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  1. Thank you, @RAF4EVER; @stever219! Much appreciated! TW.
  2. Hello all, I am planning to build a 1/72 B.1 special, with the dark green / dark earth / night scheme. I understand that only the “PB” serialled aircraft were delivered in that scheme. The only photo I can find is PB996 YZ-C, dropping a Grand Slam. The Squadron letters in this photo look to be monochromatic, either white or dull red. Are the letters white, dull red, or dull red outlined with yellow as in the later PD serialled aircraft? Can anyone confirm the colours? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. TW
  3. Greetings, There’s more of us Canadians here than you might think! TW
  4. Thanks, @RidgeRunner; @Blimpyboy! That’s a great help! Tony W.
  5. Hi all, I’m looking for a decal sheet of Indian Air Force roundels for the Gnat, or for dimensions so I can print some. Anyone know what size the roundels were? Tony W.
  6. Hello All, In 1978 I had the pleasure of attending Battle of Britain Day at RAF Finningley. There were 3 aerobatic teams present that day: the Red Arrows, Asas de Portugal, and the Patrouille de France. I would like to build the team leader’s aircraft in 1/72. I also would like to know their names and ranks, if possible. Info on the Patrouille de France is difficult to find. Does anyone have any insight into this topic? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TW
  7. Hello All, I’m collecting info on BWIA Vikings, with a Valom kit in hand. Photos of these aircraft show registration in the VP-TA range, with BWIA Aqua cheat lines. I also noticed they don’t have spinners on the propellers.Anyone have information on the model of Viking operated by this airline? Any info would be gratefully appreciated. TW
  8. Hello Sean, With regards to your pylon question, I have found that most of the GA.11’s illustrated have 4 pylons, mainly because these weren’t equipped to carry the 230 gallon tanks. The ones I have seen that do not were from the Rough Diamonds aerobatic team. The early 4 pylon equipped ones don’t seem to have pylon guns, but there is evidence of these on the later FRADU Hunters in overall dark sea grey finish. There is a clear overhead shot of 861/VL post overhaul in Warpaint no. 8. In the same reference there is another clear photo of 868/VL (WT744) with 4 pylons, no pylon guns, and swashplates, in EDSG/white finish, date unknown. On a different subject, I have just built the Airfix 1/48 as a GA.11, and I note that Airfix has a part not seen before on any Hunter kit, which is the ejection seat cross brace just behind the pilot. Hope this helps, TW
  9. Hi BS_w, I’m working on a PR. Mark IV, with the cheese cutter aerials between the stabilizers and fuselage. I suspect these sets are immediately behind the pilot, forward of the radio hatch. TW
  10. Hello All Spitfire experts, I am fitting out a 1/24 Spitfire radio bay, and there doesn’t seem to be any information on the location of the power unit (USAAF called it the PE-94 Dynamotor) which is attached to the transmitter. My other question relates to the location of the IFF set. Can anyone throw light on these installations? TW
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