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Luis Alfonso

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  1. Luis Alfonso

    F-16 Kits/Block questions

    Hi philbrad!!! I was wondering what can I do with a very old Hasegawa/Minicraft F-16 A, this is an ancient kit from 1976 and I have one from 1980 when was released here in this side of the pond and sold cheaper as was made by Hasegawa/Minicraft Models as the one depicted here in this link: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/minicraft-hasegawa-1110-general-dynamics-f16a--164411 So, Can you advise me what I can do and which parts can modify to get other variant than the Red/White/blue early model F-16??? ... I am planning to do an early Israeli F-16 A with this one and a IAF/DF F-16B with the early Testors/Italeri kit as this one: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/testors-683-f-16-fighting-falcon--147452 Can you help me???...Thank you very much in advance!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  2. Luis Alfonso

    Curtiss catapult couple

    Hi My Friend Jerzy!!! Congratulations for this Wonderful duo you have done!!! Liked a huge lot the way you have finished them, nice builds with soft weathering and great finishing!! Thank you very much for sharing, Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  3. Luis Alfonso

    Three amphibias: Duck, Goose, Gosling

    Hi My Friend Jerzy!!! Thank you very much, will look how it goes, Happy New Year for you, your family, your brother and family and all around you!! Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  4. Hi My Friend Jerzy!!! Thank you very much for your guides!!! I made a mistake, have found the kit has the bombs and Shackles but the instructions have not idea about the position of them but watching your nice build pics will not be difficult to do that. Also, thank you very much for the engines mods guide. Cheers and Happy New Year My Friend!!! Luis Alfonso
  5. Hi My Friend Roman!!! What a great output with high quality and wonderful subjects covered!!! Thank you very much for sharing these magnificent jewels!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  6. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this new jewel you have shared with us here!!! Seem you have done all your best to end the year with this beautiful build and really you have crowned the year in great style. I like how you have managed to go ahead with the build, liked a huge lot the way you finished the bird, the nie soft weathering and the White Face Tail Wheel you added here, simply superb!!! Thank you very much for sharing and wish you and all the BM people a Great, Wonderful and Very Happy New Year 2019 with plenty of great works to build, and we have the chance to admire and enjoy!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  7. Hi My Friend Jerzy!!! After a long long time enjoying to watch your nice build, finally four years later to this date I have got my kit in a something bizarre way...was offered some kits from one friend who is thinning his stash and was getting rid of them... He called me by phone on Tuesday offering some kits that he doesn't want to fall in bad hands...so after I told him what I wanted and he told me what he can offer...he told me this beautiful words: "I have a box with a Heller Bloch 210, you want it???"...and then on Saturday we met in McDonald's to take lunch at 7:00 A M to talk and share good time and at 11:30 we went to his car and began to extract the jewels he brought and ended with 14 new boxes that I have to pay as I can and between them came the nice model. For sure when I will build mine will ask for your great savvy advice.... BTW, the kit has no bombs, and to build one like yours was wondering which kit will be the right donor to get the bombs and shackles to make this interesting machine. Thank you very much in advance for your kind answer!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  8. Luis Alfonso

    Three amphibias: Duck, Goose, Gosling

    Hi My Friend Jerzy!!! Watching your nice builds made me think in look about the old but nice Airfix Widgeon, will look again and take note about the interior cockpit work you have done and will see one of these coming days. Merry Christmas and a wonderful time with your family there, cheers to your brother too, both of you guys are great!!! Cheers. Luis Alfonso
  9. Luis Alfonso

    1/72 Fine Molds Messerschmitt Me-410 B1

    Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this new jewel you have done here!!! I like a huge ot the way you have done this one, the great paint job and wonderful soft weather and overall appearance is great. Simply a great and wonderful result after nice time building that seem by the results you have enjoyed!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  10. Hi My Friend Jerzy!!! Thank you very much for sharing these links giving more light about Col. Juan Lario Sànchez... BTW I am looking about the Spitfire Mk IX used by him but found nothing, if just in case you know something about it please share your info. And if you can find the book in English for sure is a great reading!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  11. Luis Alfonso

    Three amphibias: Duck, Goose, Gosling

    It'a a great thing that really fill of happiness my heart to find great friends in a nice place!!! Stay tuned as soon you will watch something not unusual from my bench!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  12. Hi My Friend Jerzy!!! Congratulations for this wonderful masterpiece you have done!!! I was reading a book named HABLA UN AVIADOR DE LA REPÚBLICA = " A REPUBLICAN AVIATOR SPEAKS"...written by Juan Lario Sànchez, a Spanish Republican Aviator who reached the Soviet Union after the SCW ended in 1939 via the Concentration Camps set in France, and in his book made numerous mentions to the GRUMMAN DELFÍN or Dolphin aircraft... It's nice to know this bird by your experimented modeler and scratchbuilder hand, as the subject is highly obscure and in most cases ignored. Wonderful work!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  13. Luis Alfonso

    Three amphibias: Duck, Goose, Gosling

    Hi My Friend Jerzy!!! It's a great pleasure to watch your masterpieces again!!! We were talking with Mario about you and as both of us have lost tracking your activity. I was looking since some days ago but was looking for JRW...until tonight has watched for your name and found your well known nick..., but after all, I am happy to find you again and is nice to know by the things here you are well and continue working your usual way. Will see form the start what are you going to build here to understand better what are your goal. Thank you very much for sharing and continue making the things here at the Old Fashioned School Techniques. Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  14. Luis Alfonso

    1/72 Italeri Macchi 205

    Hi My Friend Roman!!! Thank you very much for sharing your nice discoveries, for sure more than one will replicate your great job here showed, and it will be a pleasure to try make it hoping the result will be nicer as yours!!! I was wondering if this paint scheme could be used on another Italian aircraft and if it was only confined to this colors used by yours here??? Cheers, Luis Alfonso.
  15. Luis Alfonso

    1/72 Italeri Macchi 205

    Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations!!! Think we have another masterpiece here from RomanSpecial Projects Works!!! I like the way you have handled the bird's camouflage, like a huge lot the weathering and details in this bird. Anyway, any fixings you will have to do think won't be too much difficult, so anyway even with mishaps (as you said), it does not detract from the effort and the courage to enter into a very peculiar scheme that many of us would like to imitate. It would have been nice if you could share a tutorial dealing with that job, watching this out of series for sure encourage us to think seriously go for a model like the one you present here. Maybe you can share interiorities of this camouflage, peculiarities of use, color variants and perhaps other types of aircraft where it was used. I think you're going to be a great animator at Bella Italia in 2019. Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Luis Alfonso