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  1. Thank you ! The pain i use was Mr Color product. - The upper Hull color is C308 + C305 (3:1) - The Deck is Orange and preshad by Flat Red.
  2. Thank You ! all of you ! Dear @APA . Yes it is ! the slogans is hand painted. But it was not too difficuft as you think. With this white weater pen as picture below. The hand paint will be very easy.
  3. Dear Phil . It's mean : " Either fly low or high will not escape (Die) " and : " Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom" Thank you!
  4. Thank you for the compliment ! Dear Bitzer and Adm Lord De Univers. I really appreciate it. As for the effects of the ship, and i must emphasise that i'm not denying your idea, but it's just that in some situations, American battleships can go on for a long period on the sea so such streak marks can still happen (Like the picture below). Of course however, once it reaches the port the maintenance crew would immediately get to work, thus the effect will be less visible. So in my perspective i'm trying to depict it as its worse condition in order to bring out the model
  5. Thank you for the compliment ! I know that I should use the number 901. But the kit is not have the 901 decal, neither is the pitot. But I really like this color tone so I have to accept it.
  6. Three-wheeled cross-country truck Kraz-255B - payload 7.5 tons, maximum towing about 18.0 tons. - Using diesel engine capacity of 240 horsepower, maximum speed 71 km / h. KrAZ-255B is associated with the victories of the heroic Transport Squad in the war. Currently still in service in the Viet Nam people's army Thanks for watch
  7. Although tanks and crawler armored vehicles can move well on any terrain, but on civil roads, the tracks of tanks can cause major road damage. In addition, letting the tank move on its own over long distances causes unnecessary fuel consumption. And of course, with tanks that cannot move on their own due to malfunction, a means of transport is necessary. Therefore, using a tank tank is the best solution. Maz 537 was built in the 1960s by the truck company MAZ, is the oldest tanker still operating widely in the world. Although built for a long time, it is still capable of transporting modern
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