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  1. Very nice; you should post more images. Did Academy fix the issue with the fuselage stringers? I recall AM release having molding issues.
  2. Ian I appreciate your honest comments on the Airfix plastic and details but it turned out very well.
  3. Beautiful model. I’ve noticed EZ line coming apart on my older 1/48 builds. So obviously not using it anymore.
  4. Beautiful modeling and as stated ‘museum quality’. What made you decide to use PC8 as the main color?
  5. Beautiful build of my ‘also’ favorite a/c. Every since reading Arch Whitehouse’s books the Fee has been my top aircraft. I’ve built the Aeroclub 1/48 version but a move destroyed it and I have another in the stash. I’ve thought about selling it but your 1/144 build has me completely rethinking it.
  6. Museum quality workmanship. You’re going to bump up my 1/48 Eduard kit to the top of the pile.
  7. I totally agree- ‘tried’ to build one 35 years ago. This one is amazing
  8. Very nice! Red nose and stars really make this model stand out.
  9. Beautiful work! The only observation I might point out is the band on the cap should be black for the mechanic. The piping is correct being red.
  10. It's 1916 and the German front lines have recently replaced their pickelhaubes with the new M16 steel helmets. Here we have a German officer leading a raid across no man's land in the hopes of bring back a couple prisoners to see what's all the mechanical noise they are recently hearing. Figures are modified Verlinden WW1 German figures by adding gas masks and the M16 helmets 1/16 scale. This was a longtime build which I probably started 10 years ago and just recently created the base and got it off the bench.
  11. Bob AK makes a diorama snow called Snow Microballons. It’s an acrylic powder.
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