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  1. Oh no, it's missing! I replaced the seat with the Eduard's photoetched one, and haven't noticed until now, that it had no headrest. Will have to do something with it, great many thanks for posting this comment And thanks for all the nice comments, happy that you like it! Best regards Hubert
  2. North American F-86F Sabre "Mike's Bird", 39th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Suwon, Summer 1953, pilot Captain Charles McSwain. Mix of Academy, Print Scale and Techmod decals, wheels and cockpit details from Eduard, painted with Gunze's Super Fine Silver. The other metallic shades came from Vallejo Metal Color line. My first completion in 2020, hope you like it Best regards Hubert
  3. Well, to be true that kit is a dog. Lot of adjustments, filling and filing necessary. Patience required in gargantuan amounts. But I'm afraid no alternative if one wants a large scale Hawk on the shelf without building it from the scratch. Thanks for all your nice comments, so glad you like it Hubert
  4. Wait, it's only January 1st! You made my day Thanks!
  5. Plastic cotton buds stretched over the fire. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! It's my rendition of the Curtiss Cockpit Green.
  7. The well known and loved by all Special Hobby's kit is well worth the manufacturer's brand. Special in every aspect: quality of the molds, fit, level of details, accuracy. And isn't our hobby (inter alia) a struggle against the efforts of producers, how to do something wrong, if it could be good. So everything is all right. If you are interested in details and have strong nerves, please look for the workshop thread. The construction process was marked by numerous problems, caused by myself. First the fuselage broke twice where it was connected to the engine cowling, then after assembling the airframe and painting, I dropped it on the desk and the instrument panel inside fell off ... reinstalling it perfectly did not succeed, poor access, but I didn't want to make such a large step back and brake the fuselage into halves. Decals were too transparent, had to overpaint them. I broke one leg of the landing gear, lost one gear leg cover (the one in the front of the gear nacelle, finally I made them both of an aluminium sheet obtained from a tin of Felix peanuts), I lost the fuel filler cap too, replaced with a scratch-built one. At the end I unfortunately grabbed it with dirty fingers and the marks had to be removed ... But finally, here it is. Here it is and it proves that even with medium abilities and skills in the use of putty and file, this model can be put together. And this is probably the most important thing. Few things added: rivets, missing panel lines, modification of armament in the wings, antenna mountings on the wings, vertical stabilizer and fuselage, 0.2 mm Uschi van der Rosten antenna cables with insulators made of hygienic stick stretched over fire (does anyone use them for any other purpose, btw?), wheel well covers from CMK resin, barrels from Master. The rest - straight from the box. Painted with MRP Paints. Colors according to the AJ-Press monograph: old leaves - early US Olive Drab, young leaves - early US Medium Green, underside of wings and horizontal fins painted silver, with upper surface color over the leading edge. In combination with the orange markings (Dutch Decals DDS003 R.Netherlands East Indies Air Force) - it looks very nice and different, I think. Hope you like it :). Best regards and Happy New Year! Hubert
  8. No surprise, MRP108 & MRP110. Regular RAF colors painted on the black base. Underside is Gunze H311 as far as I can remember. That's true. Some things here are so bad, maybe even ridiculous. Too shallow cockpit with an oversized pilot seat, top of the engine cover not even similar to the original (so that I had a problem where to place the PRESTONE stencil), oversimplified undercarriage - and it is only the beginning of the list. On the other hand, nobody's perfect. Thanks for comments, glad you like it Best Hubert
  9. Hi All, This time it is the Curtiss Hawk 81-A-2, white “77” (CAF serial number P-8173), assigned to the AVG Third Squadron Leader Robert T. Smith, Kunming, China, end of January 1942. At that time, the shark maw had a black border, white teeth, and red tongue, with the area inside painted a light gray color similar to the camouflage underneath – I used RLM78 from Vallejo, painted with a brush right on the Trumpeter’s decal, obviously incorrectly reproducing the original. The inscription under the PILOT / R.T.SMITH. The Chinese servicemen added a red-blue-white pattern on the wheel hubs. We also can see five white “meatballs”, and the figure of the “Hell’s Angel”. The “77” was damaged due to engine failure, just after “Dick” Rossi took off from Magwe on February 23, 1942. The Trumpeter’s model is full of errors, most of which remained untouched, except for the resin cockpit from Aires, QB exhaust pipes, a proper seat from Ultracast (Trumpeter and Aires give the one with a rounded back), and the Eduard's harness, turned gunbarrels from Aber, as well as the properly British pitot tube - a turned metal and resin. The antennas’ wires are from Uschi Van Der Rosten, 0.02 mm, insulators made from the stretched cotton stick. Paint at the bottom is Gunze H, at the top – great Mr Paint paints, with which I will stay for longer (the colors seem to be little too dark, but working with these paints is a pure pleasure). The final outcome – as usual with me – leaves a lot to be desired, but I had a lot of fun with this kit, and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? More photos at my blog. Best :) Hubert
  10. Thanks for all so nice comments, really glad that you like it The landing gear made by Matchbox is just awful indeed. Too short, too wide, too thin legs... But to be honest, not much in this kit OOB is alright. For example, the fuselage is way too wide, so that no way to fit any decent vacformed canopy or use the Tamiya's one - therefore did my best to force the canopy from the box look acceptable, buy I'm not happy with this part. The cowling covers - just didn't insert the engine, filled and sanded them flush, then rescribed the panel lines. That was the only way IMO. There are resin replacements, but I decided not to replace mistakes made by Matchbox to other mistakes . My inspiration was a great story of Jack Malloch's Spitfire and Jack himself, described in a book about restoration of his plane. Wonderful man, wonderful plane and so tragic end of a fantastic adventure... Best regards Hubert
  11. Many thanks for all so nice comments, very much appreciated :). Well, a few gallons probably and a lot of sanding. But... this is also where the fun is, isn't it? Not an easy kit indeed, but worth effort, as this is the only game in town, especially for me - I just love the mighty look of these F. Mk. 21, 22, 24 and Griffion Seafires. Made few wrong steps in this build, so I'm thinking about buying another one and check if the lessons have been learned. You can see more photos at my blog. Best regards Hubert
  12. Beautiful details, the wood, rigging - world class! Best regards Hubert
  13. Very, very nice! Excellent choice of camo and perfectly executed. Despite the errors, HB large scale Spit is a good address. Hope they make FR.47 or other late mark Spit/Seafire some day. Like it a lot Best regards Hubert
  14. Hi, All In January 2017 I decided to restart old Revell's Spitfire Mk. 22/24 kit, which I started around a year earlier, but gave up temporarily due to its poor fit and lack of detail - and the most important, lack of idea, how to paint it. This time however it was most of all to be an exercise in rescribing, scratch-building and riveting (using RB tool and must say it was fun) - did this all for the very first time in such a large scale, so didn't want to spoil any better or more expensive kit... Therefore added here some more details: upgraded wheel wells and new landing gear covers, SAC gear legs, resin wheels, formation lights, Eduard's seat belts and dashboard, CMK's resin gunsight. This is really a vintage kit and it shows. The workshop thread is here: I was hoping to get a result, which would look nice in the second row on my shelf, in Southern Rhodesian markings. Have I won? Well, she's not perfect, please judge yourself - I hope you like it Best regards Hubert (The prop'n'spinner are "bluetacked" only and moved a bit during the photo session... sorry for that).
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