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  1. Does the Revell Kit come with figures?
  2. This video gives a good sense of scale. Bandai Razorcrest Youtube Just watch it muted.
  3. Is the Foundations series the one he based on the rise and fall of the Roman empire? It was one series I never read.
  4. I will have to get it first. I waited 4 months for my last kit from them.
  5. One of my fave anime films from many moons ago was Venus Wars.. (Who remembers the Manga UK intro trailer) I posted this some time ago. It is now being release by Wave in 1/20 scale. At a very reasonable price. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10796354 I can now do that girlie squeal.
  6. The amount of detail is impressive. Some kits have less pieces. Was this a Student intern project.
  7. Just browsing that there ole tinternet and this came up. I am open to ideas why you would need to have one of these especially when you can buy the dried product from Tesco for a quid. The plus side is you get Free delivery.
  8. I got one for sale. A version for 3" figures was crowdsourced I am led to believe. https://hasbropulse.com/products/star-wars-the-vintage-collection-razor-crest
  9. At least it wasn't as bad as the ending of Raised by Wolves. I am not a fan of the Dilithium storyline. This season had some focus more on character development which is what Star trek normally excels in. Previous seasons were more Star Wars than Star Trek which I found Picard to be as well. This is not a bad thing for me. I did enjoy the ending and it felt like coming full circle. ( Which was probably why you got the original score as the ending credits score) Also I like the fan theory that Cronenberg is the federation president
  10. Totally loving the idea of a 1/72 crest coming out. Bigger images of the razorcrest from the original illustrator can be found on Artstation. . https://www.artstation.com/artwork/k4kbYy He has a captured AT-ST cross section as well. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/D5vaze
  11. I totally loved the whole damn 2 series. It is not very original story telling but it is some of the best Star wars since Rogue one. The references to Lone wolf and cub is very telling which I find is going to back to original Star wars influences like Kurosawa. You can see the Japanese influence throughout the whole franchise of Star wars. Now it is only unoriginal if you are unaware of those influences which I imagine many younger audiences could be. I would love to see more of the good stuff like Crimson Dawn story lines and one of my favourite characters Hondo Ohnaka. Space pirates! The behind the scenes stuff is great and love they actually built studio scale models again for some of the filming. I am sure if they auctioned the crest off they would make a fortune for a charity. The scope that this opens up hopefully reinvigorates the Star wars universe. Taking a beloved sci-fi opera and making some of it for a more mature audience. What's next: Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Set after the Film Solo and before Rogue One. The Book of Boba Fett. Set between Jedi and the force awakens just like The Mandolorian. Ahsoka Set between Jedi and the force awakens just like The Mandolorian. Thrawn storyline in here. Rangers of the New Republic Set between Jedi and the force awakens just like The Mandolorian. It would be too much to ask for if Jon Favreau stayed on for lots more but Dave Filoni for the most part did a good job of the Clones War animation.
  12. "No Dougal those Tie fighters are far away." Jedi Ted.
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