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  1. Hi everyone I am about to start a major build of a 1/32 Trumpeter Lightning F.6, incorporating many of the "fixes" that have been identified as required for greater accuracy over the years. I have also bought a few detail sets and a new corrected canopy from Aerocraft. One thing I cannot find is any decals for the late "2 tone grey" F.6 aircraft, including the sharkmouth carrying aircraft from 5 Squadron. I found a build online which mentioned an Xtradecal set, but I cannot find anything about it. Does anyone know if this set is available anywhere, or if the markings I want are on any other decal sheet? Thanks in advance for any help or info you can provide. Best wishes BHH.
  2. Hi everyone. I am planning a 1/32 diorama of a BoB Hurricane undergoing maintenance and have been sourcing various aftermarket parts that I need. However, despite there being at least 3 families of Hurricane kits in this scale going back from the 1960s to the present day (Revell, PCM and Fly), I cannot find any aftermarket flaps for the aircraft, either etched or in resin. Does anyone know if a set is (or has been in the past) available or where I might obtain a set? Perhaps someone is 3D printing these now? Many thanks BHH
  3. Hi everyone, I wonder if any of our Mosquito experts could answer a simple question for me? On the Amiens prison raid, what would the various Mosquitos of 487 Squadron RNZAF, 464 Squadron RAAF and 21 Squadron RAF, along with "Pick" Pickard's well known lead aircraft (featured in the options of both the Airfix 1/24 and Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito FB.VI kits), have been carrying under their wings - external fuel tanks, bombs or would nothing have been carried? I know that some aircraft internally carried 500lb SAP bombs and others carried 500lb MC bombs (to hit different elements of the prison or its walls) but can find nothing about the underwing fit. Any help or theories would be appreciated. Best wishes BHH.
  4. The protest was against the Ministry of Defence not being willing to recognise the 50th anniversary of the founding of the RAF. Alan Pollock was arrested when he landed and later invalided out of the RAF on medical grounds, thus avoiding a court martial
  5. I wonder if any of the Hunter aficianados can help me with a simple query? I have the 1/32 Revell Hunter FGA.9 kit and the DEKL'S decal sheet covering XF442, the Hunter FGA.9 flown by Alan Pollock of 1 Squadron in his protest flight under the Tower Bridge on April 5th, 1968. The decal sheet instructions do not give colours, so I have been trying to find out if the Hunter would have been carrying undersurfaces finished in (the correct) Light Aircraft Grey or still have been finished in High Speed Silver (a 50/50 mix of aluminium paint and gloss lacquer/varnish, which with time dulled to a greyish finish). The Light Aircraft Grey was introduced in 1966 but there plenty of photos of RAF fighters (Hunters, Javelins. etc) after this date with silver undersides. As an extra thought, would the white serial number still be carried or might they have been repainted in black? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers BHH
  6. Guys, thanks for all the valuable info! I will take everything on board that has been covered so far.
  7. Hi everyone, and firstly a Happy New Year to you all. I have a planned build of a 1/32 Special Hobby Brewster Buffalo I, as an aircraft of 453 Squadron RAAF stationed in Singapore in December 1941. A good trawl of references, magazines and the internet has provided most of the info I need, but a couple of points need confirmation, so I wondered if anyone can help........ 1. Most, if not all, of the 453 Squadron Buffaloes at this time had the port undersides painted black; did the underwing roundel have a narrow yellow ring surrounding it? 2. Would the aircraft have the original US-style safety harnesses fitted or would the aircraft have Sutton harnesses retrofitted? 3. Most confusing of all, were the lower observation windows left as they were or were they plated over? (I have seen these modelled in both methods) 4. Finally, one of the kit marking options is for "Snifter", W8209 coded TD-F. I read somewhere that it the aircraft was actually coded TD-E, and Snifter the Dog appeared on both sides of the fuselage - can anybody confirm this? Many thanks for your help. BHH
  8. Deleted - wanted post - 100 post rule.
  9. Mick I was at an elderly modeller's house at the weekend buying some hard to get items from his collection which he is disposing of. He has the 1/48 JMGT conversion for the Douglas DB7 Havoc 1 you are looking for, mint and boxed. It isn't cheap, though. Send me a PM and I will send you the details.
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