’s, and Hunters. TW
  10. Thanks for the info,@Graham Boak! It would appear that BR416 started off with a DH prop, and acquired a Rotol with metal blades when overhauled. I’ll have to see what I have in my spares that could become a Rotol spinner. TW
  11. Hello All, I’ve been mulling over a conversion from the old Airfix 1/24 Spitfire 1 to a PR.IV, with BR416 as my chosen subject. One of the anomalies I have found is that this aircraft appears to have a much more pointed spinner than I was expecting for one with a DH prop. In fact, it looks like a Rotol spinner with a DH prop. BR416 was apparently overhauled before going to the OTU, and they were known to “mix and match” parts on refurbished aircraft. Could the Rotol spinner fit on a DH prop? TW
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