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  1. The stripes are all painted, the decals wouldn't work, I think. It was the Indian/German Navy boxing anyway, so no stripes were included in the decal sheet. Thanks for comments!
  2. Hawker Sea Hawk of 810 Sqdn Royal Navy, embarked on HMS Albion, 1956, Suez Crisis. Painted with MRP paints. Model Art Decals. I didn't correct anything, I didn't add much from myself. The model is hard to recommend to accuracy fans. Nice fitting, but the technological breakdown itself, shortshots, those miserable inlets and outlets, the canopy ... well, it leaves a lot to be desired. I like the early British jets. They are ... human made, a bit strange, capricious, but they have something about them. I hope you like it! Hubert
  3. Many thanks for comments! More photos at my blog, as usual. Hubert
  4. Messerschmitt Bf-109 E-4 / B, S9 + GT from 9 / SKG 210, Uffz Werner Ringel (?), Russia, March 1942. The Airfix kit, very poor in detail, so I added some resin accessories from Pavla (it is just necessary, especially the control surfaces and flaps) U-48-35 and U 48-36, Eduard's photo-etched bits in the cockpit, Aber and Pavla's barrels. Of the things that don't match the actual aircraft, it's definitely worth mentioning the compressor air intake filter cover, which should be typical for Fieseler production, the headrest, and probably the bomb ejector - but it was a replaceable item, so let's not worry. Overall, it's not state-of-the-art, and I didn't have a heart for it, so it took far too long to build this simple kit since the holidays of 2019 or even longer. But generally, I show everything I've finished, so another boring and mediocre Bf-109 lands in the gallery. Painted with MRP and Gunze paints. Wash and weathering with specifics from Modellers World, AK pigments. Decals from TOPDRAWINGS No. 4 by Kagero - excellent. Overall, I tried to be as close as possible to what is in the drawing in the book. The photos of the S9 + GT show a dark spinner - but I painted it yellow according to the book. Strangely enough - this is one of the heaviest World War II fighter models in the 1:48 scale I have. The parts are thick; there is a huge lump of plastic pretending to be an engine in the front - it has its weight. Hubert
  5. That's just splendid job. However, these large cannons spoil the beautiful line of this plane.
  6. It's Ukraine. I was lucky and didn't pay any customs or VAT. And the delivery was swift.
  7. It seems to be available in both scales, I have purchased my kit there: http://marsmodels.eu/catalog/?q=la-15&how=r
  8. That's true, this is how it looks next to the Sabre:
  9. https://www.scalemates.com/pl/kits/mars-models-72103-lavochkin-la-15-fantail--1124404#
  10. In terms of maximum speed, the MiG-15 and La-174 turned out to be practically equal. The maximum speed of the MiG-15 was 1042 km / h at an altitude of 2620 m. La-174 - 1040 km / h at an altitude of 3000 m. In terms of the rate of climb, the MiG-15, due to a slightly higher thrust to weight ratio, showed higher performance, than La-174: 5000m climb time was 2.3 minutes compared to 3 minutes. But horizontal maneuverability, acceleration and braking performance turned out to be better with the latter. Thanks to good aerodynamics, the La-174 / La-15 outperformed the MiG-15 in terms of stability and controllability, especially at high speeds. The MiG-15 indeed had more powerful engine, was cheaper and easier to manufacture, so all in all good enough is fair to say. The rest was politics and Stalin's personal preferences and prejudices. Thanks for comment! Best regards, Hubert
  11. There were CIA reports about a "Type 15"indeed, but it is really hard to tell. If they were used, probably we talk about a few machines. Russian archives don't mention that. The truth is that after the end of production in favour of the Mig-15, these machines were transferred to the country's air defense forces , so there was no point in testing it in battle. Although it is known that they were better than the Migs. Thanks Mates!
  12. The Mig-15 looks like a thick pumpkin next to the La-15. That's why I already have the La-15, but not the MiG-15 yet. The model, according to the Mars Models instructions, represents the first serial La-15. I hope it actually has ever looked like this one because, as I realized after applying the decals, the photos prove otherwise. However, I did not want to go back into the construction process. The construction ran almost without problems until it turned out that the cockpit and air intakes to the engine did not fit into the fuselage. The diameter of the front and rear part of the fuselage after pressing in the cockpit also differed quite significantly. Somehow these problems were managed by the strength and persuasion of the file. Besides these issues - a pure pleasure: nice details, the set includes photo-etched details and masks. Painting - MRP in the interior; for the rest, I used mainly AK Extreme Metal. Dark gray wash from Modellers World. The gun barrels are made of the AK brass tube. I hope you like it Hubert
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