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  1. The tree stumps were donated by my backyard. Thanks for the kind comments.
  2. I thought I’d seen every WW1 triplane after my 55+ years in the hobby and reading everything I could get my hands on but this is a first. If this was April 1st I’d accuse you of playing a trick on us. Beautiful model of an unusual subject. Where did you find the plans?
  3. Their figures are amazing but I unfortunately didn’t see any pilot figures that would make into a Supermarine test pilot lots of modern jet pilots through. I’ll keep looking.
  4. Beautiful work! Am glad you finished it. I had to go back and verify the scale wasn’t 1/48.
  5. I’m not sure all that was ‘fixed’ on the SM79 but as others stated the camouflage is remarkable. I’m not sure all that was ‘fixed’ on the SM79 but as others stated the camouflage is remarkable.
  6. I would have liked to have mud being dropped off the rear tracks so show some motion but I couldn’t come up with any viable modeling solutions. I tried black poly fill with thick paint but it just didn’t look realistic. If anyone has any suggestions I’d like to hear them.
  7. I’m going to build the prototype Spitfire. I’ve recently bought the Paragon set, decals and have a Tamiya Spitfire. I’d like to display the model taking off and have been trying to find an appropriate non-military pilot for the cockpit. My eBay search returns German, French, US and British WW2 pilots which have too much gear molded on. Any thoughts? I’ve also tried looking for a WWI pilot but the resin ones I’ve come across are standing.
  8. Two figures from Model Cellar.
  9. A German officer described the British tank as a "gigantic, iron dragon" so I thought that was a good name to incorporate into my title. Shown here is Takom's Mark IV Female being stalked by two stormtroopers with grenades being tossed on the roof. Ive been reading 'Deborah and the War of the Tanks 1917' by John Taylor and many tanks were lost to the extremely muddy conditions in No Man's Land. Other tanks out distanced the infantry and were subject to fending for themselves as shown here. Flirt II was built out of box and the ICM figures came from the Stormtrooper set.
  10. Great scene! Well thought out. Very entertaining.
  11. Darryl I agree; I’ve started on the four man crew and plan to add ‘something’ in the rear area.
  12. Just finished the IBG Lancia 3 Ro this afternoon. Not a bad kit but the instructions leave one wondering at times and the attachment point for the sprues to the parts are oversized.
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