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  1. It's a dream worth fulfilling. They're not cheap, but the whole experience of building and painting is a thrill. I gave it to my brother and it was worth it for the reaction.
  2. Not much I can add to all that's been written or all the builds that have been shared of this amazing kit. Even if the mandibles don't sit at the right angle, it's still a majestic piece of engineering; nearly a thousand parts - from the hull halves to a greeblie smaller than a nail paring - all of it fitting perfectly. It's a hypnotizing process to watch the layers and layers of detail build across the hull, and an epic process to paint it all. I learned more building and painting this one several years ago than I have on any other kit. My addiction to WW2 planes started here, which is perhaps the best tribute I can pay to the geniuses who designed the original.
  3. I agree - nice feeling of slightly faded colours. Having just finished the 1/48 version, I can only imagine how fiddly masking the gun turret was - but it looks flawless! Beautiful work all round.
  4. Thanks for the encouraging comments, everyone! Always makes the efforts worthwhile!
  5. Good grief! What a labor of love! Just an amazing essay in subtle painting techniques, complemented by excellent photography.
  6. Thanks for the kind comments, everyone! Much appreciated!
  7. Here’s my interpretation of the Boulton Paul Defiant Mk. I, N1801, “Coimbatore II”, from No.264 Squadron, Royal Air Force Duxford, flown by Flying Officer F. D. Hughes and Sergeant F. Gash (gunner). This is another excellent 1/48 kit by Airfix, built entirely out of the box, with a few exceptions; I added a pilot (no gunner, I’m afraid) and antenna wire, plus applied riveting to the surface to liven up the monochrome night fighter scheme. I also used Montex masks so I could weather the roundels, squadron codes etc.: they were good for this job but horrible for transparencies, peeling away almost instantly. I wanted the challenge of painting entirely in shades of black, hoping I could create enough variety to make something visually satisfying. Many of the images I used as reference indicate the night black paint the RAF used would chip and fade dramatically, and I imagine the color shifts would be similarly dramatic. Not sure I made that as clear as I hoped, but it was fun to use every chipping technique I could think of to convey the beating these poor, doomed aircraft went through. I used Mission Model paints over a coat of Tamiya lacquer silver, layering greys up to Nato black (with additional colours), chipping through to the layer beneath each time. Although Airfix might not achieve the miraculous engineering of Tamiya or the erudite detailing of Eduard, each kit I’ve built falls together with predictable ease and makes a satisfying canvas to paint on, which is where modeling comes alive for me. Thanks for your time!
  8. Stunning work! Your paint job really gives this a sense of scale and history; looks like a knight in armour. When I build an Eduard Mustang, I'll aim for this as the standard.
  9. Beautifully built, painted and photographed; you really convey the bulk of the plane and the beating it received.
  10. Really stunning paintwork. Such a lot of variety in colour and subtlety in the variations. I know I'll be referring to yours when I paint mine.
  11. Beautifully painted - very inspiring.
  12. Lovely, detailed paint job. Thanks for sharing all the info on your process. Your joy in making it comes through all the way.
  13. The bravery the whole crew displayed is hard to fathom - all worthy of VCs for sure. Your rugged looking build is a great tribute - really handsomely executed. There can never be too many Beauforts posted, especially if they come with the kind of context you've given yours.
  14. Great story and a dramatic interpretation of Le Grand Charles! Nice work and presentation.
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