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  1. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this nice masterpiece you showed us here!!! Think you have got the right flavor of the patched subject you depicted here, think the painting stage was highly laborious and also very enjoyable as you did it. I liked the way the bird looks, and even though is a rara avis reflects all the feeling the people rushed many of their aircrafts towards battle again. I liked a huge lot the soft and very well done weathering here, there and everywhere possible. That nice job invites me to try my hand in my current build subjects. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  2. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Really happy with your wonderful results, so think this last year, on the contrary with many people I have spoke about, wasn't one to forget to you. Nice builds that I enjoyed at all in every post, nice talkings and wonderful sources of inspiration. Thank you very much for that!!! The one who have been always grateful to you it's me, because watching those magnificent works you have done, I was keeping in any way making some progress in buildings that have been stuck since a long time ago, for sure inthie new year will be a nice production for me too, as have advanced a huge lot of models, simple model kits not as complicated or as modern like yours, but for some place one has to start. Hope soon can be sharing something here, so stay tuned and don't lose faith!!! Keep on modeling and have a nice new year and thank you very much for sharing!!! cheers, Luis Alfonso
  3. Hi My Dear Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for your new masterpiece!!! Wonderful combination of colors and weathering technique, really I have been thinking you have got a high degree of mastering many of the techniques of our highly cherished hobby. As always a true beauty...it's always a great joy to watch your nice works as a source of inspiration!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  4. Hi My Friend Roman!!!! Congratulations for this last masterpiece you sowed here to us!!! Think you have taken the nice right measurement for this little beauty, as the build here reflects nothing more than you are very comfortable building this nice gem of a kit, was enjoying the nice colors used, the wonderful weathering and the great overall appearance of the finished product. Think you were really enjoying the whole process from unbox the kit until this stage as finished build. Don't lose the feeling and Keep on and go ahead with the next please!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  5. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations again for this new build!!! Seem you got a nice Naturale Metal Silver finishes Fever, and really like what I am watching from your bench in these last builds you have shared. In this case, like a nice colour combination in all the bird, the scheme maybe would look simple for many but for me, is great. Without a doubt, a really great effort in this great build. Thank you very much for sharing. Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  6. Hi My friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this wonderful!! Really have enjoyed your wonderful pics and really do justice to the build in all its extension. Love the way you treated the metallic surfaces and the lovely way you did the Invasion Stripes in this one. I was thinking in do one of this birds in french markings as remember have had more than one from the at that time cheapest NOVO brand, BTW a kit very elusive to me. Think I love to go back in time buying those antiques I have the chance to revisit my life and one of these days will show you something nice, at least forme,not as detailed as yours but with all my knowledge and effort as were thiose days builds. Keep on my friend!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  7. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Superb build as always, great work and wonderful weathering, like a huge lot. Maybe one day will get a nice AZ bird as there arevery scarce in this side of the pond and follow all your great samples to finish with.a nice decent kit. Thank you very.much for sharing! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  8. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Have watched this new masterpiece and really have enjoyed what you have done with this little gem of a kit. There are some people who say many things in favor and against this particular kit, but in any way, I think you did justice with the wonderful job in it. Congratulations for the nice looking job, liked a huge lot the weather and how it turned, and the very well-chosen accessories you have used here, just to enhance the kit’s appeal and also the great workmanship you displayed here together with the colors used and the overall finished job. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  9. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Have watched carefully this build and really watch that you have mastered The Beast!!! Congratulations for your wonderful results and the choice of paint scheme made this bird looks resplendent and exuding a great air of freshness and appearance. I liked a huge lot the way you have detailed the bird and the carefully weather you have used in this nice build. I want to remember you that “Not all that is bright is gold and not all that is red is blood”, so this kit is TOTALLY a new approach of modeling to you, and really think that for being your first effort in the resin complete kit that you have built, you succeed in every front. Maybe the kit has some problems as you have related, really think all the kits, being them mainstream, vacform or resin have them, BUT is in the “Art of being a Real Modeler” the dexterity and knowledge to master very challenge each kit gives and feel confident about what is coming next with the lessons learned in the previous build for the next. Keep on my friend and go for another resin subject, better if go after an aircraft subject!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  10. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Nice to watch this little kit well built and nice finished. Congratulations for this new gem added to your nice shelves of russian aviation!!! Think the kit itself has a lot of detail and you have extracted all to be seen, the nice paint job and soft weather enhances the model details and the technique used in the paint looks nice. All that brand kits here are like very difficult to get but while, in the stash I have two poor old ZTS kits that in truth could have nothing to see with yours, but as is what I have those fill the gap admirably in the stash... and hope one day in the shelves in the two versions the kit has. Obviously, I know those are not the same quality of yours but with 40% of good I would get compared with your nice build, I will be more than happy!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  11. Hi again My Friend Roman!!! Is a little surprise to watch this little gem transformed in a wonderful build. Congratulations for this tiny masterpiece you have added to your always growing collection of vehicles!!! I liked a huge lot how this one turned, was wondering how difficult would be to build so big vehicles in a smallest scale like this one, for sure soon will look about, as have found some Old Airfix antiques in my stash, leftovers of the time I was thinking in build AFV and others, but for sure, following your nice samples will turn not as wonderful as yours but at least 40% and will be happy with that. Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  12. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for another masterpiece you have added!!! Seem this year you will surpass the previous mark you got, apart of being very prolific you also went out with nice builds of nice subjects in all. I liked how this one turned, for sure the model is not so easy as to open the box and starts to glue parts…the nice paint dress, the colors you chose and additionally the nice weathering you have done are perfect. Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  13. Hi Paul and Excess: I had the Mig 27 sealed and a friend and modeling pal has offered me this kit. I have watched a long time ago the Zvezda kit once in the Hobby Shop but was not attracted by this one. For sure as was the only Mig missing in my stash will get this one to fill the gap. Thank you very much for sharing!! Cheers!!!
  14. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this great build My Friend !!! Here you were in your sauce too!!! Think personally that seem you have picked the bread right out from the oven and still hot enjoyed it, you didn’t waited to be cold and hard…just have gotten a great meal right out from the kitchen preps… Is nice to enjoy a really great kit and obviously a one that was highly expected as this one!!!... Think that right in the same moment when you heard the kit will be produced and launched into the market, you started to “study” the lessons and do your homework to get the kit right the same day you got it, left aside the current builds and defined the right route to success with this one. Many of us do the same BUT the difference between you and all the others (especially as me), is that you finish the builds… Like a huge lot the “class of Luftwaffe 109 Builds” you have made here, you have studied all the recent news that appeared recently surrounding this variant and did a great masterwork in a nice job, combined the colors very well and the weathering effect is great. For sure, we will expect many more of the same kit soon, so Keep on my friend and go ahead!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  15. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this one Sir!!! Is nice to watch a wonderful masterpiece you have added to your shelves, think you build wonderful but you are a true “expert” with the Russian aircraft builds. Like a huge lot the way you have combined the colors and the nice light weathering effect you have obtained with this nice subject. ALSO, is a great thing to watch the enthusiastic comments of all the crew that liked your build, and reminds with each subject about all that stuff that is dormant in our stash, one of these days for sure will resurrect them. Keep on my friend!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
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