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  1. Awesome Jonathan, you've nailed it! will definitely be stealing your idea of using old usb cable in the future. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Jonathan, really pleased with how it's turning out, and yep, have just started weathering undersides. Agreed about the cockpit, best decision I made was to replace the kit canopy with a nice clear vacformed one so you can see inside - I'm hesitating about whether to bother trying to tint the front window green, definitely something to practice before committing... Looking forward to seeing progress on yours!
  3. @Hook @James G Thanks both, it's a fairly hassle free technique and has worked out ok, especially now the oil weathering has calmed it down. Looking forward to getting this over the line now!
  4. Afternoon all, I'm nearly there with 106. I've weathered the top side and nose with artists oils and white spirit and hopefully managed to stop before I over do it! The last few steps are to flip her over and weather underneath, finish off the exhaust nozzles and finally paint the nose probe silver - the end is in sight! Thanks for taking a look, Sam
  5. Evening all, the last few bits and pieces are getting sorted out now before the flat coat goes on. The revell Pitot probes (?) weren't great so i scratch built a set from plastic card and stretched sprue and carefully glued in place. I've also added a new nose probe kindly donated by Tony in amongst the other useful bits and pieces he sent. Hopefully next post will have some oil weathering action!
  6. @The Spadgent @Reg Gibson Hi Reg, this is fantastic, just settling in to read through the whole site and hope you'll keep us posted! Sorry John for hijacking your thread, i thought Reg might be interested in the basic paint job i did with the figures for my 1/72 Lanc here: I spent a bit of time looking for tips on figure painting and didn't find much either - I'm sure there is someone on BM who can help though and would be interested to see the best way to tackle 1/72 and 1/48 pilots and crew. Cheers, Sam
  7. Great update Jonathan, lots of progress here! The cockpit looks great and i really like the way you are reinforcing and improving the key joins as you go along - will be very useful when i get around to making another tomcat one day!
  8. Happy New Year everyone! Load out for the F14 painted over the last few days - mostly done with the airbrush so lots of fiddly masking before a few final touch ups with a fine brush. The decals are from the Print Scale sheet though again there is no reference to them on their instructions. These will get a coat of varnish and a bit of weathering before they get attached to the Tomcat.
  9. Thanks Jonathan, the wheels are the True Details set for the D, they fit well once I'd drilled out the right sized hole. It's the first time I've used a resin set as the revell wheels were pretty awful so now I've found another way to spend money on this hobby! Happy New Year!
  10. Hello all! I hope Christmas has treated you really well, it's been hard not seeing family but still very grateful to be healthy and looking forward to a better 2021. Fair bit of progress made on the F14 - it's been flipped on its back for a few days so I could weather the wheel bays, fix the undercarriage in place, get the wheels on (these are resin replacements which are a BIG improvement on the kit ones) and add the wheel bay doors. I've also started to finish off the decals and it feels like I'm finally getting there: missiles and exhaust nozzles are in the works and then it'll
  11. Happy Christmas everyone! Stay safe and have an amazing day whatever you are up to
  12. Thanks Jonathan, really glad you like the wheel bays - there are quite a lot of photos on google for reference but in the end there was plenty of artistic license as well. Should get around to painting some detail and weathering in the next few days and will post up some more photos. I somehow managed to miss your Phantom build but looking through now it is stunning, I haven't knocked a lamp on to a model yet but sounds like something I might do so will watch out! Looking forward to seeing more of your Tomcat taking shape. Cheers, Sam
  13. A few more decals applied, starting to come to life now! While the print-scale transfers are lovely and thin and are going down well it's not always obvious where to put them - the instructions they come with are basic at best so most of the placement is being done with the help of photos found on google. One question I haven't answered yet is whether there should be a star and bars on the wings and whether it should be in grey or blue - if anyone has a convincing answer either way it would be greatly appreciated! While we're on the subject, the star and bars under the
  14. Afternoon all! After the short vertical flight on Friday evening I've tidied up the damaged nose and redone the paint work. It looks ok, the preshading has almost all gone in the effected area but Ill use oils later on to add layers of weathering anyway, so not too great a loss. I've started with the decals, one of my favourite parts of the process, and I'm really happy so far. I was warned by Tony that the print-scale markings are very thin so i dipped them in cold water and was super careful - this seems to work well and now they are on they have settled down well with a bit of d
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