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  1. Hello David. Yes, that's great. I'm working on a set of decals at the moment for the 'Blower' instrument dials - and anything else - are you aware of any other items on the Bentley with graphic details? Tony
  2. The Shock absorber adjuster? I did, it's on my list too
  3. Totally agree with you David although I think 'Sir Nick' might be a little over the top even though it has a ring to it. It's refreshing to find other modellers on here who (and I hope no one takes this as insulting) are as dedicated to the truth in detail as I have become and strive for, after all, it's where the devil is!
  4. A little something mr Birkin would have been proud of...
  5. I'm with you Malc on all those. Mind you, I still think the main obstacle with both the Lotus variants is to fix the DFV engine block and gearbox.
  6. I've been test driving/building these wheels for Nick since they were delivered yesterday at 2pm. At one point I had to message Nick with my reaction, I'd previously told him I was enjoying the whole process: "I can't see how any modeller with even a modicum of interest in improving or making more authentic the basic model wouldn't thoroughly enjoy this. I'm not saying it's easy but neither is it beyond anyone with even moderate skill." The sense of achievement with the build of these wheels is tremendous. The professional and authentic look of the finished pieces will be a joy. Thanks Nick for giving me the opportunity to test the build for you.
  7. Well "every action..." as they say. Dry fitting the engine I find that it doesn't fit. Is that as a consequence of the warped mid section that I've replaced. Equally I have to say that Fujimi certainly know how to mould fine detail, just look at this end of engine block which goes up against the bulkhead and impossible to see. Some other model producers would just make do with a blank. It's out by a millimetre or so as you can see by the rear locating holes. If this isn't adjusted it will have knock on consequences for parts of the body work which attach to the outward support arms. It just needs a little shaving off the hidden engine block end so the bottom of this angled strut sits in the hole.
  8. Hello Nick (another Nick) . I'm so sorry, you must think me very rude or ignorant. I have only just seen your response. Thank you very much, that's very informative, if actually way above what my tiny little brain can accomodate. Tony
  9. I've never done a 'work in progress' before, probably because I know I am so slow and it will be tedious for any one to follow for several years. If you enjoy the long haul though, strap yourself in. The overall detail and moulding is extremely good, sharp and well defined. I've been collecting Fujimi 1/20 F1 for several years but never actually looked that close until now. I think I own all the Ferraris, don't know why, I'm not overly fond of the marque. Also heard more recently what a bad fit they are, well, we'll see. Massively disappointed then to find the first piece out of the box is... badly warped: No evidence of any other parts suffering from the same affliction. I contacted Fujimi on more than one occasion through their website http://www.fujimimokei.com/ to ask if there was any possibility of a replacement part - happy to pay, but have not received any reply to date. So, taken matters in to my own hands - how hard can it be? Hacked (carefully) out the middle section of the undertray with a razor saw and cemented (Revell Contacta) a clean piece of plasticard of appropriate thickness and as carefully measured as possible: Slightly shaped on the outside edges More to come...
  10. Hello Nick. Crikey, you make it sound so simple. Ok, I'll try and get those measurements to you - I do have a digital caliper. It would be preferable to have the pipes come from the 'collector' (if that's the right term) of each 4 end pipes. Bear with me. Seriously, are you ok to do this? Do you know what sort of cost we are talking about. Many thanks to both you and Malc for your interest and responses. I'm coming to N Wales tomorrow, visiting a friend in Conway. I used to live on Anglesey.
  11. Oh I've been through any number of wires Malc. I have some copper armature for posable figures but it's even harder to bend. I've ordered some of the 2.5mm solder as per your suggestion. Yes, I checked out @nick, wonderful stuff he's producing.
  12. Brilliant response as usual, Malc, you always make me feel better about my progress. Yes, exhausts and me... well, they just have to be right, don't they? I'm actually using 2.5mm soft aluminium wire from www.wires.co.uk, couldn't find solder wire that thick. It's quite maleable but also marks easily with pliers or any other tool so bending is not as easy as it seems. I have only this reference for the centre 'vee': Does @nick produce custom 3D parts?
  13. Now, I'm expecting someone far brighter and intelligent than myself to instantly solve this problem as I'm fully aware there are several members of this community whose modelling skills are way above my own and are rather jolly good at this sort of thing. I've been working on this model for several years (as usual!) and was never satisfied that Tamiya merely truncated the exhaust system with (uneven) straight down pipes simply 'resting' on the top of the engine block. I've pored over scores of online reference images and only in the last few months realised that the pipes actually connect to the inside of the walls of the block. However, trying to work out the bend of each pipe, in more than one plane, is far beyond the capacity of my tiny addled 'one cell at a time' brain (mind you, it appears that the chaps at Tamiya, in those early days, also had a headache with this one, as far as I can see their pipe profiles are not exactly true to the real thing). There's got to be an easier way than how I'm tackling it. So, come on you wonderful engineers, give us a glimpse of those scale drawings you've already drawn up on this subject... If I ever manage to solve the puzzle myself I'll be sure to bequeath my working progress to this wonderful institution - damn, better start making some notes.
  14. Thank you. I have the two other versions, Martini and the 'standard' red and I think they too were great looking vehicles.
  15. You can't fool me! You've been secretly producing auto models for years . Excellent work. I'm relieved to see that you also use GX112, a clear coat I've been using for some time not being a huge fan with these new fangled 'super' gloss 2 pak finishes (mainly because I can't do it).
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