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  1. It would make an interesting gift set perhaps do a printed area of deck park as a base so you can pose them together folder and parked or unfolded and being made ready. I can't see them adding a Wessex, Seaking or Gannet as the two kits would put it to the £50 mark ! so I think they would hold at that.
  2. Ah but we have the Dave B not the Dave A, so far there is only the Fujimi dated F-35B and the Hasegawa F-35B and neither have done a British boxing as yet. I suspect they would possibly go for their own kit if the UK MOD and RAF allow it along with the LM led consortium and the Licence they would need fork out for. (part of the reason for the preference to out of service types as cheaper to licence, and not quite as much red tape and hurdles to face to get an acceptable, accurate kit whilst still respecting the secrecy over certain aspects operational in-service types)
  3. http://ihphobby.tripod.com/700shipkits/orderships.html Theres an Australian Stockist Brian (You can also do Vengence )
  4. Regarding follow up boxings, I starting to wonder given the limited load in the RN S2C if we may see an S2D with Martel's for the late 70s/ early 80s RAF and RN, then probably a late RAF 80's/ early 90fit for LGBs with Gulf War and post war grey scheme. I'm wondering if they will do a SAAF version as a separate boxing ?
  5. I think your right its possibly lined up for over the Christmas Period or for Early January.
  6. No, its just for the Gulf War fit, the fuselage sprues are configured for the Speys, and the intakes would need to be a separate part from the wing root fwd.
  7. There is no airgroup in this initial boxing, the focus was on the ship, and waiting on the Airwing to be produced would put the kit back to next spring. The next issue should have an airwing, or alterntives can be found from aftermarket sources such as Starling which has the L'Arsenal Fireflies and Sea Furies. The recent Aoshima Illustrious class had Firefly and Barracuda aircraft but they have not yet issued this as a separate aircraft boxing. US types such as Corsair, Hellcat and Avenger can be easily be sourced for the BPF ships in the class.
  8. The Universal pylons in the previous Airfix kit should be suitable for use on the new kit, although the Martel Rails are probably a bit crude in comparison. It will be interesting to see if the bulged tank from the old kit can be adapted to kit the new kit as. The aftermarket slipper tanks should fit as the kit ones look to be the earlier version as they are on the RN specific sprue, and Freightdog's later Tail may be suitable to use.
  9. Some good news on the Buccaneer front, as Airfix dropped using dates or months to indicate expected release dates and changed back to the vague season, I tend to watch Wonderland which still put up the expected release date once it becomes known. For the Buccaneer this started showing as the 1st of October 2019, but when the entry was updated with the new boxart the date moved forward to the 25th September 2019. Note also in the catalogue and even on the Airfix website it was listed as the Buccaneer S2, but now the box art confirms what Andy says and is now referred to as an S2C variant https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/airfix-172-blackburn-buccaneer-s-mk2/
  10. You can order direct from Mike at IHP as they don't have a US Distributor yet they are doing it themselves :- http://ihphobby.tripod.com/700shipkits/7001.html It's an excellent kit, I've been following it since it was first mooted as my father served aboard Ocean & Triumph in the late 40s. Starling Models is the UK Distributor and I have ordered my first pair from them last week.
  11. What weak sales they sold every one as they were produced to order, the cock up was the retailers who after the TSR2 kit limited run, ordered the Nimrod in larger quantities forgetting that the kit was 3 x the size and 3 x the price, so most modellers would likely buy 1 maybe 2 at most rather than multiples. It would have sold normally and have an average production run if produced as a standard kit rather than a limited run, and would probably have been re-popped by now, with better decals if it hadn't had one silly overlarge single production run which is why the kit decals were naff printed as they had to produce 20000+ large sheets in one very short run !.
  12. RWR Fin top. Silver Jubilee Markings which changed to Sqdn special scheme in 78 and 809 Buccs adopted the tactical roundels and the revised squadron badge and switched to the Universal pylons so yes they would be wrong posed together OOB. Robbing the previous kit for decals, pylons etc would be a quick fix or doing the Phantom without RWR and the special markings and ensuring that the aircraft serials were correct for the sqdn at that time would allow for an early 892 model for an early 70s set up on Ark
  13. Thankfully they gave the Buccaneer design to the lead designer to do a good job on it unlike the Phantom which they passed to a nugget who dropped some clangers that have not been rectified, pretty poor show for what was a flagship kit for that year !!
  14. Looking at an Xtrakit Supermarine Scimitar shoot upto to £31 in 2 days on eBay, a decent Supermarine Scimitar F1 might not go down rather well, but I doubt that it would be for 2020, the scaling down of the Sea Vixen to 72nd would be better as that would go well with the new Buccaneer S2 for use on Eagle, Hermes and Victorious.
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