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  1. Hi My Friend Roman!!! I have been watching for some time your work shared here...and believe you have made the dreams of many people com true with concluding with success this build. Congratulations for this new masterpiece to add to your VVS shelves!!! I liked the way you finished the kit with the add-ons yu put in it, all your effrot is at sight. Keep on and go ahead with the next!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  2. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this new masterpiece you show us here!!!! I agree with you as this beauty is a nice kit and, I don't know the Tamiya but this one is in comparison ultra cheaper as the Tamiya value is three times of Revell's. I like this kit and was thinking in use it to make one of any south american Air Frorces as those were the very last countries flying this beast, or a French one used in Algeria war. For sure an impressive aircraft. Likes a huge lot your build, a very clean and feel is a vice free build, liked a huge lot the light weathering and wonderful finish you achieved here. Was wondering if are you making any plan for a Razorback to make this one a good company??? Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso ,
  3. Hi Bill: Sorry for the mistake...I lead you to look for something wrong. Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  4. Nice this wonderful Iliad Decals Company from Canada has given attention to our Guatemalan Air Force bird, even though only one we still have in service. Seem they will sell plenty of this sheet here as we have a Revell Exclusive Representative Seller here. Thank you very much for the review!!!
  5. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Have enjoyed the article in this month's SAMI and the nice frontcover picture of this beauty!!! Keep on my friend and good luck with the new projects in the bench. Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  6. It would be a nice thing...have some Encore kits that could be corrected in... If is a new kit, it Seems you won't sleep well until this kit will be released... Keep on dreaming my friend!!! Cheers. Luis Alfonso
  7. 1,000,000 Thanks to you My Friend!!! I started to try watch which prop the Ticergat use as have two pending projects that lacks props and wanted to look for infor...and ended reading many days as my free time permitted all the thread, got my info and followed your wonderful job from start to finish. I confess I am not so capable to do a wonderful build as yours but that encouraged me to go ahead with what I have and finish some projects ( including One Monogram and one Nichimo) after a very long time sleeping the just's sleep... Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  8. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this new masterpiece!!! Really nice build indeed, have enjoyed the time invested in watching this beauty... Both, enjoying the nice job you did and taking note of details... The kit looks wonderful but seem one not for novices but for experienced builders like you, and as you advices, just to take care about the nose weight. Liked the way you have finished the bird in paint finish and weathering as your usual highest standard. Is so rare to watch one os these birds in any place in these days plagued by modern F-35, F-15, Typhoons et al... Your outstanding jwork is a nice sight refreshing build. I have One RPM and two Toko/Roden kits waiting the day but would love to build one French for my planned Indochina/Vietnam collection, and another one in Honduras Air Force as have watched one they have in the Museum in front of the Officers Club in my last trip there in 2019....Maybe one of these days get so brave to take the build from start to finish in not so much days and surpise all... Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  9. Hi Again My Friend Roman!!! You have made me have nice time admiring this gem of a build you shared here, and the time was well invested...Congratulations for this new build!!! Knowing about your work schedule in these last times, really think is a great acheivement to get a kit towards finishing line in these busy times!!!. Was watching carefully this build as was thinking I have a lot of Tempest kits in my stash as BTW, this aircraft was one of my first builds in 1/72 back in 1979 when I started my transition from 1/48 to 1/72... So, since I build the Old Revell/Lodela (Mexican made) model that came with the Three Versions Box many times to have all the versions that the manufacturer and ESCI decals have included in their sheets, have in the stash the Heller/Airfix, the Academy, Matchbox and the Frog/Novo/Zvezda kits...and seems will have to buy one of KP to compare and correct something in the others... (Sorry but have to recognize that modelers like you work better than the magazine promotionals in my mind...) Anyway, enjoyed a huge lot the comments and the job you have done and think all the quality of this build has come with the usual high standars you always deliver here. Enjoyed to watch carefully the pics. And also, agree with Sky Keg. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  10. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this new build you have pushed towards finishing line in these busy times....really a great acheivement!!!. Nice to watch this new masterpiece emerging from your prestigious Skunk Works as usual: in wonderful way and with a nice finish, nice weathering and visually in great shape. I knew only the nice Italeri/Zvezda/Revell/Bilek bubble canopy kit and has two in my stash dreaming the just's sleep until one miracle happen...and was watching your nice build deals with the earlier variant canopy... so maybe one of these days will look for one as yours and will try to emulate your nice job. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  11. Congratulations for this Wonderful build and wonderful WIP!!! Cheers!!!
  12. Hi Again My Friend Roman!!!! Have been watching this beauty....without question you have got all the essence to build Soviet aircraft and specially the Yak birds as have watched since our first encounters here... I still remember the very first post from your builds I watched was for one Yak Recon bird... but you have got evolution about the techniques and photography quality as time goes by. In this case the paint, finish and weathering as usual, nice techniques you use...maybe one of these days you could give me a nice masterclass about the way you work to understand in better way how you work to get that nice finished products. Well, this beauty is a nice inspiration source and one of these days if time permits, will try my hand with one of them. while, enjoying how you displayed the nice techniques and craftsmanship in each of your builds as this one!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  13. Hi My Dear Friend Jerzy!!!! Nice you remember this oldie, for sure I was watching one of these last days a blistered old kits and was wondering what can I do one of these days with this one... Thank you very much for that!!! Cheers Ny Friend!!! Luis Alfonso
  14. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this new masterpiece you shared here with us. Well, without a doubt you have done a wonderful job with this beautiful kit, as usual in your build highers standard. Really a dream of a model, but with your techniques a nice build and finish... so nice that I have watched this nice model and was tempted to rush for buy one... May be one of these days. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  15. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for the wonderful masterpiece you have done and show here... I liked the way you have finished this beauty, the colour combination and the way you did some fine and nice weather in some parts...a true beauty, really a gem of a build. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
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