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  1. Hi all, This story has popped up on Vintage Aviation News: a former RCAF Lockheed PV-1 Ventura was purchased by the city of Irvine, California some years ago and restored by a team of volunteers from the Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation for a museum at the former US Marine Corps base at El Toro. After the restoration was completed (here's a VAN story about it from last October) the aircraft "was left to rot and collect dust in this hangar and was subject to vandalism by trespassers" as the rest of the site was developed. Then a few weeks ago the Ventura was scrapped when the hangar it was in was demolished by the same city that bought it - the CEO of the foundation wasn't made aware of this until after the fact. The story includes images of the wrecked aircraft and leaves the reader wondering who gave the go-ahead for this travesty to happen...
  2. Gorgeous art. Very keen to see more of the kit when possible! I've already done an SEA one with the Lindberg kit (albeit as an RAAF machine) but that RAF concept sounds fantastic! I may need one as I want a Valkyrie but hate painting white.
  3. In fairness to Kotare they said they wouldn't be there (despite their best efforts and desire to do so) and offered a special "Not At Telford Discount" on their website by way of consolation. Vb, thank you.
  4. It's so great to see these released but once the UH-12E appears I'm there!
  5. Add me to the chorus of "I wasn't interested but I am now"!
  6. At least the B-21's flown publicly! Good on you AMP, hopefully they can incorporate changes as more information is released/gleaned by spotters.
  7. I just hope it is a JetRanger and not an OH-58 (like the Italeri 1/72 kit) - check the rear windows!
  8. I'm glad to hear of the pilot being recovered. As far as the Stuka is concerned, Spitfires have come back from less...!
  9. I'm curious to see if the kit has the OH-6A-correct large rear upper windows and smaller door as seen in the box art or the later, smaller top window-larger door as seen on the marking options and only used on all variants produced after the Loach.
  10. Excellent news - accurate OOB Fs and Ls are long overdue 1/48. Sign me up for a short-tailed F, please.
  11. They're starting with an E (woohoo!) but scanned a K and an N...
  12. Very, very intrigued by that last sentence - it makes me think it's a project other than the FHCAM R-2 at Everett.
  13. I really enjoyed this thread and the final comparison Matt, thanks so much for sharing!
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