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  1. I wonder if the kit is accurate and comparing it with the old Monogram mold.
  2. A new tool 1/72 Javelin and Sea Vixen would be a very good idea !
  3. I hope that they will release early versions of the Draken, especially the prototypes in 1/72 !
  4. The C-123 is already available from Roden in 1/72. We are just waiting for "Air America" decals for use with the C-123 and the Pilatus (both aircraft have an important role in the "Air america" Movie with Mel Gibson).
  5. We hope to see the Mig-25 P and PD, next year !
  6. Great ! We have finally a WW1 submarine in this scale !
  7. Yes ! A 1/72 accurate series of SU-15 would be a very good idea (it is one of my favourite Cold war aircraft) !
  8. I hope that accurate bomb bays doors will be available in resin for the first version of the B-36 (the B-36B has not the correct ones on the drawing). XB-35
  9. I hope that they will release a launch track section with the booster ! XB-35
  10. Hi all, I'd like to see the Iranian Saequeh F-5E with butterfly tail !
  11. I understand, the B1 is a completely different aircraft from the B2
  12. Hi All, I will love also to see a Javelin and a Sea Vixen in 1/72 scale and also a Cold War RAF Set (like the one released for WW2 period) with refuelling vehicles, bombs (Include nukes like the Blue Danube and Yellow Sun) and other material... One thing I wonder is why new kits aren't engineered such a way to produce further versions, for example, why the new Vulcan B2 is not kitted for a possible B1 version later. Despite this, i will buy it when it will be available ! All the Best, XB-35
  13. Hi all, The first B-36's didn't have the "Snap Action" bomb bay doors as on the picture. I hope that Roden will modify this.
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