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  1. Quick update though not got much time at the bench this week... I got the Eduard etch all added and most of the detail painting done so will spray a flat coat and add some weathering and shading with oils next. Still lots of innards to work on as I'll move rearwards to the bomb bay next and finish off with some extra detail in the rear compartment - she's a long way off being sealed up yet!
  2. Afternoon all! I've had a good week off work and managed to get a bit further with the interior front section of the B-24: Still lots to do but I'm pleased with how this is going. After gloss coating the silver base coat and letting it dry for a day I sprayed a coat of hairspray then went for the the green - this was a mix of mr color zinc chromate green with a drop or two of black and one drop of blue added in roughly 75:20:5 ratio. This is still quite light but I find that my method of weathering with oils on a matt varnish usually darkens the tone down - we shall se
  3. Thanks @Jackson Duvalier, the clear plastic the entire nose is made from has behaved pretty well so far but I am being careful not to overstress it. The "lid" fits really well so hoping the join will hardly be noticeable when painted. Cutaway sections seem like a good idea to me and little magnets provide a good way to hold removable sections in place - I really enjoy adding the interior detail so willing to sacrifice the perfect seamless finish on the outside to be able to see a bit more interest inside. The front section received an undercoat of Tamiya XF-1 followed by Alclad Alu
  4. @Jackson Duvalier @bigbadbadge thanks both for the thumbs up! I admit the seat frames might be slightly mad but your messages got me thinking a bit more about the plan to allow some of the detail to be seen... The trick I'm going to try and use is to have the whole of the front upper section removeable. The fit looks pretty good and the join line will hopefully be mostly disguised as a panel line: I'm then going to use a little neobidium magnet to hold the section in place. This morning I've mounted the magnet in the space between bulkhead and instrument
  5. @tomprobert @bigbadbadge, thanks gents, really appreciate the encouragement! Smartened up the kit cockpit sits this afternoon - I snipped away the block they were sat on and then rebuilt a frame based on the best reference shots I could find. A few more little tweaks needed but the photos below gives the general idea: The Eduard boxing comes with etch seatbelts so I'll add these once they're painted. Here the seats and console aren't glued in place but got it placed together to give a feel for how it's all going to look: And with that I t
  6. My Japanese isn't great (!) but i think this looks ok, maybe contamination as @Alan P suggests? Good luck!
  7. Hi Ken, what are you using to thin the mr hobby / mr color? They have an "aqueous" line which behaves like tamiya and can be mixed with them and thinned the same way but they also have a lacquer version which needs something like my color levelling thinner. These are not friends with tamiya even to the point that you have to be really careful cleaning airbrush between using different varieties. I wonder if this is your problem? Hope this help! P.s. doesn't seem to be too much of a problem, the model is looking great!
  8. Evening all, a little bit more progress to report here. Further details added to the cockpit and radio operators compartment - finally nearly ready for some paint, just the pilots seats to detail and then I'll be able to get the airbrush out. The canvas covering for the frame is made from milliput and the rest is a combination of usb copper wire, plasticard and stretched sprue - it should be fun picking out the detail once the base coats are laid down. I've also followed @The Spadgent's tip of using swann morton blade foil for some scratch belts on the radio operators
  9. Nearly missed this one Johnny, moving quick and she's looking great! Quick question, what's your go to technique for the 1/72 scratch belts? They look fantastic and I need to add some to my liberator soon. Cheers, enjoy the long weekend! Sam
  10. Thanks as ever for the detailed updates Jonathan, there's a lot of love going into this one, she's a beaut! I don't know why but the chaff dispensers particularly made me smile, much better than the photoetch.
  11. Evening all! Missed my weekend update as work (big proposal) and 1:1 life (buying a house) aren't leaving much time for modelling. Bits still getting done here and there and I thought you might like the chair for the radio operator: This is made from plasticard, stretched sprue and milliput, it's pretty diddy! Quick question: In the eduard instructions the hasegawa bombs don't seem to be loaded in the bomb bay, is this because it is a coastal command liberator, what might have been in there instead? Cheers!
  12. Bit more noodling around in the cockpit: Nearly there with the pipes and cables and next task is to sort out pilots seats and seats for the radio operator and bomb aimer. Also need a plan for the bulkhead at the back of the radio room. Work and life are pretty full on at they moment but I'm enjoying 20 mins here and there pushing this slowly forward. I'm also hatching an idea to have a removable top section for the nose so that some of this effort can be seen, more to come in this!
  13. Fantastic Zhou Kun! The whole build was excellent but I particularly like the weathering
  14. Thanks @Walter, afraid things don't move that quickly with my builds but will get there in the end! Still no paint but I'm making progress adding detail: I'm using the 3d photos from the usaf museum site as reference with a combination of stretched sprue and copper wire from an old usb charger (a great tip i picked up on here somewhere). More to come!
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