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  1. Hi Jonny, I’ve built a GR.3 using the 1980’s Airfix kit. I’m not able to get at the dimensions just now, but will tomorrow morning. Pm me on the subject, and I’ll send info. regards, TW.
  2. There’s also E.R. Braithwaite, the author of “To Sir with Love” TW
  3. There’s also the flying prime minister, E. W. Barrow of Barbados. He was a navigator on 88 squadron RAF. information is here:https://www.bajanthings.com/flying-officer-errol-walton-barrow-navigator-raf-world-war-ii-and-prime-minister-of-barbados/ TW
  4. Thanks to you all for your responses. It was WP903 that I’m working on. My faulty memory, and type ahead cause me no end of grief at times. So, no under wing serials, all red, and the beacon. Thanks to @Work In Progress for the closeup of the beacon. Having built 2 of the Airfix Chipmunk kits (RFI shortly) I can say it has more pernicious riveting than the FROG Shackleton. Thanks again, TW
  5. Hello All, I’m working on a model of WP904 in the overall red scheme, but I can’t tell for sure if the infer wing serials are present from the photos I have. If I understand it correctly, at some point the RAF cut back to one under wing serial (starboard wing?) Is this correct, and when was this change applied? TW
  6. Hello Armee de L’air gurus, There’s an AMT KC-135 in my stash that I want to build in French markings, but I cannot find anything suitable for a 1970’s tanker. Anyone have suggestions as to where I might find decals? all assistance would be greatly appreciated, TW
  7. I do like this. I’ve got a Vosper in the queue, but I’ve never seen this scheme before. Where did you find it? Very nice indeed!
  8. Hello All, Here's a fast update. the weather in eastern Canada hasn't been conducive to spray painting in my garage, so here are the bits and bobs that I've been working on in the meantime. First, engines and nacelles. The kit supplied engines and nacelles have nicely engraved panel lines, but are almost featureless otherwise. In order to sharpen up the definition around the cooling gills, I reduced the thickness of the nacelle to engine mating surface to around 0.015", which requires tabs on the nacelle forward ends to support the joins. this has to be radiused back in a smooth curve to transition into the nacelle. Then, there's the Vokes tropical filters, which should have a straight transition from the forward end of the gills to the top of the nacelle. I need to do more work here. This will also show the transition around the cooling gills. I've been working on the radios, all the live long day... On the left, there are 2 TR1154 sets for the bomber Venturas, comprising the R1155 receivers (top), and T1154 transmitters (bottom). In the middle, there's the SCR274N sets for the SAAF PV-1. To the far right are 3 W/Op desks. W/Op seats to go in front of the desks. Boulton Paul type C turret bits. Arguably the ugliest defensive position ever found in a RAF bomber. More to come later.
  9. Wow! That means we wouldn’t be too far off using a Revell 1/32 P-51B kit, and cross kitting with a Hasegawa P-51D!
  10. @71chally, I did come across dimensions for the fuselage top antennas on a website, (I think it was radio museum.org). The short ones were 3’ 11” long, and the long one 5’-2”. regards, TW.
  11. I believe there’s also one in the Academy Mk. XIV kit, the bubble top version. TW
  12. Are there any ex Coastal Command folks on Britmodeller who might know where the fuselage top aerials were placed? any help would be greatly appreciated. TW
  13. Hello All Lancaster experts, I am converting a Lanc kit to a GR.3, and I’m noting the following differences from the bombers, aside from the windows and the lifeboat fitting: There are 3 aerials, something like a Soviet “Odd Rods” behind the ASV radome. Instead of only 2 “H” shaped aerials on the fuselage nose, there is a third horizontal one under the nose. There are also some antennae on the fuselage top, apparently 4 - 5 feet in length, the number and placement of which isn’t clear to me. Does anyone have information they could share? TW
  14. Great concept! Like the whole thing! Don’t quite understand the numbering sequence, though. You refer to CF-205, but tail number is 109. Now, what could one do with CAF Mil-24’s instead of the Mil-8’s they made use of? TW
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