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  1. Loving the Cain build so far. I'm doing one as well. I think there are not that many around How much have you spent on nuts and bolts so far ? I'm up to about 40 quid
  2. Looking good so far. I'm doing one as well but the orinal file scale ( big bugger ). It's so far cost me about 40 quid in nuts, bolts and washers
  3. I cant see any pictures of this ??? Not seeing any on other threads as well ?
  4. I am building it for myself, but once I got done scratchbuilding the saucer top I found faults in the saucer bottom. I tried fixing them about four times then got fed up and put it in the attic.
  5. I've been to Kowloon few years back and loved it. Shopping for model kits at 10:00 at night was great. I'm going back next year :)
  6. I'd be cafeful if I were you Greg. I started a thread on a "big bottom" spaceship and got a telling off from the admins for swearing and got told to change it.
  7. They are and whenever I see Paul at a show I make sure I grab some top up blades.
  8. Next on the to-do list was some parts of the side detail bits. I tried to 3d print these but they came out shockingly bad , So I decided to build them myself,
  9. Nice to know I've inspired someone
  10. Finished, now well sort of. Think it might need some mini palm trees or something ( anyone know of a source ). There's a patch of clear resin near the front to indicate a beach. If someone could photoshop this on to a better background for me that would be great thanks.
  11. Forgot to show this one,these top panels were completely blank before I started .I added some details and scribed some panel lines
  12. They should be easy enough to do with shaped sheet plastic. I didn't bother because I quite like it, it's different.
  13. I'm calling this finished now. I just got to make it an appropriate base but the main construction and painting's done. Put quite a lot of work into making this look not so much of a toy. Had to drill three holes and two slots in each side of the container pod because surprise surprise Revell didn't include them.
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