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  1. Hi, thanks for this. I have subsequently been in contact with the AA810 PR IV restoration project and they say there was no armour on the PR IV. The PR XI I take it did retain the seat armour? Cheers
  2. Hi there, I was led to believe that these two aircraft did not have any armour. However, on looking at this review of the PR XI I see from the sprue photos what appears to be armour plating for behind the seat. Can anyone confirm whether these aircraft did or did not have the seat armour? Many thanks David
  3. @dnl42 Looks good in the end though!
  4. Many thanks to all who have responded. Much appreciated. Thanks for tip, I have a yellow spinner to do and will try it out. Again, thanks for this selection of uses. I had not quite appreciated the extent of this. Thanks for the information. Indeed, every day is a school day. This was new to me too and thanks for the link that shows it in action. From the information supplied I will be approaching things a bit differently in future and I can see some experimentation coming on. I am not a big fan of pre shading effects, going for post effects, but I can see there may be circumstances where it would be effective. Thanks again to you all. cheers David
  5. Hi, Recently back to aircraft modelling and discovering new products and techniques. Main interests are WW2 (and sci fi). Traditionally have used a grey primer and have discovered Stynylrez which I really like. On getting a new bottle recently I discovered there are 18 different colours. Grey, white, black, blue, greens, browns , metallics and even pink. I have come across usages for some of the colours in the forum. White. Red, yellow, white Black. Black basing technique, metallics. However, what about the rest? Are there any advantages of using a colour similar to the final colour? E.g. blue primer for US Navy schemes or RAF Pru Blue or Olive green for an Olive Drab scheme. If you put enough paint on it is likely to cover up the primer colour whatever it is(?). Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated. I am constantly trying to expand my knowledge! Cheers David
  6. Good that you are back and hope it is still enjoyable. Great work on the aircraft and trolley. Not one I have seen before. I too have got back to aircraft modelling fairly recently and had to learn about this posting malarky. A suggestion I got from the help section was to use Microsoft Onedrive for posting photos and this has turned out easy to use. You get 5gb storage free which should be plenty. Just upload your photos to Onedrive. When you want to insert in a post select embed button and you get different sizes of photo. Simply copy and paste the link of the size you want in the post and Bob is a Male relative. Hope this is of help. Cheers David
  7. @72modeler Thanks Mike for reply. Unfortunately I do not subscribe to Key Aero so cannot read the article and for some reason the warbird information exchange images do not appear on my tablet. I will try my PC later. The Alamy does confirm the layout I have from other photos. Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Cheers David
  8. I am currently building an Academy 1/48 Lightning as a F5-E-2 and have just discovered the the under nose camera ports on the kit are not correct, being stepped rather than a flat plate. I have some photos of the nose from side angles and could muddle through the modifications required but a diagram/blueprint would be good. Can anyone point me in the direction of a drawing/plan? Any help would be appreciated. Cherrs David
  9. Hi @Tarkas Many thanks for the compliments, much appreciated. Time does have quite an effect on the memory! Yes, it was nice to have the big album covers with great artwork. Roger Dean was a favourite with his Yes albums. Not the same anymore. Thanks again, Cheers David
  10. Hi Antti, On looking on information on 273, I came across this previous post which has some information about it. Cheers David
  11. Hi Antti I do have that Lightning book. From the serial number (42 68273) the F5 is a F5B-1. I feel there is a slight darkening on the bottom(?). In Air Force Colors, vol 2 by Dana Bell under the Synthetic Haze Paint section he states " Photos show a one- color scheme for F5E in England, probably using PRU Blue or Azure Blue." Is it possibly Azure blue? Interestingly, though, looking through the Sortie list for 1944 of the 7th PRG there is no mention of this aircraft, though there are some gaps. (Eyes of the Eighth, PF KEEN) Cheers David
  12. Hi, belated update. The aircraft were generally pooled and flown by a variety of pilots so the swastikas would refer to missions flown by the aircraft.
  13. Yes, it records missions flown. You can see the little swastikas on the Lanakila photo as well. Cheers David
  14. Hi John, I believe it is a protective cover over the front of the aircraft. I think the aircraft were left out in the elements at Mount Farm airfield. David
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