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  1. Thanks for the advice, I'll pay attention to those tips next time.
  2. Thank you! About the underside of chassis. I had bought this iskhander to my customer. So that i can't give you any more picture. I have build Maz 537. So i can tell you. The chassis of Maz 537 is simpler and not as detailed as the Iskhander.
  3. @vytautas The color i use was Bright Sliver (Mr Color- Lacquare). I think you are right about the primer. I used Surface 500 for all model. Next time i will use Surface 1500 (có độ nhám thấp hơn nhiều so với Surface 500) for the metallic color. Thanks for advices!
  4. Thank you! I don't understand that. why my bright sliver color turns like this after a while of painting. maybe I should replace it with metal parts.
  5. Hi guys Today I present to you a rather old Skif kit, which I have kept for more than 10 years. I finished it within 5 days. On the other hand. I recorded the painting and weathering process with the video below, thanks for watching and have a good day
  6. @Geo1966 Thanks ! It's took me about 1 month to finish them
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