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  1. Yep, 12.5cm tall by 10.2 cm wide accounting for the frame. So pretty damn close to 1/72 if you forget Flight Lieutenant Humongus
  2. The culprit is that pilot figure, horribly out of scale I'm afraid :) If you have a look at the pilot compared to the solar panels on the Bandai one.... Then that chap Revell sent you, well, he's a bit of a beast. Perhaps a Wookie in disguise :D
  3. looking very nice Originally these ships were supposed to be a bit bigger, about 330 metres as opposed to the 250 something metres they ended up being. They made them a bit smaller so they didn't overshadow the hero ships during the big battles which is a pity. Always loved the simplicity of the design though, a giant cannon with an engine on the back and a bunch of other guns bolted to it. Does what it says on the tin
  4. It is a great build but highly unrealistic, there's no way a TIE fighter would live long enough to pick up even light weathering! From what I can tell it goes from factory fresh to spinning debris on its first flight, they didn't even bother with landing gear as none of them ever make it back to land. Well, if you believe what we see on TV anyway... Otherwise superb as always!
  5. in an odd bit of scheduling these are getting shown in Canada and NZ first, a three part mini series. First two eps are already out, mate from that part of the world says they are alright. Better than other more recent attempts. Also the scene, you know the one... this I think is a bit of it
  6. Poor little cannon fodder ship Turned out very well
  7. been a while since the thread updated, honestly not a huge amount to add The last series which remade the first series of Yamato had a veritable sea of ships following it, they recreated all but one vessel in 1/1000 scale and to an excellent standard. But with this current series releases have been far slower and there have been more variants than clear new releases. There has only been three completely new kits, plus two major variants in 1/1000. Been a reasonable selection of palm sized mecha kits but even then not tremendous. Bit of a shame really has there has been some decent
  8. From what I've read it's because Japanese collectors don't have a huge amount of space so they tend to make smaller scales, when they do monster kits it tends to be because the fans petition for them or there is potential foreign demand. I suspect they'll sell more Falcons abroad than domestically for instance.
  9. The bombers still annoy me Not so much the concept of them, and they did do their job, but why did the have to get so close? Why did they have to fly over at thirty feet to drop their payload? Why not just stand on their tails as there is no up and down in space and spam all those bombs from a hundred miles away? The Dreadnought is too big to dodge and even if it tries it only takes one bomber to kill it and you have a dozen spamming bombs. Even if 90% miss you still kill the target with zero risk. Just throw them out of the bay and let Isaac Newton do the rest It's a mino
  10. They have been putting lighting elements in their Yamato kits lately, bumps the price up quite a bit so I can see them applying the same business idea to other kits. Usually an integrated led unit designed for their gundam kits. Guess we'll see, but it looks a lot like one would fit in the engine bay.
  11. It wasn't half bad, it didn't exactly push boundaries or deliver any grand revelations or powerful emotions but it was fun. I did appreciate that it largely treated its cast with respect, it didn't throw them away or completely assassinate and ruin their character. Mentioning no names... Han spoke and acted like I'd expect a younger less cynical Han to act, Lando was the same charming but not as good as he thinks he is kind of guy, and the new additions were inoffensive enough. The droid was a bit controversial but I reckon it was played as a parody of a certain section of the fanbase, on
  12. I'd say Thunderbolt too then as it is set in the final stages of the war but in a different location to the main show. More of a revenge and destruction theme to it but has some good duels and the place where they fight is the ruins of some destroyed colonies which are quite chilling and very dangerous with all the debris and junk floating around.
  13. Origin is worth a watch, sort of a grand prequel that explains the build up to the war and the story of the big players in it. Quite a lengthy story and ongoing, the latest release was the opening of the war itself with some suitably massive space battles. Thunderbolt is worth a look too, though it is quite a grim story
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