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Found 64 results

  1. Hello guys! My first choice for this GB was a Romanian MiG-23MF but I have to put this 21 in first line. Wish me luck! BTW, the chosen one is the A proposal from the box, a NorthVietnam aircraft.
  2. MIG-21 MFN, R.V.Aircraft 1/72
  3. Hey guys, finally got my MiG together. The Zvezda tooling is actually turning out to be quite nice, although looking a bit rough around the edges. The kit is quite nicely detailed. The instructions and decals are awful, they don't include all the parts and the decal sheet includes no stencils and are about as thick as the box it came in. The only problem with the plastic that I have encountered is that there are no discernible roots for the wings or stabilisers so setting them correctly was tricky. Other than that only a minute amount of filler at the base of the tail and wing roots and the kit's a cracker. Seeing as the decals are as rough as they are I'm going to try wing it, and paint a scheme I seen online. This MiG is for UKscalemodeller's group build on Youtube. Ill be uploading this build video to Murrodels Thoughts/tips? Cheers! The new scheme, I roughed up what I'll paint on the kit's examples... About half of all of the wee bits...
  4. Primers Ammo by Mig Jimenez There are a plethora of different manufacturers primers on the market these days and Mig Jimenez has release three more in the AMMO One Shot range. Each of the three primers, white, grey and black are self levelling and water based. They have been designed to preserve the detail and to dry with a hard, flat finish. Fortunately, unlike some products they have little or no smell. You should clean the kit parts of any residue from the moulding process, but this isn’t always necessary as these primers should adhere to the plastic, or any other material such as resin or PE without problem. To use you just shake the bottle well before decanting into the airbrush cup and spraying at around 20-30 PSI in thin coats until the model or parts are fully coated. Once complete clean the airbrush out with you preferred cleaner, or you can use AMMO’s own A.MIG.2001 cleaner. White Grey Black Conclusion These are really nice primers and although I’ve only done some test pieces with them they do indeed level nicely and dry to a hard enough finish to be able to sand if required. Review sample courtesy of
  5. Flesh Colours Ammo by Mig Jimenez The art of figure painting is something that some people really don’t like to try, mainly because of the flesh tones. Well with this new set from Mig Jimenez you at least have a good starting point, with the various tones and colours, which you can use to build up the look on your figures. There are highlights and lowlights in addition to the actual skin tones included in the set. A.MIG-115 Light Skin Tone A.MIG-116 Basic Skin Tone A.MIG-117 Warm Skin Tone A.MIG-118 Burnt Sand A.MIG-133 Red Leather A.MIG-134 Burnt Brown Red The paints can be both brushed or airbrushed which will please a lot of modellers, yet the new formulation has been designed primarily for brush use. Once the bottles have been shaken very well colour density looks pretty good, and whilst I haven’t used these particular colours yet I have used others in the AMMO range and they do spray well with a little bit of thinning. I wouldn’t say they were ready to spray straight from the bottle though. Conclusion This looks to be a very useful and well thought out set of colours from AMMO and will prove a very useful to those modellers with an interest in figure painting. Review sample courtesy of
  6. Good evening, I'll soon be starting my Airacobra in Soviet markings and I want to use Mig AMMO paints. Trouble is that I'm finding it hard finding the right colours from Mig. The paints I need are for the camouflage (olive drab and some form of grey), the cockpit, undercarriage and the flap interior. Can anyone come up with any close matches? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. I have a question that's proven a little confusing. For a long time I've had a bottle of Mig Productions Thinner for Washes, but this stuff seems to be nigh impossible to get anymore. Everywhere lists it out of stock, and Mig Productions itself doesn't seem to have a store anymore. All I can find is the Ammo Odourless Enamel Thinner, which I've no problem getting provided that it is similar to the Mig Productions Thinner in its softness and use with pigments (I use it fix them) and washes. Has anyone had any experience with both and is there any real difference between them? I'd really like to avoid harsh turps and stuff if I can. Gaz
  8. Modelsvit is to release in 2017 a 1/72nd MiG I-7U kit - ref. 72027 Source: V.P.
  9. Modelsvit is to release a 1/72nd MiG I-75 kit - ref.72029 Source: V.P.
  10. Hi guys After about 4 years no finishing a kit, finally found something attractive enough for me to start with. Yes it's the new ICM 1/48 MiG-25RBT, my favourite MiG-25 variant rather than the interceptor type. And what's more awesome is that ICM even chose my most favourite RBT scheme, the very famous and honored 47th GRAP "Red 46" which is very famous for her nice performance during Chechen–Russian conflict in 2001. Simply cannot resist the "Hero of Soviet" mark and the colourful communist badges! As being said for the error ICM made unfortnately in the kit, is that the nose cone is actually an early RB but not the RBT, I started with the nose correction. Please be noticed that not ONLY the bulge you need to add, but also you need to flat the right side light panel to smooth, then add some panel lines with rivets. Pictures could tell more easily: After several rounds of reshape/sanding, scribe the panel lines then spray the surfacer for check. To be honest I'm still not satisfied enough about the result since the bulge seems too narrow. But since it's underneath, I chose to live with it somehow.
  11. After a long break I finally made a start on this one. I had this kit in my stash for nearly a year now. AMK's giant Mig is an absolutely beautiful kit. I'm building it OOB, gears up and refueling probe extended as it would appear lining up behind a tanker. I used AKAN 73005 for the interior. I'm not really satisfied with how the pit came out, but not much will be visible once the canopy is closed. Cockpit in place. I still have to finish the instrument panels and seats. After some careful dry fitting, the gear doors closed up beautifully even though they were designed to be built in the open position. I tried to simulate carbon deposits on the exhaust. This is where I'm at with the beast at the moment. Thanks for looking.
  12. New Eduard "Fishbed-J" boxing - ref. 1199 Release in May 2016 Source: V.P.
  13. Hey everyone, this is going to be my first work in progress posts. So apologies if the layout changes through the build. Anyway... Started to build the kit last weekend but decided to post tonight as I'm not doing much. Cockpit went together lovely, however (as Sod's law would be) the joystick controller snapped as I was removing from the sprew. A quick search in the spares draw and I've fashioned one out of a antenna from a challenger. First modern cockpit I've built so any advice would be great! Glued the 2 halfs together and put the wings in place, looks like some fillering and sanding will be needed, but as my boss once said "quality quality quality", enjoy the photos looking forward to the rest of the build, wheel bays look full of detail
  14. I give you one of my favorite aircraft, the colors of the Syrian Air Force. The model is perfect for work and a real pleasure. Enjoy.
  15. A while back I bought the MiG-29 (9-13) and was very impressed with the kit. I see Trumpeter has a SMT (9-19), but was wondering if there was some news I missed updating the eventual Zvezda release? I would love one from the same company.
  16. Finished yesterday. Hasegawa's MiG-27D kit, with many inaccuracies but at the end I'm happy with the result: first time painting with airbrush, first time using Mr.Hobby Aquoeos.
  17. I've got something rather unusual for you. My recent project is a renovation of my old (22 years old) Mig 29 model. I'll disassemble it, clean out of the paint and start from the very beginning. Movie 1 - Disassembly Movie 2 - Ejection Seat Movie 3 - Cockpit I'll be happy to read any sugestions from you
  18. Just finished these two, not very good kits, but build for fun using the DP Casper decals, always liked jets in camo. MIG-21 are from Condor a very basic kit, not very good , same to say for the Aero that is a issue by Propagteam, i think and old Smer, also very basic not very good But the decals are super, cherers Jes
  19. Hello fellow modelers. I would like to introduce my latest finished model. The model without the accessories, I only aircraft rivet. Perhaps you will like it More photos in the spoiler
  20. Here is my entry for the build. Belatedly I remembered I had the Profilepack Eduard Mig-21PF hidden away in the stash. One of the options is MiG-21PF - Serial Number 761008, Jagdfliegergeschwader 2, German Democratic Republic, Trollenhagen Air Base, Late 80s which I think fits the bill nicely. I will admit to being slightly awed by the amount of plastic but I have heard good things about the Eduard Mig-21s so will give it a go. All comments very welcome. Dave
  21. Hello, I'm Nicolas from Nice, France, and I'm really glad to be part of this excellent forum I've been following for years. I've been doing model kits during a few years, 20 years ago, and I restarted just a few month ago. From now, I own about 20 boxes including Trumpy 1/48 SU-15, Airfix 1/48 TSR2, AMK 1/48 MIG-31, Bilek 1/48 YAK-23, Italian Kits 1/48 Piaggio PC7, and so on..... but I didn't finish anything yet (so I'm just a box collector for the moment). :/ I'm mostly interested in 1/48 experimental, rare, early and cold war jets, especially Russian ones (Thanks AMK for this marvellous MIG31, I can't wait for 1/48 Tupolevs and Yaks, too bad Amodel makes only 1/72), AND Schneider Trophy Aircraft. Looking forward to reading you, cheers ! Nicolas
  22. Happy new year to all! So, I've already completed my first build of the year! Well, technically I completed it about 2 days ago. And I've been building it since September. And it's 1/72 Airfix MiG-15 consisting of about 7 parts, so not exactly a speed-build record... I've been building it for a group build on another forum. I haven't shelved the Lancaster, 727 or Gnats, I'm just very busy at the mo doing uni work around actual work, so i just chucked this little kit together to keep the mojo going. It's an excellent kit, the fit is superb, not a touch of filler has gone near this model. People will criticise this model for the trench-like panel lines, basic detailing and odd dimensions, and this is all entirely justifiable, but I'm sure no one can deny the enjoyment and fun of this kit. On with the pics: Kit manufacture: Airfix Scale: 1/72 Type: MiG-15 Extras used: Brass tubes for the guns, tape for the belts. Paints and colours used: Tamiya light blue for the cockpit and wheel wells, Tamiya flat red for the red bits, Model Master Aluminium buffable for the main colour over Vallejo poly-primer, MM Stainless steel buffable for the air-brakes, Flory Grime Wash, Tamiya smoke post-shading, Xtracylix satin varnish, water-based oils for streaking. The only things I changed were the gun barrels to brass tubes, simply because I kept snapping the plastic parts, and I didn't fit the activators on the air brakes because I couldn't see how they fitted. So, there you go, thanks for looking, happy new year, and I hope your hangovers are as big as mine is!! Val
  23. In no real order other than by aircraft type kinda... my 2015 with a little bit of 2016 thrown in, but will note by the 2016 photos! It's been a good year I must admit, and I've only been abroad once to Switzerland 'spotting' for the day.... All Russian/Soviet/Ukrainian/Eastern European types as these are my all time favourite.... Hope they are of interest! and two from tonight (07/01/16) taken at East Midlands...
  24. MIG-21 BIS, Bulgarian, 1/72 R.V.Aircraft
  25. Last build of the year, and it was a quick one. I picked this kit out of the stash for two reasons; firstly I needed a guinea pig to test the new Vallejo Metal acrylics. Secondly, the kit had lots of loose parts, all floating around in one of Italeri's open-ended boxes, and I had already lost one of the horizontal stabilizers. Since I read some reviews of this kit I was already aware of some of its pitfalls, namely an ill-fitting intake, badly fitting transparencies and zillions of rivets. I dealt with the first two issues but left the last one alone. My previous experience with Vallejo's paints was not too good; in my experience they spray beautifully but take very long to harden, if at all. However, some good press on the new Metal acrylics made me decide to give them a shot. I've posted my experiences with them in this topic. Sufficient to say I found them quite good and I will use them more often going forward. I used some Humbrol Polished aluminium on the maintenance panel and airbrakes and Gunze Metalcote on the intake ring to break the expanse of silver. I've seen MiGs build as a patchwork of different shades of metal, but I couldn't find much evidence for this in pictures, though in fairness I didn't look very hard The kit itself was for a long time the best MiG-15 on the market, but it has of course been completely blown out of the water by Eduard's new kit. At first I considered doing a double-build of the kits to compare them, but on inspecting the parts, it was a foregone conclusion and I decided it would be better to build the Italeri kit as a test bed for the paint and then do the Eduard kit later, and do it justice. I didn't use any aftermarket with the exception of some Albion Alloys tubing for the gun barrels.