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  1. I have one winging it's way to me as we speak with something a little bit extra. Another favourite Anime. EDIT: It would seem I won't be getting the order as my account has been suspended and order cancelled. I have payment problems it would seem.
  2. Lando and G'Kar possibly one of the best antogonists in SCI-FI much like Q and Picard. They will need to get that same chemistry for those type of characters. If they are going to go wtih the same storyline arcs. Always felt it was Garibaldi the security officer who glued everything together. Will we get a more sleeker type of spacecraft Look at the anorexic Xwings and the upgraded colonial Vipers. Both of which I like. People just want to put their slant on things I guess.
  3. Yeah I noticed HLJ had changed its shipping date. In protest I bought the Battle of the planets Phoenix.
  4. You are never going to make everybody happy with a reboot on a beloved series. Look at the polarisation that the Abram's Start Trek movies caused with another one in the wings as well. The creator of B5 being at the helm makes me optimistic. Straczynski tweeted a bit about the new B5: (The original series of B5 is free to stream on IMDB TV I am led to believe at the moment) Until the fat lady sings and all that. Came across an old BM post about the legacy kits.
  5. Have you not started watching Foundation? It is pretty damn good. If you are a book purist it might irritate you.
  6. I would like to moan that I am not as rich as I want to be.
  7. @Richard Baker I get that even though they made the appalling 'Crusade' to keep the franchise going. I can only hope it's as good as the BSG reboot.
  8. You already had the Blakes 7 reboot it was called "Intergalactic" which was cancelled after season 1. Sky has had the rights for ten years? I would be very surprised if they made one now. I doubt we get anything above 1/72 did come out for B5 kits. We can only hope.
  9. With the reboot of B5 supposedly in the wings. Wonder if we will get new/old kits to go with it. I can only hope. Even Round 2 to take a pop at it.
  10. I like that you get Grogu's cradle on the chair. The detail does look damn good on this. Didn't realise how big this one is going be the engines are the size of coke cans.
  11. Does the Revell Kit come with figures?
  12. This video gives a good sense of scale. Bandai Razorcrest Youtube Just watch it muted.
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