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  1. Hallo Roman, die Russen haben Ihre eigenen Farben an den Frontschleusen hinzugefügt...
  2. Hello every body, here I want to show you my recent build. its the 48scale Bell P-39Q from eduard in russian markings. Hope you enjoy the pics...
  3. Yes, the Kit is with resin Parts Its a typical Hase Kit. You have to work a little bit on the corrections but its not that bad.
  4. Thanky you very much for your kind word’s, i am very happy that you like it.
  5. Hello every body, here I want to show you another scale model from my "production" Its the eduard (ex hasegawa) Typhoon Mk.Ib in 1:48 Hope you like it!
  6. Once again, Thank you all! @Jens: I used- Gunze aqueous colors RLM 70, 82 and H310 for the upper and RLM 76 for the lower side.
  7. Thank you very much for your posts! @Toryu: Danke für die Hilfe! @GRK: no they are from the box, the 11 is from the decalsheet also. But I used the 1 from 10 four times
  8. Hi every body, this will be my last post for ´19. Its the Fw190A-4 Würger of Anton Döbele, one member of Walter Nowotnys Devils Chain "Teufelskette". Hope you will enjoy!
  9. Thanks again to all. I am very happy that you like my model(s). The antenna was made of a material like rubber (you use it for nylon sox). Then i add some Q-Tip and the cones are 1:72 Gunbarrels from lancaster gunner area.
  10. Thank you guys, I found this picture from the real one in the www
  11. Hello again, after my last F-2 in 2013 I wanted to build one again, this time the version F-4 from eduard in the colors of III/JG3, piloted by Leutnant Heinrich Graf von Einsiedel. The Kit was fantastic to built, I used no aftermarkt products and also took the Kit parts to create that nice model. I love eastern front colors! MY next post here will show that again
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