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  1. Great find, love that kit! I did change the front windows in mine, the kit matches the new filming model built for the sequel but from what I have seen they got that detail wrong.
  2. Never followed the series but that is an awesome model!
  3. Some construction photos- I do not take these often, I get into the zone and documenting things is my last thought during this. These two focus on adding the new aft engines: As you can see- they fit back there like an original Bandai part- no glue needed. I did trim the back of the joined wings back about a half inch for clearance. Lower view of unpainted sensor units. The two empty housings are awaiting the silver "smooth Pods', which began life as the landing skids for the 1:48 Paraglider Gemini Capsule. I wanted a large out of scale sensor pod like it was pulled fro
  4. Yes I did! I figure there are plenty of builders out there making perfect replicas, I like to go for things which we did not see on screen but fit the universe well. I liked the boosted X-Wing Poe used and wanted to back date it to the original trilogy. I gave it a reason and enjoyed letting my mind wander through what the Rebels would do with what.resources they had on hand...
  5. The Story: Wedge Antillies was tasked by the Rebellion to come up with innovative ideas to help overcome the numerical superiority of the Empire. One of his special projects was to find a way to obtain reconnaissance data about Imperial forces in heavily fortified areas. Stealth probes and disguised vessels had little success- the Imperials detection equipment was able to isolate and target them far too quickly for any useful data could be obtained. After many unsuccessful attempts Wedge hit upon a new strategy- a high speed probe which hopefully could arrive, pass through and jump out
  6. Just found this thread and oh what a ride! Enjoyed the build up and those wonderful adaptations to the circumstances of assembly, then the decal dilemma with a nice ending.... Looking forward to the final images
  7. Love that version of the Emperor Dalek, please post you build of him when you get finished
  8. A lot happened in those two years... I plan to get the larger Pike's Enterprise kit when I can. Love that take on the TOS design, even more than the movie Refit
  9. Just got the Crusher Joe 'Fighter 2' kit! 1:72 scale, love the design- one of nicest future ships out there in my opinion https://www.hlj.com/1-72-scale-crusher-joe-fighter-2-w-alfin-figure-hsg64775 I am going for a display of 1:72 scale fighters for different universes - Star Wars, BSG, anime..., just a fun comparison
  10. Thanks! I am currently working though the DVDs of Crusher Joe I got for Christmas (movie plus OVAs). I am trying to remember where that powered suit appears...
  11. Very nice build and I love the subtle paintjob! Always wanted one of these kits, great to see one finished and resdy gof action...
  12. A lot of people do not understand the relationship of color saturation and scale, it is wonderful to see it done well.
  13. I really love the way that turned out!- looks like a much larger model with the subtle paint job you gave it.
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