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  1. They also do Fujimi the IJN Jill torpedo bomber they do is Fujimi
  2. Hi Steve, Saw the first resin shot that Dave had with him yesterday at Bolton, and no it won't have Heavy Lift decals just the RAF markings with all the names and Serials for their machines, The resin looked good and the fuselage has been broken down to multiple stepped sections to keep it practical and true the joins are not on panel lines so they can be filled and sanded flush and the mold lugs have been designed with surplus material for cutting with a hack saw rather than a razor saw. Only the landing gear remains in white metal and the upper cockpit is in clear acrylic. Cheers Geoff
  3. Well the good news is that the Catalogue on the link shows that Academy put the original source for the kit if a rebox and the listing for the F-35B shows new Tooling so that does look like a stablemate for their excellent F-35A. A shame that its previous mention in the newsletter indicated that it was just a USMC scheme, so going by F-35A we may get an international boxing in a year or two by which time the South Koreans and may Japan might have joined the UK and Italy in getting the B. Should be a nice kit going off the A, with fine details, no silly raised RAM panels, open weapon bays and wing pylons for a full load out
  4. Educated guess, going that we know they would kit the Aircraft they scanned as a last in service Bucc in the Grey & Green Camo, then to minimise the included weapons load they woud likely go for the Grey Scheme as the same fit and period. Now that does make it look likely that 2021 we will see the Gulf War boxing as 30 yrs old now (eek !!!!). The bad news is I cant see them doing a new sprue with Martel or Sea Eagle to do the S2D/S2B anti-shipping aircraft so cant see another boxing for those unfortunately
  5. In other words as per the Ulster Museum Buccaneer which is virtually as is when it left service. To be honest I wonder if they may go with a Grey Buccaneer and Leave the Gulf War for another boxing, a lot depends on what the weapon load is to go on the RAF sprue with the Bulged Bomb bay door. RWR and the universal pylons.
  6. Yeap they have swapped the He111 to the Ju-88A1 for the BoB box set. The rest of the selection is rather dull, relying on others to develop new items for them to box
  7. Could be a Typo or translation error and we will have to wait and see what news actually appears on about this kit as it develops as the person designing the catalogue probably wasn't given a great deal of info about the kit at this time.
  8. Is that length correct for a C-130J let alone a C-130J-30 ?
  9. Have to agree with the above comments, started with a good premise of a genuine period piece rather than a modern interpretation only to find it ruined by BBC PC brigade trying to adapt it to our current snowflake era. Its a good book why the hell can't somebody do a genuine period adaptation, not a musical, not trying impose modern sensibilities on the period or moving the period to the current time frame because they either want to try and make it more relevant or too tight bottomed to create a genuine period piece. Surely we can have proper Cylinders that could actually accommodate a folded up war machine or two, have a proper heat ray, do a War Machine as described, etc. etc., its obvious that its what most people would actually like to see rather than the dross they keep trying to foist on us.
  10. Looks like we will be getting another boxing from Valom with the later high demarcation 50s scheme, as not covered in these boxings.
  11. That's crap as well, poorly done with little reference to the real ship
  12. The Ju-88 A1 is a pleasant surprise, the re-boxing of the Italeri F-35A however is an own goal as its terrible and surely they could have got access to the superior Academy or Hasegawa kits. Nice to see Invincible re-issued again
  13. It is with the F-35B because its not a Harrier, yes Harriers could do Rolling landings by the skill of the pilot and they throttle/nozzle control on land. The F-35B is done with computers they have managed to automate the process and to do so from a ship on a design that was intended to do either CTOL or STOVL. Of course it makes a difference, the Aircraft has to slow to a Hover then drift sideways before dropping onto the land spot which requires a fair amount of thrust to do so, with the short rolling landing, they don't go into the full hover and get the benefits of not having to do so. This not only increases the bring back capacity but also reduces the wear & tear on both the airframe and the engine.
  14. I will need to check my library when I get home for Essex Class Carriers (Warship design histories) by Alan Raven and Aircraft Carriers of the U.S. Navy by Stefan Terzibaschitsch as these may cover what you are asking
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