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  1. Brilliant, superbly made and a great idea, comet DH 88, is my favourite
  2. Really superbly made set of models, Ju 88, is really good, my favourite
  3. superbly made, Sea Vixen my favourite, almost Sci fi in looks, so unusual in it's appearance
  4. superbly made, Buffalo is my favourite
  5. Old kits brush up well, really good looking model I've got the Airfix one on the bench
  6. classic gem , made to a very high standard time for Airfix to tool a new one
  7. Very nice model, and the first one as well
  8. Brilliant and so well made, 1965, one Saturday afternoon a inquisitive 5 year old pinched his brother's kit, Airfix Do 217, light blue plastic and new kit at the time, first Roy cross box top, at the time, I thought the fuel tanks were mini subs I have one in the stash to revisit again
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