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  1. Does anybody know how to get in touch with Dave I've tried Facebook, I've tried a couple of personal messages on here but nothing.
  2. Great work so far on this. I've stalled at the hydraulics that connect the legs to the torso. I'm building movable ones so I can change the pose. I'll post some pics once I can figure out how to. DWaz can I ask if your radioactive symbol file is available ?
  3. Mind if I ask where to get one of these from Brian
  4. What time do you lot meet up ?
  5. Update. Second one done, dusted and delivered. ( cant work out how to add images )
  6. No public model competion then ? Ten quid entrance fee seems a bit steep though
  7. Loving the Cain build so far. I'm doing one as well. I think there are not that many around How much have you spent on nuts and bolts so far ? I'm up to about 40 quid
  8. Looking good so far. I'm doing one as well but the orinal file scale ( big bugger ). It's so far cost me about 40 quid in nuts, bolts and washers
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