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  1. Just saw the trailer and it is just Pearl Harbor 2.0 so be warned. The same computer graphics where aircraft that usually flew below 300 mph are zipping around at about 500 mph. I would expect that the USN would have loved their TBD's and other aircraft to fly at those rediculous speeds. It looks full of non historical embellishments, (as was Pearl Harbor, a cinematic historical atrocity) and from the looks of it contained other non related events that if they had occurred are no doubt still out of context to the battle itself. With the new wave of WWII movies that are primarily computer gener
  2. Hello, I just finished the brilliant Timeline aircraft documentary on the Z7015 Sea Hurricane and had a question about the spinner. According to the documentary the aircraft eventually was issued from Canada as a Sea Hurricane Mk Ib which is basically a navalized Hurricane Mk II, which to my limited knowledge had the smaller spinner, (and please feel free to correct me on any of this, I'm just looking for accuracy.) What stood out to me was the spinner, it looked like it belonged on a Mk II Hurricane, and because I was going to make my 1/48 Sea Hurricane the same aircraft wouldn't I requi
  3. Hello gentlemen I know its been a while since I was last on this site, it's great to be back on and I am ready to build a Spitfire after my long hiatus. I am planning on building the Hasegawa CBI Mk VIIII (I know some of you are thinking "why build that kit when there is the Eduard kit", well I got about ten of them from way before Eduard made their excellent Mk XI) and found that the decals were atrocious, I mean Academy and ERTL decals are better than what Hasegawa put in the kit. I expected more from them but it could have been a bad batch, regardless, where is the quality contr
  4. Hello all, I'm getting the mood to build a Thunderbolt but after looking over my Hase kit I find that in comparison to my Tamiya kit the Hase canopy for the bubble top looks squashed, much lower in profile, and it just basically doesn't look right. I have seen plenty of bubble tops and have even sat in the cockpit of a D-30 and the canopy in my kit sure doesn't look like and real canopy. Is the Squadron vacu-form canopy the exact copy? I have noticed over the years that the canopies from Squadron tend to be no improvement shape wise. The other problem is that prop, just not right, reminds
  5. Hello friends havent posted in quite a while but need some advice. Now that Testors has for the most part eliminated their MM line of enamels I find myself in the land of acrylics, where my problem has been the fast drying time for an old man who paints slow and deliberate. Anyway, my question is what Tamiya color is closest to MM dark glossy blue, or 15042 if I remember the FS number correctly. I want to do a nice dark glossy sea blue on a circa 1945 Hellcat. If I have to start using acrylics then a basic spray job is in order. Are acrylics ever glossy, or is a gloss coat necessary? I kn
  6. Greetings Gentlemen . Hope all is well with my Britmodeller mates. I have been on a bit of a Pacific War kick lately. I just ffinished up reading about Fighting Fifteen and Mc Campbell's Heroes, and additionally an interview with "Swede" Vejtasa who flew SBD's before being posted to the Grim Reapers as a Wildcat pilot. Another source was Queen of the Flat Tops by Stanley Johnston, and all three sources mentioned the use of SBD's for interception and carrier defense roles as fighters, with one pilot scoring as many as 7 kills. This really intreagues me since I am preparing to build the Ha
  7. Hello and Happy New Year to all! i have been threatening to build a T-Bolt as my first aircraft of 2018 and upon inspection of various kit offerings it has become appearent that the shape of the lower lip or portion leading up too the intake on various cowling are different. In comparison between the Academy, Araii, old Testors/Hawk (the least accurate IMHO), Hasegawa, old Monogram, and Tamiya offerings I find the lower portion/lip is either too pronounced as in the old Testors kit, or not offering enough upper thrust as in the old Monogram kit. I am not adept enough to post pics and do c
  8. Hello Gents, Hope all you fellow Britmodellers are preparing for the holiday onslaught. I asked Santa for a 1/48 B6N Tenzan, hopefully he delivers because I never got that Porsche Turbo Carrera I asked for back in 1978, but I digress....again. Anyway, I was curious as to the type of Spit Mk V was flying in defense of Darwin against the Japanese in 1942. From what I understand the Mk Vc was in the air, but how about the Vb? Also, were some of the Spitfire squadrons RAF or were they all RAAF? I am on about early war Pacific theatre aircraft right now so thusly the query. Cheers and bes
  9. Greetings, i am getting ready to decal my Corsair -4 in a late WWII glossy blue scheme but had a few questions. The few pics of late war -4 Hogs show the aircraft in either non-spec glossy, or glossy sea blus but the star and bar insignia have the darker blue surround, whereas the Hellcats coming off the line from Grumman were painted with the white star and bar (no blue surround) on a seemingly darker glossy dark sea blue. We're the Corsairs coming from Vought and Good Year all painted with the insignia in the blue surround. Also, as to size of the star and bars used on both were the Hel
  10. Hello my Britmodeller comrades got another question which I am sure will be quickly addressed. After watching some video on a newly rebuilt Avenger in a beautiful all glossy deep blue scheme I couldn't help but wonder when and why the USN went from flat to glossy on their aircraft. It would seem that the glare would be a tell tale sign that aircraft were on their way to the target, or they just didn't care because they had air superiority? Just a thought. Anyway I am curious, and since I am on a Pacific Theatre kick right now the info will be helpful. Thanks guys, and all the best. C
  11. Greetings, . I have the dual combo 1/48 Hellcat kit and am about to build the -3. I always like to research my aircraft before building and have been trying to find whatever articles/books that pertain to my subject that can be found, and so far have found little real information on the FAA Hellcat in both European and Pacific theatres. The information I have found is more ancillary than deep in information. So far I have found that the aircraft was generally well received, and much appreciated for its ruggedness and lack of nasty habits that plagued the Corsair. That is about as much i
  12. Hey guys, as an aircraft guy I am figuratively speaking as a fish out of water on maritime/naval topics but had just finished "Clear The Decks" by Medal of Honor winner Captain Dick O'Kane (an amazing read by the way) and was shocked to learn right at the end that the Tang was sunk by its own torpedo! He speculated that the destroyer guys liked the fact that the circling torpedo might have a chance of striking a ship in battle. Despite this, it seems the American torpedos were problematic through most of the war with antiquated or ineffective guidance and propulsion systems, bad detonators (f
  13. Hello fellow modelers, i am finally building the Eduard 1/48 Tempest and was wondering about any tips on thinning out the overly thick tail and trailing edges of the wings and tail planes/elevators. From the various threads I have read it is clear that this has been done, I just need some tips on the techniques used, how far to sand along the fuselage just above the tail, and any other tips from those who have done this. Any other tips about the build would be great. Cheers SA
  14. Hello, I just received an old Hasegawa 1/48 F4U-4 and I have a question regarding the use of the A and B model of this Corsair variant during WWII. I want to build a WWII aircraft but it seems that WWII decals are not as available as the Korean! If at all (although the old Monogram kit did offer WWII decals along with the Korean War markings back in the day, if I remember correctly.) As I understand it from the small amount of info on the net, they didn't start arriving at front line carriers until 1945. Did both the -4a model and cannon equipped 4b both make it onto carriers and into bat
  15. Hello gentlemen, I got a doozy for you. I was reading an old book by Stanley Johnson called Oueen of the Flat-Tops, which basically is an eye witness account of the Lexington's fight in the Battle of the Coral Sea. On page 195 the author included an interview with a Lt. Commander Ramsey who was a flighter commander for the Lex flying the F-4-F Wildcat. He described what he called "Japanese Messerschmitts" (I can only think it was an early Tony) that was "painted up with yellow and red stripes like a Christmas tree" etc. My question is, was this indeed a Tony? Which land base could it have flo
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