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  1. Decals all on including the tiny tiny fuselage panel numbers which you can't see in this rubbish light, all behaved really well. Gloss coat to seal them in and I'm on to the home straight with weathering and final touches. Also can you see what came in the post and will be next on the bench?!?
  2. Just to echo others Tony, this is an awesome thread providing equal measures of inspiration and incredibly useful information. I've been waiting 3 months for the new 1/72 Academy F14A (it was shipped from Korea in March supposedly) but have just cracked and ordered the revell F14D - should get started on that soon so Ill be pouring over these pages for more advice and tricks, keep it up!
  3. Evening all! The 110 is progressing slowly and steadily, after a few touch ups on the paint work I got it up on its legs without too much hassle - the undercarriage is fiddly but fits well and is sturdier enough, better than the fw190 i made before this anyway... After a coat of gloss I've just started adding decals, and, what a difference it makes! I've not been quite sure about this kit and the scheme for a few weeks but as soon as the ominous black crosses go on it starts to look "right". I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the markings on now and then adding some weathering. Cheers! Sam
  4. This is awesome, looking forward to more!
  5. Welcome Chris, modelling is a very different world now isn't it?!? I use mostly tamiya acrylics for spraying and detail brush painting. I find the quality of the brush makes a big difference though avoid painting any large areas and end up spending lots of time carefully masking and spraying. I do prefer revel acrylic white and black (probably most useful colours anyway) and I've heard the citadel/Games workshop paints are good but haven't tried then since returning to modelling. I use artists oils on top of a gloss coat but normally only for weathering and i then seal these with another coat of varnish. Good luck!
  6. Apologies for the lousy late night, low light photos but got the masking off and my love for this build is starting to return I'm happy with the mottles and the yellow nose and white band make a huge difference in bringing this more to life. Gloss coat next then decals... Couldn't resist the shot with its little brother: Thanks for dropping by!
  7. Great spot Greg, i wondered if anyone would notice... Pure incompetence on my behalf I'm afraid, the long tail fuselage is included but i picked the wrong one for the scheme i wanted to do. D'oh!
  8. Evening everyone! I've been plugging away with the 110 for the last few weeks and this afternoon got to here: I've not posted for a little while as things haven't been going that smoothly! I tried hairspray chipping the nose but it was a disaster and i ended up sanding it back and starting again - i think it's ok now but will be a bit nervous when the masking comes off. Hmmm, what else went wrong... got some weird residue from masking the splinter camo (maybe went on before the paint was properly dry?) but seems to be ok with the gloss coat on. I guess the underside's not too bad and the mottling could have gone worse, it needs a few touch ups but hopefully I'll be able to get some decals on this week. Thanks for taking a look, any thoughts greatly appreciated!
  9. Love this, great job! have been waiting for mine to turn up for nearly two months, really excited to get my hands on it now!
  10. Looking mean with the "stealth" flat black undercoat: It's actually Tamiya Rubber Black thinned roughly 50:50. Joins all look ok so now on to preshading - this is where it gets fun!
  11. Gorgeous! Love the nmf especially, looking forward to more of this!
  12. This afternoon I got the cockpit canopy masked (using the set included in the kit) and glued in place. This assembly is actually quite fiddly as there are five separate pieces but all's well in the end as it fit together perfectly. Next step: some paint!
  13. Think that'll do for the wheel bays, one last check over seams then time to spray some paint!
  14. Started to add some detail in the wheel bay, these will help make the doors fit more securely too. Holes look a bit wonky once photoed but the big one was done with a .8mm drill bit, they look ok in real life! 4 down 12 to go...
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