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  1. Thanks for the info gentlemen. I would have to agree that getting the metal mask to conform to curved surfaces would be quite a challenge but some of the suggestions put forth are intriguing and will be tried. I have an Iwata airbrush that can get a very fine spray pattern so maybe I just need to "man up" and just experiment with the mottling technique. Just trying to find an easy way out I guess Cheers
  2. Greetings, I was wondering if it is worth purchasing the Airwaves metal camouflage mottling stencils. As we all know the Luftwaffe camouflage patterns can be very challenging for we less than expert airbrush users. Anybody use these before, and as they worth the expense? Any advice will be helpful. Cheers
  3. Thank you gentlemen. I am aware of the "warts" on this kit but after many years of modelling I have come to the conclusion that modelling for fun and not the approval of others makes it more fulfilling. It is great that if I have questions regarding an aircraft or kit that my fellow modellers are there to help. Much appreciated Cheers Spitfire Addict
  4. If it helps the P-400's that arrived on New Caledonia prior to shipping out to Guadalcanal were equipped with the Sutton Harness. Cheers
  5. Hello all, I recently purchased the Pro Modeler 1/48 Bf 110G night fighter kit. I don't really fancy trying to tape off all that framework but cannot find the proper canopy masks for the Monogram kit. I hear the mould was originally a DML/Dragon production but not sure. Would the Eduard kit or P-Mask version of the masks work on this kit's canopy? Was there that much difference in the canopies of the C thru D models? Any advice would be helpful. At least I found the masks for my Ju 88A-4 but would love to avoid masking off that Bf 110 canopy if I can. Cheers Spitffire Addict
  6. They have the Mk Vc and a Mk XVI / IX if I am not mistaken. That one could be on loan from the P of F museum for all I know. Cheers
  7. Thanks for the info. I guess not ever Japanese aircraft is in Aotoki green with IJN dark green right? Cheers
  8. I was there before the whole covid thing hit and I highly recommend going there, it is outside of Seattle. The Mossie is georgeous, they have a couple of Spits, a Hurricane, their famous Fw's and if you are an armour fan, a Pzkw IV, Pershing and Churchill crocodile just to mention a few. They wsre really moving along on the Stuka but alas the covid put the kibosh on that. Oh yes,the Ki-43 Oscar and Zero (not a fan of the elongated canopy, not a K model) but a Zero nonetheless. Oh yes, a static display of atomic bombs to boot. Cheers
  9. Hello I have a question regarding early Fw 190D wheels. When did the wheel design used on the Fw 190 A models change? Was it changed for the D and TA models specifically? I want to make an early 190D model but am not too sure if the late model wheels will be correct. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  10. Just saw the trailer and it is just Pearl Harbor 2.0 so be warned. The same computer graphics where aircraft that usually flew below 300 mph are zipping around at about 500 mph. I would expect that the USN would have loved their TBD's and other aircraft to fly at those rediculous speeds. It looks full of non historical embellishments, (as was Pearl Harbor, a cinematic historical atrocity) and from the looks of it contained other non related events that if they had occurred are no doubt still out of context to the battle itself. With the new wave of WWII movies that are primarily computer gener
  11. Hello, I just finished the brilliant Timeline aircraft documentary on the Z7015 Sea Hurricane and had a question about the spinner. According to the documentary the aircraft eventually was issued from Canada as a Sea Hurricane Mk Ib which is basically a navalized Hurricane Mk II, which to my limited knowledge had the smaller spinner, (and please feel free to correct me on any of this, I'm just looking for accuracy.) What stood out to me was the spinner, it looked like it belonged on a Mk II Hurricane, and because I was going to make my 1/48 Sea Hurricane the same aircraft wouldn't I requi
  12. Hello gentlemen I know its been a while since I was last on this site, it's great to be back on and I am ready to build a Spitfire after my long hiatus. I am planning on building the Hasegawa CBI Mk VIIII (I know some of you are thinking "why build that kit when there is the Eduard kit", well I got about ten of them from way before Eduard made their excellent Mk XI) and found that the decals were atrocious, I mean Academy and ERTL decals are better than what Hasegawa put in the kit. I expected more from them but it could have been a bad batch, regardless, where is the quality contr
  13. Hello all, I'm getting the mood to build a Thunderbolt but after looking over my Hase kit I find that in comparison to my Tamiya kit the Hase canopy for the bubble top looks squashed, much lower in profile, and it just basically doesn't look right. I have seen plenty of bubble tops and have even sat in the cockpit of a D-30 and the canopy in my kit sure doesn't look like and real canopy. Is the Squadron vacu-form canopy the exact copy? I have noticed over the years that the canopies from Squadron tend to be no improvement shape wise. The other problem is that prop, just not right, reminds
  14. Hello friends havent posted in quite a while but need some advice. Now that Testors has for the most part eliminated their MM line of enamels I find myself in the land of acrylics, where my problem has been the fast drying time for an old man who paints slow and deliberate. Anyway, my question is what Tamiya color is closest to MM dark glossy blue, or 15042 if I remember the FS number correctly. I want to do a nice dark glossy sea blue on a circa 1945 Hellcat. If I have to start using acrylics then a basic spray job is in order. Are acrylics ever glossy, or is a gloss coat necessary? I kn
  15. Greetings Gentlemen . Hope all is well with my Britmodeller mates. I have been on a bit of a Pacific War kick lately. I just ffinished up reading about Fighting Fifteen and Mc Campbell's Heroes, and additionally an interview with "Swede" Vejtasa who flew SBD's before being posted to the Grim Reapers as a Wildcat pilot. Another source was Queen of the Flat Tops by Stanley Johnston, and all three sources mentioned the use of SBD's for interception and carrier defense roles as fighters, with one pilot scoring as many as 7 kills. This really intreagues me since I am preparing to build the Ha
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