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  1. Still working of getting some better photos- While the inch grid Background is helpful, this one shows it's true size a bit better I think
  2. There was a list of errors posted over on the RPF site when it was first revealed. Apparently all the errors match a particular set of blueprints which Dragon seems to have used for their source material. https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/dragon-gets-star-wars-licence.251476/page-7#post-3907622 Most seem to be proportion issues looking at the photos above- the ATAT's legs have the knee too low, the ATST looks too narrow and the Falcon is off in several places, most obviously the rectangular dish looks 1/3 too large. It would be nice to have additional companies producing Star Wars kits, especially in scales not done before. Dragon made a big splash with their announcement then crickets.
  3. The Dragon ATAT was pretty inaccurate as about ten minutes with Google will demonstrate- the only good thing was that it was a fairly large scale which many people wish for. The Dragon Star Wars line seems to have drifted off into vaporware land-
  4. Thanks! That is a 1 Inch scale grid I made a while back- it gives you both a sense of size and provides a sort of holodeck feel... I get frustrated when a beautiful model is photographed with a distracting background which makes it hard to see
  5. This is a larger model of a capital ship in 1:350 scale. It is about 16 1/2" long, all sheet styrene with some detailing bits, no landing gear or mounting point this time. I wanted to create a ship which was devoted to planetary surveys- most sensors and support equipment is on it's underside and along the forward section sides. All hatches are marked in red for easy location. The ship can submerge if needed with the shuttle bay on top being exposed for use (note- this was built a couple of decades before Trek did the same with the Enterprise). There is also a universal docking port forward of the shuttle bay which can be adapted to fit a variety of docking mechanisms. Two long range sensors are mounted in the front and underneath is a rotating turret for self defense. Aside from the front pilots station and the upper observation dome there are only a couple of windows- the ship uses sensors mostly for seeing around it. The main exit hatch has a platform on rails to assist in leaving down the slope of the hull when the ship is on the ground. There are two externally mounted landing pods on the ventral side and a deployable field generator on the port side. About the design: I had fun with this one.There are some animalistic features to the design- the main surfaces are detailed taking cues from a crocodile hide- I wanted to give it an armored feel. The side view shows the forward lower section having a throat like structure with gill flaps. The hull has some perspective tricks built into it as well which come into play when you are looking down it's length from either end' I need to fix the lighting and take a few more pictures. my set up works better with white/light gray subjects. There are also a couple of places where some panels have come off over the years- need to make some replacements and get this model back into shape!
  6. I have both the FFG Blockade Runner and Rebel Transport, both are exceptionally detailed and a good size. I have seen the BL torn down and rebuilt with a full cockpit and engine lighting. The Transport has a full set of accurate colored cargo pods, it's only downside is that the hull on my edition has too heavy of a weathering wash but that is something easy to fix.
  7. Someone in marketing determined that fighters were the kits to produce so we have really saturated that now- I cannot even count the different X-Wings in various scales made by many different companies over the years. I am glad we are beginning to see some capital ships being produced, while way too small they are accurate and very well detailed. I am hoping these were "testing the waters" type kits to determine popularity like the Mecha Colle ISD was. 3D printing is a great way to go but they can be expensive and most need extensive cleanup since the parts are built in layers which need to be smoothed. I look upon the printers in our hobby like the Dremels of yesteryear- initially rare and expensive, now years later it is hard to find a workbench without one. Right now we have more Star Wars kits available than have ever been released before. U=It is easy to focus on the ones which have not been released yet but just look at what we can buy and build now. I love capital ships and never though I would ever see a styrene SSD in any size but now I have two in my closet of doom. The large Fantasy Flight Games Blockade runner is a great size for a kit, but until one is released I can look at that one on my shelf. A Bandai kit that scale would be so wonderful,
  8. Thanks! I have a fondness for functional/industrial designs- 'Alien' does excel in that category!
  9. One more photo- this is a close up shot of the starboard hull area with the hatch. Another detail of the greebly shown- the three connected disks shown to the top right are generators with the power feed lined with radiator fins traveling back and up the angled pylon to the weapons pod. In the design of this 'family' of ships power generators can become unstable so they are surface mounted so any blow off is outwards from the hull. On the underside there are several disk shaped generators on the starboard side- these are the generators for the main weapons, these can be dropped and set to go critical also...
  10. Sorry about the wrong placement- I just got in a hurry trying to get it posted while at work and went to the wrong area.
  11. OK, this one is a strange one but the odd design has a reason behind it. Lots of space fighters out there, I wanted to make something different- a fighter created to attack ground targets in any planetary atmosphere. I got to thinking and decided that multiple drive systems would be in order since what would work in an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere may not be the best to use in methane. I also like asymmetrical designs and wanted to have some fun. This ship is in 1:72 scale and about 14 inches long from the nose to that end of the port engine. I gave it two control sections- one for flight in the front and one for weapons which I put in a large pod on an off set pylon. This is to give the weapons pod an unobstructed view around and below the ship. It is accessed through he main pylon and can detach in an emergency. The weapon control pod had a long range gun and a rotating top gun for defense. The top gun can be swapped out for several types of weapons or an advanced sensor suite. the main weaponry is mounted underneath the main body- a rotating turret with three heavy beam weapons. on the port side of the main body there are several missile launch rails with a variety of options, the red tactical nukes are shown. Forward on the underside are three landing pods which can be used for escape or recon. There are three multiple drive units with a scattering of boosters. The main port engine and the two smaller starboard ones can, in a last resort effort, detach and act as fire forward as missiles going critical on impact. The third drive (aft slotted one) can be used to return if it is in the proper atmosphere. About the build- This one is all sheet styrene with a number of recognizable donor kits- I didn't spend too much time trying to disguise them on this model. It does have an exit hatch on the starboard main hull outlined in red (starting with this model I build most of my designs with red hatches so you can spot them easily in an emergency). When I was taking these pictures I discovered that this is a hard model to photograph. It has a number of perspective tricks built into it and when seen from the forward starboard three-quarter angle had a wrap round effect when seen with the eye that does not work well with my current camera. Plan Views
  12. The two X-Wings are new kits from the new movie. Since Bandai uses alternate color parts for vehicle coloring, any striping differences require a new tool.
  13. "Family Photo" Here is a group photo of the last two posts as I keep them at home. The model on the turntable is my very first complete scratchbuild, circa 1978. All are in matching scale (1:72)
  14. I look upon it as Bandai maximizing their existing investments to raise capital for new kits being planned. They do this with a lot of kits like in the Yamato/Star Blazers kits.
  15. This one was built about the same time as the Small Scout Ship posted earlier. It is 1:72 scale, this time I built the main hull first with sheet styrene then added details later instead of having the design being donor kit driven. It does not belong to any particular universe, just another interesting tarmac vessel. The idea was to create a small compact ship able to explore a multitude of environments. The port side has long high powered energy projector which is able to extend and aim about 20 degrees off the centerline in most directions, unfortunately over years the some of the support arms have broken off. The leading edges on the main hull are gaped for sensors and I gave it some battle damage for a bit of history.No decals were used with this model, the only thing I think I would really change is the markings on the underside of the nose- I only had a sharpie and it still bothers me. This was, however, just built for fun back in the early eighties there were not so many SciFi kits out there I did not already have and so I just started making up my own designs... Plan Views
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