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  1. I have noticed the price of Fine molds/Revell Millennium Falcon's dropping like a stone. As little a £125 in some places. (Mostly outside UK) Very tempting.
  2. It's a personal thing and how much you want to pay for a kit. I know plenty of folks who dropped 250+ on the Finemolds Falcon and then 100+ on the Tamiya Spitfire when they came out. That's not adding in all the extra's they probably bought for those kits. As other have mentioned their must be a market for it. Just like you have a market for footballers and supercars. I just admire those things and move onto something I am capable of buying. Questioning the price of something can sound like a whinge ( No offence Sprue). Which I am no stranger too.
  3. At that kind of scale it would be easier building them from plasticard. Even the F-toys ones are 1/144. If you can get hold of the 1/350 falcon you would see how tiny they would be.
  4. Wow very impressive you win the lottery then. Just for folks who don't realise how big this bad boy is.
  5. @rockpopandchips That's a great little mini from Raining frogs garage. Supposedly of the Simon Bisley artwork. The first edition came with an axe and no cape.
  6. Really like the dents and nicks on that paint job. Impressive work.
  7. It is one of the best space operas in a long while. Thomas jane was the best film Punisher in my book. ( the Tv series is great as well) I noticed another company who is selling 3d printed spaceships and one of them was the last star fighter. ( just noticed this company does them as well. Other company was cheaper though) £55 for the 300mm Roc very tempting
  8. Weyrs is halfway through. It was one of those Dragon series that wasn't too cheesy with the dragons. Then again I am looking through rose tinted specs. It was a few years ago.
  9. Cheers for that bud, yeah way too small. Shame as I quite like the casual style of it.
  10. Has a formal dress look about him even diplomatic. It would really add something if it had a ceremonial shield and Sword/Lance. Give it a regal flare to a futuristic empire.
  11. The amount of detail on those is pretty damn good even though it's a terrible vehicle design.
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