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  1. Nothing ruins a good model than parts you can spot the source of easily- there are parts of the Falcon and the 1999 Eagle I really have to avoid looking at. Tank and ship model kits are good sources if you take a razor saw and cut up the pieces a bit. Doug Trumbull used a lot of Railroad engine parts on the CE3K models- good technical greebly which is not very recognizable. Out local hobby shop has model kits of locomotives in HO scale which are wonderful for detailing.
  2. I will take some pictures this weekend!
  3. Arrived Wednesday- the Pegasus Terminator 2 Hunter-Killer Tank! A big box full of great detailed parts, I was not expecting rubber tracks. This is not the chromed version, I will paint mine more of a worn silver. Arrived Yesterday- The Moebius 1:32 Proteus from Fantastic Voyage. This has been a grail kit for me. I have the Sgt. Wilco 1:48 in the closet of doom but this new kit is styrene, my material of choice. Anybody want he Wilco kit for $30?
  4. Richard Baker

    Sci Fi kit 2018 update from Cult TV Man

    Round 2 did have the license to produce kits from the Alien franchise at one time. It was announced with great fanfare- a 1:1000 Sulaco illustration was shown at one convention. They did not really do much with it and IIRC it has lapsed now. The only kit R2 produced was a super expensive resin kit of Kane peering into the Alien Egg. I would love to see some vehicle models from the Alien realm, but unless R2 has renewed the license and gets really focused I doubt I will see on eon my shelf...
  5. Richard Baker

    Sci Fi kit 2018 update from Cult TV Man

    Hoping for 'The Orville' - not likely though since I think Jamie's hint predated the shows broadcast start
  6. Richard Baker

    Next AMT Star Trek kit

    Moebius has the license for the NuTrek movie ships- the Franklin is first to release early nest year. They have also the Kelvin and the Enterprise in production, but which version of the Enterprise is not known. AFAIK nobody has announced any kits from the new Discovery series yet.
  7. There is also some question that the Standard Grade Falcon may not have waterslide decals but stickers instead.
  8. Richard Baker

    Thunderbird 3 colour?

    Now that is some impressive work! The Thunderbirds are some difficult shapes to get right- they look simple to a casual glance but when you get right down to the compound curves and proportions they are very hard to match. Aoshima is the first mass production company to get TB-3 correct- and I have seen a lot of kits over the years. The UNCL kit I have is pretty much dead on- so much so that Product Enterprise(AKA Sixteen/12) recast for their uber-expensive replica with launch silo (IIRC about 3K worth of display) Ben's Model Woreld editions are wonderful and appear perfect- I want to see your buildup when you get that Thunderbird rolling!
  9. Richard Baker

    Thunderbird 3 colour?

    ? - i haven't heard about this one yet. I have the 18" UNCL kit- (her are the primary pieces- red grid is 1"x 1" for scale)
  10. Richard Baker

    Sci Fi kit 2018 update from Cult TV Man

    Resistance Set has a 1:144 T-70 Blue Squadron, a 1:144 Poe's Boosted T-70 and a 1:350 Falcon
  11. Richard Baker

    Thunderbird 3 colour?

    Really looking forward to seeing how the test comes out! I have been building computers since the old 486DX2 days- one thing I have sadly learned is that technology fails, you just do not know when. I have kept my library files on a separate drive, should be no loss. I just need to save up for a new Motherboard/CPU/RAM to get things going again...
  12. Richard Baker

    Thunderbird 3 colour?

    Sadly my main computer at home blew a motherboard so my library of images is not available for a while. I did use the computer at work to search out stills from the show (not relying on painted replicas right now. I did some sampling for the more evenly parts of the hull and got a number of RGB values- Best equivalent to Pantone seems to be either PMS #1788c or 'Warm Red c' One limitation to the Pantone system is that it does not cover every color- it steps through a range instead. It was originally designs for mixing printer's inks and was the standard for printing color communication for years. I am taking further samples and will post the raw data (R/G/B) values here next week
  13. Richard Baker

    Thunderbird 3 colour?

    I will try and get a good PMS value determined before the weekend
  14. Richard Baker

    Thunderbird 3 colour?

    I will be glad to share the info! Most paint stores here can match to a sample with their scanner or to a PMS spec, then load the paint into a rattle can if you wish. Due to pixel variations in the samples, I will grab about a dozen and average. Right now I am in the early stages of the Zvezda ISD build, but if the TB-3 color information is needed soon I can get that determined earlier, just let me know.
  15. Richard Baker

    Film help

    My DVD came as a double feature- 'Crack in the World' was bundled with it. Had them for years, not too sure where I bought it from...