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  1. At least it wasn't as bad as the ending of Raised by Wolves. I am not a fan of the Dilithium storyline. This season had some focus more on character development which is what Star trek normally excels in. Previous seasons were more Star Wars than Star Trek which I found Picard to be as well. This is not a bad thing for me. I did enjoy the ending and it felt like coming full circle. ( Which was probably why you got the original score as the ending credits score) Also I like the fan theory that Cronenberg is the federation president
  2. Totally loving the idea of a 1/72 crest coming out. Bigger images of the razorcrest from the original illustrator can be found on Artstation. . https://www.artstation.com/artwork/k4kbYy He has a captured AT-ST cross section as well. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/D5vaze
  3. I totally loved the whole damn 2 series. It is not very original story telling but it is some of the best Star wars since Rogue one. The references to Lone wolf and cub is very telling which I find is going to back to original Star wars influences like Kurosawa. You can see the Japanese influence throughout the whole franchise of Star wars. Now it is only unoriginal if you are unaware of those influences which I imagine many younger audiences could be. I would love to see more of the good stuff like Crimson Dawn story lines and one of my favourite characters Hondo Ohnaka. Space pirates!
  4. "No Dougal those Tie fighters are far away." Jedi Ted.
  5. A website is dedicated to all things Eagle Transporter. https://www.eagletransporter.com/forum/index.php £60 is the price for the 1/72 MPC Round 2 kit. If you are looking at the 1/48 kit it starts to get to silly prices. I wouldn't entertain the Warp models Eagle as your first Eagle build but that is up to you.
  6. Nice. Love Masterbox and the Abby normal stuff they produce. The Tiberious “Ty” Constellation Hackington III and Laurie “Lightning Bolt” Barnes look rather good as well..
  7. Is it supposed to be the same as the one on the box or do you get options?
  8. Well you could go down the route of the Revell/Bandai Tie striker. If you wanted it to look like the Squadrons one. Once again all options are expensive.
  9. I saw that on my google search but it's not that one. I wouldn't worry about the squadrons Defender as Star wars canon has to be one of the worst continuities ever. Build what you want it to look like say its the MK1 defender.
  10. This company has one but it is out of stock. Once again you have Import duties on top. http://www.mvmodels.biz/kesselrun.asp You can email them and see when thy are going to bring them back in. I don't have a link as I checked RPF and don't see it. So must have made it up.
  11. Yeah that looks like your best bet. The last kit-bash I read used 3 Revell Tie interceptors at 1/90 scale which would be substantially cheaper than any resin kit. Don't even think about getting the Finemolds/Bandai Interceptor. I would be interested in your kit-bash if you do go ahead with it.
  12. FFG do aTie Defender for the Star Wars X-WIng Miniatures Game in 1/250 scale . For 1/72 It's a resin kit that was made by SMT which is long out of print so Ebay is your best bet which you may already know.
  13. Not if you keep them under 15 quid not including shipping *Just now*. If I may be so bold to suggest something simple like the 1/35 MODEROID Outcast Brigade Exoframe you could probably get it cheaper abroad but not by much. They also have the 1/35 Moderoid USMC Exoframe. They are from an anime that can be found on Youtube Called Obsolete. Obsolete Anime (Links are clickable) Plenty of choices and cheapness when it comes to Gundam in 1/144th scale from the likes of HLJ and Hobbysearch. I am sure i posted some pics of kits here awhil
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