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  1. Damn distinguished, both your appearence and the stash! Alas when I grow my full beard the only thing you can see of my face is a pair of beady eyes peering out of a mibile hedge, thus my moniker. DennisTheBear
  2. A2 cutting mat, Humbrol Met 27001 and Met 191, Revell Matt 56. AZ 1/72 Bell X-2 "Starbuster" 6675 (AZ 7681). DennisTheBear
  3. @dogsbody gotta ask. Do you still rock that awesome 'stache? DennisTheAweful'stache
  4. The RAAF used Tiger Moths in northern Australia and New Guinea which would cover conditions from "oh my god its hot and dry/damp" to "oh my god its even hotter and drier/drenching wet than it was 10 minutes ago". Not to mention the many record breaking flights made by its older brother the Gypsy Moth. I really don't think the conditions in North Africa would have been a bar to it flying in the MTO.
  5. BNA are pretty good. Any time I've ordered from them they've been brilliant. The only downside is SWMBO doesn't let me order very often. DennisThe(Oz)Bear
  6. Thread bump. Would really like to see a new Connie. DennisTheBear
  7. Wow! Completely WOW! Since I don't know how big the real thing is to divide by 4 can you tell me how big it is? DennisTheBear
  8. Welcome Dave! You've started the new year by joining in with a bunch of incredibally talented (not me), amazingly knowlegable (again, not me), enthusiastic (ohhh, I qualify), and sometimes grumpy (look at that, 2 out of four) modellers! No matter what you build you'll find not only inspiration but encouragement from everyone here!!! DennisThe(Antipodean)Bear
  9. This kit was the first multi-engine aircraft I built some time in the early '80s (followed quickly by the Airfix Sunderland and Catalina) so I've read through this thread with nostalgia pouring out of me. Be really interested in watching the completion. DennisTheBear
  10. I would buy one, but only if the price includes a shed to display it in. DennisTheBear
  11. Nobody would have put money on Australia buying a French fighter either. DennisTheBear
  12. Well, in 1971 it had the rego under the wings, VH under the starboard and DIN under port. https://www.airhistory.net/photo/7070/VH-DIN DennisTheBear
  13. Welcome to the forums from the Antipodes Sophie! (Archaeology, eh. I trained in it but never worked in it after graduation.) You'll find everyone on BM to be supportive, helpful, and slightly demented.....um, ah, enthused by all things modelly. Seriously the depth of knowledge on this site is, in the proper sense of tbe word, awesome. DennisTheBear
  14. Airfix 1/144 Handley Page HP.42 (recent re-release)
  15. Hmm, I might (empasis on might) be able to do it myself. Since I'm also planning on converting the old Airfix 1/72 Avro Anson to a civil converted airliner (Townsville and Country Airways, of which I've found a total of 2 photos with only 1 showing the company name on the aircraft) I would like them printed in one go. Haven't tried designing before but I can take my time to either get there or realise I'm hopeless at it. If I need help I'll let you know. DennisTheBear
  16. @wallyinoz Thanks for that mate, it'll help enormously in getting things in order to start. Building in the One True Scale makes some things easier and some things more difficult such as hairy stick painting the fuselage. That is going to take some thought as to masking. On a related note while flying up to TSV I was thinking about why these earlier aviators were (and still are) lauded for their acheivments. While flying through severe weather was and is dangerous in small aircraft, that could not be the whole of it. I'll put some more thoughts on this in this thread later as I need to attend to my daughter's rather more prosaic shoe addiction. DennisTheBear (not sitting in a forest)
  17. Good <please select> morning/afternoon/evening/very very a.m fellow BMers. As the title suggests I'm looking for info on colours for Maude Bonney's DH-60G. If there is already a thread on this please point me in the right direction. From the few available images I've seen I would say the wings and tail surfaces were silver. So what were the two fuselage colours and the cheatline, and registration? Also does anyone know if any modifications were done for her flight to England in 1933? Making this a future build as I now live not too far from Archerfield Airport. I have the old Frog 1/72 kit as a basis, and no I won't be buying a newer kit or aftermarket. Any information is greatly appreciated. DennisTheBear
  18. I'm a mobile phone technician with a large company (started learning that in my early 50s) and was getting bad headaches and nausea which turned out to be from tilting my head too far for too long. My wife suggested I lower my chair and that really did help, along with locking the chair level. I still tilt my head but not as far. Also regularly getting up, stretching, and a short walk help. DennisTheBear
  19. Australia's 1929 Federal election sees Labor form a majority government with 46 out of 75 seats. Radical Left elements of the party push for close ties with the Soviet Union. As a result Australia ends up licence building Polikarpov I-15 & I-16 fighters for the newly renamed Australian People's Air Force. If that counts I'm in! DennisTheBear
  20. I seem to remember that the toilet (no Elsan in this British aeronautical marvel) was finished in tasteful fashion but can't rember if it was lime green grushed velvet or a delicate pink died shag pile. DennisTheBear
  21. A sad state of affsirs for historical modellers that is. DennisTheBear
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