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  1. Please continue to release prototypes in 1/72 scale ! Why not the Convair Sea dart with one or two skis option see : https://www.historynet.com/convairs-incredible-wet-jet.htm Violet Club
  2. hi All, I would like to convert the Airfix Victor B2 into an early B2 as in service during the Cuba Crisis in October 1962. I have the early tail conversion from Air Graphic Models, but I wonder if there are other conversions to do on the kit (I would like to model it without the wings canoes ? I've read that some B2s were already operational in october 1962, do these Victors carried the anti flash pale roundels at the time ? Thanks for your help ! Violet Club
  3. I would like to see a complete 1/72 Blackbird family (A-12, M-12 and GTD-21, YF-12, SR-71 A and B ) accurate and with the same quality as the Meng F-106 ! A U-2/TR-1 Family would be also welcome in1/72 !
  4. I hope to see these two conversion kits for the C-130 in the future : The most crazy modification, the Credible Sport c-130 : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Credible-Sport-Prototype.jpg And the C-130 used for Satellite recovery :
  5. Note : The anigrand kit is correct in fact as is it one of the X-20 first design (different from the latter and definitive version as proposed by mikromir).
  6. sadly, almost nothing in 1/72 scale !
  7. Hi all, I wonder how the FM kit compares with the Hasegawa offering ? I don't know if Fine Molds will produce other Phantoms (B,C,D,H and G) ? We are still waiting also for the first Phantom II, the F4H (never produced in 1/72 and in plastic All the Best, Violet Club
  8. Hi, If I understand, The old Monogram 1/72 B-36 remains the only Accurate Peacemaker at this time ? All the Best, Violet Club
  9. I wonder if the kit is accurate and comparing it with the old Monogram mold.
  10. A new tool 1/72 Javelin and Sea Vixen would be a very good idea !
  11. I hope that they will release early versions of the Draken, especially the prototypes in 1/72 !
  12. The C-123 is already available from Roden in 1/72. We are just waiting for "Air America" decals for use with the C-123 and the Pilatus (both aircraft have an important role in the "Air america" Movie with Mel Gibson).
  13. Great ! We have finally a WW1 submarine in this scale !
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