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  1. @heloman1 thanks Colin, they're both great kits, looking forward to having them finished alongside each other. I think you worked it out but the zigzags for the f35 are decals in the hasegawa kit but they look too light for my liking so masking the whole thing with tamiya tape - it's hard work! Once that's done I'm not sure which scheme I'll finish her in, the grey roundels on the British version look rubbish so tempted to use some artistic licence and add red and blue, can't effect the stealth that much, right?!?
  2. And so it begins... I found I could use the decals as a pattern to cut out tape, so they aren't completely wasted, still, going to take a while to get everything masked.
  3. Evening all, not made much progress on these two over the last couple of weeks due to a new arrival - meet Dizzy: Needless to say an 8-week old puppy is taking a bit of looking after! He's an absolute legend though and me and the better half are making the most of him being button cute while it lasts! Back to modelling the F35 got a serious masking job and I then sprayed the lighter grey panels with a mix of xf83 and xf20 (~50:50). I think this looks about right and again there's a nice effect where in some lights they stand out and in others you can hardly see the contrast. You'll also see that I added one of the panel edge decals. This went down beautifully (almost looks painted on) but as guessed is way too light and "contrasty" so, with a heavy heart, I've decided that I'm going to have to mask the whole thing and spray on the panel edge patterns... Actually the decal experiment turned into a bit of a saga because nothing would get it off again! In the end I've re-sprayed the area so I'm now more or less back to the state before the experiment begun. I've not forgotten the Harrier either - it's had a couple of coats of gloss coat and is masked up ready for the little bit of olive drab to be sprayed on the tail. More to come soon hopefully, thanks for looking!
  4. This is really spectacular! The weathering is particular impressive, I feel like I can almost smell the exhaust fumes...
  5. I love this Neil and agree it just looks right in flight. Do you think italeri rescribed is the best option in 1/72? and how long is it, if you don't mind me asking? As you can probably tell I'm tempted to give one of these a go!
  6. Evening all, the F35 has nearly caught back up with the Harrier and I've now got the main coat of paint down. I sprayed a fairly thin grey coat over the shiny Aluminium (after some experimenting on the mustang mule) and I'm really happy with the result. The mix started off with xf54 to which I added a drop of x32 titanium silver and darkened it a touch with rubber black. I'm not sure the exact quantities but was probably roughly 7:1:2 (grey:titanium:rubber) then thinned about 50-50 for spraying. I think the effect on the shiny base coat is quite interesting, the photos below aren't great but they show how the grey tone completely changes with different light and at different angles, exactly the effect I was hoping for... It'll probably look completely different again in the morning when the light is brighter. Diffuse natural light: Bright artificial light: Evening light through the window: Low-level flat light:
  7. Lovely Spit, colours look spot on
  8. After a bit of work over the long weekend I now have a shiny F35... First I base coated with the alclad black gloss primer. I find this goes down ok but it doesn't give a particular smooth finish so then I polish with progressively finer micromesh from 3k up to 12k. After some touching up I've laid down a few thin coats of alclad polished aluminium. It's strange stuff and really does make any surface blemish jump out. I kind of got the hang of this with my b29 but it's still not perfect. Anyway, this will provide a base coat for the grey which will go down next - more experimenting needed on this colour but will hopefully make some more progress this week. Cheers, Sam
  9. Experiments have begun! I've started by mixing xf54 dark sea grey with x32 titanium silver (4:1). Firstly the x32 reduces the blue tinge of xf54 and I think is moving in the right direction for the F35: I then sprayed some of this mix down on my trusty mustang mule. One wing was base coated with matt rubber black and the other with a decent alclad polished aluminium, complete with polished gloss black undercoat (sorry forgot pics of this). The shiny base coat worked quite well, the photo isn't great but you get an idea that there is some sheen there and the grey changes tone quite a lot depending the light, I think the metallic shade of the x32 is also just about noticeable: The alclad undercoat is a winner so will start to prep F35 for a coat of polished Al. The grey top coat is nearly there though I'm going to try a few more tests before committing to the model - could maybe go a shade or two darker. Hope this is useful/interesting for people, stay tuned for more! Sam
  10. Quick () question which maybe people can help with? I'm looking for a plan of attack for the have glass on the F35 - from what I've ready there's loads of options and I'll do some experiments of my own over the next few days, but does anyone have a good tamiya acrylic mix they can suggest? I've seen somewhere that Xf54 DSG and x32 titanium silver might work??? Also any thoughts on the contrast tape on panels? The kit comes with decals but they look as though they will contrast too much plus photos look like these are matt while the rest has a sheen, can't see how to do that without masking... my initial thoughts were to use the decals as templates for masks, has anyone tried this? Very sharp knife required I guess? (Sorry if I'm opening a can of worms, I'll try and document my own experiments along the way)
  11. This is stunning! Can I ask how you went about painting the various shades of grey? Thanks! Sam
  12. @Alan P, thanks Alan, there was a bit of reading around before making the decision and so far I'm really happy with the airfix and Hasegawa offerings! Got the dark green (XF81) down and then all the tape off and she's looking ok! There's a few bits to be touched up here and there and then I'll gloss varnish to protect it up to this stage. I think the marbling effect has worked well with the dark sea grey - the effect just shows through but as John @Kitchen Modeller says above I'll have to wait until the varnishes and weathering are on to see the final result. With the dark green the variations aren't quite so clear - I had to put down a couple of coats of XF81 to get it dark enough and in so doing lost some of the pre-shading. I guess if I'd started with a slightly darker shade of green it might have worked better. Anyway, I'm happy with where I've got to and think she'll pass as a fairly hard working early 80's GR.3. Next its time to do some experiments on how to finish the F35 to get the shiny grey effect (it's called Have Glass, right?) - any tips greatly appreciated, I've got a P-51 paint mule to mess around with... Cheers, Sam
  13. Bit of a slog but got the Harrier masked up for camouflage, all done with Tamiya tape. I've also re-pre-shaded emphasising the panel lines and marbling in-between. Couple of coats of dark green to go down next, fingers crossed!
  14. @Kitchen Modeller thanks John! First coat is down, I'm using xf-54 dark sea grey thinned roughly 50-50 here. For a very weathered look this looks pretty nice but I'm going to keep going, probably a bit thinner on the next coat and see where we are. Cheers, Sam
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