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  1. Can any Canuk members tell us what is available above the 49th parallel ? I use Astonish as a dye sealant in leatherwork, and so do a few other leather workers on my Leather crafting forum The Aussies have their version but we cannot seem to find a similar product in Canada
  2. This conversion uses Tamiya tape and electrical tape. Generally, electrical tape for the horse harness and all other straps are painted Tamiya masking tape. Superglue hold them in place. Just a drop is needed. Even the rider's puttees are made of thin strips of masking tape carefully wound around the leg and painted (btw, an aside, did you know there are numerous variations on how the puttees are wound, each regiment has its own way of doing it)
  3. I generally use either painted Tamiya masking tape or coloured plastic electrical tape. Brown electrical is excellent for 'leather' horse harness
  4. I was just trying to get to sleep when my 5 year old dottir came into the room 'Daddy, can I have a glass of water?' 'Of course you can darlin. But this is your third glass of water in 5 minutes' 'I know, but my room is still on fire'
  5. Has any one noted that DR945 in the above photo has red surround to its US fuselage markings but the decals have a blue edge ? Red edge was used briefly in summer of 1943
  6. yes, but its far easier than it seems at first look
  7. afair the Gauntlet was pre-'interior green' so it would be plain aluminium as would the seat
  8. 'Sky' decals are not known for their accuracy, in fact they are known for their inaccuracies
  9. In the US 'Klear' is now 'Mop & Glo' But it seems it is thicker and needs thinning before use
  10. Dust your hands with some talc first. That, a, keeps the hands dry and b, helps the latex/rubber gloves to slip on and off
  11. I wear a latex/rubber glove on the hand being sprayed at I have a box of 100 latex/rubber gloves which from which I wear three when dyeing leather. Sometimes, usually, I just reuse a stained glove when spray painting
  12. Just earlier today I picked up a 'luggage scales' for all of £1 at Poundland. They weigh only to 22kg but I reckon that's more than sufficient Only bought them so I don't know how accurate they are but I just want to know the weight to the nearest kg
  13. A set of 5 resin figures depicting the actors who were the crew of the Sherman tank 'Fury'. These are packaged 1, 2 and 2 figures but are only sold as a set. As far as I can tell these are made by 'Tusk Models' There are lower quality rip-off copies by others. I was sent these and asked to paint them. The only packaging was they were in small individual self-sealing plastic bags Four of the figures come in 4 parts; body/legs, head, two arms, one figure has one extra part, the machinegun he holds. The sculpting of these are very most excellent The faces are very, very close to the actors they are supposed to be, a couple much better than the others though. The figures depict the film cast seated on the outside of 'Fury' during a photo-call; https://imgix.bustle.com/rehost/2016/9/13/ec70d54f-3dc9-4573-a5c8-27958d20cb7c.jpg?w=800&fit=crop&crop=faces&auto=format%2Ccompress I don't have the correct Sherman so I've posed the figures on an old kit that I borrowed, thus they don't fit on perfectly This is my attempt at painting these figures 1st; B6-35108 Don 'Wardaddy' Collier (Brad Pitt) 2nd; B6-35109 Trini 'Gordo' Garcia (Michael Peña) Grady 'Coon-A ss' Travis (Jon Bernthal) 3rd; B6-35110 Boyd 'Bible' Swan (Shia LaBeouf) Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman)
  14. I can't find anything on any main-stream news on-line. Not even in the local fire-services incident reports
  15. You can't change it R F I is separate. You need to post nice photos in a new thread in the R F I section
  16. with mayonnaise coated smurfs
  17. My family lost members when Lidice was wiped out on 10th June 1942 I'm building a 109 in 1/48 and I shall be putting Heydrich's markings on it Its history - part of my family history
  18. Have you tried logging off then on again? Seriously, it might only take affect after that Does it that way on another forum I'm on
  19. I use my standard digital kitchen scales. They only go to 3kg in 1g increments. They are accurate enough. I've sold some model kits through BM and all the packages except one were weighed on these The other day I sent a package to Ukraine. For going to there the weight has to be accurate. My scales said 1870g, The post office scales fluttered between 1870 and 1871g
  20. Get a. a small fold away occasional table b. a veggie storage rack thingy Work on (a) and store things on (b) (a) can be folded up when not needed and stored. (b) is not very tall and can be slipped under a kitchen table I have several of (b) for keeping models-in-progress- builds, for my casting things, for some leather working items et cetera
  21. Confined to barracks . . . . . . er . . . . . . modelling room more likely
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