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  1. Hi Again My Friend Roman: Congratulations for this beautiful little Masterpiece you show us here!!! I was watching the nice details you have added to this nice build and was made me thinking about a project I have had on mind a long time dealing with some vehicles…but unfortunately had no ideas and really wanted not to go inside the Armor building techniques at that time. Maybe one of these days will go after the small kits in this scale I have and go for something wonderful getting the proper inspiration from the builds you shares here. Thank you very much for sharing!!!
  2. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this beautiful Masterpiece you show us here!!! I have watched it carefully as have one in my bench waiting for painting…really a tempting ideas came to my mind when I watched this magnificent build you have done here. Have watched the bird carefully and have liked a huge lot the way you have finished this beauty, nice done job My Friend!!! Was watching my build …but think will go for the silver British RAF Aldon as it was classified as the fastest courier aircraft they had, as even with a full Squadron of captured examples of this beautiful a
  3. Hi my Friend Roman: Congratulations for the last masterpiece you have added to the nice shelves you have!!!! Have been watching the nice job you have done here with this bird even changing parts to look for a nice rare version of the subject. Liked all the build, the nie camouflage depicted and the wonderful weathering. The technique used for the paint is great, really a nice teaching about how to get a nice finish and a not so usual paint scheme!!! Keep on my friend, Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  4. Hi my Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this beautiful masterpiece you added to your shelves!!! I was wondering which one would be your next build, and thought it would be a soviet subject...as you had time going by since the last russian build. I was watching this beauty and liked a huge lot the way you have painted it and enjoyed the way you weathered all the job but specially the metal parts underside the bird, really gives the impression of metal planks added under the structure. Really a gem of a build. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers,
  5. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this beautiful Mustang added to your masterpieces!!! This bird looks resplendent in Natural Metal Finish, and when is done properly as you did, looks better!!! Will look for the Quickboost kit you have used to watch it, maybe one day will do something like yours. Like all the work you have done in this little gem, and the colours combination with the natural metal makes this bird outstanding, and the soft weathering add a great character to the build. Thank you very much for sharing!!! Cheers, Luis Alfo
  6. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for your wonderful Mitchell bird. I have never watched before one in this wonderful colors, and like a huge lot the way you have finished it. The color mix looks impressive and the weathering great. Watching the undersides, I was making memories about a color I had been using a long time ago from the now Old, defunct and Forgotten Pactra Brand named Hot Rod Primer that was at that time recommended for tires... But think you younger guys don't know about this paint. Anyway, your build liked a huge lot and is so nice that I was thi
  7. Hi My Friend Jerzy!!! Thank you very much my dear friend!!! Will look around to watch the latest post you have shared here to watch nice good Old School Modeling at its best!! Keep on My Friend!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso
  8. Hi Tweener: Check for the Aztec Decals as they have made with some of our modeling community members two decal sheets dealing with aircraft since 1921, one of them has the P-26 ones and also Texan, Mustangs, C-47, C-45, AT-11 and other aircraft very colourful decals in 1/72 and 1/48 as this one: http://www.hobbymex.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=H&Product_Code=AZT48045&Category_Code=calcas148 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/aztec-models-72-045-quetzales--1001139 Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  9. Hi My Friend Roman: All my pleasure!!! Cheers!!! Luis Alfonso
  10. Hi Jerzy!!! It's a real pleasure to know you remember me JAJAJAJAJAJA... >Also a nice pleasure to greet you. THE LINK you have posted above is the one to follow anyone who wants to build a Guatemalan Peashooter. There are also a Silver scheme that the birds were using in the last years of service, and both of the last survivors are now in USA Museums still in flying condition. Yes, these little bird were the very first pursuit aircraft our Guatemalan Air Force had and came here by a little rare route. These aircraft were rotting in Panamá Canal Zone and one of our Ge
  11. Hi again Roman: Congratulations for the nice build you have done with this little beauty!!! Have watched the build carefully and really liked the way you gave done the job here, really a very high dexterity exercise. Liked a huge lot the way this little jewel looks in every sense, and impressed so much to me that have dug into the stash to retrieve some little kits from Airfix that by one or another reason I have preserved, and think it would be time to try my hand with them. Seem this build could be the most direct fruit of your job here. Thank you very much for sharing, C
  12. Hi My Friend Roman!!! Congratulations for this new Masterpiece you have added to the shelves!!! Have watched this bird and was thinking that you have been feeling nicely out of your comfort zone, as all the non-German related builds look great. In this one I liked a huge lot the way the paint looks and the fine weathering you have applied, all the build appearance is great. I am thinking in add one to the stash as my country’s air force had one used by the transport service becoming the very first Cessna aircraft in the inventory. BTW, Have you chosen the next subject??? Keep on an
  13. Congratulations for this pair of Wonderful build Friend!!! I am back to modeling and have some fifteen kits ready to paint, ones since some years ago, others from recent times, have cleaned my simple Badger 350 airbrush and have got another modeler offer to buy an old Thomas compressor, have been cleaning and conditioning a nice space to set the bench, and after a long time watching all those models will follow your path trying to finish many of them ASAP and for first time since I got membership here will be soon posting my very first build. Thank you very much for the inspiration and t
  14. Hi My Friend Roman: Congratulations for this new masterpiece to shine in your shelves!!! This subject detail is impressive and the way you have handled it was very good, taking all the beauty this kit can be extracted by an expert. Like a huge lot the paint job you have done and the overall details like the beautiful ladder you have added and the other things. The paint job is superb and the soft weathering process really well done. Nice to watch unusual subjects from your bench, was wondering which one would you be picking up from the stash to make us thinking in go modeling y
  15. Hi Uncle Mario!!! Was remembering this voluntary build and how far we were from these modern times we are living. Hope all is going very well and always thank you very.much for those wonderful builds you did dealing FAG subjects!!!! Keep on modeling and see how far can we go this time!!! Cheers, Luis Alfonso.
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