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  1. Some more news that will make a lot of people very happy! Wow!!
  2. We did not fly any Spitfire in RNZAF colours, only the "brackets" squadron - at home we had 297 P-40/Kittyhawks of varying models which were replaced by 424 Vought and Goodyear Corsairs.
  3. Some news that will make a lot of people very happy!
  4. I didn't realise I'd need that too - my plan is a high-back XVIe.
  5. Thanks David, saved for reference. Also, how was I not already following you on Flickr? Now rectified!
  6. And here I was, sweating it out and wondering if I was right!
  7. For anyone else wondering if the 1/24 Spitfire will feature "e" wing parts in this or any future boxing: Let's see what the aftermarket does!
  8. I told Sam about this and she was quite chuffed! "I'm a trendsetter!" "You're...an influencer!" "I'M A PLANE INFLUENCER!!" Can confirm: freshly laundered especially for the photoshoot!
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