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  1. @coneheadff @Stew Dapple Thanks gents, much appreciated! Finished up spraying the white on the fuselage last night and de-masked this morning, it's looking good! First snap is after a two or three very thin coats applied and the pre-shading still showing through pretty strongly: Stopping at this stage would give a very worn look and make a nice base for more weathering and fading with oils, etc later. However, the photo references in the Eduard book which comes with the kit don't seem to show this much contrast in the white so I kept going and added a few more thin coats: The pre-shade is still showing through a bit and I'm happy with where I've stopped. Inevitably there's a few bits to touch up but nothing too drastic. One other trick was to mask off a few random panel (over the wing TE, just in front and behind bomb bay doors) for one of the airbrush coats so that these have a slightly different "shade" of white to the others - again this has helped to break things up and make big slabs of white look a bit more interesting! Here she is with wings slotted on - next step is to get the underside of these, and the fins at the back, painted up the same way.
  2. A couple of thin coats of tamiya flat white later and she's looking like this: Nearly there I think - I've left it at that this evening so I can see how it looks in natural light in the morning. It probably needs one more pass at a decent distance to pull it all together. Can't wait to see what it looks like with the masking off!
  3. Evening all, not too much to report this week. Masked off the top of the fuselage (recycling as much tape as possible!) and layered up the preshade: This has become my "standard" approach - black base with rubber black, a medium grey mottle and then extra bits of white, all sprayed on very thin, but not so thin that you get spider webs. This time I also added a little bit of brown, focusing more on the undersides and panel lines. I've not sprayed a white plane before and I'm winging it a bit so really looking forward to seeing how it comes out. I'll now start adding thin coats of white and try and stop when it's "just right" - I'll post when it's done, tomorrow evening hopefully.
  4. Evening all! Second wing touched up to my satisfaction and couldn't resist a snap of it together looking like a b-24. Paints are as called out in the instructions: Mr color c333 extra dark sea grey and a mix of c38 olive drab 2 and c40 German gray, they look ok to me! Next will be the white undersides which will really bring it to life.
  5. Evening all, hope everyone is well and enjoying the much needed sunshine! Progress is being made with the B-24. I finally got some coloured paint on the upper wings and fuselage though the missing wing in the photo is still in the paint shop for final touch ups. I'm pretty happy with where I've got to with this, there's a hint of pre-shade showing through and the masked chips have worked quite well (I'll get some better photos of these up later...). The colours look a little bit bright and the chips a bit too stark at the moment but fairly confident it'll look about right once its been varnished and weathered with oils and pastels. Once the other wing is done I'll mask the top sides and start on the white underbelly. Thanks for dropping by! Sam p.s. Liberator wings are too long and result in ropey out of focus photos!
  6. Evening all, "real" painting has begun this weekend! First thing I've done is add little dabs of maskol on the aluminium patches. These are mostly located around the engines as I thought this is where the wear and tear would predominantly happen. I've had a practice with this technique on a trusty p-51 paintmule and it works ok, it's also much more straightforward than hairspray chipping. The maskol is painted on with a fine brush which I keep moist with water so it doesn't get too "gloopy". The only place I wanted heavy chipping was on the front of the intakes and here the maskol is dabbed on with a sponge and touched up with some more brush work: Once happy with the maskol chipping I started to pre-shade with thinned tamiya medium grey over the rubber black base. First pass shown here: ...and the second pass with a little more white and a light brown added: This is now pretty much ready for the dark slate grey to go on top - I'm going to add this in a few very light coats so that I can pick the right moment to stop without obliterating the preshading work. Wish me luck!
  7. Half a roll of tape later and the first masking session effort is pretty much complete! Preshading and coloured paint to follow soon! @Jackson Duvalier, thanks for the tips on the lights, I'm a little way off having to tackle these yet but the Bondic tip is great, I'd seen something similar elsewhere but couldn't remember the brand...
  8. @Stew Dapple @elger @Doolie, thanks for the tips gents, I've started to play around melting some clear plastic sprue to see what I can do - I nearly got a teardrop using the eduard template trick but when I came to cut it off it pinged off to never be seen again, d'oh! Anyway, don't need them yet but can see the promise. Engines painted up now, these are out of the box and I think look pretty good - the close up makes the black wash look a bit clumsy but happy with them when viewed with the naked eye and installed in the nacelle: I'm also getting the wings prepared for some paint: wheel bays have been painted with alclad over matt black base and now getting carefully masked. The nacelles are glued on (no filler required) and the hole for the resin turbochargers made ready. I'll probably glue the painted engines in place, and mask them so that I can add the inlet lips before starting to paint the wing. One thing I have to remember is to mask the wing root where it inserts into the fuselage - this fits beautifully at the moment but I suspect will be too tight if it gets a few layers of paint on.
  9. Eurgh, not fun, glad you're both on the mend now and looking forward to seeing some of the B17 taking shape. I've been lucky and dodged covid so far (touch wood), second jab next week but if I'm going to get it will be when snotty nosed students start to return in the autumn and we'll (hopefully) be able to start teaching them in person again...
  10. Framing is looking great Rob! Hope you're not feeling too ropey?
  11. Thanks! Yep, just saw you have used a "gem" as a landing light and will give it a go, I've found a pack that goes down to 1.5mm and comes with a set of tweezers and a dotting pen!
  12. @LorenSharp asked about the landing lights on the Eduard/hasegawa kit and I've taken some snaps of the instructions and circled all of the lights in red (sorry the photos aren't great). This page shows the the coloured lights between bomb bay doors and leading edge light on port wing. Inset bottom right also shows the tip lights being removed I think: This one has light by wheel bay and on undersides of wing tip: And finally there are blue lights shown at back of spine and on tail plane: Talking of lights does anyone have any good hacks for lights/lenses? I was looking at cheap sets of shiny gems for decorating fingernails (that'll confuse the algorithms) but couldn't find any which weren't faceted. Also wondering about whether you could make little lenses from heated clear sprue or plastic packaging somehow... I'll let you know if I get anywhere! Finally, bit of extra detail added with ammo belts in the dorsal turret (inspired by @Navy Bird and @LorenSharp) light was lousy for photos but you get the idea:
  13. @Navy Bird's nose gear was definitely funkier! I cheated a little bit by adding some plastic between the main part of the gear and the wheelbay roof so the weight is carried in compression through a fairly sturdy piece of plastic rather than bending, cantilevered off the bulkhead. Either way you can't see much of it so build straight out of the box would have been ok as well. I'll have a look at the Eduard instructions this evening and check for lights, I think there are some others on the wings in addition to the wing tip lights. I'll take some snaps and post what I find.
  14. Thankyou! I've been following your PB4Y2 and taking lots of inspiration along the way, it's a beast! The interior is awesome and browsing through again it has reminded me to add some ammo belts to the turrets, a job for this evening if I can get some time at the bench. This comment goes well with @Jackson Duvalier's at the top of this page about the "period-correct smells"...
  15. Thanks gents, welcome aboard! Afraid things move pretty slowly on my builds but trying to keep this one updated as I go. Thanks Rob, you're B17 is looking great and can't wait to see the B24 take shape. Over the weekend I started painting up various bits and pieces and I'm now pretty much there with the gun turrets: These are painted using the same techniques as the rest of the insides - undercoat of alclad aluminium sealed in with gloss varnish, coat of hairspray, a few little dabs of masking fluid, top coat of dark green, then maskol removed and bit more chipping done with water and an old brush. I find the combination of a bit of masking fluid and the hairspray chipping works quite well as you get different types and sizes of chips. No idea if this is accurate but certainly makes these parts look more interesting. The guns were hand painted with black then dry brushed to get the metallic look. Finally it gets brought together with a flat varnish coat on top. The "domes" (can't think of a better word) which go on these have been masked and frames painted inside so they are ready to be added too. I'll glue the dorsal turret in place on the fuselage to fill the hole but the rear turret can probably wait to be added later so I don't snap the guns off! I've already started the engines as well so might have another update later in the week. Cheers!
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