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  1. Hi hope that this kit will sell well (I think buying two kits, one for the Silver finish aircraft and the other in Mauve color scheme). If it would be a new venture in 1/72 Experimental Aircraft range , I will be very, very happy ! I hope that they have Barrie Hygate's book for reference (All British protos are depicted in tis book with drawings) !
  2. Dear Sirs, As you have released a new excellent Heinkel He-162 kit (I have it and it is a gem !), why not a new Messerschmitt Me-163B in the 1/72 range ? The Academy Me-163 is now difficult to find and when comparing the kit (I have one) with the Mushroom Publications drawings, it seems that the rear part of the fuselage is not so accurate. You could eventually release the kit as the single or two seater version and I think it would be a top seller in your 1/72 range.
  3. I hope that the Reconnaissance versions (used in Vietnam War) will be also in their project list as well as the Large Compass Arrow drones
  4. I hope that they will complete the Japanese tank family in 1/72 scale with a Type 4 and a Type 5 !
  5. I hope in 1/72 (we are still waiting for a state of the art kit of this iconic airplane. The entire Blackbird family with other birds (A-12, YF-12) would be a great idea !,
  6. Hi All, A new Vulcan B2 is a good new (I hope also that the breakdown of parts will permit a B1 in the future). I hope also to see a "V-Bomber Resupply set" in 1/72 scale (like the WW 2 one) one day with a Yellow Sun Bom on trailer, A Blue Steel Transporter/Loader, the Van seen in scramble operations, personnel and pilot figures and other accessories... I keep my fingers crossed ! Violet Club
  7. Hi, I hope that Mikromir will not forget the two auxilliary engine nozzles, on both sides of the main engine (not present on the CAD drawings)
  8. Yeah, Scribing (trenches) are really too heavy on this model, let's hope that they won't do the same thing on a 1/72 model !
  9. I hope that they will scale down this kit in 1/72 scale !
  10. Hi All, Ekranoplanes like the gigantic Lun, for example, would be welcome in 1/350 (ship scale) as these are a mix between airplane ans ship !
  11. Hi All, A really good idea ! CH-54 was released by REVELL in the past, but a new kit (two options : with hospital and bomb) would be welcome !
  12. I wonder if the kit will include some internal structure (girders) in order to have the correct curvature of wing and this way, avoid the risk of wing warping (like the old Testors/italeri kit), as the wing isn't molded in one part up and down.
  13. I'd like to see 1/72 scale down versions of their Sea Vixen, Javelin and BAC Lightning F1 ! Regrding new tooled kits (all 1/72): Avro Vulcan B1 Vickers Wellington (all versions) Short Stirling RAF Cold War Bomber set (with Blue Danube and Yellow Sun nukes on trailers and other vehicles) RAF Thor Missile RAF Blue Streak Missile RAF Bloodhound Mk2 Missile Chieftain tank HMS Dreadnought first UK nuclear sub (in 1/350th scale of course)
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