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  1. Excellent, I love it! As has been pointed out, "over-weathering" a B-26 is not so much an issue - wartime pics suggest they became very worn in appearance in short order. I can also endorse @Ian C's suggestions about the silver prizma-color pencil - the affect it gives is quite useful. Your strong skills with painting figures are also clear for all to see.
  2. Nicely done! The irreverent nose art is certainly an attention getter! Excellent weathering, as well!
  3. Nice job! As one who tends to avoid photo-etch when possible, I admire your bravery and skill! The model turned out great. I also love the photo of the box and sprues - Hasegawa do turn out tasty-looking kits (even when re-issued).
  4. So glad I clicked on this post! The Spitfire and V1, not to mention the creative mounting & base, are just brilliant.
  5. A stunning build! Can't quite believe it was brush-painted! I have the Hasegawa kit too. Your beautiful build is quite an inspiration to build it!
  6. Very cool! It ramps up the aggressive look with a shark mouth added on! Well done!
  7. Just superb! You've really nailed what I reckon would be a challenging build.
  8. Yes, a most regal-looking aircraft, particularly in that classic scheme! Beautifully done!
  9. Very nice! Something a little different from the usual RAAF schemes.
  10. That's fantastic! An excellent build! It's great how you led with the B&W photos too - they're so informative and evocative!
  11. Fantastic model! The weathering looks spot-on. In the pantheon of F4 Corsairs, I don't recollect seeing much conversation on Academy's kit. Would you recommend it?
  12. Wow, that's a knockout! I can't picture that being as straightforward (to refurbish) as you describe. But it sure looks awesome!
  13. Excellent build! Beautifully finished! I just might be inspired to get one of those Airfix kits myself!
  14. Excellent work! I learnt something too - I did not know that RAAF Mozzies used Vokes filters at one time. Make sense though......I just never thought about it.
  15. They're great! Your paint chipping and general grime effects are really cool!
  16. Feedback: Just brilliant! Criticisms: I have none!
  17. Gorgeous! Not one of those kits that just "builds itself", so that makes your results all the more special!
  18. Evidently you're a master modeller, because the results of your work are first class! I've been thinking about acquiring a Hien kit, and your build is added inspiration.
  19. Excellent work! I suspect your base involves a piece of wet'n'dry sandpaper for the tarmac; which is a technique I have used myself a few times.
  20. That's top shelf! A beautiful and precise build - awesome!
  21. My sincere sympathies regarding the fate of your build. Glad you have the photos, because it was an excellent model.
  22. An RAAF Beaufighter - nothing wrong with that! Excellent job! I believe they earned the nickname "whispering death" during ops in the Pacific theatre.
  23. Awesome! Can you divulge any secrets to making the base? It looks very realistic!
  24. Very nice! I'd be happy with that! Well done.
  25. Stunning! Are sure this is 1/72 scale? If I was told it was 1/32 I'd be none the wiser!
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