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  1. I LOVE this. Nicely done, and I've such a soft spot for fanciful or "what if" paint jobs.
  2. Thanks, Corsair. I think what I'm going to do is keep posting RFIs and WIPs in here as it's closer to the actual subject matter, the aircraft themselves, and then just have a single post in the sci-fi forum for the whole flying Circus, which links to these and which I can update.
  3. They're looking gorgeous, all of them. I'm curious as to how the Horten and the Gladiator were to build? I've been thinking about picking up both kits for a project I'm working on.
  4. Hi! So I've started a Youtube channel that I'm hoping to put build videos on - there's not much there right now but what there is is a build / tutorial video on my current build, Tamiya's 1/48 scale Mosquito NF Mk.II. I'm not the greatest modeller in the world, but I noticed that most build videos on Youtube tend to assume a certain level of knowledge as taken for granted, so I've been pitching these at absolute beginners. Still, might be an interesting way for you all to see the progress of my builds. Here's the first two parts of my Mosquito!
  5. I find most Turians to be a bit stiff, but I make an exception for my beloved pineapple catbird :-D And I'm not a Jack fan as a character, but I think the look will translate well. Well, I originally had the A-1 down for Javik due to the sheer amount of weaponry it carries (going to disregard the historical accuracy and just cram as much onto those wings as I can), but then I got the Tamiya kit for Christmas, and I realised that a plane as ugly as that could only belong to one character. So I'm going to do it with what *used* to be a sort of stylised wasp stripe design along the fusela
  6. I'm lucky enough to have a 3D printer, a Flux Delta. This is it: That central printing head is removeable - the arms attach magnetically - and you can put in other interchangeable heads. For the top surface of the wing I used the laser engraver head, which works as a laser cutter on thin enough material, on Tamiya tape overlapped to make a sheet and coloured in black (to better absorb the laser). That worked well enough as a mask, but the laser didn't burn the glue from the tape very well, so it held on at the edges and made the lines slightly wobbly. Then I tried using
  7. Nah, working on a couple. I want to get Garrus' exactly right as he's one of my favourite characters, and I'm having a little trouble finding a really good P-38 at the scale. I'm working on Ashley's Mosquito at the moment, about to close the fuselage up on that and I'll be posting it in the WIP forum tonight probably. A mate of mine is doing a Bf110 Zerstorer for Jack, the one with the big-bottom 37mm tank cannon in the nose. I've got Miranda's Fw190, Zaeed's Skyraider and Javik's 109 in the stash ready to go to.
  8. Mmmmm, nice. I've got this kit in my stash and was planning to start it soon for practice, maybe get a couple more if it goes well. I tend to write off snap together kits as undetailed and more like 'toys', but this looks stunning. It's nice to see the results that cam be achieved.
  9. Verrry nice. Who makes these? I've got the Revell 1:112 X-Wing in my stash for a bit of cheap fun, but I'd not seen any at 1:144 scale before.
  10. Hi all! So I'm embarking on an overambitious but fun project to reimagine the main cast of the Mass Effect games as models. I know, bit nuts. But I enjoy making WWII era planes, doing interesting paint jobs and I'm obsessed with Mass Effect, so it makes sense to me. I'm posting my WIPs and finished builds in the Aircraft section, but I'd like to cross-post a list here if that's alright by y'all, as it was suggested that the sci-fi crowd might be interested too. Read the in-universe background here! The first plane I ended up completing was Jacob Taylor's:
  11. THE SSV NORMANDY REMEMBRANCE FLIGHT (link here for what this is.) Liara T'Soni: Supermarine Spitfire Mk. VIII Dr. T'Soni could not be reached for comment; the design was provided by a personal friend, Matriarch Aethyta. The choice of aircraft was inspired by the Spitfire's reputation as both beautiful and deadly. Slight customisations include a piloting VI of unknown origin, and additional armaments from stock. This is another that's been sitting half-finished on my bench for an age. This kit is by Eduard, which means it has around eight million parts. You get a wo
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