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  1. Oh, now that is sharp! Beautiful work!
  2. And here I was, about to bump the topic with compliments about the Ceres book (I need a copy to call my own)!
  3. This is shaping up very nicely, excellent work so far!
  4. Marketing the Gazelle as a "starter" seems almost masochistic! I'm excited to follow your work - excellent progress so far and so much room to improve the base kit.
  5. Bravo Brian, she looks terrific! I'm excited to see updates on the other two.
  6. Not to be pushy Derek but...any progress with this one?
  7. Utterly magnificent Derek, the Aussie civil Mustangs have long fascinated me and you're truly doing 'RKD justice. As for another in 1/48? Where do I sign up to follow along?
  8. What I wouldn't give for a 1/72 set for this bird!!
  9. I'm hard at work on the Revell boxing of the 1967 Monogram kit so expect news shortly!
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