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  1. Luis Alfonso

    1/72 KORA Focke Wulf Fw-190 F9 "Panzerblitz"

    Hi My Dear Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this new build you share with us!!! For me, the word to describe this one, is IMPRESSIVE!!! Have watched your delicate job in this materpiece and think the model is wonderful but very demanding in construction with that all parts peculiar to this version. I have been looking with enough time for the details of the build, particularly the rocket installation and the engine fan....really impressive the way you have handled the parts and how you put exactly in its place. Also liked a lot the way you have finished this bird with this colorful Cammo and the light weathering you have done there where is necessary to give life to the build. Really an impressive build to follow as hoe to deal with kits like this one. Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  2. Luis Alfonso

    1/72 Esci F-8H PAF

    Hi Paul!!! Thank you very much for your kind answer, would you be so kind to tell me how I can do to know your decals sheets available for sell, look and buy them??? Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  3. Luis Alfonso

    Contrail Blackburn Botha

    Hi Neil!!! Congratulations for this great vac build!!! You are so fortunate to have this one and had taken the great chance to make a masterpiece with her. It's nice and highly inspiring to take something vac and get some of your magic and have a go with a kit. Would you be so kind to share the link to the WIP???...seem an interesting work to be taken and enjoyed. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  4. Hi Uncle Mario!!! Just look for this ones in the Squadron Book Gunships, and think the In Action title has something about this ones. Also, you can try here: http://www.theaviationzone.com/factsheets/ac123.asp https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/aircraft/ac-123.ht Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  5. Hey Uncle Mario!!! Look...stay tuned as your faith will be restored completely soon!!! Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  6. Hi Nikos!!! Have watched carefully your wonderful build, its a great build you have got with this lovely kit. I have one in my stash, and when have enough time will try as here locally there were two flying in civil guise some years ago. Thank you very much for sharing this beauty!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  7. Luis Alfonso

    1/72 AZ Model (ex Heller) Potez 540 Transport

    Hi My Dear Friend Jerzy!!! I'm happy to know about you too!!! Hope soon you can have a go to your POTEZ, as always any one of your projects look interesting to watch and admire!!! Have been deling with many things here but hope to stay here looking as time permits. All things had been well here where I live, only dust and sand to worry about. Thank you very much for asking. Soon will send you a mail as have some questions about the PZL P37 LOS... have been thinking in build this one and think your expertise can be very useful in this case. Also have been looking for an AVIA B135 in this side of the pond but found a KP kit cheaper here locally and think it must be easy for me to deal with this oldie as you have done with yours. Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  8. Luis Alfonso

    1/72 Esci F-8H PAF

    Hi Paul!!! Congratulations for this Wonderful build !!! The homework was well done, as the reshaping of the nose and nose cone is a must for this one. Liked a lot the subdued shades of the panel lines and really is a nice masterpiece. Hope to follow your steps soon. Was wondering which Decals have you used for this great build??? Thank you very much for sharing!! Cheers. Luis Alfonso
  9. Luis Alfonso

    1/72 AZ Model (ex Heller) Potez 540 Transport

    Hi My Dear Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this great gem you have done with this CLASSIC kit!!! C'est Magnifique!!! I remember this is a highly demanding kit and have watched along procession of modelers here that left aside this great kit because the patience were the most scarce virtue to build a kit like this one. I have watched one that was going from hand to hand until a guy that was so partience and invested a lot of love and care in the build ended one. You are the second I watched and believe has the same values invested in the build. I liked the colors you have used and the way she looks resplendent, for sure will be a show stopper and a build that make smile more than one in any contest or show with this Best in Show!!! For sure, will be looking for the detailed build report that will be featured in an upcoming edition of Scale Aviation Modeller International, for sure the time you have invested in her is very well invested and the guys at SAMI will be ore than happy with this nice masterpiece gracing their magazine pages!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  10. Hi Russ!!!> Thank you very much for the info shared here. Will look for the book you cited, as think have many more info and good pics never watched from other nice aircraft from the Flying Dragons. Will check again for the pic I watched as I remember there is saying something about Texans going back to States. The Squadron In Action Book I have doesn't has any Vietnamese Air Force Pic , but will check again. Also, will check for the UTAD library for Laotian Air Force info and BTW, if you have some info to share about them will be highly appreciated My Friend!!! Thank you very much for your kindness, info sharing and help. Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  11. Luis Alfonso

    Spitfire Mk.Vb Malta Defender!

    Hi Darren!!! Will look in depth for a build, will look which kit of the stash fits and some decals and after will go for a nice build. Thank you very much for the colour recipe and for your kindness and help!!! Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  12. Hi Uncle Mario!!! Seem the Unconventional Production Facility will give many more results than the former ones...Also continue praying hard, need some extra support to deal with all the things here... Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  13. Luis Alfonso

    1/72 AZ Model Mustang III 'Dorsal Fin'

    Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this wonderful masterpiece. I have been watching the bird carefully and is a good companion for Dooleybird, your previous North American Pony. Liked a huge lot the way how the shades of silver and aluminum goes in this one and the weather you used. Seem will have to make you a detailed interview about the use of those wonderful Alclad colours and how it can be used. Also, BTW the Paper Fuel Tanks gives the kit a very different and distinguished air and presence, maybe ¡f you plan another of this type build, you can do one with the normal tanks and in another dress, maybe a camouflaged one. Wish you success in the SAMI article and for sure, those guys will be grateful to have you in their roster to increase sales and readers poll!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  14. Hi Russ!!! Congratulations for this wonderful build!!! I have been looking for this aircraft info in VNAF but seem a little obscure and had only the curiosity because looking a pic in the Squadron VNAF History book found a pic of a T-28's Line up and in far away the flight line have been watching some T-6 but think it's a pity there are no pictures of this interesting aircraft there. Would you be so kind to tell where one can find some more info about this bird in VNAF service...quantity, uses, and other useful info??? Thank you very much in advance and thank you very much for sharing. Cheers, Luis Alfonso.
  15. Luis Alfonso

    Hasegawa Northrop T-38A Talon

    Congratulations for this Wonderful build Thomas, really deserves to replicate. I always has been a T-38/F-5 fan and have some of them in my stash to be built, hope to get a litle closer as your at least in 40% and will be more than happy with the result. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso