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  1. Hi BS_w Thanks for the drawings. More useful information to assimilate. Cheers
  2. This has all been phenomenally useful! Thanks again David
  3. Hi Mike Many thanks for this. I can work out the location and size from the photos. All the rest are really useful for extra detail. A bonus is the shots of the mirrors on the inside of the engine nacelles. I had read they existed but not actually seen them. Were they always this oval shape? Thanks again. Cheers David
  4. Hi all Can anyone please point me in the direction of drawings that show the precise size and location of the retractable landing light on the underside of the port wing of the Lightning J 15? Preferably internet, but otherwise a recommended book. I am working on a F5E 2 which is based on the J15 using an Academy 1/48 which is actually a J25. I have a photo of my subject that shows the rough location but would like to get more accurate information, mainly for the light but the whole aircraft for interest. I have trawled the internet but cannot find any drawings for this version.
  5. Many thanks to all who have responded. Seems to be an XIX. I should have kept a better record! Thanks again. Cheers!
  6. Greetings I was hoping someone could identify this photo I downloaded when researching Spitfire PR XI's and I have lost the reference. It may have been from this forum or elsewhere. It is a rare and useful picture of the underside,s if indeed it is a PR XI Also, can anyone identify what the blister under the starboard wing is for? I believe this is the location for the desert survival kit as indicated in Merlin PR Spitfires in detail. But in the snow!? and there is no indication of a blister here. Any help would be appreciated. cheers David
  7. Hi Laurent Many thanks for this. Very intersting and show that there is a very big variety of outfits worn. Cheers David
  8. Thanks for the responses, gents. I had a look but unfortunately they do not seem to have covered this. Only the RAF I have had a look for this and, yes, even second hand it is a bit pricey! I will investigate the library option. Cheers
  9. Hi there Working on a pilot figure for my Spitfire PR XI of 14th PRS at Mount Farm and trying to find some information on what the pilots wore. I have seen the great little video WWII USAF Spitfire XI with "PRU-Blue" Color Scheme. link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etmnFrZYJG4 There are three pilots featured and I have taken some screenshots. There is an additional photo of John Blyth. The first two seem to be wearing standard coveralls. One with a mae wet and one without. The second pilot seems to have lots of wires attached. Radio connections but what else? Pos
  10. Hi Mike Thanks for that, too. I will have a delve into the past posts about haze paints. It's all a bit of a learning curve! Cheers David
  11. Hi Dana Thanks for your input on this. I am actually working my way through this. I got a very reasonable copy from California! It is very interesting but it mostly concerns the personnel and missions rather than the actual aircraft. A good read though with some great tales and an insight into the background operations of the unit. Thanks again Cheers David
  12. Very intersting introduction to the subject which is turning out to be bigger than I thought! I had seen some of these before but there is a lot more to go through now and some seem really useful. I have come across some snippets about this and how hard it seems to be to apply. I think a PRU blue scheme for me! Thanks again, Cheers David
  13. Thanks for the reference, Mike. I have had a look at the blurb and it does look interesting. However, I was planning on a 5E from the 7th PRG and I think it covers the 10th, but may still have relevant info. May give it a punt anyway. Cheers David
  14. Hi Antti, Thank you for this. I have just ordered a cheap copy from Ebay through bookfinder.com (a great source for books). Cheers David
  15. Hi all, I am planning to build a Lockheed F5 PR of the 7th PRG at Mount Farm as a companion to the Spitfire PR XI I am working on at the moment. I have only a few photos so am starting from scratch. Can anyone recommend any books or websites on the PR Lightnings and Lightnings in general? I have obtained an Academy 1/48 F5. Any comments about this model? Are there any decal sheets that cover the subject? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers David
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