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  1. Hi All, I am looking for information on the Grilse, especially the structure on the conning tower aft of the periscope shears. This looks a bit like something from the “Death Star” in Star Wars. If there are any ex RCN folks that can help, I’d really appreciate some close-up photos. regards, TW.
  2. Hello All, Reading this post caused me to purchase a Viking to build. I'm going to try for a BWIA Viking as flown by my mom's cousin in the late 1940's. The kit looks marvellous! TW
  3. Hello All, I’m thinking of a BWIA Viking in the natural metal and Aqua scheme of the late 1940’s, but I came up short on the Aqua colour of the cheat line. Does anyone know what colour was used? I’m assuming a BS colour on the Vikings. TW
  4. I agree wholeheartedly, having just built the Hunter 4 kit. Too much reliance on lidar, and not enough checking against photos. TW
  5. Hello Bodmin, I’ve built one of these kits, and survived. I can send you info if you like. Please PM if you wish. TW
  6. @Ivor Ramsden , @David Womby , @Paperback writer, Thanks to all for the kind offers. I was able to obtain a copy of the Model Alliance sheet from Aviation Megastore in Holland. It’s on the way! regards, TW
  7. Thanks for the help, Gents! Will keep my eyes open for Hunter decals. TW
  8. Hello All, Is this company still in business? I was hoping to order decals for a Hunter GA.11 from them. TW
  9. I built my Airfix Sea Vixen folded. It presents a purposeful look, something like an eagle on a nest, but still ready to fly at a moment’s notice.
  10. Thanks, Trevor, that’s a great help!
  11. Hi all, I’m researching the Buccaneer s.1, with the intent of building a 1/48 version, and I would like to know how far outboard of the wing fold the early bomb pylon is located. Does anyone have this dimension? any info would be greatly appreciated. TW.
  12. Thanks for the help, gents! 241 Squadron is one of the shy ones, not too much on the web. TW
  13. hello @Seawinder, Looks as if the squadron codes are red with white outlines, any thoughts? TW
  14. Thanks, All! My cousin arrived very late in the war. As he was RCAF, he went to 417 Sqdn. first, which was at Bellaria, and then must have walked across the field on transfer to 241 Sqdn., which was also there. I have the ORB for the squadron for the first quarter of 1945, which lists approximately 20 Spitfires he flew, mostly LF9c, LF9e with MH, MJ, NH, PT, SM prefixed serials. Unfortunately the person writing up the ORB omitted any aircraft letters. I’m hoping to find a photo of just one of the 20. regards, TW
  15. Hello All, I have a cousin who served in 241 squadron right at the end of the war, flying out of Bellaria, Italy. He was on Spitfire LF9. Does anyone have photos they could share? I need to match serials with aircraft letters if possible. TW
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