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  1. Hello All, I have a Trumpeter F4F-4 Wildcat, which tells you to use steel rod provided to support the wings when folded. But the instructions are not clear on the attachment points. Has anyone folded Wildcat wings, and could tell me how the struts are attached to the wing and fuselage/ elevators? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TW
  2. Hi All, anyone heard of Aftermarket decals on the way for the Hellcat? It seems to me that BPF and Uruguayan Hellcats are in order. TW
  3. I’m having the same issue with my iPad. Site takes a long time to load, and photo heavy posts in RFI just hang up and flicker. TW
  4. Hi All, One further question, related to prop blade tips. I’m told the RAF specified 4” yellow blade tips. Did the USN, and USAAF use the same standard, or some other measures. As far as I know the Army Air Force didn’t use prop warning stripes prewar. TW
  5. Hello Heraldcoupe, I think you are likely correct in your assumption. TW
  6. Thanks, Tailspin turtle, I was trying to decide if Grumman was complying with a BuAer directive requiring the wheel wells to match the undersides, or use zinc chromate green. But, if there’s no evidence of a policy, then I will likely match the under surfaces. TW
  7. Hello all Bearcat experts, I’m curious about the factory applied wheel well colour. Most of the period photos I’ve seen lead me to believe it’s glossy sea blue, and not interior green. Can anyone confirm? TW
  8. Hi tailspin turtle & 72modeler, It seems to me that the easiest solution would be to assume the wingfold was locked down. It is true that we can’t see the joint on the available photos, but I’m not sure that filling the joint had any benefit, as flexure of the wing would inevitably result in the putty spalling off. Thanks very much for the input, gents! We’ll probably never know the truth of this unless a Grumman employee of that era has the answer. TW
  9. Thanks 72modeler, It also looks to me that there’s no fold. Looking forward to hear any and all opinions on this one. I was planning a 1/32 build. Orange is the new blue! TW
  10. Hello All, I’m just curious. Did Al Williams’ Bearcat have folding wings? I’m told it was stripped of all service equipment, but I’m wondering if the wing folds were just locked down, or was a special fixed wing built without the fold mechanism? TW
  11. If you really want to go whole hog, there’s also the radio bay, not in the kit. There’s almost nothing in any reference I have. The only thing I’ve found is a Tempest diagram from a restoration on the net. As far as I can tell, there’s the TR1133/4 radio, and power unit. Below that is the IFF and Beam approach receiver. Anyone have better info? TW
  12. I see that now, thanks very much for the clarification. TW
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