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  1. And the reissue of the 1/48 Bell 206B JetRanger is gone after being in (I think) the last three catalogues and never showing up at retail.
  2. After the Stuka project was finally made public a couple of years back I bought the 1/48 Airfix kit to represent it - this Stuka is what spurred my interest in the type when it was imported to NZ in my childhood - and aside from some interior parts she's waiting for the real deal to be completed so I can copy paint, stencils etc. I know it was a terrible tragedy for the Allen family when Paul died, but part of me was immediately worried these projects wouldn't be completed. They say no news is good news, but...
  3. I was aware of AR614, what's the other one?
  4. I'm excited for the 1/48 JetRanger reissue to be in the catalogue for the fourth(?) year in a row and not actually get released
  5. I'd be surprised if they didn't as Airfix seems to love BBMF decal options.
  6. When was this released? I'm surprised I've not seen any build threads.
  7. I've just seen this one pop up on Scalemates. Dukel 1-48 Pucara 01 by Zac Yates, on Flickr Dukel 1-48 Pucara 02 by Zac Yates, on Flickr
  8. Inspired by Dave's post, and the discussion around the Vintage Classics Concorde (also did the Sherman Firefly just come out?), has anyone compiled a list of 2020 range items that weren't released in 2020? I understand things didn't go according to anyone's plan last year so I don't intend to blame or belittle by asking, I'm just curious. Also when I revisited the New For 2021 range on Airfix's site today I saw the Canadair 1/48 Sabre had been added to it since the announcement. It's an enigmatic situation, to be sure.
  9. As long as they include the 633 Squadron gun nose with a B/TT.35 boxing, I'll be happy.
  10. Close. Several went to Oz new for flying clubs/schools, and today there are about 53 current on the CASA register.
  11. Thanks all, I really appreciate it. Also I made an “oops” in my initial post: WA196 is the c/n, service s/n was XS677.
  12. That's some restraint - when they introduced the Chippy on the range reveal video I was pumping my first in the air repeating "YES!" as though my team had scored in the final!
  13. I'm not a mod, but perhaps we should keep this thread on topic? I noticed the two colour profiles don't include the cannon fairings present in the CADs. A mistake?
  14. The gentleman in the range launch video said Airfix hadn't done a Tempest before, which didn't seem right to me. Maybe he meant Airfix hadn't tooled one themselves?
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