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  1. Hear hear! I have a Revell S-55 build that's languished for a while due to paint issues. This has taken even more wind out of my sails!
  2. Lovely work Ian, she's gorgeous! Really looks the part. In what universe was that a good idea?!
  3. I'm very interested in this build as I have the Frog in my stash awaiting my subject (WT346 for those playing at home) to be repainted.
  4. That looks excellent Wally, what a beauty! And how satisfying to have it finished after all that time. For a moment I thought it was the other kind of ATC and I thought that was a pretty big field trip! Dare I ask what happened to the Bloodhound parts?
  5. Hi all, A while back a friend sent me a started MPC (Airfix) 1/72 Northrop P-61 Black Widow, which went right into the stash because I had no clue what to do with it. Then I had a bright* idea. Presenting a WW2 Royal Air Force nightfighter you may not have heard much of, the Turbinlite-equipped Northrop Prowler NF.I! *Bright idea! Bright! Because of the Turbinlite! Wehey, geddit?!!
  6. It’s a nice one! I’m delving into its story.
  7. Thanks for your reply! I spent several hours looking around online, for some reason I'm drawn to the USSR usage. I've found an all-red aero club machine that could do. It's an interesting scheme, I looked into its history a bit. Thanks, I discovered that last night and had fun looking through.
  8. I disagree with the "pretty good listen"* (different strokes, etc), here are some bullet points I took away from it - not at test shots stage yet otherwise would be more concrete with release schedule - when asked about oilcanning etc Richard said surface detail "makes" the real aeroplane - no indication of PE as the kit should be able to be built OOB, maybe some ancillary accessories later but too early to tell - an engine adds a huge amount of complexity, there is a market for that but it cuts out people who want to just do one they saw - number of decal options has been decided on but not ready to say, except Kiwi as on box art - multiple boxings? "Want to milk it for all it's worth"! - at the moment no wheels-up option but as part of the design process modelled compressed and uncompressed oleos and retraction to see how it fits *I'm not a regular listener, this is the second one I've downloaded - the first was also for a Richard Alexander interview. Interesting how the hosts have a light-hearted whinge, and are always surprised, about Richard not telling them about what's next....almost as though they were unware of Wingnut Wings (and now Kotare) policy!
  9. Hi folks, I’ve been looking at Soviet Po-2 colour schemes other than green, white or camouflage. Do records or photos exist of any air force Po-2s wearing training silver, or perhaps yellow? Or maybe aero club aircraft in red? I thought it could make an interesting comparison with a yellow Tiger Moth. There’s a yellow one that looks more like a replica than the real deal on an intricate plinth in Russia that got me thinking, but I’m unsure how accurate it is: http://wikimapia.org/8151637/Monument-to-Soviet-biplane-Polikarpov-Po-2 Any ideas?
  10. Utterly beautiful work. Simply gorgeous! On reflection, seeing the amount of AM required makes me sad there's not a mainstream Mk.21 out there.
  11. Lovely work, what a gorgeous finish and such an eye-catching (eye searing?) scheme!
  12. The research and drawing work with this build is amazing, Derek. An aspect of the Wirraway I'd never have given a second thought after hearing "it could carry rockets".
  13. Beautiful work Mick! I'd say making a white "space" for the roundels was a very wise move.
  14. What a beauty! Off to the RFI I go for a proper response.
  15. Wow, Wally, she's a beauty! Absolutely stunning! Personally I'm a big fan of the Rhodesian camo on Hunters, I think they look fantastic. Especially when executed as well as Wally's!
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