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  1. A brief update. The upper surfaces are getting close. I keep seeing new builds of this plane (some great ones posted here) and other photos of the original that make me want to keep pushing it further, but it has to stop at some point. There's certainly plenty of smaller paint chips to add, but I'm keen to hear what you all think of it so far. One question I have is about the aerial wire. I can't find a decent photo of the structure that connects it to the cockpit, and although I could imitate other modelers' solutions, I'm curious to know what they're referencing, and how they built it. I've used EZ Line in the past, but there's some other hardware in there that connects the two wires from the vertical stabilizers to a single junction at the cockpit. Again, thanks for following along, and any advice or feedback you can offer is always appreciated.
  2. I'm just building one of these! Great to see one completed so well. Looks very sharp!
  3. That's a knockout Typhoon! Looks like it could be 1:24 rather than 1:48. Very detailed and very convincing.
  4. Wheels painted, with touch-ups and dirt to be applied. With the main construction complete, it was time to gloss coat the thing for decals. This is always an alarming phase; apart from its unappealing shininess, the Olive Drab seemed to get so much darker under the varnish, and all the subtleties I'd worked for disappeared. Perhaps with a matte coat the colour will come back. And so onto applying the transfers – of which there are dozens, mostly small, dark stencils that nearly disappear against the dark green paint. Tamiya have a reputation for making thick decals, and I'm afraid this seems to be true for the Lightning. The stencils stand proud of the surface, and it's a little distracting; Microsol helps, but doesn't completely mitigate the problem. This might be an issue with my application – I never feel confident that I'm putting them down in the optimal way. I might remove some of the less obvious ones if they catch light in a way that detracts from the model. However, under the right light conditions it's still a pleasing effect. Once all the decals are on, I'll seal it with another gloss coat (hopefully helping with the slight silvering on the stencils), then move onto oils and panel washes to complete the portrait. Thanks for looking!
  5. Great, clean looking builds. Excellent job!
  6. Really like it. A fast and pristine model so far. I know N3200 wasn't that old before it went down, but are you going to mess up that immaculate paint work with some weathering?
  7. Spectacular job! I really enjoyed the WIP thread, and the results fulfill all the built up expectations. Such a lovely restrained colour scheme and sense of weathering.
  8. Spectacular job, Mathy. Feels incredibly authentic. Your keen sense of detail and ability to achieve lots of colour variation within a limited range really makes this one of the most exciting versions of the P-38 I've seen so far. Thanks for the inspiration.
  9. Very exciting - it's looking superb. Love the colour scheme of the Sea Hurricane.
  10. Awesome start - and swift progress! Cockpit looks very convincing. Great to see one of these built; I have one I'm saving for when the inspiration hits - seems like a kit that deserves peak performance. Looking forward to seeing more, and thanks for the inspiration.
  11. The wheel wells - complete; they're satisfying mini-kits in themselves, with layers of pipes and struts overlapping in cleverly engineered ways. The doors slot in, and I haven't worried about gluing them yet; they seem to be secure without it. The plane can now sit squarely on its wheels, although the tires will need to be shaved down to imply the weight of it. The weights in the nose and booms keep it balanced. It's getting there. Happy 2020, everyone!
  12. First class paint work - really gives the feel of functional wear-and-tear and makes it look larger than 1:48. Great attention to detail.
  13. Masked insignia too? This is going to look special. Something so satisfying about the way painted insignia can become part of the hull and take weathering in the same way as the surrounding camo. Following with interest.
  14. Great build of a lovely plane - you've really done it justice. I have one of these in the stash, and I'm looking forward to cracking into it this coming year; yours is certainly an incentive to get going.
  15. Both superchargers are now installed, and I've started adding the long exhaust trails down the twin booms. More will be added to these after the decals are on and the final stages of weathering has begun. I think I've gotten as far with the idea of taped-and-exposed panel lines as I can at this stage. Again, more chipping, staining and dripping will be added after the dozens of decals have been applied. This is what I'm trying to approximate: After the hump of Christmas, I should have time to surgically remove all the masking from the wheel wells (hopefully without breaking the thin gear bay door struts), stick on the undercarriage and doors, clear coat the thing and stick on decals. Then it's getting close to the end, and I'll have to buy another one! Thanks for looking, as always.
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