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  1. Su-25K "Frogfoot" Peruvian Air Force Completed
  2. Yes, KP = Mister Kraft = ... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/mistercraft-g-10-su-25k-frogfoot--1076184
  3. Yeees! Authentic Decals is very breakable. In my case not only ;large side, but and small part too. But magic liquid help me:
  4. Next trouble: Akan 6 melts plastic I had to sandpaper and 3 layers of primer Next trouble: decals from are very fragile, disintegrate in water even at the slightest touch like Thanos clicks, but i'm find magic cure: with points:
  5. Let show problem with undewings pylons. They are resin from Eduard and render is fine: But in real wrong: WTF, Eduard? Original detail from set is more similar: I'm made mix of parts: upper edge part from original detail, other - resin from Eduard
  6. This is old kit from 80's, but with rich set of addons First time, cockpit: Seat - resin from Quickboost, panel - pe from Eduard. How to use unused screws from Ikea? -) Fit fuselage panels with putty: Enhanced vertical stabilizer: Almost ready cockpit:
  7. Final photos: Compare MiGs: Mig-19 Mig-21 Mig-23 Mig-25
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