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  1. I've never heard of that - I'll track a copy down and read it! Thanks. Thanks! The Valom kit is still available...although I'm not sure if I'd recommend it. If you can track down the AZ Models boxing, at least it comes with clear parts that fit.
  2. Thanks for the kind words, Mike! Much appreciated! Thanks! Yes, apart from the undercarriage looking flimsy and awkward to build, I've never seen one built in-flight - and it looks so good in the air! I think the AZ clear parts + the masks are the only way to stay sane with this one.
  3. Thanks for your comments, Martin! I used Tamiya paints throughout, heavily diluted. However, Mission Models make a transparent dust paint that is great for some subtle weathering over camouflage. Good luck with you build!
  4. Thank you both. And thanks for noticing the photography - still a skill I'm working on. Along with all the other skills I'm working on!
  5. Thanks very much, everyone. Your feedback is really appreciated!
  6. This is my version of Valom’s 1/72 Handley Page Hampden. An early version of the twin-engine fighter bomber, it was deployed in key missions before being quickly superseded by craft that were less vulnerable to attack. An unlikely looking war plane, it’s broad wings and long-tailed body make it seem like the offspring of a bat and a pregnant seahorse. The Valom model is no shake-n-bake: a limited run kit, it lacks any locating pins or obvious means for one piece to attach to another - beyond a butt joint and a lot of liquid cement. Made from thick, unpleasant plastic, it chall
  7. You make it look easy! Great to see; I'm working on one now - from Valom, but with AZ canopies. Obviously a long campaign ahead.
  8. Thanks for your supportive comments, everyone. Much appreciated! A while ago, I did a WIP thread here on Tamiya's P-38, which allowed me to experiment with a lot of the approaches I used on the Ventura. I've also got a lot of ideas and inspiration from the builds I see here. I don't really have a streamlined process - just lots of trial and error, pushing things too far then pulling them back again. The nice thing about Mission Model paints is that they are quite transparent when thinned, which allowed me to build successive layers of grime throughout the painting process.
  9. This is my version of the great Revell Lockheed PV-1 Ventura, the plane that replaced the Hudson. Apparently much reviled by the RAF (unmaneuverable and under-armed) , it was put to wide use by the USAAF (amongst others). This is BuNo 48891, flown by Lt. ‘Butch’ Mason, based in Attu, Alaska, 1944; part of numerous bombing sorties in the Pacific, the plane was finally lost at sea in 1945. Revell’s kit is a fantastic build - large parts that fit together cleanly, unfussy engineering and a decent degree of detail. It was nearly all OOB, with just the addition of an Airfix pilot and
  10. Great to see a wheels-up, in-flight version of this. Nicely done; it's fun to see some creativity and risk-taking at work.
  11. Martin, it was a mix of browns and black, and layered rather than pre-shaded. The Mission Model paints went on well only when really diluted, which helped me build layers gradually. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. From 'an unknown unit' is the only reference I could find. The decals (of iffy quality) are from Iliad - again, the only other source I could find.
  13. That's very kind, Mike - thanks! And I completely agree. Mid-stone, Dark Earth and Azur Blue are a handsome combo.
  14. That's a fine paint job - a lovely evocation of sea and sun-worn livery. Hard to believe it's 1/72
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