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  1. Since 1962, the United States and South Vietnam have built an air-army base in a remote valley near the Vietnam-Laos border area, which is strategically significant due to its proximity to the famous Truong Son Trail route. . In 1962, this base was first used by the Green Berets, the United States, to start reconnaissance missions into Laos. The strategic location of Khe Sanh thus caused many obstacles for the logistics from the North to the Southern battlefield. This is the first battle of the Vietnam People's Army with the cooperation contract of armored forces and infantry forces. And for the first time, the PT76 tank wich was built by Soviet was put into action. Regardless of intelligence reported that the "Viet Cong" had tanks, but the initial attack of PT-76 still shocked the US side seriously and could not take action.
  2. Thank you for the compliment Dear @noelh We understand what war is. We hate war, So that in the future we will definitely not let the country go to war again. Therefore, all our weapons are only for the sake of defending our country. This 4k51 is one of those self-defense weapons
  3. The 4K51 Rubezh anti-ship launch vehicle is one of the three coastal shields of the Vietnamese Navy. When the enemy battleship approaches the Vietnamese coast for a few hundred kms, the Vietnamese Navy will "welcome" with 3 types of missiles with different ranges, forming 3 defensive layers from near and far. First, the first line of defense will be the P-35 missile of the 4K44B Redut-M complex with a range of 450 km forming a long line of defense. The second line of defense is the P-800 Yakhont supersonic anti-ship missile of the K-300P Bastion-P system, which has a range of 300 km and extremely fast speed to shoot down battleships that can pass the first line, Finally, it is 4K51 Rubezh's turn to launch with a range of 80 km that will destroy the survivors through the two heavenly strikes and attempt to near the shore. About the model: - Kit Trumpeter - 1/35 scale - Quality is good, about 1200 details. - The wheels can turn, - The rocket launcher can be swiveled and raised and lowered but the ejection tube cover for the Option die hard is closed or opened - Especially hard part carbin (I do not know how to describe it) Bellow is the finished modell after 2 weeks of my continuous implementation. Thanks for watch and Merry Christmas every one
  4. The 9K720 Iskander ( NATO reporting name SS-26 Stone) is a mobile short-range ballistic missile system produced and deployed by the Russian Federation Targets can be located not only by satellite and aircraft but also by a conventional intelligence center, by an artillery observer, or from aerial photos scanned into a computer. It is rumored that during flight it can maneuver at different altitudes and trajectories and can turn at up to 20 to 30 G to evade anti-ballistic missiles
  5. Dear Noelh. Thank you for thinking well about our country. 14 years after you first visit our country, our country is much more beautiful. and it's a pleasure to welcome you again About the tanks that crashed through the gates of the Presidential palace in Saigon are displayed in both Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi. In fact, on April 30, 1975, the 4th company attacked the Independence Palace with two tanks 843 and 390. The 843 approaching first but it was stucked on the left side door. The 390 rushed in after that and become the first tank crashed through the gates of the Presidential palace. So that our history still records that there were two tanks that crashed through the gates of the Presidential palace. Now, the 843 is displayed in Hanoi and the 390 displayed in Ho Chi Minh City
  6. Thanks you, Johnny. The camp they are attacking is nowhere
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