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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words! Next up is Airfix's 1/72 He-111...
  2. SaminCam

    Airfix 1/72 Heinkel He 111

    Seatbelts on and another close up of the cockpit:
  3. Hi all, photos of my finished Academy 1/72 B-29, sorry for the distinctly mediocre picture quality, haven't really figured out how to photograph big models like this... The scheme is "Celestial Queen" with decals from warbirds and I also added the Eduard etch set. She's painted with various shades of Alclad - it was a bit of a battle at times as I was pretty much learning how to airbrush and how to do NMF as I went along. I enjoyed detailing the cockpit and scratch built a few bits and pieces like a lamp, map and headphones for the radio operator. The front of the fuselage is held on with little magnets so you can take it off to see the detail inside (looks better in real life than in the photos!). This works quite well but if I was doing it again I'd make the whole upper half come off so the joins appear along panel lines rather than on top. I also put quite a lot of effort into the bomb bay with doors open and all those bombs to decal! It took me most of 2018 to get done but in the end I'm really happy with it and it looks pretty cool alongside the B-17 with matching red wing tips! I learned absolutely loads along the way, thanks to those who provided help and encouragement, the WIP is here: Enjoy!
  4. SaminCam

    Airfix 1/72 Heinkel He 111

    Thanks all. I only returned to the hobby about 18 months ago and this is my sixth build so learning every step of the way. Once I've got the PE done I'll varnish and work on the weathering, reminding myself "less is more!" At the moment I like working with artists oils for washes and highlights and I'm also going to try some dry brushing and very fine brush work for chips to pick out the edges - I'll post pics once I've made some more progress.
  5. SaminCam

    Airfix 1/72 Heinkel He 111

    Exactly! I'm trying to work on getting everything nice and crisp before weathering - I've been too imprecise with the block colouring and brush painting on my other builds and things end up looking a bit muddy. Does that make sense?
  6. SaminCam

    Airfix 1/72 Heinkel He 111

    A little bit more progress made on the interior with radio boxes painted up and RLM66 sprayed and etch starting to go on in the cockpit. I've copied @limeypilot's modifications to the pedals which I'll get a better photo of once I've done a bit more on the 'pit. So far it's going together really well and I think the extra nobs, dials and details from Eduard will be worth the cursing and scrambling around on the floor looking for bits... Also, I'm really appreciating the decent set of paint brushes that dad bought me for Christmas - I didn't realise how much difference it would make for painting fine details.
  7. My next model is the Airfix 1/72 He 111. The version in the box is an H6 carrying an external torpedo and bomb, however, I'd like to represent something from the Battle of Britain so probably an H2 with the bomb bay doors open and with the older style prop and exhausts (more research needed on all of this!). I've got the Eduard interior set and I'm going for a scheme off the Xtradecal BoB sheet. So far progress has been getting the interior painted (photos below) and fiddly etch bits together (I'll try and get some photos of these this evening). All comments and suggestions warmly welcomed! ps thanks to @limeypilot who's WIP has provided lots of inspiration and already pointed out a useful fix of putting plasticard at the front of the wing root to fill in the holes visible in the cockpit.
  8. Wow, that's a stunner! Is it safe to say that Eduard's is the best Bf110 in 1/72?
  9. Thanks all, I really appreciate the positive comments! Next up I've got the 1/72 airfix he-111 on the bench and I've also got to sort photos for an RFI of a B-29 I finished a few weeks ago. Happy modelling!
  10. SaminCam

    The Redemption Spitfire

    She's an absolute beauty, great work. My vote is for the fw190
  11. Just about managed to get this one finished and photographed before 2018 is done. The scheme is taken from the Xtradecal BoB decal sheet and represents "Black 8" flown by Ofw Bernhard Le´╗┐mpskemper. The airfix kit went together very well along with some Eduard etch for the cockpit, wheel wells and air intakes. I tried to replace the slightly sorry looking moulded guns on top of the nose by scratch building some out of thin stainless tube - not sure there's much improvement though in the end... The aerial wire is from stretched sprue with little coiled bits of wire to add interest. I airbrushed on Mr Color RLM04, 65, 02 and 71, thinned with X-20 and they went down a treat, especially the yellow! Weathering was mostly done with brown, black and white oil paints and I added a few random chips with a fine brush and silver paint. The paint job was then protected with a coat of Vallejo flat varnish. This was my first go at riveting and mottling a Luftwaffe aircraft and overall I'm pretty pleased with the result - she looks good alongside the Mk1 Spitfire. WIP is here if you'd like more details: Thanks to those who helped along the way and Happy New Year!
  12. SaminCam

    1:72 Airfix Messerschmitt Bf109E-4

    Thanks all and Merry Christmas! The Messerschmitt is very nearly done, just need to stretch some sprue and fix the aerial wire. I'll try and get an RFI done in the next few days (I still need to do one for the B-29 as well...). Since last time I've added some weathering - the main things were to add some "chips" with a fine brush and then to paint streaks and highlights with brown, black and white oil paints. Overall I'm pretty happy with the outcome: my first go at riveting and mottling came out ok, the extras in the cockpit look neat and I love the paint job, yellow nose and tips especially. On the other hand my attempts to improve the guns on top of the nose didn't work so well and the canopy is a bit of a disaster (murky transparents, not very crisp frame...) but at least I know what to work on with the next one. Thanks for looking and for the advice along the way!
  13. SaminCam

    Airfix 1/72 Spitfire F22

    Beauty! The last two photos especially!
  14. The 109 looks fantastic, can't wait to see it with the nose revealed and mottling on. Have a great weekend, sounds like you've earned it!