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  1. It is a good new, but I hope that the kit won't be full of inaccuracies like many HB aircraft kits ! We are still waiting for a good U-2 in 1/72
  2. Ah, I will be very happy to see a brand new 1/72 kit of the colorful F-15 prototype. There are many good F-15 kits on the market, but nothing on the prototypes except the very old and crude Hasegawa and Monogram kits !
  3. Sad News ! The last time I've seen him is at the IPMS National Convention in Belgium in 2018. Rest in Peace, Mel.
  4. i would like to see a H-Class German Battleship and the Shinano Aircraft Carrier in 1/350.
  5. Dear Sirs, Why not an interior set (by CMK - like your sets for the panzer IV) for the 1/72 Vespid Maus ? There is plenty of space inside (and we can see through the engine deck louvres) All the best, Violet Club
  6. I am still hoping for a good family of Blackbirds in 1/72 scale ! I wonder why Meng stopped producing aircraft kits in 1/72 (after their excellent F-106) ?
  7. I hope that they will scale it down in 1/72. We need a new Me 163 in that scale as the Academy is now difficult to find !
  8. I wait for the Wolfpack kit for evaluation. I have the Italeri F-5E and F-5F and when I see the inaccuracies on the Dream Model ones, I prefer to keep my old ones even, if scribing panel lines is necessary. If only ESCI had released a F-5E in the 80's (their F-5A, nom under Italeri label is excellent !) I don't understand why, with the technology available today, so many kits released are plagged with inaccuracies and more than 35 years old models are still the most accurate available on the market ! Is profit better than quality ?
  9. It seems more accurate than the Monogram Shuttle. Revell will release the full stack shuttle with boosters later this year. I wonder if they will use their shuttle in place of the old Monogram in the box ?
  10. I wait for the FD2 Delta (and I hope they will release other British prototypes) and the Pilatus PC6 " Air America", both in 1/72 !
  11. Please continue to release prototypes in 1/72 scale ! Why not the Convair Sea dart with one or two skis option see : https://www.historynet.com/convairs-incredible-wet-jet.htm Violet Club
  12. hi All, I would like to convert the Airfix Victor B2 into an early B2 as in service during the Cuba Crisis in October 1962. I have the early tail conversion from Air Graphic Models, but I wonder if there are other conversions to do on the kit (I would like to model it without the wings canoes ? I've read that some B2s were already operational in october 1962, do these Victors carried the anti flash pale roundels at the time ? Thanks for your help ! Violet Club
  13. I would like to see a complete 1/72 Blackbird family (A-12, M-12 and GTD-21, YF-12, SR-71 A and B ) accurate and with the same quality as the Meng F-106 ! A U-2/TR-1 Family would be also welcome in1/72 !
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