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  1. One of my first ever kits was the old Airfix Hampden -not an aircraft I was particularly familiar with until I had the shape in my hands, so seeing this in 1/48th will be a delight... -looking forward to seeing this come together -I like it when someone feels they're rising to a challenge (and yes, tackling it like a vac-form+ sounds like a good idea!)
  2. thanks Carpo.... I'll have to do some experimenting (been away from all this for too long!)
  3. I do like the look of these! -what did you use for the subtle tarnish on 3PO? (I have this one ready to go and have been wondering what would be best to get the kind of look you've achieved here)
  4. Thanks Ian, be interesting to see if it'll lose any metallic lustre if it is coated (it'd be shame too!) -if it needs it at all, of course....
  5. All that chipping might be considered a bit excessive -but I can understand how you can get lost in doing it It's really good to see the photos of it being built-up in stages too -and that final touch of graphite works wonders! Lovely stuff -inside and out- thanks for uploading all those photos! Bill.
  6. Lovely job! -I really like the finished effect on this one -not too heavy, but looks very convincing to me! Sorry if this is an obvious question, but does the graphite get a coat of anything to help 'fix' it?
  7. ..looking forward to seeing this one evolve
  8. I've been away for a while so only just seen this -this is really inspirational ! Sunray, in one of your replies, you'd said: "I have got photos of the complete builds or upgrades depending how you look at it for the Tiger and Bulldog and I am still doing the Panther. If anyone whats them I will post them up." -YES PLEASE! -I'd love to see how you've built-up that effect. Mig/AK DVDs are a new one on me, but I'll have to look them up too... I've been away from modelling for too long now -still looking to find the time to get back into it -but seeing stuff like this is really inspiring (
  9. Wow.. I thought this was looking really good... - then I saw the paintpot! Fantastic job!
  10. KFS Military Range TQ-FV622 1/24th Scale HMLC 6x6 Alvis Stalwart Mk2 £219.00GBP --I've been drooling over one of those for months! just bit out of my indulgence budget, sadly....
  11. Hello, only just seen this -and I love it! I made one if these back in the eighties, (one without the clear disk) and having seen what you've done here I'm really feeling an itch to give it a good patch-up + spruce-up -even with the Grandma-Yoda/Vader sitting at the controls! I love what you've done with yours, the weathering looks spot on! ... looks like you re-scribed all the panels too -not something I've done before, but it makes such a difference... thanks for the inspiration! --looking forward to seeing it all finished
  12. I think this has already been said... but WOW! Excellent work, and a fantastic set of photos showing your process/progress... Really looking forward to seeing this one as it develops.
  13. at the risk of repeating many other comments already made -this is FANTASTIC!!
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