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  1. Outstanding work! Very skilled and precise! Excellent BoB-themed group.
  2. Excellent build! I never tire of all the P-47 schemes and liveries we can build! Very nice work indeed.
  3. Excellent! I've managed to resist the temptation to acquire this kit (I think there's a civil version available). But I would have to bring my A-game to get it anywhere near as good as that! I'm also one to like heavily weathered aircraft too.
  4. Brilliant! Your skill and precision on 1/72 scale (my favorite for aircraft) is obvious. And the Mustang is such a beautiful aircraft, to me at least! My preference is the pre-bubble P-51B type, although I can't really explain why. Just a fantastic collection of beautifully built P-51's!
  5. Hey, @raafbloke, I just read your rundown (above) on your intended build of General Blamey's personal transport. The kit's not for me, but I whole-heartedly support you in your endeavour and hope to see it when you've finished! Clearly you're well researched and it will be a fine tribute to the RAAF big bombers and their crews and support personnel. Wishing you good luck with it!
  6. That's a very tasty looking kit! I don't think of myself as a massive Dornier fan, but nice kits like this can sometimes hold sway over whether or not I'm a fan of the type.
  7. Sounds as if you were sitting next to me when I built my first models!! Except I didn't have pointy scissors - I just used our kitchen knife to cut things off the sprue. I'm lucky I didn't do some serious damage to myself using that knife! Man, it was good fun though!
  8. Keen to get one of these! Is there any chance a civil version is coming?
  9. Looks very nice on the sprues! At the risk of appearing ignorant and uninformed, are these moldings all KP's or are they somehow related to Airfix or Special Hobby?
  10. Another excellent NASCAR build! Right up 'til about the mid-2000's the Revell stockcar kit releases were a big part of the hobby! After that, the licensing costs (all those sponsors wanting to be paid royalties on kit sales) and a huge market in diecast cars seemed to knock a hole in the kit sales. Well, that's how I see it, looking back. However, I still have a tidy collection of unbuilt kits and aftermarket decals to keep me going!
  11. An amazing restoration job! Glad you kept some "before" photos to see where it has come from.
  12. Awesome work! A fine tribute to the Pearl Harbor battle.
  13. Looks great! Well done! Can someone tell me - the nose leg extension was a Navy innovation to assist take-off lift - is that correct?
  14. Really cool seeing something like this - just a little different (or a lot, depending on your view)! Would look great in a diorama of a dusty, desert compound. Great work!
  15. Fantastic! Your work on that is exemplary!
  16. There's really nothing more I can add to what's been said! This is truly scale modelling as art! My preferred scale, although I can only aspire to be in that league!
  17. Wow! A stunning result! Your brilliant work inspires me to seek out the kit - if I get anywhere near yours in quality I'll be well pleased. You definitely set the bar high on this.
  18. Another brilliant build, @russ c! Definitely some of the raciest nose art I've seen on a WW2 aircraft (and that's not a complaint)! Fantastic work.
  19. Stunning work! A most beautiful Mirage and all your building & finishing skills are evident!
  20. Well done. It convinces me that a car could have run with that livery. Keep 'em coming!
  21. Absolutely top-notch build! I can imagine the effort that went into this, especially considering the scale (all those details) and how challenging the kit was. Also, lovely to see a car from a golden age (IMHO) of F1 when the cars were beautiful.
  22. Truly outstanding! Flawless paint finish and precise details - I love it! I remember the kit review in Scale Auto Magazine when I was a subscriber. Looked excellent then and yours looks excellent now!
  23. Wow! That looks so real! Great to see how the whole Mad Max thing caught on all around the world. Extremely well done!
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