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  1. Thank you ,I hope to do some more ambitious resin kits in the future
  2. I almost thought the first picture was of the real aircraft. That is a true testimony to your modelling skills!
  3. That you Moa I like those racers a lot! I have more resin racers in my stash that I will build in the future. Thank you for your kind words!
  4. Thank you It is the second resin kit I started but I botched the paint job on the other model twice... Alclad Aquaglos attacked the paint in one spot only on that model and the paint was Tamiya acryl so I never understood why that was... after decapitating the paint I broke some parts so it is in a box till I feel like tackling it again. Thank You
  5. Thank you! Indeed it is an unusual machine but that is always what attracts me with a model!
  6. Hi fellow modellers, I finally was able to finish SBS 1/48 Resin kit Caudron C.450 my first full resin kit and the fourth model I finished since coming back to the hobby. It ended almost up under my foot when on the last moment the Valleyo varnish let go on a small spot on top of the wing while I was trying to polish out the grainy appearance of that varnish. I changed for Tamiya X-22 with 50% levelling thinner and that did the trick. Euh… that means after several layers of varnish and polishing to make the spot invisible where the Valeyo varnish had let loose. The kit
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