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  1. no reason:) they are very similar in quality. the decals are identical, because revell used the syhart decal. I think that cartograf printed the decals for revell. Thats the difference. Oh, and also the manual in syhart decal was a bit better understandable than the revell's. Thats why i used the syhart. Maybe in the future i will make the same aircraft again(but fro manother year with other pilot) but with revell decals.
  2. I used Syhart decals, not these from the box. I used darker orange brilliant for corrections
  3. F-16 MLU, Dutch demo team, Revell 1/72 MRP orange brilliant bright and darker used;) Made by MRP directly for this dutch F-16.
  4. the nose is ok... check real mig 21 bis photos... or look on eduards 1/48 mig 21 bis... the nose intake is very good..
  5. Hi Niki, thanks for comment. Regarding the intake ring, look at the real planes. I think it is the best in this scale. Zvezda intake ring is like a cuted tube and older KP and its derivations are toys in in this century.
  6. MIG-21 BIS HUNAF 1/72 R.V.Aircraft
  7. Older MIG-21 MF, with camouflage from 1986 http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234970927-mig-21-mf-172-rvaircraf-czechoslovak-air-force/
  8. Another MIG-21 MF in modern camouflage here: MIG-21 MF, czech air force http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234970928-mig-21-mf-172-rvaircraft-czech-air-force/
  9. MIG-21 MF, 1/72 R.V.Aircraft, Czech Air Force,
  10. MIG-21 MF, 1/72 R.V.Aircraft Czechoslovak Air Force, Druzba(military exercises) 1986
  11. Hello Snitok, info from wikipedia: MiG-21MA (Izdeliye 96A, NATO "Fishbed-J") The Czechoslovak Air Force redesignated its MiG-21Ms that had been re-engined with the Tumanskiy R13-300 engine as "MiG-21MA," keeping the RP-21MA radar. Some of these were later re-equipped with the RP-22 radar - bringing it to MiG-21MF standard - and were then redesignated "MiG-21MF." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikoyan-Gurevich_MiG-21_variants The most visible diference between MA and MF are the first two airbrakes.
  12. MIG-21 MA, 1/72 R.V. Aircraft done Photos:
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