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  1. James B


    As far as I'm aware, you always want to do a wash over a gloss varnish. A matte varnish is too rough and the wash won't flow where you want it to go. Lock it in with a matte varnish when you're happy with the result.
  2. James B

    Wallace and Gromit (Top Bun Van )

    Really great. I'm really enjoying seeing this build come along and all your advice along the way has been invaluable.
  3. James B


    It's still on the shelf of shame and despair. I just can't get the mojo back for it.
  4. James B

    Wallace and Gromit (Top Bun Van )

    Very nice. I agree a light dry brush will help bring that great detail on the pedals out. They would be painted metal pedals wouldn't they, so a little paint chipping/exposed metal might help too?
  5. James B


    exciting!!! great work.
  6. Looking excellent. I don't think the lack of bend in the tail detracts from anything, or is a noticeable defect to be honest. I'm really liking the whole thing, and am impressed at how similar your original photo the whole thing is.
  7. The box art is just that, art, and so doesn't have any finished model pictures to identify where these decals may go. No amount of googling discovered an answer either, so for the time being they shall be left to one side I guess. I think you're right though, I reckon they're extras for us to decide if and where we want them. Thank you. It's been slow going these past few weeks. I my first baby on the way and due in the next 4 weeks, so the last several weeks has been a frenzy of decorating, tidying, sorting etc. On top of that I've decided to add several other projects to my bench. A WW2 aerial combat game that I preordered back in September arrived a month or so ago, so I had 40ish 1/200 scale aircraft to clean and paint and I also decided to buy and get straight into an OOB build of the Tamiya Dambuster, something I've wanted to do for years. I'd like to have it finished before baby arrives so I can hang it in his room, but I'm doubting that will happen, lol. I also decided to paint up some 1/56 scale WW2 Bersaglieri that had been sat mocking me, assembled and primed for the past 2 years. It's no wonder I have so many things unfinished. One day, maybe... haha Anyway, I've finally finished applying the decals to TB2. Just waiting for them to dry, and they'll get a few coats of micro sol before getting another gloss coat, and then, on to weathering. I can't decide if I should keep it basically clean with just some panel line washes, or if I should go the realistic weathering route? I'm inclined to have a punt at the realistic weathering. They got quite dirty in most episodes, and all those rocket boosters are going to leave some nice soot/scorching around the place. Thoughts?
  8. James B

    Wallace and Gromit (Top Bun Van )

    Looks spot on. Your lighting will be different to the studio lighting and I imagine there will have been post production editing as well. I think you've nailed the colour we expect it to be, and I think once it gets dirtied up a bit as per your reference photo, it will be indistinguishable.
  9. A bit of a longer break from this than I anticipated, but I'm trying to get it all finished before the first imminent expansion to my family. A little Kiwi of my own arriving at the end of June. I'm ready to apply some decals, but I can't figure out where on earth (or on TB2) most of the decals go! If anyone can lend a hand, either from recognition, or from having made the kit themselves, I'd be grateful. I'm sure that between us we can figure it out? I can't find decals 3, 14 or 17 to 24 mentioned anywhere in the instructions.
  10. She sure is a big'un. Can't wait to see how you progress this.
  11. James B

    Desert Meeting

    Just came across this, and my goodness, great job on the models. I really like the sand blasted, chipped paint on the vehicles and as others have said, you've done a great job on the figures as well.
  12. Coming along nicely. So many angles, it's like a Picasso painting.
  13. I love it. Really excellent finish. It looks so real.
  14. James B

    Wallace and Gromit (Top Bun Van )

    This is looking fantastic. I wasn't aware that these kits even existed. I'll be following along for the remainder of what is shaping into and really beautifully detailed project