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How many of you have Wingnut Wings kits in your stash? and Why if not

   162 members have voted

  1. 1. How many Wingnut Wings kits in your stash?

    • The complete range
    • A considerable number
    • One just to see what they're like/try them out
    • None not interested in WWI subjects
    • None they are too expensive
    • None rigging puts me off bi-planes
    • None they are too big
    • None but becoming very tempted
    • Would love them all but not financially possible

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178 posts in this topic

I restrict myself to a finished model that fits in a glass bookcase so it's not covered by dust after a few years.  These are beautiful kits and I do built WW1 subjects but their huge size puts me off.  I wish they'd scale these subjects down to 1/48. 

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I don't believe there is any chance that we will see a 1/48 scale outing from Wingnut Wings as I believe they settled on 1/32 as the smallest scale at which they could create kits with the level of detail they wanted and maintain a reasonable broad 'buildability' any smaller and sacrifies would have to be made or they would become solely the province of 'expert' builders.

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