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  1. Thanks @Thom216 and @woody37, really good advice as usual! Still not getting much time at the bench but I've gradually been adding coats of gloss varnish when I have the chance. For this I've been using Pledge Klear which seems to do the job and is a fraction the price of "proper" model varnishes. Today I got on to the decals... I'd done little bit of experimenting on the faithful p-51 mule so I wasn't that surprised when it turned into a battle! Despite being left out in the sun on a window sill for the last two months the carrier film on the 40 year old decals is still yellowed, they're also pretty thick and inflexible. Having painted the black lines (a good idea in the end!) I cut out the "walk here, walk aft, etc" text with as little carrier film on them as possible but haven't been able to stop them from silvering quite badly - hopefully they will look better with a couple more coats of varnish, some weathering and a flat finish. As you can see in the photo below I've continued to cut as much of the surrounding film off the bigger transfers as possible. So far they are going on ok....ish. They haven't disintegrated but they don't really "sit down" and behave oddly when microsol-ed. I think I'm getting there but again hoping that they will settle in once varnished applied on top. Still, despite all the moaning I'm still enjoying myself and she's finally starting to look like a Lancaster. I think the finish line might nearly be in sight (before Christmas?!?). Thanks for looking, happy modelling! Sam
  2. Little bit done on the old lanc this week: I've been gradually building up the black on the undersides with a very thinned mix of xf-1 sprayed over the preshade. After 5 or 6 coats i called it a day and i think it's about right - there's enough variation to break up the large expanse of black. I'm slightly regretting masking and spraying the thin lines on the upper surface - there's a bit of variation in the line widths so they don't look quite right up close. There's not much i can do about it now though so will just have to get over it... Next up is an all over gloss coat and then some 40 year old decals!
  3. And now I've recovered my composure(!), I'll follow up by saying this is one of the best nmfs I've seen on here, I'll definitely be referring back to the hints and tips you've carefully written up for us. As you know I'm a fan of oil weathering and this looks great,are you creating the faded two tone effect by putting some white down before the brown streaks? Final thought that occurred to me reading through your last couple of posts, have you ever tried spraying thinned oils? Might make for good exhaust fumes with the advantage of being able to wipe off if they don't work, worth a try?
  4. Wow John, just wow! Hope you get the beauty shots sorted soon as I want to see her in all her glory!
  5. Thanks Joel, I've done things with little magnets before but not this particular trick
  6. Real life getting in the way here but a bit of progress made with the stand for the lanc. Plan is to have removable bomb bay doors held in place with little neobydium magnets. The stand will then screw into the bomb doors. The result (hopefully) is that the lanc can be easily removed from the stand while at the same time revealing the bomb bay. It's a bit hacked together at the moment but think it should work... bomb bay needs reinforcing and I'll use a piece of polished steel rod rather than the cap head I've been experimenting with. Thanks for looking, hopefully get a bit more done this weekend. Sam Magnets fixed to either end of bomb bay: Metal strips on bomb bay doors to clip on to magnets: Balanced carefully and flying!
  7. She's stunning John, you must be really chuffed with that! Great "how-to" on alclad nmf as well. What's planned next?!?
  8. Morning all, slow progress here but nearly got the top sides masked. You might just be able see that I've masked around the "walk here" lines as I never have much luck with long thin decals so going to try and paint them. Running out of tape!
  9. This is stunning Ian, great work!
  10. Moment of truth came this afternoon after a few thin coats of xf-81 RAF dark green were laid down and (lots of) masking tape removed. Happy with that! The preshading is still quite prominent on the brown but I think it will tone down a notch or two once its had a few layers of varnish applied. I'll also try to add some slightly darker tones of green back in with oil paints once I get to the weathering stage. The next step is to mask the brown and green and get to work on the undersides. I've also got a cunning plan for the stand which I'll try and make some progress with this week. Thanks for looking!
  11. Re-preshaded with dark and light greens, raf dark green next...
  12. Rubbish photo but lanc is masked and ready for some green paint over the weekend!
  13. Hi Andy, for my build of the 1/72 Hasegawa F35b I got a Haveglass finish by laying down an Alclad Aluminium basecoat underneath a mix of Tamiya xf54, xf32 and xf85 - this gives an interesting sheen which changes tone depending on the lighting and the angle you look at it. I then spent an age masking the ram panels with Tamiya tape (it;s not impossible just takes patience) before spraying another mix of grey. It was finished with alclad aquagloss. RFI showing how the effect changes in different light is here: and WIP here: . Hope this helps! Main thing I learned is to do lots of testing before committing paint to the actual model!
  14. Black gloss looks lovely John, i might have to give the gx2 a go as I've found the alclad gloss a bit of a battle in the past. Have you ever tried buffing with a dremel or some such - this is on my list of things to try with the next nmf? Cheers, Sam
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