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  1. I find it interesting that when done companies scale up or down they build in the same inaccuracies yet when you compare the Academy 1/72 Spit Mk XIV to the 1/48 version the 1/72 is far superior to the 1/48 especially in the shape of the nose. They must have heard the complaints and made the 1/72 scale kit more accurate. But, if the 1/72 kit came out first then they have no excuse for making such an inaccurate kit in 1/48. I am hopeful that Eduard will do a Griffin Spitfire series. I would say Airfix would be a good choice as long as the panel lines are not too deep a la' the Mk XII. I have yet to see an aircraft that looked like a plow outlined the panels. Cheers
  2. Hello I was just musing on the cannon armed (Interesting for a recce aircraft since generally they were unarmed for greater speed and altitude) Spit Mk IX that Italeri released some years ago. A very rare kit but I have a set of decals for it and would like to build one, it would be a case of proper drilling including right drill bit size for the camera port then making the window. It would be interesting to find the unit history for this aircraft and for how long the pink Spits were used, along with Spitfire typed engaged. Regardless, it seems that the Pink Spit in question was a basic Mk IX. Obviously the mission was very specialized. Cheers
  3. I remember seeing Brett Green's XIV using the Daco kit and it does look better with it than the without it but you are right, the detail is very faint at best. The Hobby Craft kit looks better overall but the spine has a weird slope or hunchback before it meets the rear glazing but that could be corrected as well as adding a vacuu formed canopy which I think needs replacing. That should be more effective than trying to make a purse out of a sow's ear with the Academy kit, which unfortunately I have three of. What was so thinking? Information is power. Cheers
  4. I was thinking about cross kitting those two models but was unsure about how viable that was. It seems that would be the simplest solution. The Italeri/Occidental kits really need the resin spinner and prop blades. I did that to my XVI as well as sanded down the lower engine cover, added a resin seat, PE belts and resin wheels and it turned out pretty good. I have the decals for the pink PR Spit but would have to drill the camera port in the right place then make a window from the clear part glue that Testors makes. Trying to nail down the pink color is tricky though. From all accounts the pink was very light as apposed to the bright pink I have seen modelled. You seemed to have nailed yours though. Great photography by the way Cheers
  5. Nice work mate! That's what I am aiming for. Don't think mine will look as nice but let's see what happens. Cheers Cheers
  6. Some decals depending on the manufacturer just don't hold up and there isn't much you can do about it unfortunately. Some of the worst are old ESCI and some aftermarket decals I have worked with. In fact, I had built an an Italeri Spit Mk XVI and the decals just blew up upon application so had to scrounge around my stash to make an aircraft that never existed. The worst is when you have some very rare markings for a very specific aircraft that you finally decide to build. Been there done that too many times. A minor irritation to be sure but can get a little pricey unfortunately. We shall press on regardless. Cheers
  7. Thanks Mike, wasn't sure where to post it. Cherrs
  8. I have seen various "Frankenstein" builds and some look amazing. I guess I should just give it a whack and see what happens. I have over 20 Spitfire kits of different makes and can afford to wreck a few in an attempt to expand my modeling skills. If I am successful in my attempt I will post a pic on the site, otherwise I may lose my modeling licence for malpractice! Cheers
  9. Well, I figure I will build it anyway in order to practice painting D-Day stripes then invest in a Eduard Spitfire kit. The Hasegawa Mk V also seems enemic compared to the Tamiya or Airfix version. I will be using the Tamiya Mk V trop for the basis of a Seafire Mk Ib instead of the Hasegawa version. The Hasegawa Mk IX doesn't look bad until you put it next to an ICM Spit where the difference in length stands out. Oh well, I shall press on and see what happens. I do wish Airfix would make a high back Mk XIV, I really would love to make one of those. I have the Daco improvement kit but have been waiting for some company to make one that is much better dimensionally than the Academy or Hobby Craft offerings. Let's hope Airfix is listening because they are the most logical candidate for a nice Mk XIV. Cheers
  10. I have read several articles on the use of surgery on the Hasegawa Mk IX but I am not motivated enough to correct the problem. I have the Barracuda update set for the old Eduard Tempest kit and have yet to get brave enough to "operate" on my Tempest and lengthen the fuselage. What makes it hard is the investment in these older kits especially when the new and much more expensive Eduard kits are so much better but thanks for the advice. Hopefully the MkIX will look pretty close to the real thing when I'm through with it. Cheers
  11. The older models, especially Monogram and Revell use a thicker film which perhaps plays a role in longevity. Tamiya decals seem to be a bit thick too but with some MicroSol they behave quite nicely. I have found that ICM decals can be very tricky due to their thinness but they lay down quite nicely. And I agree on the use of hot water, much more effective. Cheers
  12. How many of us have experienced decals disintegrating upon placing them on our aircraft or even when soaking prior to placement? If you are like me you probably have a nice collection of decals, some of which may be at least 10 years or older in age. I am one who has been collecting hard to find or OOP sets waiting for a model to be applied to. My question is how many of you apply decal film on older or just super thin and brittle decals before application? How does it work for you and do any of you have any helpful tips that have made decal application less traumatic? I am open to any advice. Cheers
  13. Wow! That's service! Thanks for the time and info you put into this post. I read Johnny's book years ago when I was a young boy and remember little of it but was in love with WW II aviation and having a dad from Blackpool who brought home Airfix kits for me to build only reinforced my appreciation of the RAF and the men who flew in the war. Thanks again mate, members like you and all the others who chimed in on this subject are what make Britmodeller the best modeling site on the internet. Cheers!
  14. Of course not Seawinder, filet mignon at least! I have always appreciated your input over the past 10 years. As well as all the other unnamed members of this august forum. Cheers Spitfire Addict
  15. Looks like a little surgery is called for. Got the scalpel and certainly have enough masks these days! Cheers
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