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  1. Very nice build and I love the subtle paintjob! Always wanted one of these kits, great to see one finished and resdy gof action...
  2. A lot of people do not understand the relationship of color saturation and scale, it is wonderful to see it done well.
  3. I really love the way that turned out!- looks like a much larger model with the subtle paint job you gave it.
  4. Here are some final photos of my Lando's Falcon project. I have added some tiny markings decals and redid some of the weathering. My goal is to show used parts with different histories but all were the source ships were mostly taken care of- these were passenger ships and not junk freighters with scattered blaster holes. Once Lando gets the last few panels in place and fits it out with the dish and defense guns, off it goes to the finishing shop for the White with Blue trim paint job.
  5. The Story: This build is a different take on the Falcon as we saw it in the film 'Solo', this is the unfinished state the ship was in a year before we saw it. A lot of this is based on how I understand the character Lando Calrissian. Lando has two obsessions, gambling and appearance. When he got his hands on the Falcon it already had some history and looked a bit too rough for him. While he was having it's engines overhauled the search started for the exterior cladding used for the passenger editions of the YT series. Being budget minded the exterior panels came from different seven ships which had been scrapped and were being stripped for parts. As long as they were intact he was fine- after all the work was done he planned on giving the rebuilt ship a gleaming paint job. Lando was not much of an engineer but he knew who to hire to do the needed mechanical work. After he had been stranded on a trip due to a passenger ship's breakdown for four weeks he never wanted to face that problem again. What was not in good condition was replaced with new parts, still gleaming from the factory.Being stranded before also led him to the most expensive and to him the most important modification- a small escape craft. The YT-1300 series had available a rather rare option- the YT-Dart. Use of this was relegated to mostly the passenger editions of the YT series since it severely limited the usefulness of the mandibles and cargo ability, but he really was not that interested in using the Falcon for hauling stuff for others. Even rarer was a Dart with a small hyperdrive- only a few were produced. Lando could not believe his good fortune when he came across a YT-Dart which not only had the hyperdrive but had actually been used to escape a disaster.. A YT-1300-P named "Horizon's Gold", a ship fitted out as a gambling recreation transport, had a catastrophic failure of it's main drive. The crew and passengers were able to get to the Dart in time and had just pulled away when the ship blew. The escape craft had been just at the edge of the blast but everyone was uninjured and the Dart used it's hyperdrive to get to safety. In Lando's mind this was the most perfect addition to his ship- it not only was a proven craft but was incredibly lucky as well. My build shows the Falcon about one year before 'Solo' Lando has the interior mostly done, the major mechanical work has been completed and it is on it's way to be fitted with a new dish and weaponry for the upper and lower turrets. It is still missing a couple of body panels ans one set landing gear hatches. The Build: I figured there were enough kits built to match the film and quite honestly I found Lando's version a bit bland in it's clean whiteness. I worked on the assumption from studying the ship (mostly the engineering deck and mandibles) the exterior panels were placed over the original hull so I cut a couple of them away. It may upset some people out there, but for showing the hull beneath the panels I sacrificed the Fine Molds Falcon I had been working on. I had done most of the prepainting on it when Bandai released their 1:144 kit and after that all I could see was what Fine Molds had not gotten quite right (I am a big fan of the five footer) By wonderful coincidence the smaller Fine Mold's hull was the exact size and shape to fit inside the Bandai kit hull with the panel lines matching. I also used one of the Fine Mild's landing gear feet to show in the exposed well opening since the Lando Falcon did not have any gear of it's own.This build still needs a few minor tweets of weathering before I will totally happy with it but I did want to share this now. The Fine Mold kit:
  6. Here is my build of that wonderful Bandai kit- pretty much straight out of the box. A couple of things to note- being all black plastic I painted each panel a different type of black, from flat & gloss to reflective (this does not show up very well in the photos). This is the first build where left the window glass empty as done with the filming models. The pilots are in red outfits- I figured we never saw the special forces uniforms on screen that I remember and the red would make them more visible. Instead of leaving the panels light gray, I painted them metallic steel with a few picked out to highlight in aluminum and silver. I never liked the reversed color of the First Order TIEs and at least this way they would seem like practical hardware. I did paint some other details silver and steel- I did not use any gold/copper/brass since I wanted no warmth, just cold colors. I did dry brush the wing hubs and added some smoke-chalk to the hull and panels, most of that does not show up as well in the photos either. This was a fun build, I have a couple of other simple ones to knock out during this CoVid "vacation" before I tackle the next big one- the lighted Bandai Star Destroyer Here are a few photos (I did not use my black with red grid for obvious reasons, instead it is one of my landing circle sheets I made for exhibiting models at a local convention some years ago... A
  7. I was digging around looking for some old files and found this old design sketch for this build-
  8. This is such a wonderful idea- I am actually surprised that the Disney Store has not been selling these already because it is such a natural concept. Very well done!
  9. IMO Voyager was a pretty good show- it had to adjust it's formula to help syndication so no real Maquis-Starfleet conflicts and the ship had to be all cleaned up for the next episode. They originally were planning on doing it like the 'Year of Hell' two parter (and ST-Enterprise with the Xindi arc) with the ship accumulating damage and being repaired on the fly but the suits wanted a clean episode. They did some wonderful variants to Voyager as well- the "Warship Voyager" covered in guns (,Living Witness) the Assimilated Voyager" for entering fluidic space (Scorpion pt2), both of which would be a great project to build
  10. One great thing about this subject is that the Voyager is one of the few StarFleet ships that does no thave that fussy aztecing- most Trek ships you spend more time masking and painting than building. The current release of the kit is the second (special) edition of it- many little adjustments, the inclusion of the shuttlebay interior (minimal but can be enhanced), better decals, that sort of thing. It is a nice sized model as well- you will not feel you have been cheated, unlike the USS Kelvin kit. Have fun and post your progress shots!
  11. I have some great replicas in a decent scale from the Star Wars Armada & X-Wing gaming sets- about the only way to get a 14"Blockade Runner without the cost of the very fine but expensive garage kit. Also have a Rebel Transport and got a Starhawk last week for my birthday (62 now). These gaming miniatures are excellent in proportion and detail- the only real drawback is very often they have a bad heavy wash for weathering, a problem easily fixed by a repaint. They are not as fun as building your own model kits, but for some subjects are are a very practical alternative
  12. IMO this is a perfect duplication of the ILM model's weathering and detailing (adjusting for scale). This does not look like a 1:72 scale model at all- great work!
  13. Fantastic build on such a rare subject- the launch pad is very well done and makes a great diorama of what should have been...
  14. IIRC it was only a single Clipper model but the camera scaling kept changing. Sometimes it was not even a physical model but a hi res photo placed on an animation stand for movement- he used this technique for the Aries 1b as well. I love this Station kit and have been wishing to get one since it first came out- it looks great and I am looking forward to seeing your progress posts!
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