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  1. Darryl I agree; I’ve started on the four man crew and plan to add ‘something’ in the rear area.
  2. Just finished the IBG Lancia 3 Ro this afternoon. Not a bad kit but the instructions leave one wondering at times and the attachment point for the sprues to the parts are oversized.
  3. Nieuport 52 used by the French and Spanish. Later by the Republican forces during the Spanish Civil War.
  4. After reading all the negative reviews on this kit I thought I’d never see one built. Congratulations on a beautiful model and difficult camouflage job.
  5. Filippo Very nice finish, I enjoyed reading your background to the finish and lack of available paints. While not an armor expert I appreciate the changes you made to back date the model to a more realistic period. Charlie
  6. Here's a small 1/35 diorama I started a few months ago; the resin 25cm schwere Minenwerfer is from Vargas Scale Models and comes with shells, wicker shell casting, tools and wheels. It was painted with MM German brown as the base and brush painted with various Vallejo colors. Outlining done with a Micron pen. The two guys enjoying a smoke break are resin figures from Model Cellar. The logs are also castings from Vargas. The bottom layers of sand bags are made from clay the air drys over night and the top layer are resin bags from Value Line. Figures, logs and sand bags painted with AK an
  7. Moa I’ve been following your beautiful (recent) work and wasn’t aware of these earlier models. Thanks for sharing. I’ve got a 1/72 Karaya Short 830 coming so that will hit my work bench this summer. I normally build 1/48 but a Short seaplane, in that scale, wouldn’t fit in my display cabinet. I don’t like dust on my finished models and have no idea where I’d put a 1/32 model. I bought none of the Wingnuts kits due to that reason. Thanks again for the ‘heads up’ on the information on the additional rigging on the Lee-Richards. Charlie.
  8. Leaving it alone just wouldn’t be the ‘cowboy way’ so I’m ready to tackle it. I like your suggestion on using the rib tapes and measure from the outer part of the wings. Might also hold the model against a strong light and see if the holes can be marked with a pencil. One has to wonder what sources Avis used to design the kit and why they didn’t include a rigging diagram for the few preWWI enthusiasts. My google searches only came up with the top view of the a/c uncovered and while I could see some wires underneath I couldn’t tell where they terminated. I’d love to see the preWWI era m
  9. Moa Very nice work; I looked at the 1/48 kit and it reminded me of the old Inpact preWWI models I wasn’t in the mood to rework all the struts and just decided to do an OOB built and keep it off the ‘shelf of doom’. Since there’s no reference points on the bottom of the wings I’ll (hopefully) remove the ceramic wires at those points and drill through the wings so I have a starting point.
  10. None of the references I had show wires below (box art or instructions). The top of the wings had a reference point but it didn’t have these molded on the bottom of the wings. If you have something I can use please post it and I’ll add them.
  11. I have a fondness for pre-WWI aircraft and when I saw the Lee-Richards No. 3 offered in 1/48 scale I knew I had to build it. The box indicated this maybe AvisUA first 1/48 scale kit. The parts are limited and there's some flash, very minor cockpit details and not much it terms of prototype drawings or photos. Peter Lewis' British Aircraft 1804-1914 was my reference plus a couple images on the web. The OOB build was a result of a 'Shelf of Doom' by the WWI Mailing List that's been around for at least 15 years. I initially started with a Special Hobby Pfalz E.I but after laying down the nu
  12. I started this kit back in 2008 and it ended up on the 'shelf of doom'. Took it down a week ago and decided to finished it. Fireball had the storage bins modified with sheet metal to keep small items from falling through and received a piece of angle iron on the front to allow for extra storage. Mostly OOB build with resin tarps and personnel storage added. Star on front was eliminated by the crew as it was too much of a target.
  13. I’ve seen photos of the Germans using a paint sprayer on WWI aircraft so they were in use prior to 1918. As to use on armor back then you’re on your own.
  14. Luiz beautiful model! Looking forward to seeing the Hs 123 too.
  15. Very nice build; I can definitely see why you avoided adding a whitewash over the splinter camouflage. My hat is off to you in masking the clear parts in 1/72!
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