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  1. If we take 2 + 2 = 6 1. A 'security incident' on flight from Gatwick to Belfast.* No-one is saying what it was but the air crew locked themselves in the flight deck Many police boarded aeroplane in Belfast searching for someone/thing 2. Perhaps during the flight the aircrew had called in an emergency 3. QRA is scrambled and stooges around in case its needed. Attended by Voyager for IFR 4. Emergency scaled down 5. Typhoon and Voyager return home * https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-58700992 Passengers told not to use mobile phones indicates possibly a bomb threat I was always told not use mobile phone or electronic cameras near terrorist bombs as the electrical emissions could set them off
  2. A flight from Gatwick to Belfast had some sort of security alert just about before the time Teuchter heard the jets Flight was at about 21.30 plus Could a QRA have been up to escort that flight? PS. I heard multiple jets at about 22.00 last night which is unusual as Belfast City doesn't allow late night flights
  3. Ratch, your allowances might be different to mine; I think you can 'report' this thread to a moderator through the 3 dots up in the top right. In the message for why just ask them to delete this
  4. Here are 3 photos I took of a Hunter cockpit. Taken many years ago at RAF Hendon Museum HTH
  5. I didn't get the 500 error. These postings went straight in with no apparent issues. I'll try the editing trick edit; up date. I copied what I posted. Chose Edit. Deleted what I'd written then pasted the copy and added in one word That posting is now showing up in its proper time slot in the ' . . .List'
  6. I'll tag this on here Over the last few days I've noticed that some of my postings are not appearing in the 'View New Content' listing eg I posted in the 'And today's grump is....' thread. Wot I wrote is there ok but the 'View New Content' list does not show it I've cleared cache, my puter has cleared stored memory etc but still these posts do not show. I also had this 'problem' some time ago and it just seemed to go away of its own accord
  7. Welcome Greg. You take us just over the 2/3 mark Just 9 more to round up
  8. We've been having intermittent fuel shortages at filling stations since January this year due to that special status we have (I'll say no more about that as I like being on BM and don't wish to bring down the Wrath of Khan Mike but most of you know what I mean) None of the fuel shortages got reported in the news media
  9. Today's Grump TODAY! End of today is the end of the 267th day of 2021 Where in 'eck did all those days go?!?
  10. Usual factory finish on post WW1 Bristol F2B was aluminium dope over all with 'battle ship' grey metal panels on the nose/engine covers. Aluminium dope on fabric is dull not shiny
  11. It is possible. A club mate once showed me pictures in his reference books and he - we - spotted well over 20 FAA & RAF aeroplanes with one set of codes on the wrong way
  12. Is it an illusion but is the yellow outer ring of the roundel on -M thinner than that on ZD-D and XT-D ?
  13. Your enthusiasm is most welcome but WE NEED BODIES ! (as said by Burke & Hare) Ok. I mean names. . .
  14. September 30th here in N.I. but. . . . but. . . . our cinemas are still closed!
  15. Bump. Just a few more and we can get into the bun-fight C'm on peeps, join in Now! Fokker did some really interesting and innovative aircraft in their heyday
  16. and I wish you the joy of many happy modelling hours on it
  17. Can I throw some info for you to consider? Culture differences betwixt GB and NI There is only one main model club here; IPMS NI, plus about 2 to 4 smaller clubs which come and go frequently. That is, eg, a few years ago there was a Belfast Model Club - its now disappeared. Another club may be set up, but no-one knows. Thus there is nether enough model clubs nor enough modellers to put on a show on their own. It was tried and it failed miserably Our model shows, 6 or 8 during the season, are set up and hosted by Model Railway clubs. We plastic modellers are guests and the side-show. 1. Space permitting we get as many tables as we want or can use. Tables are generally 6ft x 2ft, sometimes only 4ft x 2 ft, but then we get more of them. Usually more than 4 and often 6 or 8 tables 2. We do not pay to attend 3. We get free tea/coffee, buns and sandwiches. At one show we get morning tea/bun, 3 course lunch, afternoon tea/bun - free, plus at the end of the Friday evening and end of show on Saturday we all gather for tea & toast. (1st Bangor MRC - 1BMRC) The minimum, at one small club show, is morning tea/bun and a light lunch of soup & sandwiches & tea, it is a 1 day show 4. At most of our shows there are no more than 2 or 3 traders. At the 1BMRC, until recently, would not allow any traders. They have only just started allowing one chap because his profits all goes to a charity. Only one rather major show has about 30 traders, from Ireland, GB and local, and once or twice from Europe 5. Almost all the profits from a show go to some other cause than the host club, eg the1BMRC, the profits went to pay for the new Church Halls in which the club meet. Another show's profits went towards the refurb of a local Church. Whilst NI is so small, the money raised has been well above that expected per capita. afaik 1BMRC raised in excess of £45,000 over 12 years for their Church Halls 6. Money comes in, literally, from the public visitors. Entrance prices vary but can be as low as £1 per adult / 50p a child, up to £5 per adult / children free up to £10 for a 'family'. Some of us drop a few loose quids into the kitty as a donation, but its freely given. 7. At most of the shows some club members - or rather the ladies usually, run a tea room. Prices are reasonable. The public often partake and thats where we get our free tea/bun on presentation of a ticket, or as some of us are regulars we don't have to show proof, our ugly mugs handsome faces are enough. The tea rooms often show a very modest profit. 8. At a lot of our MRC shows, the club members and sometimes visiting clubs contribute in kind to keep the buying in costs low. Other Churches, halls, even sometimes local council are willing to lend extra tables at no cost - you collect 'em and you bring 'em back. One chap and his wifey set up a Model Show / Craft Fair to raise funds to help pay for repairs to a vandalised local Church. His community stepped up and he got use of a leisure centre's hall free, local WI did the teas & lunches. Many traders took sales tables. He raised, afaik, in around £10,000 in a 2 day event 9. Some MRC shows have moved venue because, put simply, of the greed of the venue owners, Off the top of my head, 2 both very similar, just one example; One main one, ran for years in a council owned place. They sold it off and the new owners wanted 20 times* the rent for the show, restricted the hours, wanted to control ticket prices and no tea room. That show has now been, for several years, in a posh school in Belfast which is more than happy hosting the show. * been laying vacant & unused for 5 years now. We used to have more than 8 shows a year, at one time we had about 20 but they've been reduced because the venues have increased their rent to beyond reasonable, in the end they've lost out as most of the time these venues have closed down completely as no one was using them 10. I think, some of this is all a bit mixed up. Thank you for reading through it.
  18. An old fashioned 'gate leg' table You can often pick them up cheap at charity shops I saw a few old, in good condition, 1960s /70s era ones in one of my local charity shops a couple of weeks ago. Price about £10 each
  19. I just had a 'Yorkie' bar with a cuppa The Yorkie used to be big, for real men driving big trucks The one I had wasn't even enough for a Gen Z driving a Smart car!
  20. There hasn't been a real big rush to discuss this with you You can get turned metal dummy bolts and photo-etched bolt heads, and nuts and screws Another way is to use brass bar with a hex cross-section. Drill a hole, glue in a piece of the bar and file down to height size. But there is a limited range of hex bar sizes. If you go for plastic there is a greater range. A lot of the bolts / nuts available are for 1/16 or 1/35 but its just a matter of the real size of the model part, eg a 0.5mm bolt head 1/35 scale is = to a 17.5mm bolt but in 1/20 its = to a 10mm bolt, or = an 8mm in 1/16 Head over to Historex Agents and type in 'Bolts' in the 'Find' feature https://historexagents.com/#product-gallery
  21. I now think this fits in to this theme. The name of my town is often shortened to Dee. There is a cafe in town calling itself Dee-Caff T'other day I dropped by and wanted a coffee. I genuinely only drink decaffeinated coffee so I asked them if I could have a de-caff coffee. No, they don't do decaffeinated coffees
  22. Hard to answer. How long is a piece of string sort of thing. In the recent bun-fights, afair, it was over 60 votes guaranteed a place, between 45 and 60 its was dodgy, under 45 and you looked to return to the next bun-fight I usually start my voting by placing in the ones I really want to win through. Then in the final days I start my tactical voting
  23. yaaay! With you in we're 2/3 to the Bun Fight ! Only 10 more players needed
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