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  1. Three-wheeled cross-country truck Kraz-255B - payload 7.5 tons, maximum towing about 18.0 tons. - Using diesel engine capacity of 240 horsepower, maximum speed 71 km / h. KrAZ-255B is associated with the victories of the heroic Transport Squad in the war. Currently still in service in the Viet Nam people's army Thanks for watch
  2. Although tanks and crawler armored vehicles can move well on any terrain, but on civil roads, the tracks of tanks can cause major road damage. In addition, letting the tank move on its own over long distances causes unnecessary fuel consumption. And of course, with tanks that cannot move on their own due to malfunction, a means of transport is necessary. Therefore, using a tank tank is the best solution. Maz 537 was built in the 1960s by the truck company MAZ, is the oldest tanker still operating widely in the world. Although built for a long time, it is still capable of transporting modern
  3. Thank you, all of you Dear @markmcguire25 About the green color of the canopy. My technique is just simply dilute the Tamiya X-25 (Clear Green) and spray it at long distance/.
  4. Thank you! all of You !!!! Dear @Paulo Monteiro That camourfage is the old camo. Currently, our su 27 aircraft have just been upgraded and repainted as shown below
  5. Thanks Gary! You won't have to wait too long. I prepare to upload two Big Russian war ships
  6. Thanks for all your compliments Dear @Gary Brantley i have just watch your Mig 17 Topic. I am very excited about the models of Vietnam which is made by international friends. Especially the American modellers. The camo you paint on your Mig17 is very amazing and I will definitely make one like yours
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