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  1. Well done! Here’s another type that needs more exposure on the modelling front. Cornells were also used by the RNoAF in Toronto and Muskoka, Ontario.
  2. Hello All, I will be in Cardiff mid month, and want to visit a good shop. Any recommendations gratefully received. TW
  3. Thank you, gents! That’s a great help!
  4. Hello All Starfighter experts, Does anyone have dimensions for the bomb dispenser seen on the centreline rack of Canadian and NATO Starfighter? I’m looking to scratch build one in 1/32 scale. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TW
  5. Thanks Sydhuey, Good to know. Here’s a tidbit of info for you. The First prime minister of Barbados was a navigator on 88 squadron, his name was E. W. Barrow. TW
  6. Hi all, Does anyone know what type of bombsight was used on Boston bombers? Did the USAAF use Norden sights? Or were these strictly for the B-17, B-24, and B-29? TW
  7. Hello Hellcat experts, I’m looking at the Hellcat detachment of 1844 NAS on HMS Formidable, specifically Bill Atkinson’s Hellcat. The photo I have is of his wingman’s aircraft, which appears to be GSB, with 5P? Greyed out. Atkinson’s Hellcat was JX772. Would this Hellcat have been finished in GSB at the factory? regards, TW
  8. Hi All, Does anyone know when the Sea Vixen might show up this year? Regards, TW
  9. Hello Tim, I built a GR 3 years ago, and found that there were whip aerials on the fuselage top. They’re hard to see in photos, but I found a Aeronavale Lanc pic that showed them. They look to be about 4- 6 feet long. There are also 3 aerials forward of the tail wheel. Note that there are 2 versions of the white/ msg scheme applied, one with white leading edges, and one without. Depending on which company did the refurbishment, there are also two sizes of upper wing roundel, 84” and 96”. IIRC, it was Short bros. who applied the 96” size. Hope this helps, TW
  10. I’ve only just seen this build thread. Excellent work, especially on the cockpit. just a note, there’s some cross members the kit doesn’t tell you about: 2 at the firewall, one horizontal and one diagonal, and 2 below the pilots seat, with bracing wires. I’m not sure how far along you are today, but I can send you pix of the missing tubing, if you wish. Pm me if required. TW
  11. Hi Troy, I do have the Mk. V sprue, which was added to the Airfix Mk. 1 kit, but those blades are more akin to Mk. IX blades than the ones I need. I’ll use the Seafire photo as a template to make the wide chord blades. My thanks to you and Justin @Bedders for the help. TW
  12. Hello Troy, yes, that’s exactly the type of prop I’m interested in modelling. I’m trying to duplicate this in 1/24 scale. Perhaps if I use a Matchbox/ Revell Spitfire 22 blade as a pattern and reverse the pitch. Are there any 1/48 kits with this type of prop that I can use by doubling the dimensions. I don’t remember seeing one, but then I build 1/32 and bigger. TW
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