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  1. hello @Seawinder, Looks as if the squadron codes are red with white outlines, any thoughts? TW
  2. Thanks, All! My cousin arrived very late in the war. As he was RCAF, he went to 417 Sqdn. first, which was at Bellaria, and then must have walked across the field on transfer to 241 Sqdn., which was also there. I have the ORB for the squadron for the first quarter of 1945, which lists approximately 20 Spitfires he flew, mostly LF9c, LF9e with MH, MJ, NH, PT, SM prefixed serials. Unfortunately the person writing up the ORB omitted any aircraft letters. I’m hoping to find a photo of just one of the 20. regards, TW
  3. Hello All, I have a cousin who served in 241 squadron right at the end of the war, flying out of Bellaria, Italy. He was on Spitfire LF9. Does anyone have photos they could share? I need to match serials with aircraft letters if possible. TW
  4. Hello, @canberra kid, would you have any info on the Nord AS30 pylons used by SAAF? regards, TW
  5. I’ve got a question for SAAF Buccaneer experts. Did the SAAF change scheme to overall Dark Sea Gray in later years? There’s a photo of Buccaneer 416 in what looks like overall DSG on the web TW
  6. Hi @Chris Royle, I think I have a spare. Please PM me. TW
  7. Thanks, Antti_K! It is a rather unusual thing to see on a RAF aircraft, at least in black. I'm resurrecting a TSR2 from the shelf of doom, and didn't want to use black if I could avoid it. Regards, TW
  8. Hello all RAF experts, I’m curious about the black leading edges on the intakes of a Javelin. Are they de-icer boots? I noticed they show up on the proposed paint schemes for the TSR-2, but I haven’t seen them on any other aircraft, if memory serves me correctly. Any thoughts or clarification would be greatly appreciated. TW.
  9. Hello All, Does anyone know if there was a pattern for this blue sash / band applied to SAC bomber/tanker fleet? Does the star pattern repeat, or is it randomly applied? If there’s a pattern, is it to be found on the web anywhere? TW
  10. thank you, Aardvark! That's a great help! Cheers, TW
  11. Hello All, I’ve been given a 1/72 Madge with a MAD boom that’s in bad need of refurbishment. It’s currently in dark green and light blue. Are there any other colour schemes I could apply? regards, TW
  12. At the risk of opening up a large can of worms, there seems to have been considerable variation in NATO green. Canadian Starfighters were different shades of green, depending on the source of the finish. I think RAL Gelbolive is closely matched by Humbrol 155. I would be inclined to use Gelbolive as a base, and post shade the panel lines with the RAF colour Humbrol 163. TW
  13. Will do. I thought that might be a close match, might lighten it up a bit though.
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