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  1. Awesome! You did the right thing to take away all the chrome! You got the the on-the-farm look spot-on. Excellent weathering and mud/dirt effects!
  2. There is probably no finer compliment than saying a finished model looks like studio photos of the real thing! That is exactly the result you have attained here! Absolutely amazing!
  3. Fantastic build! The custom paint job really sets it off! Would be right at home on one of those car restoration/customizing TV shows. Love it!
  4. Wow! A superb build (as are the other two)! Congrats on them all!
  5. An excellent build and an extremely good return to the hobby! Hope this now leads on to more builds! Welcome back to our favorite hobby.
  6. Awesome bird! The polished metal finish is perfect!
  7. Very nicely done, Mate! The type has always fascinated me - all that upfront fire power (presumably) for strafing and ground attack roles! Good to hear it was a pleasant build and outcome for you.
  8. Fantastic! While the Mozzie is exemplary, it's the figures that really give it atmosphere. Your crew figures (both seated inside and standing outside) are brilliant and demonstrate a great skill.
  9. That is magnificent! I was tempted to buy the kit a few times, during visits to a local hobby shop. The box was huge so I doubted being able to sneak it into the house! No way I could have done it to perfection, the way you have, so I'm probably better off without it in my stash! Absolutely beautiful!
  10. Very impressive! Your weathering/wash effects on all the paintwork make it look so convincing. Love it!
  11. Wow, that's a work of art for sure! Impressive in every way! So exactly what material are those hoses made from? They look very realistic.
  12. Wow! Looks fantastic! Well done!
  13. You've done a superb job with that! I agree it's a very aesthetically pleasing car design (from the era before aerodynamicists starting sticking winglets and strakes all over everything). Keen to see your other F1 builds when you get to them. The potted history is also much appreciated.
  14. A work of art in miniature! Superb work in every way!
  15. Excellent! You pulled off the weathered/faded paint effect superbly!
  16. Superb! I have the kit in my stash, but would be hard pressed to get a result as awesome as that! Totally well done (pun intended )!
  17. An outstanding build! Your dedication (not to mention skill) really paid off.
  18. Awesome build of a beautiful bike (love the Telefonica/Movistar livery). None of the decal problems you describe are perceivable in the photos. A brilliant outcome!
  19. First class build! Looks like the real thing to me.
  20. As a comeback to the hobby you sure did an excellent job! A very fine tribute to your late Father and an beautiful model in its own right! Well done! Let's see more! Please don't just stop with this one.
  21. Awesome Vc's! You have once again done brilliant work.
  22. Wow, you totally nailed it! Beautiful job!
  23. You did an excellent job on that! It's cool to see how you didn't let the lack of certain parts stop you from finally getting it done. Congratulations!
  24. Lovely T33! I was unaware that Italeri have the Platz tooling for this - I will keep an eye out for it in my LHS.
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