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  1. Lovely work! Something a little bit different. I don't know the aircraft well, but I'd describe it as an "undernourished Avenger".
  2. Though not really my scale (I prefer 1/72) that is a most awesome T-33! You'll get no argument from me about it being a beautiful and well-balanced plane to look at. Your build is equally as good in every way!
  3. Very nice work! Too bad about the thickness on the glazing, but you really have done a great job!
  4. Very cool! I think the look is just right for a jet based in Malaysia.
  5. Top job! The between-wars paint job and rigging are beautifully done - not to mention the cockpit!
  6. I'm very envious of the neatness and precision evident from your photos. Viewing your model conjures images of the early scenes of the BoB Movie! Excellent!
  7. Congrats on the placing - very well deserved! The camouflage & subtle weathering looks spot on!
  8. Fantastic! You could sell that to a museum with little trouble, I reckon. Well done!
  9. That is a beauty! I am enjoying how the camo scheme is contrasting with the under-wing tanks. I still marvel at this plane - super sleek, but I wonder if it was difficult to land with those stubby wings. Then again, I am no kind of expert on such matters.
  10. Looks great! I love the look of the exhaust staining on the natural metal. Beautifully done all-round!
  11. Way too good to be left on the Shelf of Doom! The finished model is excellent. I admit that the kit's door & crowbar would not be a noticeable shortcoming to my eyes.
  12. Excellent Mosquito builds! I think the silver finish adds a somewhat regal and sleek look.
  13. Absolutely superb! Makes my efforts on the Airfix Mk.1 (3-blade version) look positively amateurish!
  14. Man, that looks excellent! The cockpit detail is awesome; and takes great advantage of the expansive greenhouse. Your attention to the u/c details is also very cool. Quite an advanced looking plane (I think) for the time!
  15. Great work! I believe most modelers recommend the Tamiya kit in this scale, so I wonder what your opinion of the Hasegawa kit is/was. And where would the latest Airfix kit fit in that picture?
  16. Well done, Mate! Must have been interesting to build 4 different kits of more-or-less the same plane. I am not an expert in FW-190 variant recognition, but I'm guessing the AIrfix D-9 is the "10" in the last two of your pics. I won't hazard a guess at the identities of the "11", "4" and "5". Congratulation on taking the 2nd place.
  17. That's an awesome looking Plymouth! I love the extra details on the motor! The slightly dirty/dusty look is very authentic too. At first, I thought your post title was saying, "Doh!" Then the penny dropped. Anyway, that's a brilliant model.
  18. Beautiful! Pretty scary subject for getting the decals right, but you have nailed it!
  19. An excellent build! I have only recently become acquainted with the Beemax range and they look like highly desirable kits and subjects.
  20. Cool, Mate! The back tattoo on the surfer dude is a touch of "new millennium creativity"!
  21. Brilliant model, Man! I'm not a Porsche expert, so I didn't know a colour like that existed in their catalogue. It looks surprisingly good - although colour choice for a new Porsche is a dilemma I'm never going to have!
  22. Absolutely brilliant! I have always preferred the Emil type, but your build has so much character and realism, I might just change my mind. Your skills (especially weathering & staining) are beyond question in my view!
  23. What a beauty! Reminds me of the outrageous Monogram hotrod/custom kits of my young days - Barris and/or Daniels designs (IIRC). Loved those kits, but they were a bit pricey for an Aussie kid on pocket money! Thanks for presenting this fine work!
  24. Excellent models! I recall efforts to make a card model of a Tyrell F1 when I was a lad (the early 70's). Needless to say it was less than successful - unlike that Peugeot! Most impressive!
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