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  1. The bravery the whole crew displayed is hard to fathom - all worthy of VCs for sure. Your rugged looking build is a great tribute - really handsomely executed. There can never be too many Beauforts posted, especially if they come with the kind of context you've given yours.
  2. Great story and a dramatic interpretation of Le Grand Charles! Nice work and presentation.
  3. Beautifully crafted build, and wonderful, clean paint job. As noted, the pose - coupled with the photography - make this whole thing an exciting post.
  4. Fair enough! I can never claim much accuracy - just an interpretation of the source material I find. At such a reduced scale, I try to dramatize for effect. Thanks for your comments!
  5. Thanks! No - the pilot came from the box. I tried a PJ Productions one instead, but he was a little too bulky.
  6. Thanks, Dave. I followed your build log all the way; it was very useful when it came time to make mine - plus you got an excellent result. Cheers.
  7. Ha! That's perfect - thanks!
  8. My version of the great new Airfix kit. Of the two available scenes, I chose L9866, which flew from St. Eval and was lost on February 1st, 1941, probably to fire from a 109E. Both schemes have compelling stories connected to them; I chose this one partly for aesthetic reasons - the slate, grey and black scheme gives real visual weight to the tough lines of the airframe, I think. It’s a lovingly designed and generously detailed kit; the interior is wonderful, and worth appreciating before a lot of it disappears inside the hull. The major parts go together very well and any fit issues I had were self-inflicted. There’s some problem-solving to do with the gun turrets and working out when to paint and install them; I ended up fully painting the rear turret and installed it - plus the cowling - then masked it all off before painting the rest of the plane. Somehow I managed not to knock off the guns. There are plenty of images of well-worn Beauforts, and I wanted to capture some of that in the paint. I hope that comes across without being too excessive. It was easy enough to remove the stand in Photoshop, so I couldn't resist. There are some great builds out there already, and I've learned from them all. Thanks for looking and commenting if you fancy!
  9. Extraordinary build and paintwork - dramatic and subtle at the same time. Your excellent photography really allows the details to pop.
  10. Just lovely. Very nicely photographed too.
  11. Spectacular sense of reality through the level of detail, paintwork and photography. Lots to learn from here.
  12. Between the gunner and the rivets, it was easy to double the price of the kit. But worth it in the end; this one keep me going for about 6 moths, which is a fair price for that much entertainment.
  13. Just lovely. Looks so elegant in silver. The picked out panel lines add a lot - very nice job on that.
  14. Does indeed look larger than 1/72; your paintwork really gives it a sense of weight and scale. Very impressive.
  15. Thanks very much everyone for the encouraging comments - much appreciated! It was a long build so this is a nice reward for all the work. Cheers.
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