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  1. I'm awaiting delivery of one of these sometime I'll watch your build and learn from all your mistakes
  2. There used to be an Irish Army barracks just outside the town of Monaghan. The Irish Army sometimes used to do Border patrols with these It fairly scares the bejazus out of ya to drive around a country road bend and come face-to-face with, not one, but two of these humongous guns on a Ferret sized vehicle
  3. On some threads instead of a full photo there appears a small square with a code next to it. Sometimes when I click on this square it opens another black window with the wee square in it. Still no photo Last light I took a chance and clicked on that wee square and it took me to yet another window, but with the photo showing As soon as I closed those windows my computer told me I'd imported viruses and other nasty things so my computer refused me access to certain other on-line sites until it cleared my computer system. Amongst the websites my computer refused to allow me access to were my on-line banks and this delayed for about 2 hours my being able to pay a customs bill, and also it blocked a website I was in the middle of buying from, It was only two hours but at the time it happened I wasn't to know how long it would take. Can someone please explain, in words of two syllables, what is going on? thanks
  4. I just pulled the trigger on a Revell BMW/Dixi on ebay This is number 2 I have now. The first is part finished
  5. afaik, every one of those cars is (or was) available as a model kit. Either in plastic, resin or white-metal
  6. Try here; https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/airfixtributeforum/2022-1-24-spitfire-t56687.html
  7. wearing them, said Donovan (Pork scratchings, luv em, especially with an ale - real ale, or my home-brew mead)
  8. I would like to build each of the three main 'Exploring' officers in the Duke of Wellington's Peninsular Army I've been gathering information on them They would be mainly built from the Airfix 54mm Collector Series kits
  9. My two thoughts; 1 tell the people of Telford the show is on. I used taxis, several taxis, over the weekend and not one driver, nor their dispatch offices, knew that there was a show on until late Saturday evening. Some didn't even know on Sunday 2. farm out ticket sales to certain local shops. In N.I. concert/show tickets are farmed out to certain outlet shops; eg, if I want to see Snow Patrol in Belfast I can go to about 8 different shops in 2 towns near me and buy tickets through them
  10. Off-side; I can confirm that reducing magazine print run really doesn't reduce costs by much. When I had my own vintage motoring magazine we had printed 5000 copies. To go up to 10,000 copies was just an extra £125. At one time we thought of dropping to 3500/4000 print but all we would have save was about £25 - £30 on the 5000 price. We did all our own page setting and camera-ready artwork
  11. or. . . how about a ruined stone circle? An old abandoned railway station? or the remains of a castle, or was it an Abbey gate house?
  12. Here's one I did earlier. Just showing off (sort-of based on a photo) oh, and another, again based on photos
  13. This Shorts SC.1 was multiple parts. All butt joints. I drilled mating holes in the parts and fit cut down pin nails into the holes using a gel superglue as the adhesive for the nail into the holes and for the resin to resin parts I just used the superglue as I would ordinary polystyrene glue; ie, run a bead on the parts and stick 'em together
  14. The old Airfix book about the Spitfire has the instructions on how to make the Watts, afair I never saw your 'wanted' for a prop. I have a Mk.1 3-blade prop & spinner in my spares
  15. With all them fancy gutter-press type names to the GBs I think there are only three I can recognise what they are for or about
  16. Packaging; Depends on the book 1st layer is always a wrapping of cling-film. Lots of it 2nd layer; a round of bubble wrap 3rd. light books like Osprey titles go into a card backed envelope. Larger hard backed books go into a cut down cardboard box usually Paypal is grand. I use it for both buying and selling. Its quick & easy But be aware that often paypal will take a percentage of your income unless the buyer sends the money as 'friends & family' (which, afair, is against BM rules)
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