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  1. Well, there's always a bit of dirt on the tyres, even just being wheeled through the pitlane. Thank you for your comment. Some might say my ridiculous attention to detail is a bit OCD. Have you posted any photos of your F189? It's a Modeler's resin/white metal and photoetch production, pretty rare, I think. Don't forget, photos can be deceptive...
  2. Ah, ok. I wasn't quite sure what you meant. I am currently experimenting with printing my own decal sets after disappointment with various 'suppliers' with accuracy (incorrect fonts, sizes, colours etc). I'm not sure it will be commercially viable as they would certainly be 'one offs'.
  3. Can you define "...decals have broken off..." in your original post? Are they just missing or destroyed?
  4. Thanks for those encouraging words CrazyCrank. And a very big thank you for the reference photos, kind of you. My ignorance though is highlighted, I've been interested/loved cars and motorsport most of my 60 (odd) years but still cannot necessarily name the various components like you do, I only have a rough idea.
  5. Another subject I've been working on for some time. Scratch work doesn't come easily to me and takes me forever. I'll pore over reference material for hours on end as an excuse not to perform any physical work. So cutting away a small element because it doesn't quite fit in with my sense of authenticity can be very dangerous! It is hugely satisfying though in the long term. 66 years to the day (1st May 1955) since this car won the event. Revell 'Classic' 1/24 Mercedes 300 SLR 1955 Mille Miglia worki in progress
  6. I'm always impressed with scratch work and I'm with you on your ALL for the sake of authenticity. You work on this engine block is exemplary. I've been doing a similar subject, Moss's 300 SLR 1955 Mille Miglia (coincidentally exactly 66 years to the day of his victory) but no where near your standard.
  7. Malc. The measurement I get with my digital callipers (absolutely accurate?) and visually with ruler is 95mm. That's rim to rim. I'm a bit surprised it's so bob on with no decimal point!
  8. Thanks Malc. Your comments are very encouraging, it only takes a few words to push you on doesn't it? Can you clarify, you want the distance inside the tyre?
  9. Thanks Codger. Oh don't worry, I've no intention of giving it up.
  10. Thank you Malc. Hmm, exhausts a little better but not completely resolved. Just posted a load of progress photos in Vehicle Work in progress. Look forward to your honest appraisal.
  11. Here's my first WIP. I say in progress, it's only taken approx 2 years to get to this stage, and probably 2 more to actually finish it, so don't wait with baited breath... In all honesty - it's been a bitch. The tyres/wheels aren't correct. The cockpit is not quite right (particularly where the roll hoop emerges). The engine is most certainly 'under' molded. The Heller kit decals... don't get me started (I used BestBalsaKits). The parts, not connected Re-made windshield from thin acetate sheet, sprayed with Tamiya TS smoke All rive
  12. Hello Malc. I think we have spoken before on F1M website regarding the JS11, you sent me a load of reference material which was very good of you. I'm just preparing some photos of my JS11, so far, and will post shortly in a WIP. Tony
  13. Ha, brilliant Keith. Ok, you win with a 36 year build.
  14. Thanks again Spiny, Keith and Chris. I've got a 1/12 Heller Ligier JS11 which I admit I've put an extra lot of work in but that must have been on the go for 3 years or so, a 1/12 Tamiya Honda RA273 - 5 years (?) and a 1/9 Protar Ducati Senna which has a price tag on it in pounds shillings and pence (only kidding). I'm good at starting them...
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