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  1. Greetings all I will be building the Hasegawa 1/48 P-51D in a natural metal finish. I have been able to closely examine several Mustangs in their natural metal finish but the wings on each were painted in what I assume is aluminum dope finish. Was this typical of WWII Mustangs or a warbird application to prevent corrosion? I also noted that the wings panels were practically seemless. I was old that the seems on the top of the laminar flow wings were initially filled with putty at he factory to create better airflow. Anyway, any information would be helpful so I can apply an accurate pain
  2. Greetings I'm about to start construction on an early P-400 that flew from New Caledonia to Henderson Field on Guadalcanal. I had read something years ago by Dana Bell regarding U.S. substitute colors used by various manufacturers. The Bell interior green for the P-39 was supposedly not the typical zinc chromate /apple green but a color akin to medium green which was used to break up the silhouette of aircraft like te P-40 and B-17 early in the war. My question is did Bell use equivalent/substitute MAP designated colors? Did Bell try to match the MAP interior green or did they not worry
  3. Thanks Troy Yes, the Hasegawa kit certainly has its warts too, maybe I have to wait until Airfix comes out with a D/G model. I have been seriously considering the old Monogram model. With a little work it can be a fun build and look pretty nice. I can use wire for tge actuators and beef up the cockpit with PE parts. Thanks again for yor timely help. Cheers Spitfire Addict
  4. Hello all, This is aimed at those who may have built this kit. I was wondering if the G-2 Stuka kit has the same components as the D-5 kit such as the bomb cradle and other components for the D-5 kit. I would prefer the Hasegawa kit to the Italeri version with the atrocious upper cowling fit. If anybody can give me info on this subject it would be great. Thanks
  5. Hello, i quoted the author verbatim and double checked for accuracy so the dates may have indeed been "misremembered," after all, when all is said and done history is nothing but here say. I too am sure that the wreckage of an He 111, even snall pieces of it would have been found years ago, but a topic like this is always worth exploring
  6. I figure that if the author never saw a G4M Betty bomber before ( perhaps Japanese rcords will show that the G4M was used during the campaign since most of the aircraft came from IJN bases in Truk or Rabaul) it would make sone sense as to the confusion. My guess is that he mistook the Betty for a Heinkel but who knows? Some really weird stuff came out of the war and truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Cheers
  7. Hello Gents Whilst reading Robert Lawrence Ferguson's book on the 347th FG titled Guadalcanal, The Island of Fire Reflections of the 347th Fighter Group, I found a most intriguing passage from his diary located on page 154, paragraph 1. In this passage he describes seeing a Heinkle He 111 which he describes as "a two engined Heinkle bomber which had markings that looked like III-K." He further goes on to state that "it crossed the field (Henderson field where he was attached to the 347th FG at the time) at about 10,000 feet, from east to west, circling to look everything over." At th
  8. Wow, that topic is a real can of worms and some find the kit unbuildable whilst others have no problem with it. It really all depends on how picky you are about accuracy. I have both Academy verions and the DACO, as well as KMC corrective resin kits and haven't used them yet because I am ever hopeful that Airfix will come out with the high-back version. The surgery required takes a bit of skill but its not super difficult. Overall, most who build the kit are happy with it and enjoy the easy build so it would not be a bad thing to build it. If it basically looks like a Mk XIV and you don't coun
  9. Thanks for the info gentlemen. I would have to agree that getting the metal mask to conform to curved surfaces would be quite a challenge but some of the suggestions put forth are intriguing and will be tried. I have an Iwata airbrush that can get a very fine spray pattern so maybe I just need to "man up" and just experiment with the mottling technique. Just trying to find an easy way out I guess Cheers
  10. Greetings, I was wondering if it is worth purchasing the Airwaves metal camouflage mottling stencils. As we all know the Luftwaffe camouflage patterns can be very challenging for we less than expert airbrush users. Anybody use these before, and as they worth the expense? Any advice will be helpful. Cheers
  11. Thank you gentlemen. I am aware of the "warts" on this kit but after many years of modelling I have come to the conclusion that modelling for fun and not the approval of others makes it more fulfilling. It is great that if I have questions regarding an aircraft or kit that my fellow modellers are there to help. Much appreciated Cheers Spitfire Addict
  12. If it helps the P-400's that arrived on New Caledonia prior to shipping out to Guadalcanal were equipped with the Sutton Harness. Cheers
  13. Hello all, I recently purchased the Pro Modeler 1/48 Bf 110G night fighter kit. I don't really fancy trying to tape off all that framework but cannot find the proper canopy masks for the Monogram kit. I hear the mould was originally a DML/Dragon production but not sure. Would the Eduard kit or P-Mask version of the masks work on this kit's canopy? Was there that much difference in the canopies of the C thru D models? Any advice would be helpful. At least I found the masks for my Ju 88A-4 but would love to avoid masking off that Bf 110 canopy if I can. Cheers Spitffire Addict
  14. They have the Mk Vc and a Mk XVI / IX if I am not mistaken. That one could be on loan from the P of F museum for all I know. Cheers
  15. Thanks for the info. I guess not ever Japanese aircraft is in Aotoki green with IJN dark green right? Cheers
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