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  1. I have no knowledge of the MPM kit but the Airfix Mk II gives you parts for the Mk II only, there are no radial engines or alternate tail fins for a Mk I.
  2. I have an odd feeling both of us could recite Withnail and I word for word, even if not drink for drink. The memory is fine! Soup? Why haven't I got any soup?
  3. Whooops got my museums mixed up, there's one under restoration at Cosford... I have had a good look at the Brooklands one last year.
  4. Welcome from someone born in the West Riding but currently in exile in Lancashire. It's a great online forum and resource base - I've never lacked for help if I've asked for it here.
  5. Brilliant post and very useful; I made one kit out of the box, warts and all, just to show you chaps what you got for your money. Now, as I still have two kits to make. I now know what to get in order to build them 'properly' into B. XVIs - cheers Tony, this thread is a very useful resource!
  6. Good afternoon everyone! OK after the new Mosquito build, and a nice 1:48 Airfix Hurricane, I am back to Bomber Command with this lovely kit. I have the advantage of having built the base Mk. I A/C kit last year, which I really enjoyed, and this one I think will be similarly satisfying. The kit is mostly the Mk. I A/C kit (unsurprisingly) but features a new sprue for the Merlins, and has a modified set of tail planes; I think that was the only real difference from the radial powered planes, but I am sure someone will patiently correct me if I am wrong. I am not sure. The only thing I think is missing is any sort of bomb sight in the bomb aimers position; I'll check in the Haynes manual to see what's what, plus I am off to RAF Duxford on Sunday so may be able to see a real Wimpy there. Any pics or hints gratefully accepted here of course! EDIT: What was I thinking of? RAF Cosford has one of the two surviving Wimpies!!! Thank you Mr Beard! This is a kit which has a cracking level of interior detail, and although Airfix helpfully colour code the instructions to tell you which bits you can omit as they won't be easily seen once the fuselage is buttoned up, I went for the full fat build because... well because I could. It's all out of the box, and I haven't gone mad with dry brushing or shading as it'll mostly not be seen once I button the fuselage up. Apologies if the colour balance is a bit off, it was just quick pics with the phone:
  7. I was going to message you to say thanks Troy - I did read up on the props/spinners post when researching my build, thank goodness! I do use hot water with a dash of fairy liquid for the transfers, plus microsol/microset, however might not have tamped down on those nubbins on the upper wing enough. Thank you for all the helpful hints.
  8. They are a bit - it's my error as here is a pic of the real thing and there is no overlap:
  9. It's all Vallejo and AK interactive topsides. Yup the trailing edges I really should have filled/sanded them to a join. Bf 109 E it is, sat in the pile waiting for me - I already have made both of the Defiants, from when I got started back into this madness two years ago! Thank you for the kind words.
  10. Hallo Sir! I'm down in BB4, enjoying blue skies for once! I found the easiest way to put pics up is to create a new Facebook profile with no friends etc, and upload pics there; then use the right click > Copy Image Address to get an address that pastes here nicely. It's never let me down yet
  11. Thank you - I do in fact sometimes lighten images when I need to show things like cockpit detail and have done so in my other post today; I tend to underexpose deliberately - like you said you can always tweak it upwards.
  12. Hello Bob All acrylics Vallejo Model Air 71.323 BS Dark Earth Vallejo Model Air 71.302 Sky Type S AK Interactive Air AK2011 RAF dark green (I use the vallejo equivalent as well but there was none in stock last time I made an order.) Engine cowlings and exhausts are mixes of Vallejo Metal Color copper and silver Cockpit interior - good old Tamiya XF-71 I make my own shading stuff from oils, replicating the colours seen here but using darker shaded of each colour, ie dark green, dark earth, and sky. It seems to work better than just using a plain black wash to pick out panel lines and other raised details. Hope that helps and thanks for the compliment.
  13. Hello everyone This is the current offering from Airfix, and my reading around indicated this was the best of the crop if I wanted a Mk I in this scale. And... it is a very good kit. On the plus side, it has high levels of cockpit detail (you basically build the cockpit and the rails/mounts it fixes to.) You get the gun bay detail with eight Brownings and their feed chutes plus the removed gun bay panels. You get a nice pilot. Altogether the level of detailing is spot on, and looks (in my opinion) spot on. I'll now list my grumbles: The wing to fuselage fit is iffy and needs a lot of surgery to get right. I made a balls of it and had to fill and sand a lot then rescribe detail. Two other builders I know have had the same issue. Basically the wing seesaws - either the front is too prous or the rear is too proud. Solution: dry fit and trim as muchas you need before hitting the glue. Gun bays. Airfix asks you to cut out the wing panels yourself... I didn't want the bays open in any case but would hesitate to start carving into the upper wing panel as I would be bound to mess it up. Would an optional top wing panel moulded with gun bay covers removed be nicer? Yes cost and space in the box matter of course. Props and spinners. The kits includes two variants of each, and it's clear from the painting schemes which one goes on which plane, but in the instructions they only use the earlier DH type (I think) and there's no notes or option instructions to use the Rotol (I think!) for the alternate scheme. A little bit of direction here would be nice, as unless you're a real buff, there is no guidance to use the Rotol set for the second variant offered in the box. So - apart from issue number one, nothing major, and a very satisfying kit. Next in the 1:48 collection will be someone from the opposition that summer. Enjoy the pics, any criticisms or questions, fire away.
  14. Welcome to 1940. You'll see a Mk. I Hurricane in some of these - there will be a separate post for that good lady of the skies shortly. Both great kits, all the dodgy bits are my own doing, but both recommended. The Tamiya Spitfire was my second tangle with photo etched parts (which come with the kit) and yes, they do add depth to it, even if you can't always spot it at most angles. Any criticism welcome, any questions re how I did them, fire away.
  15. Nice work old boy - finished mine, the Tamiya version is just fine by the way.
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