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  1. I should have also mentioned that the figure also comes with a resin replacement stand for the seat so you can position it for the driver to make contact with the shifter and steering wheel.
  2. Very nice build of a challenging kit. Congratulations!
  3. Back in the 1960’s you could send off to New York for a free Profile. They sent me (13 year old) the Short 184 one. I read it and reread it and always thought it would make a cool model. Oversized wings, radiator hanging out in front of the pilot and huge floats. Thanks for posting it’s a great scratch build!
  4. ICM's American Field Service ambulance with the Model T driver from Resicast. German 77mm is a 3D printed resin model from a friend in Illinois. Only additions to the ambulance is ICM failed to include the Red Cross decal for the front. Very nice model and well detailed.
  5. Here's my recently completed Roden Holt tractor with the 8" howitzer. Model Cellar will have the driver available in September with three choices of headgear. The figure was sculpted by Mike Good. Weathering on the tractor with Ammo and MIG products. Ammo Moss Green and Vallejo Bronze Green were my base colors.
  6. J-W Thanks for the links and further information. Glad to see SCW aircraft being released. Would love to see. Nieuport 52 done in 1/48.
  7. Did the Spanish purchase any from the French manufacturer or were all theirs built under license?
  8. Great seeing a SPAD finished and you did a wonderful job. I wonder why more don’t get built lots of interesting finishes as decals around. Maybe the rigging scares people off?
  9. I’ve looked at your model several times over the last few days and even sent the links to a few friends. Truly a work of art. I admire your choice of colors and details even down to the wires at the end of the wings. Beautiful model!
  10. Andrew I bought the Roden howitzer a few weeks ago and after reading a few additional builds I just purchased one today. Thanks for the push... Charlie
  11. Great seeing a British tank built and very nice job on it. Thanks for posting the jig for making up the tracks too. Now instead of paper panzers maybe someone will be brave enough to to a Matilda Mark I for us early British armor fans.
  12. Mine got stalled at the decalling stage and sits on the shelf of doom but my research looking at the Datafile and one photo is daytime fabric lozenges on the wings and horizontal tail surfaces and the fuselage is light blue. The limited builds show an all light blue scheme. All profiles show the green snake. It’s not a bad kit but the fuselage tunnel was a bear to blend in and the engines need to be reworked so the nacelle struts line up properly.
  13. I popped the spare tires off the roof and repainted the section to denote it being metal. Also purchased a product called 'Realistic Water' and went over the road and tires to show more of a Western Front theme. Hope you enjoy the corrections.
  14. I’ve only seen one other build and the reviewer basically said the same thing. Poor fit, redid most of the parts etc. While I enjoy building WWI vehicles I don’t think I’ll be torturing myself with this one. Great build and congratulations on finishing it. It’s a shame Roden can’t seem to put out a better kit.
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