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  1. James B


    Really nice weathering and exhaust stains there.
  2. James B

    Thunderbird 3 (Progress 28-10)

    Really, really beautiful finish on her. Looking forward to seeing the base get some paint on. Great work.
  3. James B


    Fantastic. Getting close to the finish line now.
  4. James B


  5. James B

    Thunderbird 3 (Progress 28-10)

    Mine is still sitting in the stash awaiting motivation and room on the bench to bring her out. Will be following your build with great interest. It's a great start so far, and is looking really lovely, with your additions being just what it needs to help bring some much needed detail to the kit. I fear mine will be a lot more OOB unfortunately.
  6. James B

    The Bridge on the River Kwai

    My pleasure, and of course I don't mind.
  7. James B

    The Bridge on the River Kwai

    What a start. I coincidentally just watched this film again a couple of weeks back. As you say, a good nod to the event and the people, but realistically barely scratched the surface of the horrendous conditions and treatment the POWs experienced. What a brilliant piece to be donating to a museum so generations can learn and understand and hopefully never repeat the same again. I know you'll do it justice based on your wardell bridge project, and now I'll have even more reason to pop over and visit all your local museums. Keep up the great work, don't go to fast and get burnt out and most importantly of all make sure you enjoy the whole project as much as I will watching it unfold.
  8. James B


    It would end up flying, with working 1:24 propulsion.
  9. James B


    On what in particular? You're doing such a fantastic job, and your detailing is so far beyond anything I could ever hope to achieve I find myself quite lost for words. I don't feel as though there is anything I can add to assist you in any way as I bow down to your skill. I'm here merely to watch in awe as this masterpiece unfolds. Just keep doing what you're doing as it's working!
  10. James B

    Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    I really love seeing each new update you post, but am equally sad to see things progress and draw closer to the finish. It's looking absolutely sublime and really seems to have nailed every objective you set yourself at the start, and more! One day I'll come and visit this display.
  11. James B

    ThinkTank! A toe in the muddy water.

    I've just caught up and will now pull up a seat I think. I like the AK products, and you're quite right, generic white spirit works perfectly well and is far cheaper than the AK non-smelly stuff.
  12. Great build so far, it's really coming along nicely.
  13. James B


    Looking really good
  14. James B

    Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    It's really fantastic, and I know I've said this before, but I don't know how else to describe the majesty of what you're creating. Absolutely stunning craftsmanship and attention to detail,
  15. James B

    R5-DP and Mara Jade 1/12 scale

    I think it looks pretty good and you're probably being overly critical of yourself, but who doesn't do that? So I completely understand. In regards to the brush, as Will suggested, I would say move up to a larger brush. A brand new GW standard brush (although I see they've reinvented all their brush names again, and no doubt moved to cheaper materials than they used to use) is all you should need. The key to good, fine detail painting is good consistency, fine pigment paint, suitably thinned and a brush that has a really nice natural point to it. I've recently bought into the "hype" of the Windsor and Newton series 7 and I was skeptical as they're not cheap (at least here in NZ). All I can say is I'm gutted I didn't do it 20 years ago. I got a 00 and a 2 and I've not need to use the 00 and I'm using this on 28mm ww2 figures to paint camo on uniform and webbing straps etc. Combining this with Vallejo paints, properly thinned has changed my life... Well, perhaps not my life, but certainly miniature painting. If you do get a more expensive brush, definitely get some brush soap and have a read up on proper cleaning and storing, for instance I had no idea that you should store brushes pointing down so that any water runs off the brush and not into it!