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  1. Thank you Yes the Fury and the Nimrod must be some of the most beautifull biplanes around! Thanks Chris they came out ok!
  2. Hi here is the third part of my Nimrod build. I did not get very far because I made a mess of things on the underside and got too much into small details where I made scratch build versions of PE and 3D parts. I used slow setting CA glue to glue the body together working in small parts at a time. But I missed a beat on the front just behind the radiator. I thought that I held the part long enough but it changed position and I had a step. And just at a place littered with raised rivets of course. So, I needed to make a new part. Then I noticed on the photographs that there was a fairing behind
  3. The photographs in the instructions in the Nimrod kit are mine too I shared them with Lukasz for the development of this kit. You can see my name is mentioned on the page : Glijn Van Driessche
  4. No problem, It probably would have been better not to include those photographs since it gave a wrong impression
  5. I only closed it after I took the photographs! It closed alright but being a resin kit I will need to clean up the seams more than in a regular kit. Some details on the underside were slightly damaged or les defined and need restoring.
  6. Here is the second part of my Lukgraph Hawker Nimrod MK I build. Cockpit interior is finished now and I am ready to close the body. I added gun feeds, the cockpit hatch closing bar, the bras fire extinghuiser and many more details. For the seatbelts I used the RB Productions Sutton A Harness. Hope you like it! These parts are just put together to test, at the moment I took the photographs no glue had been applied. It
  7. I already did so and found several but it is not entirely clear if they are from WWII or WWI. That said I suppose they might look alike and I wil make one from scratch. It will look a lot better in a bras version! Thank you so much for pointing that out to me. Thank you
  8. Hello Peter glad I could help and that you can still make the necessary changes. Do you have a photograph or drawing of the fire extinguisher used on the Fury and Nimrod? i used a red one but apparently it is a modern version it should be a brass-bodied Pyrene fire extinguisher filled with Carbon Tetrachloride. I found photographs online but cannot directly make out if the ones in WWII on British planes were comparable with the thirties versions?
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