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  1. k5054nz

    is a 1:48 beaufort coming out ?

    To be clear, the RNZAF itself never operated Beauforts but 489 (NZ) Sqn RAF did, and even then only five examples. But I'd love to build a DAP Beaufort in 1/48. If they could include decals for A9-141 I'd be very grateful!
  2. Also, i forgot to say earlier: I LOVE the paint colour. I immediately started brainstorming model ideas just so I could buy some!
  3. Beautiful work, Supercuber! I'm a big fan of agricultural aircraft - I have one in my parents' driveway - and I was so pleased to see the Z-37 kitted. I love what you've done with this build. Thanks for sharing!
  4. I recently read about this airframe and wondered what it looked like in Israeli markings. Beautiful job!
  5. I've wanted to build a Biafra Baby for a while now so I'm excited to follow along with your build!
  6. That's what I suspected. Thank you!
  7. Konrad, this is a wonderful topic for a build and I'm glad you're sharing it with us. Is there any chance your father took any photos during his service that you can post?
  8. The instructions for my Nichimo 1/20 Hughes 500 described them as decalcomania, my first encounter with that term. I found it very quaint! And now back to the Wirra.
  9. After seeing the retro schemed machine I've been pondering the same question. A most helpful thread!
  10. k5054nz

    FHC FW190A-5 colors

    I eyeballed and used Tamiya acrylics out of the bottle - close enough for me! Untitled by Zac Yates, on Flickr
  11. Are you thinking the bubble canopy, or something different?
  12. k5054nz

    Best 1/35 Little Bird?

    The biggest issue with the Dragon kits - at least with the Loach - is that the front door frames need to be pulled outward to match the canopy shape. Some choose to cut off the frames, attach them to the windscreen, then back onto the fuselage. I just put the almost-complete kit back in the box
  13. The only bad/negative words I've ever heard about this kit are about the price. Everything else is praise upon praise. I am very excited to see a WIP.
  14. k5054nz

    Lavochkin La-9/11 in 1/72?

    I built one (Gran maybe?) when I was 17...I had no problems! Mind you I was so in love with the type after seeing it fly that perhaps it was infatuation that powered me through... La-9 1-72 2004 by Zac Yates, on Flickr I've heard very good things about the Steelworks kit.