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  1. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this new Masterpiece you have added to the shelves!!! Have watched this bird and was thinking that you have been feeling nicely out of your comfort zone, as all the non-German related builds look great. In this one I liked a huge lot the way the paint looks and the fine weathering you have applied, all the build appearance is great. I am thinking in add one to the stash as my country’s air force had one used by the transport service becoming the very first Cessna aircraft in the inventory. BTW, Have you chosen the next subject??? Keep on an go ahead with this nice builds Man!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  2. Congratulations for this pair of Wonderful build Friend!!! I am back to modeling and have some fifteen kits ready to paint, ones since some years ago, others from recent times, have cleaned my simple Badger 350 airbrush and have got another modeler offer to buy an old Thomas compressor, have been cleaning and conditioning a nice space to set the bench, and after a long time watching all those models will follow your path trying to finish many of them ASAP and for first time since I got membership here will be soon posting my very first build. Thank you very much for the inspiration and the joy to watch your work. Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  3. Hi My Friend Roman: Congratulations for this new masterpiece to shine in your shelves!!! This subject detail is impressive and the way you have handled it was very good, taking all the beauty this kit can be extracted by an expert. Like a huge lot the paint job you have done and the overall details like the beautiful ladder you have added and the other things. The paint job is superb and the soft weathering process really well done. Nice to watch unusual subjects from your bench, was wondering which one would you be picking up from the stash to make us thinking in go modeling your way. Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  4. Hi Uncle Mario!!! Was remembering this voluntary build and how far we were from these modern times we are living. Hope all is going very well and always thank you very.much for those wonderful builds you did dealing FAG subjects!!!! Keep on modeling and see how far can we go this time!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso.
  5. Hi My Friend Roman: Congratulations for this Majestic job!!!. Was watching this build and enjoying all the work you did here...Simply Fantastic!!! Seem this year is very special as the line of not common subjects -at least for you- from your workshop continue emerging at a nice great pace. Congratulations for that too. Which subject Will be coming from this time???....Take advantage of the time and go ahead with the chances to produce as the time, for people like you, is now. Keep on and enjoy the time, all in between its possible for sure are enjoying it as each one can!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso.
  6. Hi My Dear Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this little masterpiece you added to your nice Regia Aeronautica Shelf. Nice job in all departments but highly Commendable in the paint and weathering jobs. A true gem of a build. When I try Regia Aeronautica subjects for sure the first person I Will call you for reference, will be you!!! Thank you very much for sharing. Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  7. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Watching carefully this build and knowing which class of kit this subject is, there is only two words to say about your build: Impressive and Phantastic!!! You have done a true miracle mastering and transforming with patience and highest modeling skills all that difficult kit in a true nice built model. Unfortunately my skills are well behind yours but looking your job, maybe one of these days Will try to replicate your job. Thank you very.much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  8. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for the job you have done with this beauty!!! This build is a nice surprise to me as is out of your wonderful comfort zone normal prop kits. Really was watching the job and can say you have done a perfect wonderful job here with.This old but beautiful kit. Have in stash one old Lindbergh kit as two engine variant and two of the DML four engined variant that came to me given by a modeler going out of the hobby at very cheap price...seem nobody here wanted it but the two engine variant is the most popular, but will look what to do one of these days thanks to inspirational builds like this one you.displayed here... Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  9. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this new Masterpiece!!! Have seen you have returned back to your more natural subjects and was wondering which kit have you used this time as there are a nicest details in all the build...until I read the headliner saying it is the Fine Molds bird...really liked a huge lot!!! Have watched the nice craftsmanship you had put in this build and seem you got back with renewed energy, seem the quarantine is making good time for modeling to you. Keep on and go modeling!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  10. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Nice to watch this impressive Black Widow...Congratulations for this nice masterpiece!!! Have watched the nice way how this kit was built and contrast with some appreciations about this kit I have heard about the difficult to put it together, but seem you have had no difficult to complete the build as usual. The only thing that surprises me, is that as you have been always a little out from the mainly Me 109's and british subjects, with Mustang exceptions in your shelves, that you have took this subject, but anyway, have performed brilliant with it. Was wondering something like...what about other so rare, for your modelling preferences, kits to show us???? Keep on and go modeling as more as you can, and keep our tastes well sweetened with every build you can show here. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  11. Mmmmm... OK Sir, just say the Magic Words...Which Version????
  12. Well, you've got it, then you'll take it away...have been looking for a nice collection of Tomahawks, Warhawks, Lightnings, Airacobras, King Cobras, Mustangs and Thunderbolts from all Central American Air Forces... so better if will be looking around in your Eldorado Stash Place-EDSP- what you can have and get ready, because as soon the collection is ready will be shared with you to start, as a squared flag, the run for the most nice and fine collection of warbirds and as nicely you said:Kempen will be turned in the most beautiful wardbird capital city here in the deep heart of Central America!!! Keep on and Go ahead!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  13. Hi Uncle Mario!!! Congratulations for this wonderful pair added to your masterpiece shelves!!! I have watched the nice finish of both birds and realty enjoyed the great result you have obtained after this lengthy build with all that mishaps and progresses, all the very best result of the idea in the wonderful Kempen AFB landscape!!!. Really I watch you have captured the real feeling of both builds and now that you have enjoyed piston props from central America, what about a nice Guatemalan FAG Mustang??? Or better, what about a nice collection of Central American Mustangs from Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rican birds???... Without a doubt it would be a nice power force together in one place. Thank you ve5y much for sharing, Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  14. Hi Uncle Mario!!!! Congratulations for your wonderful build!!! Just a fine build of this little kit, without a doubt you really know how to take the very best of any model to change the poor raw material into a masterpiece. I thought the Mistercraft kit has had a bathtub and nice seat but seem is a copy of the old but nice KP kit with just engraved detailed surfaces, so was thinking in take the tools and go ahead with my old kit. Have watched there are many Pakistan Air Force camouflage patterns to choose and getting a little inspiration would be a nice addition to my small built kits collection. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  15. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this nice masterpiece you showed us here!!! Think you have got the right flavor of the patched subject you depicted here, think the painting stage was highly laborious and also very enjoyable as you did it. I liked the way the bird looks, and even though is a rara avis reflects all the feeling the people rushed many of their aircrafts towards battle again. I liked a huge lot the soft and very well done weathering here, there and everywhere possible. That nice job invites me to try my hand in my current build subjects. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
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