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  1. I have now got some good quality scans of his log books sent over to me from back home and, what do you know, in the back he's listed what he carried on each of the major operations he flew!
  2. WOW! I can't thank you enough. He flew in the Sicily invasion from what I recall, which I think was prior to Arnhem. If you're interested, the log books are back with my family in the UK now, but I can get scans for you? There's several log books that go on to Burma and the far east I think. But it's been a while since I looked through them all.
  3. I really appreciate everybody's help and input. It's a shame there isn't more information around, but understandable. I'll continue to dig, and with the directions you've all provided there is plenty more leads for me to follow, so thank you, I really appreciate it.
  4. Hi, One of my grandad's passed away many years ago, and like a lot of veterans he rarely if ever spoke of his time in the services. I recently came across all his old log books, and was amazed to see the missions he flew on, and subsequently made it back from. As far as we knew, he served mostly in Burma, but as you can see from the picture I have included below, he did a lot more than that. Of particular interest to me was the fact he flew into Arnhem on day 2 of Operation Market. Successfully landed, and made it back home in time for his next op. What I have so far been unable to discover is what aircraft would have towed his Horsa for this op, and how I can find out the tail number etc, and then also how I could locate the same information regarding other operations he flew on. Finally, as I'd love to work on a diorama of this, is there anyway to know what he carried on the flight?
  5. Hi, I’m visiting family near Southampton and have a couple of spare days where I’d like to get into a model shop or 3 to find some bargains. Do you have any suggestions? I see there are quite a few near Portsmouth and one up the road in Eastleigh. I’m spoilt for choice, so as my interest is ww2 and modern aircraft in 1/48 or military vehicles in 1/35 which would you recommend please? many thanks
  6. I'm extremely glad to hear that @Gorby. Sometimes other commitments get the better of us all, so I've been hoping it is just that, or technical difficulties with a camera or computer. If Pete reads this, then obviously if there's anything any of us can do just say the word. Otherwise, I look forward to your eventual return and updates, when ever they may be.
  7. Good morning all, I'm in the process of assembling an Opel Blitz truck and have the option of high sides (with or without canopy) or low sides. High Sides Low Sides: I would like to know a bit more about these different designs/configurations. How did they work? Why the difference? For a 1941 DAK setting, which would be most accurate. I'm also assuming that it would be rare for troops to be transported without the canvas on to protect them from the sun? Many thanks
  8. Really nice weathering and exhaust stains there.
  9. Really, really beautiful finish on her. Looking forward to seeing the base get some paint on. Great work.
  10. Fantastic. Getting close to the finish line now.
  11. Mine is still sitting in the stash awaiting motivation and room on the bench to bring her out. Will be following your build with great interest. It's a great start so far, and is looking really lovely, with your additions being just what it needs to help bring some much needed detail to the kit. I fear mine will be a lot more OOB unfortunately.
  12. My pleasure, and of course I don't mind.
  13. What a start. I coincidentally just watched this film again a couple of weeks back. As you say, a good nod to the event and the people, but realistically barely scratched the surface of the horrendous conditions and treatment the POWs experienced. What a brilliant piece to be donating to a museum so generations can learn and understand and hopefully never repeat the same again. I know you'll do it justice based on your wardell bridge project, and now I'll have even more reason to pop over and visit all your local museums. Keep up the great work, don't go to fast and get burnt out and most importantly of all make sure you enjoy the whole project as much as I will watching it unfold.
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