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  1. Thank you, all of you Dear @markmcguire25 About the green color of the canopy. My technique is just simply dilute the Tamiya X-25 (Clear Green) and spray it at long distance/.
  2. Thank you! all of You !!!! Dear @Paulo Monteiro That camourfage is the old camo. Currently, our su 27 aircraft have just been upgraded and repainted as shown below
  3. Thanks Gary! You won't have to wait too long. I prepare to upload two Big Russian war ships
  4. Thanks for all your compliments Dear @Gary Brantley i have just watch your Mig 17 Topic. I am very excited about the models of Vietnam which is made by international friends. Especially the American modellers. The camo you paint on your Mig17 is very amazing and I will definitely make one like yours
  5. M-113 armored personnel carrier, one of the most popular armored Personel Carrier (APC) armored vehicles in modern war history. Original, the Americans only assumed that the M-113 was used as a "battlefield taxi", meaning that they only brought troops to the battlefield and landed troops to attack the target. The Joint General Staff stated that Vietnam was a battlefield for infantry, not a useful place for armored forces because Vietnam had a mountainous terrain with dense forests and many swampy rivers. "burial" for these motor vehicles. However, on the battlefield of Vietnam, experience shows that infantry forces have been brought to the target, but often suffer heavy losses, mobility is limited, if out of support. of fortune. From these experiences, the United States and the Republic of Vietnam transformed the M-113 into an infantry fighting vehicle rather than a pure APC. With a 12.7 mm machine gun and two 7.62 mm machine guns firing on the side, the M-113 is like a mobile bunker, the infantry in the vehicle can fight directly instead of hiding and waiting. where new rules get off the car to fight Currently M-113 also serves the army of about 50 countries, including the Vietnam People's Army.
  6. Since 1962, the United States and South Vietnam have built an air-army base in a remote valley near the Vietnam-Laos border area, which is strategically significant due to its proximity to the famous Truong Son Trail route. . In 1962, this base was first used by the Green Berets, the United States, to start reconnaissance missions into Laos. The strategic location of Khe Sanh thus caused many obstacles for the logistics from the North to the Southern battlefield. This is the first battle of the Vietnam People's Army with the cooperation contract of armored forces and infantry forces. And for the first time, the PT76 tank wich was built by Soviet was put into action. Regardless of intelligence reported that the "Viet Cong" had tanks, but the initial attack of PT-76 still shocked the US side seriously and could not take action.
  7. Thank you for the compliment Dear @noelh We understand what war is. We hate war, So that in the future we will definitely not let the country go to war again. Therefore, all our weapons are only for the sake of defending our country. This 4k51 is one of those self-defense weapons
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